Résumé of James (Jim) Raymond Nutt

25 Union Street - PO Box 243

Morrisville, NY 13408

(315) 825-5116



I am looking for challenging projects that stretch my knowledge and keep me engaged. I have a wide range of experience in a variety of industries and am always looking to learn more. I have worked on a wide variety of projects: from designing the hardware and software for microcontroller based flow and density measurement units to managing much of the source code for Thomson Financial. In between, I have done machine control, materials management and web services security. I have worked with the Amazon cloud using AWS and built private cloud computing infrastructures using Nimbula Director. I am familiar with web standards and have written code implementing a Security Token Service as described by the WS-Trust standard. I am a programming polyglot and can pick up most programming languages in a matter of hours at the most.

I am currently a member of the Board of Trustees for the Morrisville, NY Public Library.

January 2013 -
Odd Job Computing

I am currently the owner/operator of Odd Job Computing, a general IT and computer support business focusing on small and home office needs.

September 1999 - January 2013
Thomson Reuters (Vestek, Thomson Financial)

While at Thomson Reuters I worked on a wide range of projects and products, including, but not limited to:

January 1998 - August 1999
Cybeq Nano Technologies

At Cybeq, I was responsible for design and implementation of the management software and user interface for a 300mm CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization - a wafer polisher, to put it simply) tool. This entailed managing and optimizing wafer flow through the machine. It was built on a distributed network of QNX based single board computers controlling each module with a graphical user interface written in TCL/Tk running on Windows. The primary code was written in C++. From concept to shipping of the prototype tool, the project lasted approximately 18 months. I was involved in all aspects of the machine, from the robotic wafer transfer arms to controlling the polisher to managing the wafer cleaners and dryers.

February 1997 - January 1998

I started out as a contract employee at IPEC and quickly moved to full time. I was responsible for the machine control software used by a wafer cleaning tool as well as the management software for a 300mm integrated CMP tool. This software was written in a mix of proprietary languages, C++ and Visual Basic 6.

July 1993 - February 1997
Calibron Systems

While at Calibron I was responsible for a variety of hardware and software projects including:

Prior to 1993

Prior to 1993 I undertook a variety of projects across a variety of technologies and business domains, including: