Camero Siefke

Ms. Chiller

12th english

 The two gentlemen of verona was an okay play it can teach students how to communicate between each other when you get out of school have to know how to talk to different people such as older people, your boss and friends. Watching plays in schools can be beneficial if the students watching are willing to pay attention and learn. As you saw in the play everyone talked so they could stand each other and when talking to women it;s poetic and romancy.  

 1.  Communication

    Learning how to communicate in life is needed you will have to communicate on a daily basis with bosses, co-workers, neighbors, ect.. Now also it is not hard to know how to communicate but plays could be beneficial to younger children not highschoolers. This play teaches how to speak to women and people you respect. with valentine talking with silia and the fellas talking with the king.

2. Understanding of language

 Understanding people and what you read will be good to know how to do in life. For example you get a loan from the bank, or a contract for something or even paying bills. This play forces you to listen and understand what they are saying.

3. Morals of life

 Having morals in life is needed as well. Morals or philosophies are things or believes you live your life and reach you along the way. The type of girl you want to marry, the job you would like to have and how you treat people. The two gents. of Verona teach people morals. One don’t lie it can destroy relationships, have to find time for both friends and girl/boy friends and treat others the way you want to be treated.

 My evaluation of the play is good it met all three of my criteria was met. I read books and watch plays to learn these three things. The two gentelman of verona was an excelant play in the way of meeting my criteria.