THS Biology B

Mr. Sapora 2015

Learning Targets - CELL Transport        

(H.1.L.1) Compare and contrast the 4 types of organic macromolecules. Explain how they compose the cellular structures of organisms and are involved in critical cellular processes.

(H.2L.1) Explain how energy and chemical elements pass through systems. Describe how chemical elements are combined and recombined in different ways as they cycle through the various levels of organization in biological systems.

H.1L.4 Explain how cellular processes and cellular differentiation are regulated both internally and externally in response to the environments in which they exist.

  1. Describe the function of the cell membrane.

MTS – I can define the function of the cell membrane.

ADV – I can identify the basic parts of the cell membrane.

MAS – I describe the function and characteristics of the parts of the cell membrane.

  1. Describe passive and active transport in cells.

MTS – I can state the fundamental difference between passive and active transport  in regards to

energy requirements.

ADV – I can recognize each type of transport and explain their function.

MAS – I can recognize environmental factors that will influence the direction of cellular transport of water.  (ex. Hypertonic, Hypotonic, and Isotonic situations)