A Transition “Mindset”

Interest or concern with Energy, Climate, Agriculture, Economics, Health

Stepping up.  Taking charge/responsibility.  Refusal to be a victim.  

Bottom up approach, but somewhat larger than Sustainability.  

“Government” agencies not likely to provide solutions.  No top down solutions.

Positioning: Awareness and willingness to change in advance of the requirement to change

Production and abundance vs fear and scarcity. Less exposed to dependencies = less vulnerable  

Keen Interest in being a producer not just a consumer.  What do you produce?

Independence as well as interdependence  (resilient community), and collaboration.  

A gathering of contributors - knowledge, skills, methods, experience, ideas, product, service.  

If consumer only, more of a decision making approach.  

Turning your home or land into production point.  Resilient residence.  

Less of a personal environmental “demand” or footprint - Conservation and Efficiency

Merge traditional ways with new technologies

Do it yourself, produce it yourself  - self reliance and personal resilience

Make or Buy decisions, repurpose and reuse, coop

Local manufacturing - Third industrial revolution, ex 3D printing, craftwork.  

Global connection, but not necessarily global commerce.  Community self sufficiency.  

Local and seasonal.  Grow something, anything.  Markets develop.  

Listing and Directories - who produces what in the area, 50 mile, 100 mile radius

Numerous forms of “currency”, zero sum trading, fair/equal value barter, gift economy

An interest in health and wellness, vibrance. Create marvel and joy.  

Few quick examples:  “Transition” your life for: $10 gasoline, tripling of electricity costs, high food inflation.