Revisions are substantial – readily obvious, even without looking back to original

The changes made significantly improve not just the specific traits targeted, but others as well

When it comes to content and style, everything is clicking; little or no additional revision work is needed here

This piece is ready to be moved on to the proofreading stage


Revisions are considerable and noticeable

The changes made significantly improve the traits targeted

This piece needs only minor additional revisions to one or two traits


Revisions are noticeable

The changes made improve the traits targeted

More work should be done on one or more other traits


Revisions are noticeable when compared to prior draft

The changes made somewhat improve at least one of the traits targeted

More attention should be focused on revising these traits (and possibly one or more of the others, as well)


A few effective minor revisions can be found if sought out

Changes might have been made that do not effectively address the problems with the targeted traits, or the changes made may have been too few

Substantial revisions are still needed, both on the traits focused upon and the others


Very few or no effective revisions are present

Little evidence of any sincere attempt to make changes

Much more revision work is needed – writer should seek out feedback and suggestions from others