How We Work

Our system is unique in our industry. Blast Off Apps spent 3 years looking to make the process of outsourcing the development of apps easier and more non-tech friendly. This culminated in our Mission Command membership. This membership (starting at just $495/m), gives any startup or enterprise and entire agile development department, not just a place to “develop their code”.

That $495/m covers 3 main “salaries”

  1. Agile/Product Design rep
  1. This position is filled by an experienced Agile leader & Product design expert
  1. Responsible for (non-exhaustive list)
  1. Starting backlog by writing initial user stories, eliciting member participation and teaching/engaging them to write their own user stories, grooming backlog throughout the app’s life, product advice, user experience advice, help with lean canvas, pitch decks, and other documents as needed, and general business advice  
  1. Development rep
  1. This is the position that is a development expert.
  1. Responsible for (non-exhaustive list)
  1. Acts as SCRUM master for development sprints, oversight of code being written for the member, giving input when prompted by the customer success rep, quoting and designing the app’s build, testing the app, updating progress, quality assurance on app’s code and performance throughout the life of the app
  1. Customer Success rep
  1. This position helps the member through the process
  1. Responsible for (non-exhaustive list)
  1. Answering questions the member has, getting the appropriate domain experts when needed, giving design and user experience advice, representing the member in development correspondence, suggesting alternatives and giving insight into the backlog, lean canvas, and any other document created by the member.

Sales Tracks

At Blast Off Apps we want to offer you the flexibility to accentuate your strengths. To do this, we have identified 3 tracks to our sales team.

  1. Sales Only
  1. The “Sales Only” Track brings leads into Blast Off Apps by filling out the signup form for your leads and putting a note in the “Do you have any specific questions?” question of the form ( If you would like the member to fill this out, send an email to letting Adam know you are responsible for that member and you will be paid if our team closes them and turns them into a member.
  1. Customer Success only
  1. In our system, the member is guided by a person that can help them with their app, our customer success representative. Getting a very simple scope refinement is the first task of this position. Once the potential (or new) member answers the questions, you are responsible for going through the questions, putting them into a table and giving your suggestions to make the app better and more targeted.
  1. Don’t worry, Adam will always be just a Direct Message away and is willing to help you with this part. It can be difficult to discern what some non-technical people need. This is where you will use your imagination and knowledge of apps (and Adam’s) to help them in their journey. You will send the person to our Agile representative after they have signed and then will work with them in order to keep the backlog groomed, lean canvas up-to-date, answering questions the member has and of course selling development hours.
  1. Dual Role Sales
  1. It is easy to see there are large amounts of money available if you take on the dual role track. This is where you get both a monthly income from the members on your roster as well as the 10% (plus a 5% bonus) on development hours you sell. This track allows you to sell as many hours as the member would like and control how often they pay our team.

Figure 1


Membership Commission

(Paid Monthly)

Dev. Hours Commission

(Paid upon member’s payment)

Sales Only

10% ($50)


Customer Success Only



Sales & Customer Success

10% ($50)


Case Study in your Pay

This is from an actual member’s development. We offer you this as an illustration only. Your pay will be entirely determined by the amount of money your member’s pay, per figure 1:

Monthly Payments

Your pay: $50/m

Development Hour Payments

Cost of MVP: $8,100

Your pay: $810

Cost of iteration 2: $5,580

Your pay: $558

Cost of iteration 3: $3,960

Your pay: $396

This member was chosen as an example due to its being a very typical startup app progression. We develop week-to-week by default, but receive pay for the full development sprint (MVP normally is 2-3 months). We can also go faster or slower to fit any budget. If your member wishes to pay for a bulk amount of hours that will be used as they are needed, this will save them money (and make you more up front).