Student Senate Agenda

February 18th, 2014


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes
  1. approved
  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. approved
  1. Open Forum
  1. Kelsey King appointed to senate academic affairs committee
  2. Senator Brunson senate academic affairs committee
  3. Katy Banks appointed to faculty academic affairs committee
  1. President - Kelly Oeltjenbruns
  1. Senator Boegner senior class rep appointed
  1. approved

              b. Anne Gaudet appointed office manager

ii. approved :)

      c. Gwen will talk to us about pledging during new business

      e. first week of 7th block, pictures and office hours!

      f.  Mount vernon strategic planning committee wants to talk to Cornell students About what attracts you to Mount Vernon, next tuesday at 11, in Smith dining room. Need approximately 15 people. Preferably seniors.

     g. George Mattee strategic planning, where to place academic buildings. Next tuesday 11:15. Students should attend. We will be discussing this next Tuesday night.

  1. Vice President - Lane Zahourek
  1. Have been interviewing new class reps. Last interviews tomorrow, Decisions will be made Thursday or Friday new appointments will be made next week.
  1. Chair of Organizations - Michael Christianson
  1. Excited about new senate members.
  1. Chair of Appropriations - Brian Hixon-Simeral
  1. Unfortunate lack of projector.
  2. 2 appropriations
  1. Mountaineering Club- Adele (mountaineering exec board member) $995 for spring break trip to the Grand Canyon.
  2. 3,500 mile drive
  3. Need money for gas, lodging, and food. Students who attend will also contribute financially
  4. President Oeltjenbruns - Your club is not active on Community
  1. The club is working on uploading their constitution and becoming active.
  2. Chair of Appropriations Hixon-Simeral- We cannot give you funds if you are not recognized by senate as a club, unless you have a letter from your advisor.
  3. Mountaineering club will work on becoming recognized and talk to their advisor about a letter. Will re-apply for funds.

v. 3rd wave resource group TWERG symposium (continued from last week)-Cindy

      1. Requesting  to move $325 feminism 101 funds for feminist         symposium.

      2.  Chair of appropriations Hixon-Simeral- move to reallocate funds

        i. Chair of Organizations Christianson- why were the funds returned when they were not used for feminism 101?

        ii. They were held onto for future use and reallocation?

iii. Vice President Zahourek- move to approve reallocation


     3. Feminist symposium brings in a speaker and allows students to present their research.

                                i. Originally requested 7,911.60.

ii.  Have worked to reduce the costs of speakers and their travel- new request $7,461.74

iii. Chair of appropriations Hixon-Simeral- move to reduce amount requested to  $7,261.74

iv. Call for vote

   15 in favor

    0 opposed

    0 abstention

v. Chair of appropriations Hixon-Simeral- move to appropriate $7,261.74 to   TWERG

        vi. Move to vote

                  in favor 12

                  opposed 2

                    abstentions 1

vii. Chair of appropriations Hixon-Simeral- move to reallocate $325 to feminist symposium.

        viii. move to vote

                   14 in favor

                          0 opposed

                    1 abstention

vi. Chair of appropriations Hixon-Simeral- clarification Judo club was misallocated funds, they were given too little money.

  1. Chair of Academic Affairs - Liz O’Brien
  1. Enjoys the microphone
  2. Looking at new ways to advertise academic based activities fund. will grant up to $350 to students who need money for research or other academic pursuits.
  3. Started fireside chats next Wednesday at 7pm strengthen relationship between students and professors. Marty Condon will be the professor next week.
  4. will discuss next academic forum at the next committee meeting. Possibly regarding the world series.
  1. Chair of Student Life - Leigh Gustafson
  1. Close to getting new disks for Ultimate Club
  2. Getting new sleds
  1. Senior Class
  1. Senior reps and other students, Dan Carney and Hayden Howard, met with Elise to discuss logistics of senior reception

      b. Will meet at the end of this block to make more decisions and finalize the logo for the senior class gift

  1. Junior Class
  1. Excited about new senators.
  1. Sophomore Class
  1. nothing.
  1. First Year Class
  1. nothing.
  1. Old Business
  1. President Oeltjenbruns -Last week discussed profanity in dining hall at eboard.
  1. Solution is to pay it forward and influence the people around us. Also to contact group leaders.
  2. Rep going to greek council meeting next week to raise awareness of this issue
  3. Table discussion on streaking.
  1. New Business
  1. Senator Revera- cornell looking for new ICL director, 330 in commons, open Q and A. Tonight there was a dinner. also interviewing other candidates. Thursday 20th, tuesday the 25th.  
  2. President Oeltjenbruns- introduce Gwen (director of student life) to inform us about pledging situations
  1. Lots of rumors surrounding pledging…
  2. Several hazing allegations, about ⅓ of groups. Pledges involved received hazing report forms.
  3. Have been investigating incidents, people with information should come forward- contact Gwen.
  4. Senator Oldfield- what consequences will groups face?
  1. Gwen- Depends if they’re individual conduct charges- punishment ranges from warning to suspension. Or Greek Conduct -punishment ranges from additional serves hours to not being able to take a pledge class next year.

     v. President Oeltjenbruns - have outside authorities been involved in these issues

      1. Gwen- cornell conduct process is separate from mount vernon authorities. Gwen doesn’t know information regarding other authorities.

  1. Announcements
  1. President Oeltjenbruns - Next week we will move to permanent home Hall Prine!