Mrs. Weber’s Educational Path

Elementary School:

Good Hope School  (Glendale, WI)

North Trinity Lutheran School (Milwaukee, WI)

Middle/Intermediate School:

North Trinity Lutheran School (Milwaukee, WI)

Glen Hills Middle School  (Glendale, WI)

I started to think that I might want to be a TEACHER.

High School:

Nicolet High School - Class of 1994

I wanted to become an TEACHER, so I taught swim lessons and worked the summer camp program through the recreation department.

Post Secondary Path:

I wanted to become an EDUCATOR, so I attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  I graduated in 1998. with a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Education.

I wanted to Improve my Knowledge and Skills in Reading, so I completed my Master of Education in Reading from Concordia University in 2009.  


A Message From Mrs. Weber

From an early age, I was taught that if you have the right people in your life that believe in you, you can do anything! There will be bumps in the road to learning, but having the right support system, anyone can make it through those struggles. Never let anyone make you think that you are not smart enough to achieve your goals. You might just need to work a little harder then someone else to accomplish them! As a teacher, I put a lot of  effort into making sure my students know that I believe in them and want them to know that they can accomplish the unimaginable!