2019 Summer Session I

4-week session: TBA

ENG 332, Mon-Thu 9:00am-11:40am, Robin Hizme



Summer Session II

6-week session: TBA

ENG 351, Mon-Thu 12:00pm-1:34pm, Alice Keane

Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature

This advanced elective course is a thematically organized study of the literatures and cultures of the nineteenth-century United States in a global context. As we explore the development of American literature during the nineteenth century, we will read and study works by a range of writers of diverse backgrounds and interests from a variety of genres, including the novel, slave writings, periodical prose, short stories, and poetry. Literary movements will include Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism, Regionalism, and Transcendentalism. We will consider topics including national identity, citizenship, individualism, ecology, aesthetics, gender, imperialism, regionalism, frontier and territorial expansion, slavery, and the Civil War.

Requirements: ENGL 170W is a prerequisite.