Problems with iPhone 5

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check touchscreen, overheating, battery & LTE problems mentioned below

  • Maps 

    "It offers no information about public transportation; searches for an in-town destination sometimes return results for an entirely different city; it occasionally mistakes farms for airports; some of its Dali-esque flyover imagery is lousy; and it places gas stations in utterly untenable locations." 

“New Apple iPhone 5 maps app frustrates users”

“Yesterday, after updating to iOS 6, the clinic where I had scheduled an X-ray was no longer there.”

failing to find hospitals and ERs

Hoover Dam according to Apple Maps

  • scuffs & scratches [a](straight out of the box, and more)

“Really, any way you look at it, your iPhone 5 will probably end up looking like a wreck after a few weeks of use.

iFixit Phone 5 Rear Case Scratch Test

  • camera - purple haze, problems with video & drop in image quality

“Users will be hoping this is a software bug that can be fixed with an update - but some users blame the sapphire crystal lens, in which case a fix would be unlikely without a product recall.[b][c]

Some users have also spotted the problem with video, while other users have taken images of the same location with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 to highlight the drop in image quality.

worrying flickers:

sometimes stops working or is over-sensitive:

  • WiFi

        “IPhone 5 Hits Another Stumble With Wifi Bug”

"A new Apple iOS Wi-Fi problem has popped up while others remain unfixed", 2012-10-02

  • too hot to handle?

    That seems to be the numero uno gripe of users right now. A rather vocal section of iPhone 5 users are complaining that after just a few minutes of browsing or simply fooling around with the phone, its back (presumably where the battery is) gets too hot to be held in a human hand. A first-day customer, Todd Ogaswara, editor of MobileAppsToday, even measured the temperature of the phone, and claimed that it was a hot 111°F, or about 44°C.” 

  • battery life in LTE mode


“if you’re using your iPhone 5 in places with a very strong (4- to 5-bar) LTE or 3G signal, your cellular battery life may approach that number, but if not, the cellular antenna will struggle to maintain a signal, and fall well short. Because LTE and 3G/4G towers are in a state of build-out flux right now, our tests suggest that many LTE users won’t come close to Apple’s promised [battery life] numbers.

iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4

“My iPhone 5 battery drains a lot faster than my iPhone 4. With 30 min of consecutive use I've dropped 40%.” 

  • LTE - drops connections constantly, loses calls, can’t surf and talk at the same time

        “iPhone 5 Drops 4G LTE Connections Constantly”

“Consumer Reports is finishing up its testing of the iPhone 5, and engineers said they found problems with the phone on the Verizon and Sprint network. The testing organization said the Verizon and Sprint phone can't support a phone call and an Internet based connection over the network at the same time.

lack of simultaneous voice & data on iPhone 5 using Verizon LTE demonstrated:

“...the iPhone 5 can make outgoing calls and has functioning data services including SMS, but incoming calls fail - no indication that a call is coming in, and it goes to voicemail. This is on Telus in downtown Calgary with strong LTE signal.”

numerous other problems with iPhone 5 and LTE were reported - see Apple and mobile operators forums

  • LTE severely limited in Europe

"[iPhone 5] leaves out two bands — 800MHz and 2.6GHz—that will be critical to LTE service in Europe, according to Tolaga Research analyst Phil Marshall.

“If you were to build a European device, it would have 800MHz and 2.6GHz in it,” Marshall said. Carriers in Germany, Sweden, Italy and other European countries already have or are expected to deploy LTE in one or both of these bands."

current iPhone 5 LTE bands (as of 2012-09-29):

4G Network

LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 1700 / 2100 - GSM A1428 or LTE 850 / 1800 / 2100 - GSM A1429


LTE 700 / 850 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 - CDMA A1429


Myth busting

"Sorry, Apple – the iPhone 5 isn’t the world’s thinnest smartphone"

Oppo Finder - 6.65 mm vs iPhone 5 - 7.6 mm

iPhone 5 with the new A6 chip is not the fastest smartphone on the market either

(at least as measured by Geekbench cross-platform test)

