Learning Intention:  We are learning to identify how non-fiction texts are organised  

Success criteria: 

 I can identify features of non-fiction texts

I can describe the purpose of the features of non-fiction texts

  1. What is a non-fiction text?

It is a text that is real.

2. Choose the non-fiction text feature from the wordbank below and match it to the picture.   Explain what that feature is or does.

index                                contents page                              photograph              

Caption                             title                                             fact box

subheading                       glossary

This is a non fiction book

What is it for.  Animal books are telling you what

The Animals can do all around the world. these

Books also have maps in it,to tell where they go all

Around the world.


This is a contents page.

What is it for? Contents pages are telling you where you

Can find what you need .


This is a subheading.

What is it for?  Subheadings are telling you what the

Page is going to be about.


This is a photograph

What are they for?  Photographs are telling you this book is real.


This is a fact box

What is it for?   They are telling you what animals  do .


This is photograph

What is it for? Telling you this is a real book.


This is a glossary

What is it for?   Tells you things about the book.it tells

You inportent information about animals.


This is a index

What is it for?   At the end of a book theres a index it tells you

Where you can go back to a page.