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Moodle 101 for Students
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Moodle 101 for Students

‌‌Use Firefox to open Moodle. Click here to download Firefox

Click Here for the virtual Technology Open Hours schedule and link


Link to Procedures

Moodle Manual

Student Quickstart Guide (print)


Adding Additional Files To a Moodle Assignment (print)

Entering Assignments and Viewing Scores and Feedback (print)

Locating and Viewing Assignments In Moodle (video)

Submitting Work To a Moodle Assignment (print)

Submitting Assignments In Moodle (video)

Student Accessing Assignment Feedback Files In Moodle (print)

Viewing Assignment Feedback In Moodle (video)


Locating Your Classes (print)

If You Can’t See Your Class Listed in Moodle (print)


Using Moodle's Quickmail Email Tool (video)


Moodle Forum Basics (video)

Adding Links, Videos, and Files to Forums (Video)

Adding Copyright-Compliant Pictures to Forums (Video)

Changing Notification Preferences for Moodle Forum Posts

Moodle Help

1 on 1 Help - Technology Open Hours

If you encounter a problem while using Moodle, submit a helpdesk ticket explaining the problem or call 414-382-6700.

Student workers in the Computer Center are also available to help you.

Navigating in Moodle

Navigating/Getting Around in Moodle


Updating Your Moodle Profile (Print)


Instructions for Creating Screencasts (print)


Submitting Work to a TurnItIn Assignment in Moodle (video)