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          Session Work Questionnaire

1) Name/Artist name: ____________

2) Email address: ___________________

3) URL/link to your website or music: ______________________

4) Name of song or project: ___________________________

5) Major label, indie label, unsigned, other?: _________________

5) Timeline or deadline: __________________

6) What do you envision for the violin/string parts, and where? (Feel free to mention anything from “a simple solo violin line” to “ambient string pads in the chorus,” “a badass violin solo improvisation in the outro,” “lush string arrangement in the bridge,” or simply “I don’t know.”


7) Will I be creating these ideas/parts, or do you have music written out already? (The latter option is more economical for you, but I’m game for either one.) If you already have a reference track with a sample midi part you have in mind, let me know that too.


8) What sort of life do you envision for this song? (Album? Commercial? Film/TV? YouTube? Special event? etc)


Thank you!  /