GLA Terror General

The Global Liberation Army's terror cells, currently under Control of General Rodall Juhziz, return once again in Operation: Firestorm, in another attempt at world domination. Juhziz's troops use stealth and suicide tactics to shatter their enemy's morale (and their bases). A mix of fast vehicles, stealthed units and defenses as well as devastating suicide and artillery attacks make General Juhziz a deadly opponent.

General Points:

Tree 1 Explosives:

Rank1: Suicide Bomber Training (Promotion)

Rank2: Demo Trap drop 1 (deploys demo traps by plane)

Rank3: Improved Explosive Mixtures (Upgrade; Increases suicide and artillery damage)

Rank4: Demo Trap drop 2 (additional planes)

Rank5: Nuclear Bomb Truck (unit unlock; build limit of 3; very dangerous)

Tree 2 Assault:

Rank1: Light Vehicle Training (Promotion)

Rank2: Salvage Repair 1 (Repairs vehicles and grants a salvage upgrade)

Rank3: Vehicle Armor (Upgrade; increases most vehicle's health)

Rank4: Salvage Repair 2 (better repair; affected units can also be promoted)

Rank5: Sneak Attack

Additional Points:


GPS Scrambler

Rank2-4: (3 levels)

Rebel Ambush (spawns Rebels and RPG troops)

Rank2: Su-25 Frogfoot (unit unlock; Bomber)

Rank3: SCUD-Launcher (unit unlock, Heavy Artillery)

Rank4: Anthrax Bomb

Rank3-4: (3 levels)

Cluster Artillery Barrage 1&2


Cluster Artillery Barage 3

Jihad (boost unit firepower)

Suicide Planes (costs 3 points; sends 3 planes in a suicide mission)

New Units:

War Factory:

Scorpion (new Model, minor balance changes)

Quad Cannon (new Model, less damage)

Technical (cheaper; new salvage variants; can be upgraded with Molotov Cocktails)

Marauder (new Model, more expensive, overall stronger; moved to T3)

Radar Van (Camo Nets upgrade added)

Rocket Buggy (Salvage upgrades added)

G6-Howitzer (T1 Artillery)

SCUD-Launcher (T3; Heavy Artillery; more powerful and expensive)

Bomb Truck (Camo Nets upgrade instead of disguise; starts with high-explosive bomb)

Nuclear Bomb Truck (Stealthed, armored, large explosion radius; annoying as f*ck)

Chameleon SAM-Launcher (T3 Anti-Air unit; Camo Nets upgrade)

Combat Bike (starts with Terrorist; Bikes can now be evacuated without the bike exploding)

<more to come>


MiG-29 Fulcrum (standard fighter, Anti-Tank/Anti-Air missiles)

Su-25 Frogfoot (T3; Carpet Bomber)

Suicide Plane <details classified>

Hind (attack and transport helicopter)


Elite Rebel (main infantry; increased HP)

Infiltrator (Saboteur and Hijacker combined; stealthed; Can climb cliffs and kill infantry with giant scissors)

Jarmen Kell (can sabotage buildings (will not be „used“ in the process) and plant explosives)

New Buildings:

Secret Laboratory (T2 tech building)

Palace (now T3 tech building; Grants global production speed boost)

AT-Gun (Anti-Tank defense site)

Stinger Site & Tunnel (damage increased)

Radar Jammer <details classified>


SCUD Storm

New Upgrades:

Demolition Ability (not new, but unique to this General)

Molotov Cocktails (Rebels and Technicals can throw these flame bombs through an ability)

Toxin Shells (now also increases Tank damage by 10%)

Salvage Crate (Per-Unit Upgrade; grants a salvage upgrade; available after Junk Repair is researched)

Aircraft Armor (increases Aircraft HP)

Extended Ammunition (improves Aircraft weapons)