ML Reading Group

Thu  2/18

Ren: Fully Connected CRF.

Thu  2/25

Mike: UAI paper review.

(Paper draft sent out in email)

Thu  3/3

Gabe: Learning Objectness with Convolutional Networks

Thu  3/10

Geng: The Return of the Gating Network: Combining Generative Models and Discriminative Training in Natural Image Priors(link)

Thu  3/17

Jun: Nature’s paper on AlphaGo:


Thu  3/24

Jeroen: Practice Talk for MIT Seminar

Thu  3/31

Spring Break! (no meeting)

Thu  4/7

DK: Deep Learning + NLP

Thu  4/14


Thu  4/21

Jeroen: A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style

Thu 4/28


Thu 5/5

Code Review

Thu 5/12

Reading Period for Final Weeks

Thu 5/19

NIPS deadline week (no meeting)