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Washington Election Integrity Coalition United

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For immediate release 11/23/2020

The Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEICU) is a non-partisan, non-profit dedicated to the restoration of secure, fair, and verifiable elections per Article 1 SEC 19 of the WA constitution.

We received information that in the last week of September there was a ‘massive security breach’ to multiple government agencies including DSHS, DCYF, DOR and WA Tech which operates the states core technology services- the central network and data center and provides security from cyber attacks.

Inside information exposed a cover up by Gov. Inslee who ‘demanded that state employees NOT release this security breach to the media’.

In the last week of September through the first week in October, the Washington State National Guard assisted SOS Elections division in segmenting the elections system on to (it's own network) although the breach had already occured.

11-18 Lincoln County computer systems received ransomware attack rendering all computers inaccessible including all election systems, and continues to be shutdown on 11/23, one day before certification.

Insider information confirms that Vote WA election system was compromised and is a system that is shared and used statewide, regardless of narrative to the contrary.

7,228 DECEASED VOTES as a result from the Master Death Index Files for October did not run and an error message was not given. Including evidence showing voter rolls have not been scrubbed in some cases for 48+months.

Signature Fail, Duplicate ballot checks etc has been down for several weeks.

Challenged signatures result in Absentee ballots subject to being ’remade’. We have Videos received showing county election staff filling out ballots on the floor without supervision or observation. RCW 29A.60.125

County Tabulator results are fractionalized in decimal percentages consistent with Hammer and Scorecard.

Trump was leading in the state for the first 15 minutes. Biden received 82.88% of his total votes in a 1 minute span from 8:21pm - 8:22pm.

We have people from across the state willing to sign affidavits attesting that they received unsolicited ballots, in some cases up to seven ballots per one person. Some of these individuals received them despite not being eligible to vote (for instance here on student visa).

Washington Election Integrity Coalition United

DSA certification and the CASS Reports both reflect that 318,061 of the VRDB are not deliverable to the address in the system, yet in most cases (voted).

• The ballots on hand are largely inconsistent and compared to the votes counted between dates they suggest that the count has been frequently halted in most counties.

• In a single county the registered voters increase by nearly 4,000 after Nov, 3rd 

• Several Counties drew our attention because of a judicial watch article showing 14 counties 100-119% voter turnout.

• All County websites that are linked from the Secretary of State website, even ones for the same county on the same day and at the same time, show different numbers and inconsistent numbers.

The conclusion is that this election CANNOT be certified. Washington voters deserve an accurate count and until we can guarantee secure and verifiable elections we have nothing.

*There is more data to support this press release than is stated.