ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES  (Expire Date = 5 work Days)

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**Are you looking for work, or workers? If you’d like to add to this list of economic opportunities in Bristol Bay, send an email to or call 907.842.5281.**

  Economic Fishing Opportunities

Halibut crewman wanted for outward trip to end in Homer. Contact Frank - F/V Amber Kia 907-299-3085 or Lowell 907-843-2901. (8/12)

A fishing permit is available for lease. Call 907-693-1242. (8/4)

Leasing out a permit card, can call 907-693-6445 (8/01)

If you need your nets hung call Frank 907-843-3866. (7/31)

Two crewmembers looking for work on the same boat if possible -- with 7 and 1 years of experience respectively. Call 425-248-9576. (7/28)

Looking for 2 crewmembers in Egegik F/V Coral 907-439-4419 (7/22)

Looking for two crewmembers for an 80 foot tender. Some experience on boats preferred call Scott at (907) 439 3281 can be contacted through the end of August, Travel provided (7/20)

Experienced crewmember available for BB salmon season, call (907) 654-7914 (7/17)

Looking for a Drift Crewman from now until end of season Allan on F/V Kokua  Call 907-952-4441 or  (7/14)

Experienced crewman looking for work available for the peak for the BB salmon season. Call (907) 654-7914 (7/13)

Emergency Transfer Drift Permit available call Floresta 414-522-3831 (7/10)

Looking for king subsistence net. Somewhere between 10-25 fathoms with 7.5 inch mesh or less. Call (907) 464-1244 (7/7)

Shawn Schlossher Sr. is a crewman looking for work on a drift boat. (907) 885-4688 (7/7)

Beashaun Small,16, looking to get on a F/V, fishing for over seven years, 843-0210 (7/7)

Deckhand wanted for drift boat in the Naknek district. For more information contact Harry at 907 775-4406  (7/6)

Looking for a crewmember on the F/V Wrangler. Call 206-430-9451.  (7/6)

Looking for a reliable crew member that is a Bristol Bay watershed resident. Captain is a local bay resident with 30+ years of drift gillnet experience. Call 907-246-4409, please leave a message.  (7/6

Looking for deckhand position for the rest of Bristol Bay Fishing Season.  5 years experience in Bristol Bay.  Call Jessica 360-223-0048 or email Arriving in King Salmon 6/28. (7/3)

New Emergency Medical Transfer available listed on dock street brokers for Bristol bay. Call 1(800) 693-0297 or 206-513-9001  (7/3)

Rsw boat for sale. 79 Mel Martin. Boats and permits located in LFS, naknek. Flush deck, drum/levelwind, gps, and other gear. Possible owner financing. 49500.00 call ak boats and permits Homer, (907)299-0250 ask Maddie for details. (6/30)

Looking for a crewmember for a set net on the Kvichak river. Call Gregg at (907) 469-2804 (6/30)

Commercial Fisherman looking for a drift net position.  35 seasons of experience and also a net hanger.  Call Shannon  O’Brien 907-513-9307.  (6/30)

Looking for a boat to lease or buy for the 2020 season, call 843-2208 (6/30)

Looking for work on a drift boat. He’s an AK resident and has experience. Call (907) 654- 7914 (6/26)

Looking for Drift Emergency Transfer for Bristol Bay.  Call Jim Parker on F/V Toni Marie.  907-439-4924 or 425-346-1129 (6/25)

Kevin Anderson. Looking for a job in Bristol Bay, strong, young willing to learn. 907-707-8732 (6/25)

Looking for a set net permit to lease or emergency transfer. Please call (907)843-0672 (6/25)

Kevin Anderson looking for work in Bristol Bay fishing. Set net or gillnet. Needs a one-way ticket. 907-707-8732. (6/19)

Looking for a crewmember.  No Drug or Alcohol issues.  Good fish picker or potential to be good fish picker.  Must be in Egegik on or before June 14.  Call Russell 907-233-4061 (6/19)

32x11ft. 8 . 3208t cat, only 4450 hours. 2014 prof. Installed IMS 7.5 ton diesel drive rsw, only 524 hours. Engine gear mechanic checked and ran April 2020. Aluminum drum/levelwind. Lots more.  June 2020 survey available. Fair market 80k. Only 59500.00 call 907 842-5281  (6/19)

Kevin Anderson Looking For Job On Nushagak for Fishing 907-707-8732 (6/12)

Raider setnet skiff with 90 hp. honda and trailer in Dillingham. $17,500 o.b.o. Call 360-303-6362. (6/8)

Permit, very experienced skipper and or crewman available for 2020 season. Call Brad for details. 9078432959 or 2532615340 (6/8)

Looking for a job on a boat, setnet or drift. Gabe Yukaluk. 6-7 years experience. 907-693-6351. (6/8)

Looking to purchase a boat for Norton Sound salmon fisheries: 24 - 26 feet, Bristol Bay style open set net skiff. 907-739-0012. (5/29)

Looking for a job on a boat in the Nushagak. 20 years of experience as a deckhand. Michael Johnson, grandson of Chief Antone Johnson. Call 907-422-0329. (5/22)

Raider set net skiff with a 90hp Honda and trailer in Dillingham.  $17,500 obo.  Call 360-303-6362.  (5/19)

Deckhand with 45+ years looking to get on a drift boat for upcoming Bristol Bay Fishing Season. Call Paul 907-237-2201.

Looking for experienced deckhand for salmon fishing in Chignik, AK for little over a month 907-440-4394 Stephen (8/2)

Subsistence nets still for sale $200 per each net, through saturday. Call 908-843-3866 (8/2)

In Naknek, have assortment of hung sockey shackles/gear. Call Lange 907-469-1048 (7/31)

Looking for a marketing research secret shopper.  Conduct a shop once in Dillingham (in person), and once over the phone. Takes less than 1 hour and pays $40 each time. Please call: 877-894-6349 Mon-Fri between 6am and 2pm to apply. (7/31)

Looking for a permit holder for fall fishing. Comfortable boat. Call 843-2037. (7/31)

Experienced setnetter male with a good reference wanting to find deckhand work on a tender or fishing boat in Naknek Or Egegik available immediately. Call 907 435-0429.  (7/30)

Looking for a deckhand job, has 40 years of experience in bristol bay. Please call 907-237-6016 (7/23)

FOR SALE: 1979 Bristol Bay Modutec Gillnetter

3208 Cat diesel engine, fiberglass hull, Includes net locker

Engine runs, but needs some work, sold as is Located in Naknek, $25,000 OBO Contact Gloria at 310-809-1325 (7/22)

Experienced crew member available for the remainder of the 2019 Bristol Bay fishing season. 907-654-7914 (7/22)


Custom built 22ft aluminum set net skiff for sale. Built 2019 by Metal Marines in Homer, AK.  1/4" aluminum bottom.   $26,000 for skiff  or $20, 500 for skiff without the hydraulic roller/power pack and roller starboard side. Call or text 907 435-0422. Located in Egegik.  (7/19)

Looking for crew member job, experienced crew member available for Bristol Bay salmon season 2019 907-654-7914 (7/19)

Deckhand looking for a job in the nushagak district. Has 20 years of experience. Call Michael Johnson at 907-222-7683 (7/18)

Looking for a deckhand for the Naknek area. Call 907-843-0350 (7/18)

Looking for a crew position on a drift boat. 6 years of experience in the bay. Call 907-764-3560. (7/17)

Looking for a job as a crew man, many years experience. Please call steve at 907-744-1732 (7/16)

Drift gill nets for sale. Various sizes 4’/2”- 5 ⅜” all new and used web 25 fathom shackles. Call 907-469-0237 (7/16)

