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Photo and Permission for Publication

Release Form for Minors


Please read and complete the following Permission for Publication of student’s photographs and work.  This form is REQUIRED for application as Trinity often uses many media opportunities to share the ministry here at Trinity with our community and beyond.  Thank you for your assistance with this issue.

Rick Ryan,


Permission for Publication of Student’s Photograph/Work

Trinity Lutheran requires that parent/guardian permission be given when the possibility occurs that student photographs/work may be published in our school directory, our Tiger yearbook, school bulletin boards, school and church newsletters, school publications and brochures that may be used for community outreach, or through other media opportunities such as our local newspaper.  Trinity Lutheran Christian School also maintains a website on the worldwide web,  When any pictures of students do appear on the website there will not be any personal identification of any student’s name.  All other publications will also remain anonymous, or in some cases, only the student’s first name will be used to maintain privacy.  This will also be true when Trinity may wish to use examples of student projects and other events or activities that are associated with the school and its ministries.  These opportunities provide an excellent way of keeping in touch with relative and friends who are out of town, and it also provides an opportunity to share our unique programs with others who may want to investigate our school as a place for their children.

Furthermore, your consent assures that all photographs/work/videos shall be the property of Trinity Lutheran Christian School, which has the right to duplicate, reproduce and make other uses as Trinity Lutheran Christian School deems necessary.

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Please check the category that applies:

_____ Permission is granted to use my son/daughter’s photograph/work, etc. as described above.

_____ Permission is granted to us my son/daughter’s photograph/work, etc. as described above, except I DO NOT give my consent for any individual or group photographs of my son/daughter to be place on the Trinity Lutheran Christian School website.

_____ I DO NOT give my consent to have photographs of my son/daughter used by Trinity Lutheran Christian School in any way specified above.

_____ I DO NOT wish to have information printed in the school directory regarding family information.  (ex. Name, address, phone number, etc.)

Please contact the school administrator if there are other areas not described above that need individual attention.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent/Guardian Name:________________  Child’s Last Name if Different & Grade__________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________                Date: ____________________