DHMN Organizational Meeting

April 22, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Erin Q-L, Mike P., Bob L-Dron, Bob T-Son, Jason K., Jake K., Paul K., Ross L., Mark F., Kristin M.

Late arrivals: Ed K., Paul (guest)

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Ross

Seconded: Jason


Treasurer's Report

Monthly subscriptions total:  $510 (up $185)

# of Full+ members:  9 (up 3)

# of Limited members:  5 (up 2)

Other income: $200 (donation)

4/22/2013 Checking balance: $1065.49

        Checking Monthly Debits: $1300

        Checking Monthly Credits: $0

Paypal transfers in progress: $500

Paypal Money "Stuck": $429.74

Overall 4/22/2013 assets: 1995.23 (down $629.67)

Outstanding Assets / Liabilities: None.

Notes:  We have reached the point where we are bumping into the paypal monthly limit of $500. I'm working on resolving it.

Move to approve report: Paul K

Seconded: Jason.


Old Business

Spending Meetup Money

Mike wants to wait until the new space is open.

Change Mike’s mandate to the above.

Call for vote: Mark

Seconded: Erin


New Business

Mark is going to look into alternatives to Paypal.

Jason: Appleton Downtown Incorporated has put us in a pool for getting free money. They will do free advertising for us when we are open.

Naming of the Space

Straw poll winner, Appleton Makerspace.

Bob L-Dron: Don’t exclude DHMN. The space would not exist without DHMN.

Kristin: Friends get hung up on the word “Hacker.”

Jason: Has a similar issue describing the organization to his students.

Ed: Experience in school district: Even high school don’t get the positive understanding of DHMN. When pitching to teachers, they are not going to get it. Makerspace is already enough for people to try and understand.

Kristen: We’re, this area, is still primarily a manufacturing area, not a tech area.

Ross: Making an analogy to the different ways his church refers to itself internally and to the public. He suggest Appleton Makerspace with DHMN and the background entity.

Motion: Erin puts forward, Appleton Makerspace powered by DHMN.


Erin: This should always be our marked name.

Ross: That is 13 syllables.

Mark: Amend to say, “This is what we strive for.”

Seconded: Bob L-Dron

Carried. (Paul opposed.)

Every Thursday open to public?

Should we continue the Harmony open make sessions?

Discussion is also including Grand Opening ideas.

For now, do we switch to ever Thursday evening?

Ross: Sector 67 has open house days, and closed days.

Motion: Jason: every Thursday open 6 PM to 10 PM

Seconded: Erin


Full/Part-time Memberships

Possibly change to full members and limited number of scholarships.

Kristin: once a year solicit applicants.

Mark F: We need to pay the rent and don’t want to be over run, so number of scholarships can adjust over time.


What Paul found out:

Liability Insurance

Farmers Insurance: $435/yr.

McClone: ~$800/yr.

Officers Insurance

Farmers Insurance: Not sure.

McClone: ~$800/yr.

Bob L-Dron will get Mark F. a contact at Milwaukee Makerspace for insurance.

Liability Insurance is a requirement of our lease.

Paul: Farmers doesn’t understand our business model. McClone may be more flexible.

Paul and Ross: We need a point person.

Paul: Anyone who has an insurance lead, pass it on to Mark F.

Motion: Jason proposes we give Paul and Mark power to approve insurance purchase.

Mark F. amends to attempt to give 12 hour advisory period.

Seconded: Ed.



Jason: Willems says this week.

Kristin: Does membership get password?

Jason: There will be an acceptable use policy.


Paul: Shouldn’t hand out keys beyond six officers until we have insurance.

Erin: Give out keys.

Mark F: Get a max lock change fee from Willems before handing out keys.

Jason: Only key should be for the back door.

Mark F: Willems want the building to be used.

Jason: Keys are old. RFID cards are better. Keys OK if it gets us open.

Amend Bylaws

Paul: Currently bylaws say only full members can be officers.

Mark F: that is ambiguously worded.

Ross: This doesn’t prevent us from opening the doors.

Erin & Ross: As we get more members, we need to make sure the bylaws keep up.

Jason: We will need to iron out bylaws after opening.

Erin: Quickly after opening.

Paul: Insurance company needs bylaws for directors insurance.

Mark F: We may need indemnification clause in bylaws.

Form a subcommittee to review bylaws: Kristin, Ross, Mark F, Jason, Erin.

Output is a proposal to the board on changes.

Items Needed

Paul: discuss outside the meeting.

Mark F.: Is there a site plan?

Mark F: Thank Bob L-Dron and Jason for work on space.

Name on Sign

Timeline to have a sign.

Jason: May 1st. Wants place done before May 1.

Motion, by Bob L-Dron: Ed makes sign. Mark F. is on committee.

Seconded: Jason



Move to Adjourn: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Paul K.