Drift net available immediately call David 907-469-0237.  (7/12)

Looking for 2 deckhands for 2 weeks in the Naknek area only. Call Pat 907-512-7582 (7/12)

A crew member in Dillingham needs a spot to finish the season. Three years of experience. 907-843-9276. (7/11)

Looking for an experienced crew member immediately. Text or call Mark at 907-570-7049. (7/11)

ISO: Pitts Clutch Shaft assembly. 1.25" by 14 tooth spline. OEM for CAT/Cummins. Please contact Bill Hill (907) 469-0783 (Day or Night).  (7/9)

Experienced crew member available for 2019 Salmon season.  Call 907-654-7914 (⅞)

Morris Lopez needs partners for 2019 fishing (F/V Sandra Marie). Call 843-1985 or 843-0693. (7/4)

Subsistence net 8 ½ inch with both sets of anchors $450. Call 842-1003 (7/3)

Drift net available for emergency transfer. Partial down.  Call 907-469-1562 (7/2)

Looking for a crewmember job.  Call Rick 907-802-8656 (7/2)

270 Cummins Boat Motor if interested Call Robert 843-1166 (7/2)

Crew member needed in Togiak District. Call Bill at (907)493-5009 (7/2)

Bristol Bay drift permit holder looking for a boat to jump on. Contact Dorothy Bavilla please call my home number 907-842-4360. (7/2)

Looking for a Bristol Bay set net permit for lease or emergency transfer. lease call 843-0672. (7/1)

10 fathom subsistence king nets. Brand new. $150 firm. Call Jersey 907-764-5241. (6/28)

Looking for 2 deckhands in the Naknek area. Call Pat 907-512-7582 (6/25)

Deckhand with 10 years experience looking to catch on with a drift net operation. Call Richie 907-299-0631.  (6/24)

Experienced fisherman looking to get on a boat for the 2019 season. Call Shawn at 907-843-9542 (6/24)

32’ fiberglass gillnetter, cat 3208 w/ 9500 hours, bow thruster and 7.5 ton IMS RSW. Hoping to sell her after a solid season. Asking 100k. Call Mareesa at 916-205-1462 orJames at 805-698-5968. (6/24)

17’ Crestliner skiff with tunnel hull, 60/40 hp Yamaha jet outboard,

Like-new galvanized trailer, all accessories.

Available July 24. $7950.00 Call Bill @ 907-394-0007 (6/24)

Looking for an emergency transfer setnet permit, ASAP. Call Ephraim @ 907-631-1582, or email me at (6/21)

2 Rule Bilge Pumps 3700, only used for one fishing season $150 each.  2 8D Duracell Batteries 1400 cranking amps brand new $225 each.  Call Richard 907-290-9299  (6/19)

Looking for an Emergency Transfer Drift Permit.  Call Marcus 907-782-6893 (6/19)

Drift permit available or looking to lease a boat for the fishing season. 270 Cummins available as well. Call Robert 843-1166 (6/19)

Wanted Bristol Bay Drift Permits, $25,000 cash now. Jeff 439-2255 (6/19)

Have set net permit, looking for set net skiff for fishing season on

Nushagak River call 596-6001 (6/18)

5 years experience, hard worker looking for either set or drift net position.  Call Gabe 907-693-6351  (6/17)

Bristol Bay Drift Permit Holder looking for a drug and alcohol free boat to jump on for the 2019 fishing season. Contact Fr. James Gust at 907-693-6448.  (6/17)

Aluminum Boat, top market looking for crew member w/ a permit or EMT transfer call Jake Wilson at 907-469-2225 (6/13)

Vessel for lease for the 2019 Fishing Season. Call Mark 907-359-1798  (6/13)

Looking for a deckhand job. 40+ years experience as a commercial fishing deckhand. Able to work long hours. Call 907-237-6016. (6/13)

Looking to join a set net or drift net for 2019 fish season. Call Gabe at (907)-693-6351 (6/10)

Any fisherman need your net hung. Call Frank 843-3866 (6/10)

Permit holder looking to lease a set net skiff.  Call 907-596-6001 (6/7)

Looking to get on a drift net boat for the 2019 fishing season. Call Wassily 907-843-1179 (6/7)

Bristol Bay drift permit holder looking for a boat to jump on. Contact Annie (Golia) Smith on my cell phone 907-843-3563 or email: (6/6)

Looking for a Captain, set or drift.  5 years experience. Call Gabe 907-693-6351  (6/4)

Looking to lease or partner up with a Bristol Bay Permit holder.  40 years experience.  Good boat.  Call Will 951-282-9146 or 907-246-4453.  (5/30)

Rita looking for a fishing position (set or drift) for the Summer.  Lifelong drug and alcohol free.  Call 425-698-0568 (5/29)

Deckhand looking to get on a boat.  Currently staying in the PAF Yard.  Call Trey 843-2574 (5/27)

Justin’s looking to catch on a boat. Tender experienced, mechanically inclined hard working young man eager to work the season. Please call or text 504-321-1793 (5/27)

20 foot Hughs Craft w/ 70 horse yamaha and trailer. Asking $3500 or best offer 907-843-6199 (5/27)

Duane is looking to lease a Bristol Bay gillnetter for the 2019 season. 40+ years of experience. Call 206-363-3158. (5/21)

Three bags of new 29-mesh , 5 ⅛-inch gillnet. $300 each. 2 new 40 pound Danforth-type anchors. $100 each. 2 new 66-inch screw anchors. $80 each. 1 27.5 fathom net with new web and a red buoy. $400. Call 469-0851. (5/21)

A set net permit for emergency transfer. Contact Jackie at 907-246-6337. (5/17)

Commercial salmon net hanging in Dillingham. $225 per 50-fathom net. Call Alexie at 843-9528. (5/8)

One man looking for work mending, patching and hanging nets, and possibly work on a boat. Call Pete at 907-744-7232. (5/2)

Smelt seine, different sizes call for pricing 843-9279 (4/29)

Justin is looking to catch on a fishing vessel or tender. Experienced sailor and greenhorn commercial fisher. Fast learner and hard working.  Call or text 504-321-1793 (4/29)

32 Raider Marine Sternpicker for sale 3208 Cat low hours on rebuild Solid and shallow hull asking $35,000 OBO. Very reliable and excellent starter boat. Call 907-420-7043 (8/17)

Looking to catch on a salmon boat or dungeness crab boat for the end of the season through October. Currently based out of Washington. Call Ronnie (206) 418-9663 (8/13)

Experienced crewmember looking to deckhand for 2018 fishing season.  Call 907-654-7914 (7/27)

Looking to borrow 2 children survival suits for ages 6 and 10yr old.  Call 843-3242.  (7/27)

Looking for a crewmember for the rest of the sockeye season.  Text 907-469-1007  (7/27)

The City of New Stuyahok  is looking to purchase a decent used 16 ft. lund skiff.  If anyone is interested in selling their skiff call Jeff 907-693-3171.  (7/26)

Looking for a crewman for a drift boat in Ugashik call 439-3281 (7/24)

2006 90hp Honda. Four stroke engine. Asking $6000. Call Doug at 907-843-3745  (7/23)

Looking for a medical transfer for Bristol Bay Drift Call 907-382-3256 (7/23)

Looking for a boat to get on, have permit.  Call John 843-2700 (7/23)

Deckhand looking to catch a ride from Bristol Bay up the Kvichak across Williamsport pass into Cook Inlet. Willing to contribute towards expenses.  Call Amalia 907-439-6409 (7/23)

Set net hydraulic roller package. Brand new 13hp engine, pump and tank. Roller used a few years but in good shape. Call 469-0370. (7/19)

10 fathoms of subsistence nets. Call 842-1002 (7/19)

Local Naknek resident, 6 years fishing experience. Looking for deckhand work this season. Non-smoking, non-drinking, hard working. Call or text 907-469-0510. (7/18)

Looking for a deckhand call Lowel 843-9149 (7/18)

Looking for crewmembers in Ugashik. Call 439-3281 (7/18)

Leroy Straley is looking for a medical transfer drift permit for the rest of the 2018 Drift season. He will take on a walk on permit holder who has to make deliveries on their permit. Call Leroy at 907-744-5572 or 907-843-3200 (7/17)

Deckhand looking for a new boat. Hard worker, fast picker. Call 907-903-1408 (7/14)

Looking for experienced deckhand asap. Call 843-0407 for information.  (7/13)

Experienced crew member available for Bristol Bay season 2018. 907-654-7914 (7/12)

Rusty is looking to get on a drift boat for the summer, he can mend, hang, and attach gear. Rusty has over 30 years of commercial experience. You can call him at 907-764-0551 or 907-885-1918. (7/12)

Looking for a crewman on a drift boat for the rest of the season for the Egegik district. Call Gabi at 439-2296. (7/12)

Johnny Meribheash looking for deckhand work at ks 4 nush egegik 9077173122  (7/12)

Looking for 2 experienced fish pickers in Ekuk. Call Dave at 907-843-3400 or Mike at 907-843-3600 (7/10)

Looking for an experienced, local deckhand to fish in the Nushagak. If interested call Jr at 907-843-2208 (7/10)

Experienced crew member available for the peak Bristol Bay sockeye season only. 907-654-7914.

Permit holder with 18 years of experience looking to join a boat in the Nushagak. Text 907-631-1996. (7/11)

Three generators for sale:

Call 907-439-3958 (7/11)

Looking for a boat to lease ASAP. Call Zach at 435-7332 (7/10)

Bristol Bay Permit to Emergency Transfer.  Paperwork is at BBEDC. Call Massa Pat 907-842-4370 or call the permit holder 907-469-0851  (7/10)

Looking for a 2- to 4-man plastic boat raft. Please call 907-843-1403. (7/9)

Nelly is looking to lease a commercial fishing boat that can hold a crew of 4. You can contact her at 907-427-2197. (7/9)

Junior Kuzakin (ka-zak-en) is looking for a boat to lease ASAP. If you have one available please contact Junior at 907-435-7332 (7/9)

Nathan Crumline- if you are still looking for work as a deckhand, contact Fritz on the F/V Jazz at 907-843-1792 or stop by Leader Creek (7/9)

Looking for work as a deckhand.  Has many years of experience.  Doesn’t drink or smoke.  Call Ron 907-884-3188 (7/6)

Looking for work as a deckhand, currently in King Salmon.  Call Johnny 907-717-3122  (7/6)

Looking to lease a drift boat. Call Eric 907-444-1405. (7/5)

North River jet boat, 350 horsepower, turbo in good shape. Call Luki Akelkok Sr. at 907-464-3317, or 907-464-6001. (7/5)

Looking for a deckhand job. Experienced, quality-minded fisherman. Contact  (7/3)

Looking for crew member for a drift boat in Togiak.  Call Grace 907-493-5009 (7/3)

Looking for a captain, setnet or drift. Call 907-693-6351. (6/29)

Experienced Bristol Bay fisherman would like to get on a drift boat for the 2018 season.Call Rusty at 907-764-5511 or 907-885-1918. (6/29)


Experienced female deckhand looking for a position. From Naknek. 6 years’ experience. Hard working, net mending, non-smoking, non-drinking. Call 907-764-3560. (6/29)

10 Fathom Subsistence Red Salmon Net.  $200 Call 843-1818 (6/29)

Looking to lease a boat for the season in Naknek or Egegik. Call 439-5157. (6/29)

Connor Torrence is looking deckhand work.  Email or call 561-403-9388 (6/28)

For Sale: 23’ set net skiff with 90 HP Honda 4-stroke motor. Includes battery, gas tank, and roller. Ready to fish. Contact Daniel at 907-843-9563. (6/28)

Drift Permit holder looking for a boat.  No Alcohol.  Call Kristine 907-910-3518 (6/28)

Looking for somebody to hang nets. Call Jay at 439-4948. (6/26)

Permit holder looking for a boat to fish on, Interested in fishing as a dual.  Call Annie 907-843-3563 (6/26)

Looking for a boat to fish on or to jump on. Has drift permit. Call Robert Ishnook at 907-843-2488. (6/26)

Looking for crewperson for a tender out of Naknek, no drugs, no alcohol and no smoking.  Hard working, good attitude and reliable Call 907-469-0510  (6/26)

Greenhorn looking for work as a deckhand. Call Matt  907-469-3098  (6/26)

Local fishermen looking for deckhand work on a drift boat.  Call Shawn 843-3508 (6/26)

Experienced Bristol Bay drift fisherman looking for a crew job. Call Paul Nicoli Jr. 907-231-5261. (6/26)

Looking for work as a deckhand.  Call Jonathan 907-896-2922 (6/26)

Brand new king salmon subsistence net 10 fathoms. Call 907-842-1002. (6/25)

Rusty is looking to get on a drift boat. Plenty of experience. Call 907-764-0551 or 907-885-1918. (6/25)

Two crewmembers looking for work in Nushagak, one experienced and one inexperienced. Call Eddie Tasitnak Jr. 907-825-2382, Olaf Hopstad 907-825-2680. (6/25)

Looking for a permit holder, already have the boat. call William 843-3874 (6/25)

2018 Bristol Bay drift permit holder looking for a boat to lease or boat to jump on. Can call Fr. James Gust at 907-693-6448. (6/25)

Looking for a captain and two crew members. Call Anna Carlson 907-469-0919. (6/22)

Looking to lease a Bristol Bay Drift Permit or Permit Holder for the 2018 Season, call Justin 360-333-5456 (6/22)

New 36in Kinematics Stern Roller, Seattle Price call  843-2306 (6/22)

Permit holder looking for a boat to fish on. Interested in fishing as a dual. Call 907-596-6075. (6/22)

Experienced deckhand (12 years) needs job. No drugs, no alcohol. Call Willie Leng 907-312-9691 (6/22)

Looking to commercial fish for the 2018 season. Has years of experience.  Call Michael 907-545-1509  (6/21)

Looking to lease a drift permit call Robert Lebovic 843-3543 (6/21)

Zachary Pete is looking for work as a deckhand. He lived in Naknek for a few years working setnets and gillnets. Call  744-5423 (6/20)

Bristol Bay setnet permit holder with skiff and 50- and 25-fathom gear looking for another Bristol Bay setnet permit holder to fish with. Call: 469-0851 (6/20)

Looking for an emergency transfer Drift Permit, willing to pay $23,000 call Sunshine 907-439-4948 (6/19)

28X26 Bronze Propeller for 2 inch shaft $1800 or best offer Call Stu 843-3905 (6/19)

Russ is looking to get on a drift boat for the summer call 907-764-0551 (6/19)

Freeman Roberts IV is looking for a fishing job this season. He has three years of experience as a deckhand. Call 830-4044, and ask for Donna.

Sockeye nets for sale. Fair prices. Brad Emerson. F/V Shady Pass in the PAF yard. 843-3377 (6/19)

20hp Honda 4 Stroke, 2 Stroke 9.9hp Yamaha call pricing 843-1604.  (6/18)

Looking for a Bristol Bay drift permit holder. Call Marcus at 360-594-2362.

