Blog Football:

The way that I choose to who wins and losses is really easy.  I put 8 cubes of 5 colors in a container and shook them well.  Each team gets 8 Touchdown cubes (worth 7 points), and 8 Field Goal cubes (worth 3 points), and there are also 8 “No Score” cubes. Then I reached into the bin and drew out 2 cubes for each  quarter.  Then we see what the score for that round is, and then we do that for each of the 4 quarters.  At the end of the game, we then count up the points for each team, and then the person with more points will win that match.  Every time that you win a game, I add one more color of yours to the bin.  You can watch a mock drawing at this link:

Here are the notes that I wrote for the rules so that I knew what to do:

Football Rules:

Colors: Red - Touchdown A

Blue - Field Goal A

Yellow - Touchdown B

Green - Field Goal B

Black - No Score

Start - Place in Can:

8 black

8 red

                                                                    8 blue                 + 1 extra team color for each win

8 yellow

8 green  

Each Quarter, draw 2 markers

OverTime - Place 1 addition Black cube in can + draw 2 markers, and tally the result:

Team A win

Team B win

or Tie.

If during the last quarter a team is still losing and they scored twice that quarter, then I roll a dice.  On the roll of 1,2,or 3 the game is over, but on the roll or 4,5,or 6, I draw another marker.

I hope that you enjoy this blog football, and I will continue to enjoy doing the drawings.


Broncos Team Owner