Beltania 2018 Merchant Contract

Beltania is an annual Beltane/May Day retreat put on Living Earth. Living Earth is a church and is recognized as a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation. This contract is between Living Earth, Beltania festival organizers, and the company/individual who has decided to be a Vendor (“Merchant”, anyone selling goods or services on Merchants’ Row) at the festival.

Merchants are subject to all applicable laws and ordinances, and agrees to abide by any regulations or other instructions within La Foret Conference and Retreat Center in the Black Forest. Beltania reserves the right to restrict, refuse or expel at any time a Merchant who, in its judgment, are not keeping with the nature, spirit, character or appearance of the Festival as a whole. Any Merchant suspect of illegal actions will not be permitted to return to Beltania again.  

This contains the entire agreement. Nothing in this, however, shall preclude Beltania from adopting additional rules and regulations, orally or in writing, as Beltania deems necessary. Beltania does NOT guarantee Merchants against loss of any kind. General overall security and sensible care will be exercised to protect all Merchants and the exhibit area insofar as possible.

Neither this contract or the assigned vendor space may be signed over to another Merchant. Nor may two Merchants occupy the same vendor space without the expressed, written, or email approval of the Merchant Coordinator.

Each Merchant is responsible for obtaining all required permits and Licenses, including sales tax licenses. A copy of the sales tax license (resale license) MUST be submitted to the Merchant Coordinator along with this document upon arrival onsite.








The Merchant, including all of its owners, agents employees or assigns, hereby releases and waives any and all claims for personal liability, product liability, theft, breakage, or other damage, against Living Earth, Beltania Festival, and La Foret Conference and Retreat Center, their agents, contractors, successors and assigns, from or otherwise pertaining to the space and equipment rental hereunder, and the Merchant expressly assumes the risk of rain, wind, lightning and other weather-related elements on the days of the festival. The Merchant expressly disclaims any obligation or representation related to the number of persons to be attending the Festival, or the revenue to be derived therefrom.


By signing this document, the Merchant attest to reading and agreeing to ALL items detailed in the above Merchant Contract. Please sign this and have it and a copy of your vendor's license, and turn them into the Vendor Coordinator upon arrival.

I verify that I have read, understand and will comply with all requirements made.


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