zelda’s Gauntlet Rankings (UPDATED 12/15/17)

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Hi, I’m zelda (IGN: ZEIDA, also my referral code if anyone wants to use it FeelsBadMan) and I started Duelyst in mid-January thanks to ratsmah’s stream. I used to play Hearthstone for its Arena mode. Luckily, Duelyst has its own Gauntlet mode and I have been playing Gauntlet ever since it was only Wednesdays and Saturdays (Now it is 24/7 as of patch 1.67 PogChamp). While I have not tracked any of my Gauntlet runs (check out my Recent Run Stats and my overall stats below), I would say that I am easily an infinite Gauntlet player with over 80% of my runs being 7 wins or higher (current profile as of 7/24/17 has over 2500 gauntlet wins). Unfortunately, I usually choose the best Generals and may not have the most experience with the weaker Generals because I want free orbs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

 I see that the community and its influx of new players generally seem to have a poor understanding of the Gauntlet. Due to a lack of updated Gauntlet resources, I have decided to attempt to write my own opinions based on my experience with Gauntlet. With the advent of patch 0.63 and the addition of Blood Born Spells (BBS) [now referred to as BloodTide Spells], Gauntlet has definitely gotten more interesting and I aim to teach players how to get good at the Gauntlet.

When is the time you should try out Gauntlet? I personally would try it out once you have some knowledge of the game and can get to Silver 15 early in the month and around Gold 10 towards the latter half of the month. I wouldn’t want to get into Gauntlet without any idea of what keywords are or the basics of how to play and position decently.

I stream during Gauntlet days from time to time (not much ATM). Ask any questions you have in chat!

You can add me ingame if you have any questions/ if you want to see my last 10 games (usually Gauntlet)/ if you want to queue dodge me Kappa

My Gauntlet stats can be seen here (props to T2k5 for the statscript)

Stats on 7/10/2016

 Stats on 10/13/2016

Stats on 12/13/2016

Recent Run Stats

--------------------October 1st - Present (Shim’zar to Pre-Ancient Bonds)-------------------


See document for run stats from that time which includes gauntlet decklists and my thoughts on some of the latter runs.

Won’t be doing this anymore because I don’t play too often.

Rewards in Gauntlet

        Gauntlet costs 150 gold or a Gauntlet ticket to enter. You are guaranteed an orb regardless of how well you do, which is worth 100 gold, so all you need to do is win enough to get 50 gold’s worth to make your money back.

Generally getting 3 wins in Gauntlet is the same as buying an orb from the shop because of the 2‑win bonus (15 gold) and the prize is worth around 30 gold. Anything over 3 wins is profit if you have the time. 4-6 wins is generally about 10-30 gold + spirit in profit with a random card, not very much. Getting 7+ wins is where the money is at.

Getting 7 wins generally gives you an orb (100 gold), 60-70 gold, 70-100 spirit (worth about 30-50 gold), a random card (Common to Legendary) and a Gauntlet ticket (150 gold). So just by going 7 wins you will get about 200 gold worth of FREE stuff―that’s 2 orbs. This is not including the bonus gold you get from winning, which can be over 50 gold. 12 wins gets you 6 prizes and about 300+ profit with win bonuses, and a decent chance to get epics/legendaries. Also gets you a crate key which is neat.

Thanks gauntlet not being nerfed (FeelsBadMan), I have a lot of spirit and basically a full collection (non-prismatic).

About the Gauntlet and the Curve

In the Gauntlet, you draft from a selection of three cards of the same rarity (basic = common) until you have 30 cards for a gauntlet draft. Before you draft you must choose a faction from the ones they give you. After picking 30 cards from the ones they give you you will need to pick one of the two Generals from that faction. Drafting takes practice and it is not always about how good a card may be but other considerations are needed.

NOTE: Any of the card rankings does not mean you automatically pick the highest rank card, a good draft follows a curve and picking something 40 points apart may be the correct choice rather than that greedy pick that’s obviously much better.

NOTE: Certain generals/factions are better suited for lower curves or higher curves, you will learn this based on experience!

