B.Sc Honours Biology, microbiology specialization

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·         To obtain a position that will enable me to utilize my extremely strong organization and management skills, practical knowledge of laboratory testing methods, and highly-adaptable problem-solving skills to present trustworthy, comprehensive, and efficient results.


Highlights of Qualifications

·         Excellent verbal and written English communication skills

·         Detail-oriented, organized, and possess strong laboratory skills and techniques background

·         Strong work ethic and works well independently and as a team member

·         Enthusiastic, professional, and efficient

·         Advanced aseptic technique, good understanding of good laboratory practices (GLP)/standard operating procedures (SOP), and able to understand scientific papers

·         Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint



·         Received certification of First aid Level C

·         Successful completion of WHMIS and Laboratory Safety Training



University - City, Province                                                                             Year - Year

·         Bachelor of Science, Honours Biology, microbiology specialization

Relevant Course Experience

High School Name - City, Province                                                              Year - Year

·         Successful completion of the Province Secondary School Diploma



University Name - City, Province                                                     Dates - Dates

 Microbiology Lab Technician and Research Assistant (1 year 4 months)

·        Collaborated and supported researchers by performing bacterial transformations, culture preparations, lysate preparations, cloning, protein and DNA purification, and collection of results on a routine basis

·        Efficiently and consistently maintained laboratory materials and sample databases on FreezerPro

·        Composed laboratory SOPs and provided training and mentoring for new undergraduate laboratory technicians


Science Organization Name - City, Province                                             Dates - Dates

Educator/Volunteer (8 months)

·        Led in-class lessons and supervised activities for students aimed at improving science literacy through fun and educational programs

·        Tailored activities and lesson plans according to the students’ progress in the curriculum

·        Boosted student interest and curiosity in science


Science Organization Name - City, Province                                             Dates - Dates

Laboratory Technician and Teaching Assistant/Volunteer (2 months)

·        Developed  and prepared demonstration plates illustrating lysis of bacterial cells due to phage for high school students

·        Presented pre-laboratory talks to high school students on lab safety and techniques commonly used and successfully encouraged a lively discussion on the experimental results


Canada Day Celebration - City, Province                                             Dates - Dates

Committee Lead/Volunteer (3 months)

·        Continuously assessed and implemented various improvements that could be made for the information kiosk to improve guest experience while maximizing firework donations

·        Led the operation of the information kiosk for guests, including the training of volunteers

·        Professionally answered guest inquiries and concerns including collaboration with police during emergencies (ie. Missing children)


University Name - City, Province                                                     Dates - Dates

Committee Member/Volunteer (5 months)

·        Led the promotion and sponsorship portion of the conference

·        Trained volunteers and welcomed guests and presenters

·        Troubleshoot issues that occurred before and during the conference



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Dear Hiring Officer,

I am interested in interviewing for the position as a quality assurer. I believe that my strong organizational and technical skills, ability to effectively communicate and coordinate with others, and high adaptability and resourcefulness would make me an asset to the company.


As part of my undergraduate career, I took several 6-hour to 3-hour weekly labs which demanded strong organization, planning, and time management to efficiently coordinate several concurrently running experiments. The stress on proper technique and practices to obtain excellent results was vital due to the limitations for materials, equipment, and time. The lab was performed individually but required collaboration and excellent communication with other students due to limitations on materials. Proper documentation of results was also heavily stressed.

In addition to my academic experiences, I worked as a laboratory technician for an academic pharmaceutical research group.  As the technician, I was independently responsible for general laboratory maintenance and sample quality control testing. Effective communication with the graduate students and weekly meetings allowed me to anticipate upcoming needs of the group and foresee any issues that may occur.  As a technician, I not only trained but I also composed a detailed manual outlining the standard operating practices (SOPs) of the lab for new technicians. The manual is constantly updated as I find more efficient or more effective methods using the resources available to maintain a sterile and well-stocked research laboratory.

I am confident that I am a good fit for the position as a quality assurer due to my strong management skills, communication skills and highly adaptable but resourceful problem-solving abilities. I would be happy to provide any additional materials upon request. Thank you for your time and consideration and I eagerly look forward to hearing from you soon.