Date: 2016/02/16 (Tue) 2pm JST

Members: hsbt, akr, mrkn, shyouhei, naruse, nobu, ko1, sorah, matz (skype)

Next meeting: 2016/03/16 14:00- JST


[Misc #12004] CoC

GitHub: web

[Feature #11666] IPAddr#private? (glass_saga)

[Feature #12046] Allow attr_reader :foo? to define instance method foo? for accessing @foo (mrkn)

progress report: mmap managed heap (arena) (ko1)

Reported by ko1.

[Feature #11999] MatchData#to_h to get a Hash from named captures (sorah)

[Bug #9810] Numeric#step behavior with mixed Float, String arguments inconsistent with documentation

This issue is because of invalid type, not mismatch the number of arguments.

Comparison String with Numeric should raise TypeError

matz: I once thought type mismatch also infringe the contract of arguments, therefore it can be ArgumentError but now they should be separated.

matz: It should raise TypeError.

Allow kwargs to return/next/break

$ ruby -e 'def foo;return :a=>1; end'

$ ruby -e 'def foo;return a: 1; end'

-e:1: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting keyword_end

def foo;return a: 1; end


matz rejected it because return is not a method call.  Matz wants to split kwargs versus trailing-hash-arg in a long term.  He wants to distinguish them mentally.  Rocket notation is not always related to kwargs while colon notation is tightly-connected, even though it is also used in hash literals.  When it comes to a method, calling a method with keyword-argument does not always create hashes.

[Feature #10121] Dir.empty?

[Feature #12075] some container#nonempty?

[Feature #12024] Add String.buffer, for creating strings with large capacities

akr: Once matz rejected proposed on #905, but now we have kwargs. given that there already is with encoding argument, isn’t it OK to add kwargs to that method?

matz: accepted.

[Bug #11991] Symbol#match

[Feature #12043] NoMethodError#private_call?

bikeshed problem (naming issue).