From the desk of… Robin Wilson

Johnson County Republican Party Chairman

We need your HELP!  

We have posted the candidates for the 2018 Primary along with helpful links and your help is needed to spread the word to our fellow voters. Share the page on Facebook, send a link to people you know, spread the word at church, social gatherings, club meetings.


We will be opening the JCRP Headquarters for voter assistance, we can use your help as a volunteer. In the upper left hand corner you will find 3 ways that you can let us know that you would like to help.

Election Workers Needed

We are always in need of people who are willing to be a part of the election process. There are many roles that you can help us with. Most of these are paid positions. You can find us on Facebook using the link Johnson County Election Workers on the right hand side of the page or use the contact us link. We are always glad to have you and appreciate the work that you do.