THE CHIMES // News Editor

Basic function and responsibility:

The Chimes News Editor is responsible for all news content online and in print. Primarily, this person is responsible for delegating article assignments to writers. The news editor’s role is one of mentorship. On occasion, this person writes articles as well. This person works primarily with news in administrative decisions, Student Government Association, Student Planning and Activities, other on-campus news and national news. This person works closely with the A-section design editor to ensure the quality of the print edition as well, thinking ahead for any bar charts or other visual elements that enhance stories. This person works in tandem with their co-news editor. The ideal candidate is a news junkie, an excellent writer and committed to getting a news story at all costs.


  1. Oversee the writing and completion of all news-related stories for the Chimes.

  1. Secure articles and writers for timely web stories. Ensure that enough articles are available to meet weekly requirements.

  1. Ensure that all current Biola-related stories are covered throughout the week online.

  1. Upload some stories to the web, formatting appropriately.

  1. Ensure that writers conform to convergent requirements. Ensure that all writers attend mandatory training and are familiar with Google Docs.

  1. Communicate with photo editors/photographers to obtain photographs related to stories.

  1. Delegate and advise a writing staff for the news section. Meet with writers in a formal meeting weekly, and communicate with freelancers throughout the writing and production process to ensure the final product is professional.

  1. Collaborate with the web staff to produce online-exclusive content.

  1. Write news-related stories in a professional manner.

  1. Edit all news-related stories for content, grammar, spelling, facts, etc.

  1. Meet all writing deadlines and ensure that the news writing staff does the same.

  1. Check the news wires constantly for stories related to campus concerns.

13.  Attend weekly budget meetings, prepared with budget.

14. Train an apprentice in spring for 10+ hours a week.

Supervision received: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor

Supervision of others: News Staff Writer, freelancers


General: Demonstrate a working knowledge and familiarity with AP style. Strong editing, grammar and writing skills. Knack for news. Ability to supervise and provide constructive criticism in a helpful and appropriate manner. Flexible attitude. Demonstrate working knowledge of computer programs such as Google Docs and Excel. Good interpersonal skills and ability to lead a writing staff. Able to upload stories and work with web elements. Able to delegate assignments.

Education and experiences: At the time of election or appointment, must attend or accepted to Biola as a full-time student. Prior experience working with newspapers, yearbook, magazines or prior work, class experience, or journalism is preferable.  

Hours worked: 15-20 hours per week until the end of the semester (This is a stipend-based position, with a $100 a week for an estimated 13 weeks. This amount subject to change.)