Elk Valley Minor Hockey Association


February 21, 2017 in Elkford


Present: Diane Halladay, Sarah Corkle, Karla Holberton, Crystal Hartery, Dany Vinet, Tiffany Rybachuk, Dawn Weatherbee, Lee Wilm, Renee MacCormack, Samantha Rector, Crystal Tennant, Shane Bachmier


Meeting began at 7:04.


Motion to accept previous minutes – Lee Wilm seconded by Crystal Tennant.


President’s Report – Jason Dobson (absent)


Vice-President’s Report – Lee Wilm

*Not much happening, emails etc

AGM – March 8 at Frank J Mitchell Elementary 6 pm

Playoffs – same as reported last month

Ice Meeting on March 15 in Sparwood at 5 pm


EK League Report – Lee Wilm

Novice transition to Atoms – information sent to associations on March 15


Parents present had a few questions about tiering

-       Possible discussion for EK league about tiering at the scheduling meeting

-       The decision was made for which tier a team should be in was decided by managers present and one coach

o   One team thought they were too good for B (they’d win it all) but they would lose in A…in the end, they came in the B.

o   This should not be a decision to be made by coaches and managers…that’s why we tier…decision should be made by EK League based on results at tiering


Discussion about Atoms and next year… what is going to happen

-       this is a discussion to be had at AGM,

o   would be an executive decision

-       Parents will get to vote on positions at the AGM, parent voices and decisions get to be heard at the AGM, ultimately the executive will make the decision in the best interest of the kids after hearing input from parents


Treasurer’s Report – Renee MacCormack

4  Balance – Chequing $36,314.80

4  Balance – Gaming $1,607.42

4  Balance – Bonds $15,469.86

4  High Country $3,635.84

4  Tournament Updates

o   Novice $98.96 per player

o   Atoms $1420.11 per team

o   PeeWee $1781.22 to team

o   PreNovice not yet submitted

4  Renee contacted First Data to cancel. They needed to speak to the person on the contract which is Ulrike Sliworsky and through the power of facebook, Renee contacted Ulrike and she contacted First Data. There was a $500 cancellation fee if we cancelled before June 14, 2017. It makes sense to wait until June 15 to cancel for no penalty fee.

o   Motion by Crystal Tennant to cancel on June 15, 2017 and Shane Bachmier seconded. All in favour.

4  Discuss option of PayPal and fee to use it to offset service charges

o   Consider adding a transaction fee

o   This is something to be brought up at the AGM

4  OLD Business: Receipt books – Ask Jason if he heard from Keith (still need to ask Jason or Keith about receipt books – do we have extra or where do we order them)


Registrar’s Report – Anita Dobson (absent)

*Lee reported: Late registration to Atoms Gold – this child will not play games but will participate in all practices


High Country Report – Samantha Rector

-       Going to order trophies and the banner this week

-       Most Sportsmanlike, Most Dedicated, Most Improved, Most Inspirational

-       Renee will send an email to managers and coaches for them to choose players (update: Renee sent email and asked coaches/managers to give information to Jason or Lee before April 9th


Motion made by Crystal Tennant to have families that plan to attend both banquets to pay one fee per person instead of paying for both banquets. It was seconded by Dawn Weatherbee. All were in favour of this motion. Mention was made that the parents need to let the managers know if they plan on attending both banquets so we can have an approximate number to order food and beverages


Referee Coordinator Report – Shane Bachmier

-       Very busy last two months

-       Found refs for 137 games; 26 left to go = 163 games

-       For non-local groups, should think about a flat weekend fee to cover costs for referee travel.  This cannot necessarily be determined in advance so an average needs to be determined.

o   For example, Bow Valley paid $200 to the association to offset some of the referee travel costs for the tournament they hosted in Sparwood.

-       Shane will figure out an average amount for referee travel for teams that host tournaments in our local arenas

Referee in Chief Report – Dwight Kerkhoven (absent)


Coach Coordinator – Tiffany Rybachuk

-       Sent an email to coaches to get post tasks done

-       Get forms to Tiffany and then she will forward to Treasurer for reimbursement


Equipment Manager – VACANT

-       Jersey bag – Novice and possibly Atoms Black

-       Just make it through next two weeks

-       Look in to getting new ones for next year

-       Replacing goalie gear for Pre-Novice in Sparwood

-       Need 2 good sets for each team in each town

-       Renee mentioned that there will be goalie pads and a stick returned to Sparwood Novice locker at the end of this season (donated by I-Shift hockey from Scott Nicol…this is the gear Ian is currently wearing)


Ice Coordinator Report – Holly Smyth (absent)

*Sent info via text to Renee

·      Ice Users meeting on March 15 in Sparwood at 5 pm at Leisure Centre

·      Suggestion to offer childcare for parents that need to bring meetings


Risk Manager Report – Blaine Beranek (absent)

-       Bench door latches in Sparwood – need to let District of Sparwood know (if they have not already been notified but we suspect they have been told)

-       Shane Bachmier brought up this issue of the referee room in Elkford – there are 5 lockers in there – no bathroom, no shower – this needs to be addressed, it is not cleaned by District of Elkford staff as it is a space rented by Minor Hockey

-       Letter to Elkford – Crystal Tennant – could add for addition of a referees change room


Public Relations Report – Crystal Hartery

-       Ads are out for AGM

-       Spring Registration…April 5th in Sparwood

o   Fees need to be discussed at the AGM

§  Will help to determine a possible incentive to register early


Fundraising Report – Dawn Weatherbee

4  Photos Ops

o   Little more difficult to coordinate

o   RCR send them a photo with teams in front of boards

o   Teck will come out to a practice to take a picture with whichever team is practicing

o   Project Society – would come out in Sparwood

o   Update: The photo op with Teck has been done at a practice in Sparwood (Thank you Dawn, Tiffany, Jill & Christina for making this happen)

4  Thank you in paper for all business sponsors

o   Dawn will send an email to confirm sponsors and donors so that no one gets missed

o   Once Dawn confirms the list, she will send it to Crystal and then she will forward to the papers

4  Lots of positive things about fundraising for this year


Special Events Report – Crystal Tennant

-       Tickets for banquet are printed and handed out to managers (only Female team does not have them yet)

-       Pizza, chips, ice cream sandwiches

-       Money to Renee and Crystal by March 9 so we have numbers to order food

-       **NOTE FOR CRYSTAL: Please order one or two gluten free pizzas as we have kids that need gluten free

-       Banquet room is $250 for the banquet in Sparwood

-       Food for AGM – water, cookies, trays


Female Coordinator – VACANT


Wild Wear Rep – VACANT


Webmaster – Lee Wilm

-       will add AGM to the website

-       looking for someone that would be interested in doing it

o   Lee says it’s not too hard – just like typing in word


New business:

4  AGM on March 8th

o   Posters have been put up in arenas

o   Advertisement in paper has been done

o   On FB page

o   Managers were asked to forward to parents

o   Early registration incentive ideas

§  free registration (draw)

§  discount

4  Do we want to have a secretary or do we combine with Treasurer position?

o   Should discuss at AGM

o   Recording Secretary is in bylaws – can be added as a fourth signer for banking which is a great idea

4  For next year, propose that we do bulk orders before season begins (for tourneys)

§  Sunglasses

§  Water bottles

§  Mini Sticks

4  Dressing Room 3 in Sparwood is for girls only

o   Just remind parents and coaches


Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm.


Next meeting is AGM in Sparwood on March 8th at Frank J Mitchell Elementary School Library.




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Jason Dobson, President                               Lee Wilm, Vice-President