2018-2019 Course Overview


COURSE:          Language Acquisition: French 8 (Phase 3)

TEACHER:        Anthony Doiron

CONTACT:        anthony.doiron@go.islandpacific.org



French 8 builds on the language skills, concepts, and structures learned in French 7. Students expand their knowledge of the French language as they continue to develop critical thinking skills and greater intercultural awareness. Students will expand their community and global perspective by exploring themes such as entertainment, culture, and health. As in previous years, the course contextualizes the French language through the use of plays, music, stories, and games. The course will be supported with an online platform and textbook called “Tricolore Edition 2”. This online platform provides an interactive way of learning language that is in-line with MYP/BC curriculum.

The aims of MYP language acquisition are to encourage and enable students to:



The following units will be covered over the course of the year:


Student Expectations

Required Materials



Island Pacific School uses the International Baccalaureate rubrics to evaluate students in reference to four distinct criteria. In this course, those criteria are as follows:


Criterion  A: Comprehending spoken and visual text 

Criterion B: Comprehending written and visual text 

Criterion C: Communicating in response to spoken, written and visual text 

Criterion D: Using language in spoken and written form

For a complete list of the Language Acquisition criteria and their relevant level descriptors for

PHASE  3 (page 64-70 of actual document), you can download a PDF at the following URL: