PYP Exhibition Essential Agreements

JIES 2014 April 26, Grade 6

1 Privacy

Respect each other’s privacy by being quiet and serious, neither distracting nor destructive, during agreed work time, and treat preferences with acceptance.

2 Excursions

Plan responsible field trips based on our curiosity which are relevant to our inquiries and to reasonable places with low cost.

3 Participation

We maintain enthusiasm, initiative, and motivation for our learning with support and collaboration from mentors in the school community.

4 Connection

Responsibly use technological tools such as iPads (BYOD) and social media (Twitter, Skype, etc) with independence to connect all learning, enhance cooperation, and develop empathy.

5 Scheduling

Flexible scheduling including activities planned by students, teachers, etc. Focus during work time and take breaks (at most 20%) to relieve mental stress.

6 Academics

Apply skills and knowledge with creativity and confidence to the Exhibition.

7 Equity

Collaborate to ensure that all essential resources are made available and express appreciation for all contributions.

8 Integrity

Show commitment to these agreements throughout our Exhibition.