2017-2018 Course Outline

COURSE:        IB Arts 9 (Year 4)

TEACHER:        Adrian van Lidth de Jeude

CONTACT:        adrianvldj@go.islandpacific.org

Course Description

The overall purpose of the Arts program at Island Pacific School is to develop students' interest and confidence in their ability to do art. To achieve these aims, we will be exploring not only the visual arts but also musical and dramatic aspects of our artistic world. Some of the skills we will cover over the year will include a variety of artistic mediums, playing instruments and presentation. Students completing this course should develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the arts. They should be challenged to consider authentic issues and develop their skills beyond superficiality and imitation.

The aims of MYP arts are to encourage and enable students to:


The following units will be covered over the course of the year.

Unit 1: Visual Art: In our first term we will work through a series of colour theory activities to develop an understanding of the technical and psychological use of colour, as well as acrylic paint use and mixing techniques.  The unit will culumnate in students creating a well-thought-out personal emblem that uses colour theory and symbolism to express their individual personality and goals.

Unit 2:  Music: Second term will focus on music composition. Students will learn the basics of composition and be given a choice of creative assignments, from remixing/reimagining a song to creating their very own composition in a group or individually.  

Unit 3: Drama: Students will make an exploration of effective public speaking and the monologue. We will study dramatic skills that emphasize the individual and promote confidence in the spotlight. The dramatic skills and tools we will be learning will be of immediate use in the grade nine Masterworks Presentations.

Resources & Materials

Students will be expected to have an 8½ x 11 developmental workbook (sketch book).  


Assessment in Arts 9 is based on the International Baccalaureate - Arts assessment criteria

Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

Criterion B: Developing skills

Criterion C: Thinking creatively

Criterion D: Responding

Please visit the link to view the assessment rubrics.  http://goo.gl/dcYKN2

For a complete description of BC’s New Curriculum Core Competencies for Arts Education