Greenhorn looking for work as a deckhand. I'm ready to work! Matt 828-275-2418  (6/15)

Looking for 2 experienced crew members.  Call Louis on  the F/V Agnasia (907)-444-0449  (6/14)

2 ½ totes insulated. Like new. $350 each or 2 for $600. Lots of corklines and leadlines. A complete hung king gear for $1,000. Miscellaneous fishing gear. Call 907-843-3346. (6/13)

Looking for a Captain with at least 10 years experience. Call 907-693-6351(6/13)

10-fathom subsistence nets for sale—one red net. For more information call 907-843-1818. (6/11)

Looking to buy a boat stove for drift boat. Call 765-2127 (6/11)

Looking for work on any seine or commercial vessel. Some experience, fast learner. Has commercial license, and currently in Craig, AK. Has all gear, ready to work ASAP. Call Ronnie: 206-418-9663. (6/11)

Looking for salmon drift permit to lease for the 2018 season.  Boat has averaged over 100,000 pounds for the last three years. Have solid market.  Call: 907-842-4084  (6/8)

Looking for work as a deckhand. Soon to be a college graduate. Call 907-256-0094  (6/8)

Hydraulic set net package for roller 13hp with tank and pump. Call 764-6362 (6/8)

Looking to lease a setnet permit. Call 907-843-0742 (6/6)

Looking for experience carpenter for more information call 843-1845 (6/6)

20’ Lund with canopy, 70 hp 4-stroke outboard and ½ tank of gas.  Only used twice. Make offer.  Call 842-5960 (6/6)

Father and son (24-years-old) looking for deckhand jobs on the same boat in Nushagak or Egegik. Eddie Casipnak Jr., the father, has experience and will train is son, Olaf Hopstad. Contact Eddie at 825-2382 and Olaf at 825-2680. Available immediately. (6/4)

For Sale: 1980 Rawson. Asking $18,000. Contact Alvin Evon at 907-289-6445. (5/31)

Looking for work as a deckhand. Contact Steven at 805-256-0094 (5/30)

23 ft aluminum set net skiff with 90 HP Honda Four Stroke motor. Roller, battery/box, gas tank, throttle, helm assembly/steering included. $16k. Located in Dillingham. Contact Dan Cooper 707-815-8798 or  (5/30)

Looking to get on a boat as a crew member or skiffman. Some experience, 28 years old, substance free. I’m living in Seattle. I have gear, and I’m ready to go. Contact Ronald Collins at 206-418-9663.(5/29)

Looking for driftnet or cook position in Bristol Bay, will be in Dillingham on June 10.  Call Max 248-396-0265 (5/28)


Matt Clark is looking for work as a deckhand / beach set net fishermen in Dillingham / Bristol Bay for the upcoming Salmon season in June and July. or call 828-275-2418 (5/28)

Looking to lease a boat or be a permit-holder on a boat. Contact Luke at 907-444-6481. (5/22)

Looking for a small boat stove call Frank 843-3866 (5/22)

Looking for an experienced deckhand to harvest salmon in the Egegik area this season. Call 626-827-4725 and leave a message. (5/16)

Looking for an experienced mechanic in the Egegik area. Call 626-827-4725 and leave a message. (5/16)

For Sale:

Insulated Foam Panel Cold Storage House    30’ x  17’, and a  Koch 500 commercial Vacuum Packer,  3 phase, $4900 located in Naknek.  call or message 907 435 7653 (5/16)

Matthew Clark is looking for work as a deckhand / beach set net in Bristol Bay in June and July. Call 828-275-2418 or email (5/15)

Experienced deckhand looking for job for upcoming salmon season.  Call Ed (907)590-7707  (5/14)

Icicle Seafoods is looking to locally hire seafood processors to work aboard the Gordon Jensen for the Togiak herring and yellowfin sole fisheries. Start immediately at up to 16 hours a day, transportation to the ship and food provided, and opportunities to work further through the summer may be available. For more details, call Icicle Seafoods Dillingham office at 842-5204 (5/14)

Bradley Evans is looking for deckhand work for the upcoming fishing season on the Eastside.  Call 904-238-9010 or email  (5/14)

For Sale: Rawson drift gillnetter in good condition. Running and ready to fish this season. Nets included.  $29,000 OBO. Permit available also. Located in Naknek. Please call for more info 907-799-6103.  (5/14)

Looking for a deckhand for Egegik this season call and leave message 626-827-4725 (5/14)

Looking for an experienced mechanic for salmon season in Egegik call and leave message 626-827-4725 (5/14)

Anchor line (140’) for $120 and anchor (33lbs) for $50. Call 843-9279.  (5/9)

Looking to hang Bristol Bay salmon gear. Asking $175. Call Alexie 843-9528. (5/3)

Quinton Kennedy is looking for work as a deckhand in Bristol Bay in June and July. Has experience fishing and cleaning nets. Call 907-414-6599. (5/2)

Looking for anybody that needs help with yard work or general jobs. Willing to work for a couple days. 843-3741. (5/3)

Looking for 2 deckhands for halibut on the F/V Lady Amalia call Steve 907-843-0472  (5/2)

Looking to lease a set net permit. Contact 907-843-0742. (5/1)

The LFS store in Dillingham is looking for retail sales staff. Knowledge of commercial fishing or recreational fishing is helpful. Please apply online at: Select join our team and then LFS. (4/27)

Looking for 2 deckhands for this summer fishing season. Must be 18 or older, call Dave 509-263-2650 or after May 2 907-469-1832 (4/26)

Looking to lease a set net permit for 2018 Season call 843-1403 (4/25)

Maxx Brown is looking for a crew job on a drift boat. Can start as soon as needed. Call 248-396-0265.  (4/23)

The Racks restaurant is looking for an experienced short order chef for immediate hire. If this is the job for you call the Racks at (907)842-1825.

Joe is looking for a charter from King Salmon to Kodiak if interested in floating a charter or if you have an open seat call Joe at 419 3336

Need a helper to bleed, pick, etc. for the rest of the 2017 Salmon season and maybe a week or two more. Male or female @ 5%. Call 9074693021

Tender out of Naknek looking for crew 469 0510, 469 2613

Deckhand looking for work.  Willing to fish till August 1, either on a tender or fishing boat. Call 907-469-1636

Need a permit holder for the rest of the season in Naknek. Call 907-469-1636. 

Kadin Guzman is an extremely active high school senior looking to get on a boat for the rest of the season, you can call him at  425-387-4530 or email him at (7/20)

Set net crew at large family run site on Kodiak. August 1st through Sept 15. Send email to  (7/19)

Sarah is looking for a deckhand position. Two partial seasons Bristol Bay drift net experience plus several years commercial fishing on the East Coast. Currently located in Dillingham but willing to travel. Call/text (907)843-3946. (7/17)

Willy is looking for a deckhand job. Call him at 907-756-3785  (7/17)

Chuck on the F/V Alice Moore. Looking for a crewmember to jump onboard out of Naknek. 952-451-9290.

