Living Room 3D

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February 2014


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256 Mb


Basic - Free (basic furniture set, 1 photo-realistic snapshot)

Silver - $2.99 (with 700+ furniture & decor, mostly IKEA, 5 photo-realistic snapshots)

Gold - $4.99 (1500+ furniture & decor, 10 photo-realistic snapshots)


It allows creating interior design in 3D with real-world furniture and to get photorealistic shanpshot to share with friends.

Stand out features:

Video and Screenshots

Video showing creation some interior with our app:

Screenshots and hi-res assets: 


Bring your living room design ideas to life! Play with 1500+ real world furniture and make stunning photo-realistic images. Explore and share design ideas with friends.

With Living Room 3D you can refresh the existing room interior or make out a totally new design and arrangement. Move the furniture, change flooring, repaint the walls, add décor and accessories with a finger touch.

Hundreds of furniture and décor items, wall and floor coverings are at your disposal. No time consuming learning and expensive professionals needed – you can do  it yourself. It provides simple and intuitive experience in 3d and room plan views. Go on experimenting as you can always undo some things. Designing is fun like a game while the photo realistic snapshots will impress even the experienced 3d professionals.

The gallery of user designs brings up inspiration. The unique Suggest technology generates design ideas for your room.

Involve friends by sharing your designs on social networks or via e-mail. Surprise them with a grand piano, huge LCD screen and a fancy red sofa.  Let friends suggest their variants. It’s really fun!

If the created design looks great, you can easily reproduce it in real world since all the available furniture, decor accessories, paints and materials are available at online stores.


History of Development

Few years ago I was planning to rearrange furniture and refresh the design of my room. I thought it would be a good idea to find some app where I could experiment with layouts, colors, and everything else that is commonly referred to interior design.

But I was disappointed - all apps that I was able to find were not as simple as promised. Besides the visualisation  picture that I have received as a result was more like game from early 90s than the real interior look.

I with few my friends thought that many people are faced with the same problem, and decided to help them. During this time I worked in a company that produces a product for Web designers, so the subject area was quite close to me.

So we founded iCanDesign company and created Living Room 3D app. Its development took us 2 long years.

But the result was really amazing. It is easy and fun. Even 5 years-old children love playing with it!

In February 2014 the Living Room 3D app was released on AppStore for iPad devices.

Future Plans

In near future we plan to release Living Room 3D under Android platform.

Then we plan to create apps for other rooms. The Bedroom 3D probably will be the next.