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Just-in-Time Translation: Localizing Viber into Russian


Almost every smartphone owner these days knows about Viber, a service used by over 460 million people worldwide. This popular app enables users to make calls and send messages, images, and video free of charge over Wi-Fi and 3G. Viber is available in both mobile and desktop versions:

The app made its debut four years ago and the developers release regular updates to improve ease of use, add new features, and quickly fix bugs

This is why Viber needed a team of localizers who could keep pace with the rapid development cycle and deliver high-quality translations into Russian as quickly as possible. The task was a tricky one, but they found a solution with Alconost, which rose to the challenge with only 1–2 days required for localizing new versions.

Such quick turnaround is possible thanks to use of cloud technologies and translation memory. For Viber and other large localization projects, Alconost uses the Crowdin cloud-based translation management platform. Thanks to this software, the entire Alconost team of translators and editors can collaborate on the project at the same time without interfering with each other or causing synchronization headaches.

We fully localized the Viber app and continued to translate updates as they were released for some time. With the help of our work, we hope that Viber will continue its astounding growth among Russian-speaking users as well!

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