Antonio Hermida

skype: afhermida


SESI/SENAI-SP  | Head of the Digital Media Department
June 2017 -

Cosac Naify | Head of the Digital Media Department
September 2012 - July 2015

Responsible for the digital media department

   · Creation and implementation of the Digital Books Department;

   · Controlling production workflows;

   · Contact and evaluation of national and international booksellers;

   · Technical and contractual assessment of titles, sales channels and suppliers;

   · Cost and sales prospecting analysis;

   · Analysis of catalogue similarities and pricing;

   · Management of in-house workflows: rights acquisition, ISBNs, hiring and payment of suppliers;

   · Producing  and adapting print book to digital content;

   · Adaptation, correction, completion and validation of titles;

   · Creation of a detailed style guide for suppliers;

   · Preparation of campaigns;

   · Responsible for the process of integration with the aggregator (DLD) [Migration of the catalogue and metadata];

Simplíssimo | E-book Production Manager
August 2011 - July 2012

Responsible for the production workflow, and also for the review and completion of digital files for over 40 publishers.    

   · Quality control and suppliers evaluation;

   · Contacting national and international suppliers;

   · Contacting the publishers and creating a style guide;

   · Founder and lecturer of the course ‘Producing e-books with a opensource software’;

   · Training and qualification of professionals in publishers and agencies;

   · Development of LiveCD Linux (based on OpenSuse) for editing digital books;

Zahar | Production and new media assistant

November 2009 - August 2011

Responsible for the correction, standardization and validation of digital files.

   · Code correction and text alterations;

   · Creation of an e-book style guide for the suppliers;

   · Suppliers evaluation;


Software translation and tutorial - EpubCheck

August 2016

Translation of all EpubCheck feedback messages and elaboration of tutorial to solve problems.


Consulting at Itaú Cultural

July-August 2016

Planning and logistics elaboration (and its execution) for conversion and distribution of more than 800 ebooks. The project included the creation and implemantation of anti-piracy tracking codes for Prêmio Oceanos de Literatura 2016.

Extension course of e-books editing and distribution

March 2016

Organizer and teacher in an extension course  of e-books production and their distribution.
Department of entrepreneurship and management UFF and EdUFF.

Kobo specifications for ePub | Co-author

The book is the commented translation of the official documents for file preparation made available by Kobo.
About the documents:

    · Kobo + GitHub – What do the publishers have got to do with it?

Colofão [] | Co-founder and writer

February 2014 - current

Site idealized by digital publishing professionals of different areas, Colofão aims to be an open forum for discussion, sharing of experiences and reflections on the role of digital content within Brazilian publishers market.

Some articles:

    · Cosac Naify: Criação e maturação do departamento digital

    · Nuke – ou: fazer livros não é como fazer sabonetes

    · O Jabuti e a Lebre – Sobre o digital no Prêmio Jabuti

    · Cinema, hq, video games e… e-books, por que não?

Cosac Naify [blog] | Writer

June 2013 - July 2015

Column in the publisher blog about transposition and adaptation of print books to eBooks. Some articles:

    · História de pescador

    · Pixels fatiados

    · Um e-book que não saiu do papel

    · Diálogos supercríticos

    · A crueza digital dos irmãos Grimm

I Revolução EBook Conference  | Lecturer

October 2013

Lecture about designing, planning and adapting trade book to digital.

[see slides]

X Editing Forum | Debate

October 2014

Round table - Beyond the paper: the dynamics of online publishing.

Literary afternoon SENAC | Debate

December 2012

Debate: Print book and the e-book.

I Forum of Espírito Livre magazine | Lecturer

November 2011

Lecture about editorial and e-book production with opensource softwares.

NPD Lecture Series | Lecturer

October 2011

Lecture: what is an e-book and what is its impact in the market?


  • Advanced HTML & CSS;
  • e-Books;
  • Gimp;
  • Image editing (Gimp);
  • Manipulation of  Open and True Type Fonts (FontForge);
  • Scripts (bash);
  • Indesign;
  • Regex;
  • Linux, Windows, MacOS and BeOS;
  • Suit Office MS, LibreOffice, WPS and Google Documents;
  • Editorial;
  • Social Media;
  • Analytics;
  • Wordpress;
  • Python (basic);
  • JS (basic);
  • Metadata;
  • English | Spanish;
  • Text preparation and proofreading;


Licentiate (Portuguese-Literature)



System Analysis


FreeBSD System Engineer



[ request ]

 · Ana Carolina Soler (Google)

 · Camila Cabete  (Kobo)

 · Bruna Benvegnu (Amazon)

 · Cristiane Gomes (Bookwire Brasil)

 · Roberto Vaz (DLD)

 · Anibal Bragança (Eduff)

 · Florencia Ferrari (Ubu Editora)

 · José Fernando Tavares


 · Ana Tavares


 · Cindy Leopoldo


 · Fabio Uehara

(Companhia das letras)

 · Andre Conti

(Todavia Livros)