Ferret Litter Chart

A special thanks to everyone who sent pictures or info you made this chart possible!

 Assembled by Natasha Blanco

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C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Purina, Unscented Yesterday's News(soft texture kind2.jpg


Unscented Yesterday’s News(softer texture kind)

Made with recycled paper, 3X more absorbent than clay, 99.7% dust-free, Soft thinner paper pellets that are extra gentle on sensitive paws, no tracking

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Yesterdays news, Original.jpg


Original Yesterday’s News

Made from recycled paper, Paper pellets are 3x more absorbent than clay, 99.7% dust free, Unscented

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\SoPhresh, Odor Control Paper pellets.jpg

So Phresh

Odor control paper pellets

Baking soda & zeolite for outstanding odor control, Lightweight pellets, 3x more absorbent than clay, Made with 95% or more post-consumer paper

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Oxford, hardwood pellets, additive free..jpg


Hardwood stove pellets

Additive Free

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Tractor Supply, Equine pine pellets.jpg

Tractor Supply

Equine pine pellets

100% wood, compressed pellets, no additives or chemicals

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Liverpool Wood Pellets,  Wood pellets for bio fuel.jpg

Liverpool Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets for bio fuel

Formed by compressing sawdust and other lumber waste into neat pellets

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Feline Pine,.jpg

Feline Pine


100% pine wood, no additives or chemicals, dust free, low tracking



Pine pellets

Made from 100% pine, no chemicals, dyes or additives



Paper pellets

100% recycled paper, 3x more absorbent than clay litter, Dust free, biodegradable, flushable

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Blue Buffalo, Naturally fresh walnut clump litter.jpg

Blue Buffalo

Naturally fresh

Made from walnut shells, clumping, 2.5 times odor control over clay, low dust and tracking, Clay-free, Chemical-free, Corn-free, Grain-free, biodegradable 

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Blue buffalo pellet.jpg

Blue Buffalo

Naturally fresh pellets

Made from walnut shells, low dust and tracking, chemical free, grain free, corn free, clay free, Biodegradable


Fresh News


Made 100% recycled biodegradable paper and baking soda, 3x more absorbent than clay, keeps form

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\American Wood Fibers.jpg

American Wood Fibers

Hardwood  wood stove pellet

100% wood from a renewable forest, no added chemicals or additives



Natural clumping litter

It is wood-based and made from 100% natural, renewable plant fibers. Biodegradable, free from artificial fragrances, additives and aromas, absorbs up to 7x, Low in dust, Very light in weight, flushable


Cat's Best

Öko Plus

Made from 100% organic plant fibers, 100 % biodegradable, No chemical additives, More than 700x absorption, Flushable


Cat’s Best

Universal Pellets

Made from 100% organic plant fibers, 100 % biodegradable, no chemical additives

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Swheat Scoop, Multi Cat, unscented.jpg

Swheat Scoop

Multi Cat , Unscented

Made of plant extracts, wheat enzymes, and Noble Ion. Its Quick clumping, easy scooping, flushable


World’s Best

Multi Cat, Clumping, Unscented

Made of corn cob, quick clumping, easy scooping, flushable, 99% dust free

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Feline Pine.jpg

Feline Pine

Pellets, non-clumping

100% Natural Pine, no perfumes, no additives, no dust, no tracking

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\National Geographic, Premium small animal litter.jpg

National Geographic

Premium small animal litter

95% post-consumer recycled paper, zeolite, and baking soda. A portion of the proceeds benefits National Geographic conservation programs.


Eagle Valley Pellets

Wood stove pellets

Made of pine, spruce and other softwood wastes. kiln dried

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Arm and hammer.jpg

Arm and Hammer Naturals

Multi cat litter

Made with corn, baking soda, and plant extracts, absorbs 2X as much liquid, low dust, unscented

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Natures miracle.jpg

Nature’s Miracle

Just for Cats, Corn Cob Cat Litter

Made with corn fibers and pine, low dust, low tracking, fast clumping,  lightweight, natural pine odor, bio-enzyme formula, non-toxic

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Kaytee wood pellets.jpg


Wood Pellets Bird & Small Animal Litter

Made from 100% wood, no artificial colors or additives.

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Pets at Home.jpg

Pets at Home

Small animal wood litter

Made from wood sourced from sustainable forests, biodegradable, dust extracted, absorbent, non-toxic, no artificial scents or additives

C:\Users\Natasha\Desktop\Puppy Pads.jpg

Puppy Pads, Wee-wee, Potty Pads,


Made with attractants-grass scent, ammonia, or pheromones