Looking for a greenhorn for 1-2 weeks to bleed and pick fish on a fast, fun jet boat. Pay is $200 per day. Call 907-439-3225. (7/15)

Looking for a twin disk 507 marine transmission please call 843 0636 or 843 0742 (7/14)

Experienced crewmember in Kodiak ready to come up to Bristol Bay, 907-654-7914.  (7/14)

Someone is looking for a twin disk marine 507. Call 907-310-1532  (7/14)

Anna Dewing looking for a deckhand spot on a drift boat or set net site.  Call 907-246-7003 or 907-439-3100 (7/14)

Have active drift permit for Bristol Bay, looking for a boat to lease or partner up with call Jeremy 907-781-3010 (7/14)

Experienced deckhand in Dillingham ready to fish. Call Ron Jacobs at 884-3188, willing to transfer. (7/14)

Experienced, athletic, gillnetting deck hand. Currently in Naknek, available for work immediately. Call 208-890-2780.   (7/17)

Looking for a deckhand on a tender in naknek drug and alcohol free call 469 0510 (7/13)  

For sale a two ink crash bump, gas powered  225 plus tax  call 843 0522 (7/11)

Looking for an experienced gillnet deckhand in Egegik call Mike at 907-439-2275 (7/12)

Looking for an experienced deckhand/cook to fish until August. Call 907-469-1967  (7/12)

Tender crewmember needed immediately call Tim at 468-1111 (7/12)

Looking for an extra set net, preferably 25 fathoms. Please call 843-2137. (7/12)

4 boxes of twelve gage shell- $100 OBO New Medium Waders Asking $100 Call 469 2818 (7/12)

The F/V Jimmy O is looking for a crewmember ASAP. Call Vince Stone at 907-439-4799 or txt 805-701-9878  (7/12)

Richard is looking for a boat to fish for the rest of the season. Call 907-843-3895 or 907-444-9597 (7/11)

Nick on the F/V Komova is looking for an assistant captain captain to help catch fish. Needed immediately. Boat in market and permit. Call (907)512-6128  (7/10)

Experienced crew member available for peak of Bristol Bay 2017 season. 907-654-7914 (7/10)

Gabe Yukaluk is looking for a fishing job. He has 7 years of experience with drift and set net, call him at 907-693-6351  (7/10)

Sarah is looking for a deckhand position. Two partial seasons Bristol Bay drift net experience plus several years commercial fishing on the East Coast. Currently located in Dillingham but willing to travel. Call/text (907)843-3946.  (7/7)

Experienced crew member available for peak of Bristol Bay Season 907 654 7914

Ronald Collins is currently in Seattle Washington. He is looking to get on a boat this summer. Drug and alcohol free. He has four years of experience. He is willing to jump on a plane whenever he is needed. If interested please give him a call at 425-218-0942

Michelle looking to get on a boat- has a drift permit and 17 years of experience: fast picker, can mend gear, operate boats, make sets and deliver, you can get in touch with her through Silver Bay seafoods- currently on the Aleutian Lady in Egegik call 907 631 1996- currently no cell service, so the best contact is through silver bay seafoods (7/7)

Extensively experienced fisherman looking for a boat to work on. Call 907-884-3188. (7/6)

Someone has a Budfield set net skiff for sale. It’s a dory styled with a 40 horse johnson 2 stroke. Located in naknek, asking $8500 OBO call 907-439-5210  (7/7)

The fishing vessel Dolce Vita is in need of a deckhand. Call Bill at 907-439-5358  (7/7)

Andrew Courser is currently in Seward, Alaska looking for a deckhand job or work on a salmon tender. He has experience with working on a boat. Please give him a call at (907)491-0409 (7/7)

Deckhand wanted IMMEDIATELY. Call Jeff at 843-3202  (7/6)

Ed has a crew and is looking for a boat to be leased. Call 439-2240  (7/5)

Edward is looking to get on a boat or set net site for the 2017 season. Call him at 253-285-2312  (7/5)

Alexie jr. is looking for a fishing job call 867-8026  (7/5)

Looking for a deckhand on a gill net vessel. Experience necessary. Call 843-3495 (7/5)

Theodore Taua (Towa) looking to work on a boat.  3 months experience and ready to work.  Call  253-218-5230 (7/5)

Anna deewing looking for a deckhand position 907 246 7003 or 907-439-2201 (7/4)

Looking for an experienced fish picker.  Call  Peter at 907-439-2255  (7/4)

Set net crewman needed In Egegik Call 907 233 4484 (7/4)

Joe in Naknek is looking for a drift permit to go fishing Call him at 891 5713 (7/4)

Looking to get on drift boat for the 2017 Fishing Season.  Call Demetrius Yerger and Randy Ashford at 702-826-1200  (7/4)

Ron is an extensively experienced fisherman looking for a position, located in Dillingham.  Call him at 842-3188 (7/4)

Deckhand needed immediately for the 2017 fishing season in Egegik. Experience is preferred. Cell reception isn’t that great so keep trying to call or text. 907-744-9611  (7/4)

Rusty is a 3rd generation fisherman looking to get on a fishing boat or tender this summer. Call him at 907-764-0551   (7/4)

Someone is looking for a set net crew member in Egegik. Call or text 907-233-4484 and ask for John (7/4)

Kay Kwok looking for a deckhand position on a drift. Preferably fishing the Nushagak. 907-842-5600 (6/30)

Debby is looking for someone to help transport her four-wheeler from Dillingham to either Naknek or King Salmon. She is willing to pay. Call 843-1604 (6/30)

Deckhand wanted for tender in naknek river call 469-2615 (6/29) 

Gillnet crew needed. Payment based on experience. No drugs and alcohol. Call David 907-310-6795 (6/29)

Medical drift permit ready to transfer call 907-230-0706  (6/28)

Woolridge Jackboat for sale,  Alaskan Model, 351 redline motor, 285 horsepower- Call Hugh at 843 0880 (6/27)

Someone is looking to for a set net permit to lease call 843-0742 (6/27)

Local Naknek woman looking for commercial drift position in Bristol Bay. Drug and alcohol free. Call 907-764-3560  (6/27)

Two 25 fathom lead line. Small gage, and low weight, not in great shape. Call 843-2554  (6/26)

Looking for used fishing gear. Call 575-8382  (6/26)

Hung sockeye nets for sale. 50’ and 37.5 fathoms. Immaculate propane stove/oven for boat. Slush bags, marine head and more. Located in Dillingham. Contact Brad at 907-439-3979  (6/26)

A Bristol Bay drift permit holder is looking for an operation to fish with this season. Call 907-693-1242. (6/26)

Captain needs third drift crew member paid on percent of catch depending on experience drug and alcohol free based out of ugashik call 439 6010 for bill or leave a message @ 797 4180 (6/26)

Experienced fisherman looking for work. Call  843-2504.  (6/26)

Looking for a crewman or skiffman to fish the 2017 Chignik salmon season. Season off to a good start. Give seining a try. Call Edgar at 907-244-2007 (6/23)

Looking for a used GPS chart plotter in the Naknek area call or text 469 1317 (6/23)

Set net site at Nushagak Point available for immediate lease

Good producer. Near cabins and freshwater Cabin also available if needed Call Douglas at 707-965-2500 (6/23)

Paul Lincoln, Newtok, Alaska.  Age 57 years old, Well Shaped-Seasoned.  I am available again for upcoming 2017 Bristol Bay Commercial Fishing Season.  I am Bristol Bay Commercial Fisherman veteran off and on, since 1974.  If any captain seeking a crew member, please leave a message at (907)237-2310.  (6/23)

Set net fisherman needed. Must be a non-drinker. Call 907-741-8300 (6/23)

Shawn Andrews is looking for a boat to fish on and he has a permit. Call him at 693-6031 (6/22)

Looking for a Bristol Bay net permit holder for the 2017 season, whether it’s medical or deck work. Call John at 907 310 3336 (6/21)

Matt Pierce is looking for work. He knows knots and is green. Call him at 907-843-3314 (6/21)

Philip has a drift permit, is a non-drinker and is looking for work. Call him at 693-1242 (6/21)

3 King gear for sale. Call 289-6445 and ask for Alvin (6/20)

35 year experience drift boat and captain seeking permit partner for Naknek Kvichak district 2017. Have slush and bleed market . Partner must be working deckhand.

