Toxic Moto Chain Block

Universal Fit For Most Bikes

Parts List:

1ea - Stainless Steel Bracket

1ea - Double-Sided Wear Block
2ea - M6 Stainless Screws
2ea - M6 Nylon Lock Nuts
3ea - Self-Tapping Screws

 (+1 extra, just in case)


- Place the bike on a center stand so that it’s sturdy and the rear wheel is off of the ground.

- Unbolt the shock linkage to allow the swingarm to drop down. This will allow easy access to drill holes and install the chain block.

- If you switch between multiple chains, install your widest chain on the bike before installing the Chain Block.

Step 1: Deciding Bracket Layout

- Standard Mounting - Under the swingarm

This works great on bikes with flat-top swingarms

(CRF, KX, YZ, etc...)

- Reverse Mounting - Away from the chain

This is ideal for oddly-shaped swingarms.

Standard Mounting

Reverse Mounting


Step 2: Positioning & Setup

Leave the chain on the bike so you can properly align the Chain Block. Bolt the Chain Block and Bracket together for whichever orientation will best fit your bike. Align the Chain Block so that it’s parallel to the chain and sitting 1-2mm away (approx. 1/16 of an inch). Then mark the location of the Bracket. *** You may need to trim the edge of your swingarm chain slider (OEM, TM Designs, etc) so you can position the Chain Block close enough to the chain.

Step 3: Drilling holes

Remove the necessary components so you can have access to the swingarm. Using your location marks that you made, drill two pilot holes using a 3mm (or ⅛”) drill.

Step 4: Install

Now install the chain block using the provided self tapping screws. Carefully use a drill (cordless impact works great) to get the screws started, using the provided #3 Phillips bit. Then remove the screws and apply thread locking compound, before reinstalling by hand with a screwdriver. Reassemble the rest of bike and you’re ready to ride!

Step 5: Use it and show it off!                         fb_icon_325x325/ToxicMoto    Instagram-logo-005/ToxicMotoRacing 

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Future wear/maintenance:

When your Chain Block does start to show some wear, simply unbolt it and flip it around. You’ll be able to use the back side for extra wear life! You can also purchase a Replacement Block once you wear out both sides. Be sure to keep an eye on your lower chain guide as that helps keep the chain from slapping the wheel on the bottom side of the swingarm.

Flip your block - Twice the wear life!

Replacement Wear Block Kit


Thank you for purchasing and installing the Toxic Moto Chain Block.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email!

+1-661-769-MOTO (6686)