My ideal curve for a regular draft is

NOTE: Based on my math as P1 five 2 drops will give you about an 80% chance of opening with a 2 drop after mulligan/replace, six 2 drops 86%, seven 2 drops 90%. See this video of why I like five to six 2 drops.

After getting more experience, you can decide what a better curve that you like playing is (some prefer 7-8 1-2 mana minions, etc. but I think that’s not necessary and only something I would go for in an aggressive draft assuming the 2 drops I am picking after 5 of them are top notch and the other cards offered next to them are really bad).

To improve in gauntlet I would recommend checking out other gauntlet streamers like (outdated info)

Ask questions whenever you are in these streams or in any post/article! I’m sure it will be answered!

Drafting Tips

Tip#1 (examples are outdated, but concept is still there)

You will see my rankings with certain comments like this…

“Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.”

What does this mean and what can you apply using this tip?

Let’s say you are on pick one out of thirty in your brand new Vetruvian draft. You are offered Komodo Charger (Silver 25), Bone Swarm (Silver 30) and Sapphire Seer (Gold 45).

Solely based on these rankings you would choose Sapphire Seer over the other two correct?


I would argue that Sapphire Seer would not be the best first pick because while Sapphire Seer may be a respectable decent card in Gauntlet and can be buffed using Vetruvian’s five or so buff cards, it doesn’t have that much impact and more importantly is a 3 drop which is undesirable as P1.

Now the pick must be Bone Swarm right? It can help finish off or weaken minions for your general or his BBS to finish off, and can help deal lethal during close games.

I would argue Bone Swarm is also the wrong pick.

I would have picked Komodo Charger here despite it being the worse in terms of ranking.


It’s quite simple. Why choose a mediocre 3 drop/4 drop/spell etc., when you can fulfill one of your curve picks right now?

Let’s say down the line during pick 28 you are not offered many two drops and have a curve of three 1-2 mana minions and a decent amount of other larger mana minions. You are offered Komodo Charger (Silver 25), Starfire Scarab (S 100), Entropic Decay (Diamond 70).

In this situation with five picks left choosing a third Starfire Scarab would be greedy because you won’t have enough 1-2 mana minions to contest the mana springs with as P1. The result would mean starting as P1 you will miss out on your first turn, resulting in loss of access of using your 4 mana minions on turn 2, which could eventually mean that you are playing a losing game for the entirety of that game, and for other games you start out as P1. This would average you about 4-5 wins depending on your luck with opening 2 drops as P1, and the 3 losses would most likely be due to starting as P1 and not opening up with a 2 drop.

Let’s say that you also have absolutely no removal, that entropic decay would also be attractive in that scenario as well. Since it’s pick 28 and you have one more pick after that it isn’t very reliable that you would be offered another 1-2 mana minion to fix your curve.

So by picking Komodo Charger as pick 1 over Sapphire Seer or Bone Swarm, you are allowed to pick in a greedier fashion down the line with less concern for your curve despite the difference being 20 points. On the 28th pick you may have to pick Komodo Charger for curve purposes resulting a difference of over 70 points.

BTW I would still pick the Starfire Scarab in that scenario and probably lose every game I start as P1 unless I draw one of the three 1-2 mana minions starting hand.

So in the situation above Sapphire Seer and Bone Swarm are “not much better” than Komodo Charger and would be my recommended pick over the other two. I would even pick something that dies to a general attack such as Skyrock Golem (Bronze 15) over the other two as pick #1 because it’s a two drop that can allow me to pick more valuable stuff later on instead of picking two drops.

Note that I never post the comment of “Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.” on any other mana slot for minions except for 1-2 mana minions. Three mana minions do not fulfill the P1 requirement of starting first and getting to accelerate into a 4 mana minion turn 2. This is why I view 3 mana minions as utility unless they are great 3 mana minions such as Wings Of Paradise (Diamond 70) etc.

Tip#2 (outdated)

How many “removals” should I have?

Removal cards can come in many forms. The most basic examples are faction spells which are “hard removals” such as Egg Morph, Entropic Decay, and Dark Transformation.

Other types of removal include minions that deal X damage to a minion(s) under certain circumstances. For example Sunset Paragon, Deathblighter, Maw, and even obscure ones such as Sunriser (unreliable).

