Weathering is the process of breaking down rock over a long period of time. Lots of today’s iconic landforms were made by weathering. For example, the Grand Canyon was made by the Colorado River. Over a long period of time the river carved out the canyon. Weathering is not just done by water. It can be done by wind, sand, and plant and animal life. Another example is if a pebble sits in a stream for many years, it will smooth over because the water has run over it for a long time.

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Is the process of moving weathered material from one location to another. This means that the bits and pieces of weathered material that have fallen off a rock get carried somewhere where they get put down, or deposited. Rock is not the only thing that gets eroded. Soil and pretty much anything that is laying on the ground can be moved or eroded. One example is when the water from the ocean takes sand from of the beach and over time a small cliff forms.Image result for erosionImage result for erosion on beaches


Deposition is when eroded materials settle or are deposited. This means that different materials are laid down and stop moving for a while, but they may get eroded again. One example of deposition is sand dunes. The dunes are formed when the wind erodes the sand on a beach or desert and deposits it further up the beach or desert. The dunes take many years to form.Image result for sand dunes beachImage result for sand dunes desert