Also seeking to buy drift permit $115,000.  Please call Eric 907-633-8965.  (6/20)

Fisherman with years of experience, can mend, patch, fix, and hang nets. Call Rusty at 764-0551 (6/20)


Deckhand looking for work this season. Drug and alcohol free, green but hard working, fast learning, and decades of cooking experience. Call Dominic at 989-992-3629. (6/16)

Deckhand in Dillingham available for work, has experience gillnetting and can mend nets.  Looking for work, has references. Call 206-445-9846 (6/16)

Steve is looking to lease and/or partner with two set net permit holders for the 2017 season, emergency transfers preferred. If interested, please call Steve at (907) 631-8523. (6/14)

Wanted: Experienced, reliable deckhand for the 2017 season. Call 907-744-9611. (6/14)

Frank is taking orders to hang nets if you haven’t had your nets hung for the 2017 Fishing Season.  Also has subsistence nets for sale 10 Fathoms each, King, Sockeye and Silver call for info and mesh size.  843-3866  (6/14)

15ft green lund with 5 horse kicker call 843-1041 (6/14)

Virtually new 20 ft skiff with kicker, canopy, and trailer. 70 hp, good on gas, make an offer 842 5960 or 843 1041 (6/14)

Wanted: Experienced deckhand for the 2017 season in Bristol Bay. PAF yard. Call Sean at 843-3384 or 843-0350 (6/14)

Looking for a Bristol Bay Permit Holder from, offering a 15% to fish on vessel this season.  Looking for Medical Transfer of Bristol Bay Drift Permit, offering a 10% crew share.  1979 Rawson Drift Boat, powered by a 350 Turbo Cummins Diesel, $30,000 or best offer.  Call Johnny 907-310-3336  (6/12)

Looking for a deckhand job, Nushagak only. Call Jimmy at 596-6102 (6/10)

Looking for a crewman or skiffman to fish the 2017 Chignik salmon season. Call Edgar at 907-244-2007 (6/10)

Double Drum Boom Winch call Frank 843-3866 (6/5)

1983 Rawson, Volvo 60b turbo diesel, flybridge, anchor winch, slush bags, and all the gear and nets to go fishing. $19000. Call Jim at 360-508-1636 (6/2)

Justin in Anchorage is looking for a deckhand job on a fishing vessel. He has experience picking fish.  Call 843-3438 (6/1)

Looking for an emergency transfer set net permit.  Call 843-0742 (5/29)

Experienced crew member with 30 years experience.  Call Craig Lewis  360-244-3071 (5/29)

Looking for a drift permit to lease or a permit holder to fish with this season. Fishing the “My Girl” in the Nushagak District. Contact Stan Small at 907-843-9320. (5/26)

Grant Hatch, skipper of the Red Zen, is looking to connect with his crew member from last year. Joseph Bennett, please call Hatch at 509-758-1248 .  (5/25)

50 fathom 51/8” net $800 call Wassille  (907) 693-6488 (5/24)

Looking for a deckhand, prefer a watershed graduate for the 2017 Fishing Season.  Call 907-439-5531  (5/24)

Looking for crewmembers for drift gillnet fishing for the 2017 season call  Albert 842-2913 or 843-0748. (5/23)

For sale:  18’ Bayliner and a 18’ Lund. $500 each. Call Zach 843-2770  (5/22)

Looking for an experienced fishing partner for the 2017 fishing season.  Contact Darrold on the Blue Thunder at 907-355-8540 (5/18)

Available deckhand Cook commercial fishing jobs gillnetting, long line and crab. Experience in crane, knuckle crane, engine room deckhand cook and relief captain. USCG licensed.I'm in Ketchikan Call or email for resume.

Call 808-443-4144 or email (5/17)

Looking to hang your nets for the upcoming fishing season $300 a net. Call Evan 843-3413  (5/17)

Dickinson Oil Boat Stove  call Zach for pricing 843-2770  (5/15)

For sale:  a Fish Strip cutting board.  Makes cutting strips easy in the ½ to ¾ inch size.  Asking $200. Call 843-3737. (5/15)

For Sale:  Rawson Gillnetter, Volvo 60B Diesel, Flybridge, $19,000.  Call Jim for details 360-508-1636  (5/15)

For sale: Brand new 50 fathom king net. 7 ½ mesh, with 200 lb lead line. Asking $850. In Clark’s Point. Call Jerry 907-236-6009 (5/11)

Looking for commercial fishing jobs also crab season.  Experience in crane, engine room, deckhand, cook and relief Captain.  USCG license 200 ton.  Currently in Ketchikan for salmon season. Call or email for resume.  Keith Steele 808-443-4144 or email  (5/9)

For sale:  Hydraulic set net reel package. Comes with new power pack, and two-year-old (used) roller. Located in Naknek. Contact 907-469-0370 for pricing and details. (5/9)

For sale: 16’ foot Lund with outboard, and homemade trailer. Also a working snowmachine, unclear of the make or model. Call 842-1937.  (5/9)

Looking for a deckhand to fish Big Creek this summer. Offering 8 percent, plus room and board, plus r/t airfare from King Salmon. Call Victor at 626-827-4725.  (5/9)

Dave is looking to lease a medical drift permit, he’s offering $14,000. He is also looking for a herring fishing deckhand and a salmon fishing deckhand. Call him at 907-469-1887 (4/13)

Jeffrey George is looking for an emergency medical lease for emergency transfers permit for the Igushik sector. He has the boat and gear for it contact him at 907-289-6677 (4/11)

Aaron looking to deckhand this year. Three prior seasons experience. Call 907-799-6772 (4/6)

John Lawler is looking for a permit holder, 20% on the boat and 10% pay off the boat. Call 907-310-3336 (3/31)

Monroe Cedieu is looking to be a deckhand to any fishermen

looking for a fishing crew his number is 813-546-8794


Hang and Repair nets for the 2017 Fishing Season.  Get it done early and be ready to go on the first day of the season.  $250 per net.  Call 907-843-3866  (8/11)

Rusty is looking to be a deckhand for the fall fishing season. Has license, gear, and experience. Call him at 907-764-0551 (8/10)

Chris is looking to be a deckhand to finish the 2016 fall season. Call him at 843-9030 (8/9)

Selling a 250 HP E-tec Evinrude outboard motor for $18,500. Also selling a 30 foot bow picker, hull only, for $22,000 firm. Call 907-469-0370 (8/9)

32 foot stem picker F/V Snookie $40,000 in Dillingham Squaw Creek Boat Yard.  3400 hours on engine. Diesel 6V92. Call 907-423-0890 (8/8)

Deckhand available for the pink/silver season. Call Sarah at 907-842-5422 (8/3)

Wanted experienced crewmember for the pink/coho season. The crew shares 20% of the gross income. Call Bob Strub on the F/V Adler at 843-1947 or 842-2380 (8/1)

Looking for a deckhand for the rest of the summer season, and to go through the end of the silver season. Call 907-493-2129, or call 907-493-5009 and leave a message. (8/1)

Looking for stop solenoid for a 210 cummins engine. Call 444-9597. (7/29)

Lund skiff without motor $200 call Glenn  246-3881 (7/27)

Russ has experience and is looking to get on a boat for the fall salmon season. Has a license and gear. Call 694-0551 (7/27)

F/V Marie seeking a crewmember. Call Jason Grubbs 439-4948 (7/25)

Looking for a crewmember in Naknek.   Call F/V Beer Bottle Mama 843-0350  (7/25)

3 shackles of pink gear, fully hung, in bags, like new, for sale at $400 a piece. Two of them are 4 ¾ inch mesh, the other is 4 ⅜ Contact Jeano: 843-1379 (7/25)

Kaj Olesen pin bone machine. Made in Denmark 2016, model EM 52. used once/new in Pilot Point $20,000 new plus shipping / make offer 907-435-7284 (7/25)

Emergency Medical Transfer Permit available after 5 p.m. $6,000 cash. All transfer fees have been paid. 325-280-0960 or 503-926-2276 (KILL 7/16)

Crewman wanted for the F/V Eclipse. LMI Boatyard in Naknek. Call Mike at 439-4832. (7/23)

Looking for an outboard motor, call 469-0370

250 HP ETec Outboard motor. Asking $18,500, but willing to negotiate. Call 469-0370 for more information. (7/25)  Also a hydraulic pack and set net skiff roller combo for an additional or included on the motor price, OBO.  