Another form of removal comes in artifacts but requires your general being willing to take damage as a result. Certain BBS such as Cassyva’s can also act as small removal.

Pseudo-removal cards also exist. Most of them delay (Repulsor Beast), and some of them “stops” minions (Sand Trap, stun cards such as Tremor).

Some “removals” can act as a mixed type. For example, Dampening Wave and Blindscorch can serve as a hard “removal” when you are able to finish off the minion using your minions and/or general. However if you cannot finish off the minion those cards become similar to pseudo-removals.

I personally count faction hard removals as one removal card, while the others as less than one perhaps a half or more for cards such as Adamantite Claws. (with the exception of cards like Red Synja and Sunset Paragon since they often act as a full removal or better)

In the Gauntlet, you are not guaranteed to be offered a certain amount of removals, so it may be wise to prioritize those cards while you can to somewhere around 2-3 and more if need be. Not being able to deal with an Ironcliffe Guardian or a huge monster like Stormmetal Golem can be devastating. I would probably pick no more than 5 and even less especially if they cost a lot of mana such as Dark Transformation, as they can get really clunky.

I’d say pick them while you can if the other options are “not much better” as you are not guaranteed to get more in latter picks.

NOTE: Songhai as a faction has its only “hard removal” faction card in Onyx Bear Seal which is an epic and rarely seen, so prioritize pseudo-removals more so than other factions!

Tip#3 (outdated)

Which general should I draft for?

Generally I would draft for the overall better general for that faction. Eg. Starhorn and Zir’an suck

However sometimes the two faction generals may be close in terms of overall performance.

I personally think that Cassyva and Lilithe are close, but certain cards are much better in different generals.

If you do notice that you are being offered better cards for a certain general (eg. Shadow Watcher in Lilithe and Darkspine Elemental in Cassyva) try to gear your draft towards that general.

NOTE: You can still change your draft for another general if near the end you think your draft will be better for a certain general.

Some cards are good in a general but awesome in the other (eg. Shadow Nova is good for Lilithe but even better for Cassyva). In this scenario, Shadow Nova acts as a good card regardless, and perhaps you may still want to stick with Lilithe because your draft while containing 3x Shadow Nova, also contains 2x Black Solus (Decent in Cassyva, great in Lilithe).

Sometimes your draft doesn’t have a certain aspect of a draft such as removal, buffs etc. In that case you may want to use Cassyva because it may help remove Ranged minions, or Kara because you have a lot of mediocre minions that could use buffs.

All these aspects will help you determine which general you should finally pick as it may not always be clear.

Rules of Gauntlet

  1. Play around Dancing Blades (5 mana 4/6 with Opening Gambit deal 3 damage to ANY minion in front of this.)
  2. Ranged minions are obnoxious (and really good!)
  3. Positioning matters, slight positional changes can make a below average draft into a decent draft in the hands of a master
  4. When you have lethal, don’t play cards needlessly unless it is your 12th win.
  5. Do not cancel out of the Gauntlet queue in the first 20 seconds.

The reason why I bring up these “rules” is because they are very true from my experience in Gauntlet.

Rule #1 is the most important. By playing around Dancing Blades you will see yourself winning so much more because you did not lose a minion needlessly to a card you could have play around. The card is really good, but it shouldn’t be as good as it is just by correct positioning. I call Dancing Blades a 5 mana Hailstone Golem because often Dancing Blades is awful versus me since I play around it. This rule has been less important these days due to a larger pool of cards but it’s a good idea to do so if you can afford to.

Rule #2 is because you will find Ranged minions are surprisingly good in gauntlet because unlike in constructed players have limited answers to them and may not have any answers to them because of the randomness of the draft. Pretty unfair sometimes! This also applies to Vetruvian Blast minions.

Rule #3 is in regards to Dancing Blades but also for other cards like Death Blighter, Sunset Paragon etc. as well as positioning of minions helping in good trades or preventing good trades on your opponent’s side. This is also very important in match-ups like Vetruvian since they rely on contact spells and effects such as Entrpic Decay and Dominate Will.

