How We Work

Our system is unique in our industry. Blast Off Apps spent 3 years looking to make the process of outsourcing the development of apps easier and more non-tech friendly. This culminated in our Mission Command membership. This membership (starting at just $495/m), gives any startup or enterprise and entire agile development department, not just a place to “develop their code”.

That $495/m covers 3 main “salaries”

  1. Agile/Product Design rep
  1. This position is filled by an experienced Agile leader & Product design expert
  1. Responsible for (non-exhaustive list)
  1. Starting backlog by writing initial user stories, eliciting member participation and teaching/engaging them to write their own user stories, grooming backlog throughout the app’s life, product advice, user experience advice, help with lean canvas, pitch decks, and other documents as needed, and general business advice  
  1. Development rep
  1. This is the position that is a development expert.
  1. Responsible for (non-exhaustive list)
  1. Acts as SCRUM master for development sprints, oversight of code being written for the member, giving input when prompted by the customer success rep, quoting and designing the app’s build, testing the app, updating progress, quality assurance on app’s code and performance throughout the life of the app
  1. Customer Success rep
  1. This position helps the member through the process
  1. Responsible for (non-exhaustive list)
  1. Answering questions the member has, getting the appropriate domain experts when needed, giving design and user experience advice, representing the member in development correspondence, suggesting alternatives and giving insight into the backlog, lean canvas, and any other document created by the member.