Camp Kinderland sets up payment plans to accommodate families paying for camp tuition. In some cases, a summer’s tuition will not be paid in full until partway through the following year. This leaves Kinderland with sometimes substantial Accounts Receivable at the year’s end. Kinderland must also complete certain Capital Projects to ensure the upkeep of our Tolland facility, sometimes at an expense above and beyond the cash on hand. For both of these reasons, Kinderland has had to take out short term loans to get through the fiscal year.

In addition to supporting scholarships, your donations help Camp Kinderland cover the annual expenses in a timely fashion and meet the constant needs of a beautiful campground facility. The Tolland facility experiences regular wear and tear from use and from the ever changing weather conditions characteristic of the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. The need for short term loans has gone down thanks to you, so please continue to support Camp Kinderland!