Directions: As we are reading Act 3, mark the the following action/events/characterizations in the play. Be sure to include direct evidence to support your win. One row or column of Bingo = 100 XP.

Complete the entire board correctly for 400 XP.

MidSummer Night’s Dream Act 3






Demetrius expressing his love for Helena

Hermia says something hateful to Demetrius

A metaphor becomes the literal

Bottom shows his egotism

Titania blinded by love

Helena furious

Mischievous Puck

Fairies, Fairy, Fantasy ...

Girl Fight

Fantasy & Reality Merge

Inept Actors


Hermia is dumped

Someone Falls Asleep

Oberon Makes Amends

Mortals acting like fools

A Serpent

Why “poor females mad”

Elements of Pyramus & Thisbe are changed

The Moon

Lysander expressing his hatred for Hermia