Rule #4 is based on the fact that you will face the same people again and again due to the limited amount of players in the gauntlet! Why show them you have X card when the surprise factor will help you next time if you queue into them again? (This rule is less important due to patch 1.64 where the game will try to not matchmake you versus the same opponent TWICE in a row. However I have played people early in my run, but also ran into them later on, so this rule still applies!)

Rule #5 is based on the fact that if you queue, and then cancel out of the queue immediately, you may still be queued up for a game while you are not physically in the game anymore, which will often result in a loss. This is because the game queues you into a game very fast especially in the lower win bracket. If you need to do something and accidently canceled out the the queue really fast, back out and in the main menu you may be able to reconnect into that game. Alternatively you can X out your launcher/browser and re-login again to be sent back into the match. I personally would not click on cancel in the first 30 seconds.

Gauntlet General Rankings

Here are my personal rankings of the generals

NOTE: All these NEW rankings are based on my expertise of the gauntlet and my opinion. If you disagree, feel free to PM/comment and say why.

#1 Faie Bloodwing – While her BBS may seem poor in such a board centric game and correct positioning, the gauntlet has a low amount of heals. This allows Faie to adopt a more aggressive tempo based role much like that of the old patch with 2 draws. Some cool things that can be done with this BBS are cards like Hearth-Sister. Late game every turn her ability puts a huge clock on opposing generals, and easily becomes the best BBS. The weakness of this BBS is that it can be played around easily and requires a different mindset while drafting and certain drafts may make her ability be rather un-impactful and only used for burning the opposing general down. Make sure to draft her to be more aggressive for higher success; she may also be drafted in a way that allows her to run away and win through her BBS. Faie can be tough to draft and play but if you have the correct mindset down, she will do wonders for you. Faie has an overall good match-up spread except against Lyonar because of the many provokes, but it is still not lopsided like Vetruvian vs Reva. Faie may not be for you if you are a new player because decision making is really impactful as a Faie player. Often plays a very aggressive, high tempo style in the beginning and may run away in the end.

#2 Argeon Highmayne – Argeon has been pretty aggressive and can be control orientated in the Gauntlet with his BBS. Adding a permanent +2 attack buff to any minion allows for offensive and defensive styles, and can make seemingly weak minions with high HP into huge threats. Some scary targets for his BBS are cards such as Suntide Maiden and ANY provoke, Ranged, and celerity minion. The weakness of his BBS is that it requires board presence and pre-buffing a minion may not be the best. Many of Lyonars card are powerful especially in the common and rare slots making the average Argeon deck quite capable of getting to high wins. While Argeon may be slightly favored versus Faie due to provoke, he struggles a bit more versus other Generals such as Vaath, and perhaps the Vetruvians without any ranged minions. He often does really well versus Songhai due to the many Lyonar anti-ranged hate as well as Ironcliffe and other Provokes being so devastating for Songhai and their lack of hard removal to take care of. Often plays a very aggressive minion focused style due to strong buffs and above average minion quality.

#3 Reva Eventide - Reva’s strength lies with her utility BBS which creates Heartseeker; a huge annoyance in the enemy’s plans that threaten to become buffed by the likes of Killing Edge and/or Deathstrike Seal. Her late game is one of the best due to multiple Heartseekers, however she struggles versus many aggressive styles whenever they efficiently deal with her ranged minions as well as her BBS being useless whenever she is surrounded or provoked. In general, her ranged + buff strategy is powerful, but is often thwarted by the top General’s adequate pool of ranged answers through Vanar and Lyonar cards. She notably does well against Vetruvian due to their practically non-existent anti-ranged tools. However in general, Songhai as a faction has no good common 4 drops on curve, and the alternative usually is to pick many of their good 3 drops as a replacement. The lack of hard removal in the reliable common and rare slots also hurts quite a bit and Songhai finds it hard to deal with big health minions without already an established ranged army. Songhai is however the best snowball faction with ranged units and sometimes it may seem unfair especially if your opponent doesn’t have the anti-ranged answer. Ironically Songhai themselves doesn’t have the most abundant anti-ranged tools and many of them are unconventional such as Mist Dragon Seal and Inner Focus. Very easy to play and hard to beat as a beginner in Gauntlet. Plays a very annoying style with snowballing ranged minions and either being aggressive or running away.

