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Women’s Republican Club of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff

2015 Membership Form

Please complete this form to simply remain on our email list OR renew your membership in OR join the Women’s Republican Club, which was founded in 1941 and is the longest continually operating political group in Lake Forest-Lake Bluff. Membership is open to both men and women as well as GOP local, state or federal candidates. Residence in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff is not required.  

Mail this form with any applicable dues to:

Women’s Republican Club of LF-LB

P.O. Box 92

Lake Forest, IL 60045


Name: _______________________________________________________________________


City, State,Zip:__________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________Cell Phone: _________________________________


Your Township (if known):___________________Your Precinct (if known):_________________

*Members:  by providing your email, you greatly reduce the cost to inform you of upcoming events or timely notify you of important political dates and developments. WRC will not disclose your email or other information to outside groups.

Enclosed are dues of $_____for (circle one)       $25-one year           $250- Lifetime 

To simply remain on our email list, circle  EMAIL ONLY

Enclosed is my gift of $_____________ to support your work in educating voters on important issues and helping   Republican Candidates win elective office. (Note: gifts to WRC are not tax-deductible).

Questions? Contact

Visit us on the web at


Thank you for your support!