SLOKC General Meeting Minutes

Date: 1/25/17

Open Meeting: 7:05pm at El Camino Vet Hospital in Templeton, CA by Carrie

Introductions & members in attendance: (Attendance Sheet)

Robin Blackburn, Mary Brown, Melinda Chaney, Karyn Convertini, Jeanette Ferguson, Monica Firchow, Cindy Fleenor, Janell Fleenor, Christine Hufford-Brykalski, Carrie Muir, Jennifer Nowell, Shari Ziegenbein


Treasurer’s Report:  

Past Show Business:

Next Show Business: May 13-14, 2017

Old Business:

New Business:

President: Carrie Muir

Vice President: Shari Ziegenbein

Secretary: Janell Fleenor

Treasurer: Karyn Convertini
Show Chair: Robin Blackburn


Robin Blackburn

Christine Hufford-Brykalski

Mary Brown

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 21st at Petco in San Luis Obispo.  (Karyn will call a week beforehand to confirm we have the room.)

Close Meeting: 7:55pm by Carrie

Minute Taker: Secretary Janell Fleenor