We have been learning about the features of recount writing.

Here are some of the things that need to be included in recount writing.

  • Exciting opening sentence
  • Orientation
  • Linking words to show sequence
  • Correct use of punctuation
  • Direct speech
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Similes
  • Conclusion

Can you find 3 of these features in your writing and highlight them?

That was the best birthday of my life! First I went to the movies. Me and my brother and my dad all went and saw the movie finding Dory and the movie was amazing.Then I went ice skating for my birthday party the next day.It was as loud as a lion’s roar. I invited Taylor and Layla and Lucy and Claire. My daddy said I could invite 5 people. After ice skating for a little while I opened my presents.I loved my beautiful presents.I got a beautiful necklace. That was the most beautiful day ever!