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Also no Brawl episode this week cause Thanksgiving!


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LoE Week 2: Uldaman

Wing 2 of The League of Explorers launched, with fights with Archaedas, Mine Cart, and Chieftain Scarvash.

Chieftain Scarvash

Mine Cart


Druid Challenge

Paladin Challenge


No New LoE Wing This Week

Since it is Thanksgiving in the U.S. this Thursday the third wing of League of Explorers will release next week. This gives us a full two weeks to figure out some real crazy Brann decks.

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LoE Week 2 Decks





Brann Science

The simple interactions

Slightly more complex

Straight up bizarre

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Oh Hear my cries overlords,

Tis I, Joe, an unworthy and forlorn follower of the fowl furiosa, come to weave for you a tale of such woe and despair, the likes of which I hope never befalls you in your noble quest to find your place amongst the season's legendary heroes!

Such honorable deeds that have taken place in the arena, the stories that we have been delighted by and the champions we have been inspired by! I myself was one of those hopeful young lads, with a strong claim, having crafted a powerful rogue deck which I was sure would see me to at least 6 victories.

So after several amazing battles, I was 5-2 and up against a paladin. After exchanging pleasantries, we crossed swords and pummeled each other with our minions and spells. Finally, many bloody turns later, the paladin had me on the ropes. He had a board full low health minions, with enough combined strength to end me, while I had only a few runts on my board. In my hand I held sprint, some minion, and what I thought was the key to my salvation : burgle. Hoping to root his victory with a consecration, I laid the burgle down upon the table. After the magic sparkly stuff had cleared, I looked to see what treasures my thievery had brought me. Low and behold what noble face is this that I see before me?!


I couldn't help but laugh at my ill-be-gotten luck. This card was exactly what I needed to win against my opponent, but of course in obtaining it, I was now one mana shy of being able to cast it. So, with despair in my heart and a slight twitch in my eye, I ended my turn, and accepted my fate with dignity.

Just kidding I pulled the LAN cable out of the back of my laptop


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Dear you guys, love all you do, world peace, etc.

How do you guys manage to watch esports tournaments? Is there something I missed?

I tried watching the hearthstone qualifiers + america’s championship + WCS.

All these events take place over 48 hours! Since I have a life, it takes me about 2 weeks to catch up and watch the whole thing. That would be fine except the Hearthstone launcher spoils the results THE NEXT DAY. Also, the tools to watch are terrible.

Youtube playlists spoil everything since the titles are all shown (ie: you see which player goes through).
Then there is Twitch. Say you want to go back to beginning of the day, you load hearthstone channel, auto starts playing current match (you get spoiled).

‘Regular’ sports tournaments are watchable because there is a game every few days. Playoffs are fun because you can follow along. You can watch all the things EVEN if you have a life. An esport tournament goes like this: no games, no games, no games, ALL THE GAMES NOW, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, no games for a year.

Is there a system I’m missing to watch these things correctly? How do you guys do it?

Websites and twitter spoilers are fine and easy to avoid, I'm only talking about spoilers right in the tools used to catch up.


Dear Angry Chicken,

First time/long time.

What do you think of a tournament similar to the early matches of SC2 proleague?

Essentially it'd be bring 4 decks and before each match you'd tell a judge what order you're going to play them without knowing your opponent's order. This would be a bit similar to the ladder experience since you can't counter deck like in last hero standing.

First to 3 wins is the winner and if it goes 2-2 there is an ace match where a player picks one of his already used decks to the final match.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for the show.

Manny @truvillainmanny

Do you think it would be a good idea for Blizzard to allow players to craft card backs with dust?


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