Mariposa Project Defines Itself




Individuals who provide charitable or helpful work without pay but with an outcome of receiving a grade, or fulfilling a requirement or provide resume support which acclaims their time spent in servitude.  Interns sometimes seek sponsors for travel, lodging and food for their service time.

Non-Profit Agency in the USA

Groups or organizations which provide charitable or helpful work which receives accreditation for the work they provide.  They do not make a profit for services rendered.  Paid employees of a non-profit are considered an expense of the organization.  If and when a profit occurs the funds are put towards additional materials for the future or towards other charitable or helpful work they are developing.  Financing for these organizations comes from private individuals, groups or government agencies.  While these organizations provide a service they usually must solicit resources or volunteers or intern servitude from others in order to reach their goals.  A Board of Directors for these groups is an example of volunteers who have provided their expertise for no fee.  Groups providing a non-profit or not for profit service, often must prove, to funding resources, their ability to be of service or prove they have had success at providing help in the past.

Mariposa Project falls within the later group.  Additionally, we look at our volunteers as “platnium”; the rarest and most precious of metals.  We understand the value of our volunteers and their efforts.  

While some organizations ask for anything an individual can offer, we have additional expectations of our volunteers.  We ask that our volunteers make a minimum of 4 hours a month to a program or project they are developing.  We ask they show respect to all and keep information confidential in order to provide those we serve privacy.  We give our volunteers support, training and help them with the struggles of meeting individuals and groups with a positive attitude.  We strive to honor those who go “above and beyond”.