RSW IMS Unit. 7 ½ ton asking $9500. Located in Naknek. Contact Vaughn Clark at 907-439-2539 or 863-357-3337 (7/20)

Crewmember with license and gear already in Bristol Bay and is looking for a boat to fish on, preferably for the fall Silver fishing. Call (907) 764-0551 (7/20)

Looking for a female deckhand to fish. Call 907)439-5531 (7/19)

Looking for crew to finish the season in Naknek. Call, text, or message (907)439-2366 (7/18)

Looking to lease a Bristol Bay Drift Boat that is ready to go.  20 years fishing experience. call Rick Murphy 907-843-1081 (7/18)

Looking for an experienced fishing partner to finish the 2016 salmon season. Please call 843-0307

Looking a deckhand job. With 2 years of experience for drift and setnet fishing. Has mending and hanging skills. Contact Kyle at (7/15)

Looking to be a deckhand to finish the 2016 season. Call Brett at 359-1495 (7/15)

15 foot lund with no motor. If you’re interested Call 907- 246-3881 and ask for Glenn (7/15)

Experienced crewman in Naknek looking for work. Has gear, open to set or drift. Call Rusty at 764-0551. (7/13)

Rebuilt twin disk 506. 1.97:1 gears. $3000 OBO, call 907-420-7043 (7/13)

2 Each - 35,000 pound, perfect condition, double wall insulated aluminum fish tanks with emergency dumps, 4 hatches and sumps, has been used yearly. Each tank is 5’x10’x25’ and holds 35,000 pounds of salmon. Both have good circulation system, plumbing and emergency release doors with manual valves. $36,000 for both. Located in Naknek, Alaska. (7/13)

A brand new 15-ton electric Titanium RSW system in crate, complete with all pumps, stainless panel with soft starters, remote control system and indicators plus digital gauges. This is a titanium chiller from Pacific West Refrigeration, brand new in 2016 and built for the tanks listed above. The RSW system is set up for simple plug and play. All top of the line gear. Pacific West Titanium System. $24,000 Firm. This price is $6,000 less than what we paid for it. Located in Naknek, Alaska. (7/13)

Deckhand needed ASAP. Preferably a woman, will be working with another woman.Call 907-360-0898. (7/13)

Experienced fisherman looking for work for the 2016 season. Call  842 3683 (7/12)

Looking for twin disk reduction gear 502. Contact 439-3529 (7/10)

Looking for a boat to lease immediately. Phone number 907-469-1986. Or email

Looking for crew, 907-843-0465.

Experienced crewman looking for a drift job. Call Junior at 907-469-0604. (7/8)

Naknek Family Fisheries is seeking fishermen and fish and we will pay $1.15 per pound if delivered to the plant. Must be iced and bled. 246-FISH. (7/8)

Need two crewman for drift operation in Naknek. One veteran deckhand or have drift permit for your boat. Call Dave Weir 1-509-263-2650. (7/8)

Looking for salmon season crew in Chignik, contact Marvin at 907-749-4154 (7/8)

Volvo 63 series 318 horsepower engine. Complete rebuild by Matrix Marine. Call Robert at 907-439-2133. (7/6)

Looking for a 507 trans reduction gear. Call 843-0659/ (7/6)

Looking for crew to fish on the F/V Tiderip Contact Phillip Larson 843-0968 (7/6)

Looking for a permit holder to jump aboard. Call 439-4135. (7/6)

Deckhand with 20 years experience in Bristol Bay, looking for work this season. Call Michael Johnson 907-441-6249. Leave a message and a call time. (7/6)

Looking for Setnet crew person, fishing East Side Graveyard Point – Cut Bank sites. Call Kris or Jerry @ 907-727-7669 (7/6)

Two experienced guys looking to be deckhands in Bristol Bay. Contact (907)545-6346 or (907)527-5045. (7/5)

Crewmember looking for a job. Call Jerold Deering at 907-246-3474. (7/4)

Deckhand wanted for drifter out of Naknek. F/V Eclipse. Call Mike 439-4832. (7/1)

Experienced deckhand from Bristol Bay looking for fishing job. Currently in Anchorage. Call 229-4069 (7/1)

Join the Bristol Bay Fishermen Association to help determine the prices, and set a fair price while you negotiate with the companies in Juneau. Call Janice at 206-595-8734. (7/1)

Looking for crewmembers. Call 907-439-3215. (7/1)

Looking for a deckhand at Big Creek, Coffee Point Seafood Camp. Call Victor (907)439-5182 (7/1)

Tender operator available after Bristol Bay season with 30 years experience. Call (907)439-2193 (6/30)

Looking for deckhand. Call 907-439-3215 (6/30)

1967 American Commercial in good condition, with reel, level wind, rebuilt stern roller, insulated, and has slush bags. There are lots of spare parts. Call or text Harry at 907-775-4406. (6/30)

Looking for emergency transfer permit. Call Jeffry George at (907) 289-6339 (6/29)

Medical transfer drift permit available. Call BBEDC at 842-4370 for Richard Bell permit. (6/28)

Looking for two deckhands for the season to fish in Ugashik. Preferably at least one with some experience. Call Bill at 907-439-6010. (6/28)

Permit Holder looking for a boat to work on. Contact him at 693-6448 (6/28)

Looking for deckhand work, call Michael at 907-205-7412 (6/28)

Permit Holder looking to rent a boat for the 2016 season 843-9462 (6/28)

Looking for a crew member in Naknek. Call Bob at 439-5164 (6/27)

7 5 and ⅛ inch shackles 3 or 4 are brand new  842-1340 or  843-0384  $5000 for all (6/27)

Looking for deckhand work, and has 7 years of experience, call 907-693-6351. (6/27)

Has a setnet permit and is willing to work with anybody. Call 596-3160. (6/27)

2 - 50 fathom King nets hung, 7 3/4" mesh size. Asking $600.00 each. Contact Naknek 246-2254 if interested. (6/27)

Tender in the Naknek area looking for a deckhand. Some experience preferred, but not necessary. Can start right away. Call 907-250-5051. (6/23)

Set Net permit for lease for the 2016 fishing season. Call Katherine at 843-1244. (6/23)

Deckhand wanted for drifter out of Naknek. F/V Eclipse. Call Mike 439-4832.  (6/23)

Drift permit available for immediate medical transfer $12,500 OBO. Please call 843-1621 (6/23)

Looking for a crew member in Naknek. Call 439-5215 (6/23)

27ft handbuilt wooden skiff, without motor. Contact Andrea Hurley 843-3219 (6/23)

Rebuilt Twin 506 disk marine gear. Off of a 3204 CAT. $3000 OBO Call 907- 420-7043 (6/22)

Aluminum steering console $975 call 843-9667 (6/22 )

