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Specifications of Standard Medals


Our standard medals are circular in shape, cut from from brass sheets 4mm in thickness, single-faced and carry a two dimensional (2D) impression.

Medal size

A wide range of sizes are available (diameter in mm): 50, 60, 70 and 75mm. The 50mm is usually bought with a neck ribbon, while the 60mm and larger sizes are picked as desktop medals (or table medals).

The spectrum of medals’ diameters extends beyond what is listed above, it includes: 15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 80 and 100mm. Medals 80mm in diameter and above are referred to as "Medallions". 40, 35 and 30mm medals are classified in this web site under "Promotional Medals" and can be used to decorate keys' holders (keys medals) and other office articles. Also you can choose to order your medal to be only 15 or 20mm in diameter these are usually pinned to the breast and we classify them under "Pins".

Medal thickness

The standard medal thickness is 4mm. Sometimes, buyers prefer to order 5 mm thickness to give the medal heavier weight and richer appearance; and sometimes they prefer smaller thickness: 0.6, 1 or 2mm depending on the way the medal is intended to be used. (for example 0.6mm medals are picked to be used as as a decorative piece on a book cover or a box).


2D (two dimensional)

Our standard medals have two dimensional embossed or recessed impression. Any design can be rendered. 2D medals are engraved without contouring using 2D black and white (inked) artwork which includes usually your message (text) and logo (drawing); black areas are rendered as recessed and white areas as embossed. The result of using such artwork is a 2 dimensional low relief medal with only two levels on the medal's surface. 2D medals can be produced by etching (small quantities) or minting.

3D (three dimensional)

3D medals in our factory are produced only by minting. Artwork of 3D medals is engraved in contoured multi-level relief. Also called base-relief. Suitable for faces. Information about 3D medals can be found in this link.

Plated Finishing

A variety of plating options are available to choose from:

Surface Finishing


Also available

Methods of production

We use etching to produce medals in small quantities and minting (die-stamping) for large quantities.

Etched Medals

Using etching techniques we are able to made medals by piece (even if your order is just one medal) thus enabling the customer to personalize every single medal he orders. In fact every single medal can carry a unique design; any logo, message or design can be etched; a 2D black and white (inked) design is produced; black areas are read as recessed and white areas as embossed. The result is a 2 dimensional flat low relief impression. Etched medals are distinguished by being the most accurate impression of your design, every minute detail in your design is etched.

Minted Medals

Minting is the process of producing medals by pressing a blank metal disk using a pressing machine against a stamping steel die which is a tool that has an engraved impression on its surface. Through this process the die strikes an image or a relief on the blank, turning it into a coin or a medal.

View a video about minting medals here.

Box and Presentation

A wide range of boxes are available to house and present your medal, you can choose a box that is suitable for your occasion and budget. View details about medals’ display cases in this link.

Specifications and Features

Available sizes of our standard medals (weights are without boxes):


Medal Size (mm)

Weight (gm)













All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Recycled Papers From Absi Co

Specifications of Standard Medals

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