JH/HS Daily Announcements

Thursday, May 6, 2021

  • Mrs. McCoy will meet with all students attending Prom on Thursday at 12:30 in the Big Gym to go over rules and expectations for Prom.  You are required to attend this meeting if you are going to prom!
  • Remember:  A non-school guest is only allowed to attend Post-Prom if they are your Prom date/guest.  In other words, your guest to Post-Prom must be your Prom Date.
  •   CHANGE IN PROM PLANS:  Due to the rainy weather forecast for Saturday, we are moving the Spirit Night Songs to Friday at 12:15 on the Blacktop.  To avoid quarantining anyone, please make sure you’re physically distancing!
  • All spirit night song music needs to be to Mr. Bonny TODAY!!!!!!!
  • All HS Students who are attending After Prom, please stop by the office today or tomorrow before you leave to get your After Prom tshirt.  These shirts must be worn to After Prom.
  • HS students, if you have received your two doses of the vaccine, please make sure to give Nurse Pam a copy of your card.
  • The cafe staff has decided to eliminate student entree salads for the month of May. Therefore, there is no need for green tickets. Please keep signing up for lunch,so enough food can be prepared.