• suggested using Edmodo as a platform to support using speaking apps outside the classroom (more informal than Blackboard)
  • using tech tools in class can motivate sts to talk



  • learners need some training
  • the beauty of these tools is that they allow you to set speaking tasks for homework - something we rarely do
  • you can make sts keep an oral diary / reflective journal
  • allows learners to listen before sending for self-correction
  • apps allow the ability to rehearse before posting something publicly
  • screencasts are also great for learners to create tutorials or ‘how to…’ sessions
  • to encourage shy learners to speak (e.g. see detail - Twitter in What are the best 2.0 tools for speaking?) and make more engaging lessons / tasks



  • sts need confidence to take part in any conversation [scaffolding]
  • do activities on social media with students outside the classroom



  • quiet sts can sustain conversation when chunks are kept small in class - may also help outside the class



  • to practice minimal pairs, dictations, tongue twisters etc.



  • edtech can aid feedback
  • sts can record themselves and self assess
  • edtech offers fantastic potential for taking speaking outside the classroom
  • Russell Stannard has some great ideas on how to use 2.0 tools for speaking: developing students oral fluency


 tools that can revolutionize our feedback, reflection and speaking



  • learners can record in class or at home
  • speaking tasks can be recordings for exam practice
  • homework can be recorded and emailed
  • not enough time for everyone to properly rehearse and have their speaking skills evaluated in class
  • Learners can create/design own avatar
  • learners can roleplay famous people
  • I’ve a rather old blog post of various other recording tools sort of compared and commented on
  • [Voki] turns writing into voice so learners can hear the pronunciation of what they write



  • flipping something that used to be truly a classroom only thing, exploding assumption of speaking in class only with new tech possibilities
  •  interesting the line between writing & speaking is so blurred now - here we are ‘chatting’
  • perhaps many sts do feel more confident in tech-motivated conversations
  • sts can create e-portfolios of speaking tasks



  • any tech tool needs scaffolding and steps
  • speaking and writing could be improved side by side with written transcript helping sts with pron and spelling