BB Set Net permit emergency transfer available for the 2016 season. Contact 320-232-0239 for further information. (6/22)

Looking for a crew member.  PAF Boat Yard.   F/V Bristol Drifter  843-9340 (6/21)

Looking for crew for the 2016 season. Call Dave S. at 439-3215 (6/21)

Vitus Marine is seeking a deckhand to crew the Jackie M. during tender season. Competitive daily wage with possibility of work after salmon depending on performance. All interested candidates may contact Drew McIntyre at 907-469-0693. (6/21)

Deckhand looking for work. Call Terry Waldal 907-843-3541 (6/20)

Looking for deckhand this summer call 907-439-5182 leave message (6/20)

7 8ftx20ft treated floating docks in King Salmon. $700 each, call 439-4451 (6/20)

Insulated fish totes 500 pounds, blue, good condition, 4 for $400 each. 843-1621 (6/20)

For sale, Rawson (Boat), flush deck, insulated holds, skinny drum, electronic controls, well equipped, well maintained, fuel efficient  low hours engine, ready to fish, turnkey operations, 15 shackles gear, includes conez with shop living quarters, and shower. $65,000 negotiable call 843-1621 for more info. (6/20)

Crew wanted, well paid with contract. 843-1621 (6/20)

32ft american gillnet commercial with twin perkins. Ready to fish. $45,000 up front. Call Dave at 439-4451 (6  /20)

Experienced crewmember looking for deckhand work for the peak in the 2016 fishing season. Call 907-654-7914 (6/20)

Looking for deckhand work for the 2016 season.  Michael Charles 907-205-7412 (6/20)

Looking for a deckhand for the 2016 season. Contact Wade @ (907)529-5535 (6/20)

Looking for crewmembers for the 2016 fishing season in Ugashik. Call (907) 797-2297 (6/17)

Medical transfer drift permit.   call 907-493-2633 (6/17)

Looking for an engineer and deckhand on a tendering vessel. For the Bristol Bay season. Immediately. Pay will depend on experience. Also, an opportunity to be a freight operator for 30-60 days after. Contact John Wood at (907) 843-3277. (6/17)

Greenhorn looking for gillnet crew work, contact Jordan at (907) 439-3340 (6/17)

Looking for a crewmember to fish on Ekuk beach. Contact 843-0672 or 843-0742 (6/17)

Looking for an experienced crewmember. Percentage is based off of experience, 12% and up. At no expenses. Contact (907) 843-1621 for more information (6/16)

Looking to lease a drift net permit.  Call Phil Zander 402-417-5217 (6/14)

For sale: Volvo Penta 61a Boat Engine, asking $3000 obo. Call 843-0533 (6/14)

Looking for a Small Adult Survival Suit in good condition. Contact Dan at (907) 439-3340 (6/13)

Looking for an entry-level crew hand for a lower BB setnet site. Position starts next week and runs through July 25th. Transportation provided from  AKN.  Text chuck @ 907 717-6101 anytime or call evenings after 7. (6/13)

Lease out a set net permit for emergency transfer.  Call Kevin 907-299-2396 (6/13)

Experienced Deckhand, fast picker, can hang and mend nets, mechanically inclined. Call or text Mark, (907) 717-3497 (6/10)

Looking for a medical transfer setnet permit. I have a boat, gear,

and site, just need a card. Contact Terry Wegner, (907) 317-9565 (6/10)

Looking for crew members  call  Dennis 907-744-9041 (6/9)

Crewman looking for work this season. Has 6 years experience. Call Gabriel Yukaluk -  907.693.3496 (6/7)

Hard working greenhorn, looking to fish on a drift boat this summer. Call Tom, 843-2394 (6/7)

Young, hardworking, experienced deckhand looking for work this season. Call Terry Alexie 695-2055 or 545-3367. (6/7)

Long time older fisherman looking for deckhand job on drift boat. Non drinker/smoker. Available are June 8th.  call Bruce  907-575-0080 (6/7)

Looking to Lease Out drift permit for the 2016 fishing season. call Diane 907-444-1796 (6/7)

Experienced crewmember available for Bristol Bay Salmon Season 2016.   907-654-7914 (6/7)

Looking for a skiff man for the Chignik salmon fishing season, to start as soon as possible.  Call Stephen at 907-440-4394 (6/7)

Looking for a deckhand job.  Lots of experience.  Quick fish picker, can mend and hang gear.  Call Mark  907-717-3497 (6/7)

Subsistence King Gear 10 Fathom for sale $170 also able to hang gear for $250 call Frank 843-3866  (6/7)

Looking to get on a drift boat. Years of exp. Does not drink/smoke. Call Rusty 907-519-1494 (6/1)

Looking for a deckhand on a salmon tender.  M/V Arch One 907-843-3277  (5/31)

Looking for deckhand job.  Have 5 years experience.  Call John 907-830-8112  (5/31)

40HP Yamaha $1200  @842-2547 (5/11)

Looking for a permit holder to jump on a boat call Albert 842-2913 or 843-0748  (5/31)

Looking for fish pickers.  Call Archie 246-1027 (5/31)

Looking to lease a set net skiff or option to buy after the season call 596-6021 (5/31)

Looking to catch on a fishing boat.  Call Shawn 842-5472

Looking to buy a set net skiff 20-24 foot Call Marty 469-0851 (5/17)

Looking for inside boat storage up to 2 boats after the fishing season in Naknek. Call Tim @541-912-0611 (5/16)

Drift Permit Holder looking to get on a boat with gear.  Call Phillip 907-693-1232 (5/16)

Set net permit for lease $6000, add site and gear $7500 in off Clarks Point Call Zinna @907-351-8141 (5/16)

10 fathom king nets for sale. Asking $250 each. Call 907-843-0968. (5-14)

For sale: 7 shackles size 5 and ⅛”. 3 or 4 are brand new. $5000 for all 7. Call 842-1340 or 843-0384 (5/13)

Looking to lease set net sites, and looking for deckhand work. Very experienced.   Call Ron (907)884-3188 (5/13)

14’ Fiberglass Skiff with Trailer 25hp Yamaha $1000 or trade for a good running 40HP kicker.  Call Collin @ 843-1581 (5/11)

Looking to catch on for salmon season, 25 years fishing experience.  Call Rusty (907)519-1494 (5/9)

Looking for a permit holder to go fishing with me this summer!

Bumper Metcalfe  (907)299-5139 (5/9)

Experienced net hanger ready to take your preseason prep.

$180 per shackle $200 with breast lines.  Call Rick Murphy 843-1081.  (5/5)

Experienced net hanger ready to take on your preseason prep. Have six years experience. Call Toon at 907-843-3404. (5/4)

Looking to buy a Bristol Bay drift permit. Have cash. Call Ken Barger 907.843.9454 or Sarah 206.391.9541 (5/3)

Looking for a crewmember, call Steve 843-0857 (4/30)

Looking for a job as a deckhand, call Robin Cranston, 916-860-9309 (4/28)

For sale: Yamaha 40 horse. Asking $1200. Call 842-2547. (4/27)

Looking to deckhand for the salmon season. Over 30 years fishing experience. Please call or text Dominic at 907-549-2152. (4/27)

18’ lund skiff extra 2 motors and trailer $2000 obo and a diesel truck needs work $1000 842-5131 or 843-0520 (4/23)

Paulington from Newtok is looking for a deckhand job for 2016 bristol bay commercial fishing season. Has 30 years + experience. Can mend and hang nets.

Rex Caprio is looking for a crew member for the upcoming season, preferably with experience. Boat based in Naknek. Call 541-265-2542.