NOTE: also consider reports of iPhone 5 overheating mentioned above (“too hot to handle”)

iPhone 5 vs Android phones speed comparison - official Geekbench site
(as of 2012-09-29)

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Exynos 4412 1400 MHz (4 cores)


Samsung Galaxy S III (Korea)

Samsung Exynos 4412 1400 MHz (4 cores)


iPhone 5 (CDMA)

Apple A6 1300 MHz (2 cores)


iPhone 5

Apple A6 1300 MHz (2 cores)


You may also take a look at the performance of the new quad core HTC One X+:

see also:

iPhone 5 does not have the highest resolution display anymore

iPhone 5 - 326 dpi vs Nokia Lumia 920 - 332 dpi

Oppo Find 5 X990 - 441 dpi, 1080p

Siri is no longer an iPhone 5 unique selling proposition (but she’s funny sometimes...)

Siri vs. Google Now : 21 Questions For iPhone 5 And Jelly Bean 4.1 

Google Now:

“Siri is delivering incorrect weather results for a number of city names that exist in multiple states, as noticed by posters on the MacRumors Forums.”

iPhone 5 EarPods are hardly[f] on par with $100+ headphones

"But when it comes to whether the EarPods live up to Apple's claim that they can perform on the same level as $100+ headphones, iFixit seems more reserved. "Call us skeptics if you'd like, but we're not sure how that could be accomplished with a single-driver setup," the group wrote."

Apple's EarPods built for durability, but audio quality is questionable 

Google Play is catching up with Apple App Store

Google Play has recently reached 675,000 apps vs 700,000 reported by Apple in App Store



But one may say that iOS apps are only “quality apps”, all approved by Apple, much better than Android ones, right?

“...Apptrace tool discovered 400,000 "zombie" iOS apps.

Berlin-based mobile analytics and ad verification firm Adeven unveiled the beta version of Apptrace[h] today, which confirmed that almost two-thirds of the 650,000 apps in the Apple App Store are left untouched.”

And finally - Yes, iPhone 5 breaks when dropped despite its aluminium unibody construction

(like all not ruggedized phones; although it is a little sturdier than some competitors)


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"iPhone 5 Problems: Users' Biggest Issues With Apple's New Handset"

Apple Maps vs alternatives[i]:

“Sloppy security? Apple and Nokia conceal fewer sensitive sites than Google Maps”

“Dublin gets new ‘airport’ courtesy of iPhone’s new map software”

“Scuffgate Update: Schiller Says iPhone 5 Scratches and Chips “Normal””







[a]No 2 : scratches is confirmed by Foxxcon

Also in the email, Foxconn said it received instructions from Apple to “strengthen quality inspections” for the iPhone 5 — “following multiple complaints from customers regarding aesthetic flaws in the phone”.

[b]Apple is simply saying that iphone users shouldn't take foto's of light sources.

[c]So what, you can't take pictures of the supermoon, or a solar eclipse, or your monitor?

Another lame excuse, first "you are holding it wrong", then this...

[d]Oh come on, now we are forced to pay for overpriced fashion cables?

[e]Conversion of signals is more expensive than NY's finest at Yellow Cab? No thanks!

[f]See, they lie again...

[g]yeah but do they work?! I can dump out a whole bunch of crap in a short amount of time also! Equal amount doesn't always mean quality.

[h]Yip, 100 different farting apps on Apple's app store

[i]I'd recommend either Google Maps, Bing Maps or Nokia Maps. All have 3D modes (in Bing's case, it's only part-3D as their full 3D service is closed so we have bird's eye) and all are more accurate than Apple Maps.

[j]This referendum might be useful:

regarding black iphone scuffs

[k]i own an htc one x, which also has LTE. The phone gets similar battery life to the one listed in the chart and it occasionally heats up as well. I suspect both of these are due to LTE. If you want you can try to get APNs for 3/4g which will drain your battery less.


[m]scratches is confirmed by a Factory revolt over QC new standards

[n]Get a Nokia instead.


for the maps section... might be useful