#4 Vaath The Immortal – Vaath’s BBS can be used offensively to basically kill every 2 drop in the game in one hit and somewhat defensively by making the opponent not want to trade life or minions. The weakness of his BBS is that once his life total falls below 10 or so, it is useless because it can be suicide to hit big minions so what happens is that you end up running away and letting your minions do the dirty work and effectively making you have no BBS because it doesn’t do anything if you don’t attack with your general. Vaath often adopts the aggressive style trying to use his BBS to trade better and more efficiently as well as threaten the enemy General. He may also adopt a more lax style with the powerful Grow Minions in his arsenal and play more of a value game but to less success. In most cases, Vaath struggles against Generals that run away since his BBS and buffs don’t do anything which is a major weakness. Plays a very in your face style.

#5 Lilithe Blightchaser – Lilithe plays a very swarmy style with weak minions. This can act aggressively with cards such as Soulshatter Pact as well as defensively with Bloodtide Priestess. There is great synergy with her BBS and the Abyssian faction cards however most Abyssian cards especially the ones in the common slot are rather lackluster despite her BBS being not bad at all. This makes her drafts rather inconsistent since you have to rely on drafting strong cards like Bloodtide Priestess and Shadow Dancer. Abyssian has a good amount of removal in their arsenal so she does well against big minions making her a good late game general. Often does well by outlasting enemies. Games often tend to drag on.

#6 Cassyva Soulreaper - Cassy’s BBS is quite nice against Reva due to Heartseekers compared to her counterpart Lilithe. Creep synergy is very uncommon in Gauntlet so you are mainly choosing Cassy for her BBS. Often plays for the late game. May be a better meta pick against Reva and be better than Lilithe

#7 Zir’an Sunforge - Her BBS is very value oriented but it suffers the same downfall as Argeon which requires a board presence. It’s actually even worse and more situational because you need a board, and your minions need to survive to do anything. Prehealing also does not work for Ziran, while pre-roaring works a bit more for Argeon. Only a few cards become better for her such as Sunriser but at the sacrifice of a powerful buff that allows for different strategies such as Ranged that Argeon has. The change to her BBS to allow healing of enemy minions doesn’t do anything for her ranking, and is solely carried by the powerful Lyonar commons and rares. Plays a very snowbally style with value but doesn’t do it too well. Often ends in late game.

#8 Kaleos Xaan – Songhai has always been a weak faction in gauntlet due to its reliance of combo cards. Kaleos’ BBS allows you to teleport a minion 2 spaces, which has similar weakness to Argeon in that it require you to have a minion active and ready to do something. While backstab cards can benefit from this, it requires a lot of preparation and can be quite slow. Any competent player can play around this ability and make it rather useless most of the time. I have seen many Kaleos’ not use this ability at all due to its unique conditions. In a stalemate however I can see this BBS doing very well as you get the first attack or can engage and disengage. Unfortunately this does not occur often. Most of his wins come from powerful cards like Lantern Fox or from buffing Ranged minions. Plays a very tactical style involving snowballing, requires a bit more thought. Can play different styles.

#9 Scioness Sajj - Vetruvian cards like Starfire Scarab are powerful, but Sajj’s BBS is still only offensive towards MINIONS. Once her life is low her BBS becomes quite useless as you are not willing to take additional damage. However this built-in removal tool that is her BBS allows her drafts to be more reliable than that of Zirix, and for her to take a more value/tempo orientated role. It is quite tough to draft a more aggressive style of Sajj and you may want to go Zirix for that. Seeing that quite a few of the Generals in the higher ranks are aggressive ones, it’s tough to play as Sajj, but if you manage to survive the onslaught, she can do well with late game. Using her health and BBS as a resource early on allows her to take less damage overall. Vetruvian also has a huge weakness in that they have poor ranged answers so often they lose most of their Songhai matches often resulting in poor win-rates. Can play different styles but often end in late game.

#10 – Zirix Starstrider – Zirix’s BBS still is underwhelming, but he has powerful Vetruvian cards like Starfire Scarab. Late game his BBS becomes quite nice, but still falls short of better ones such as Faie’s and Reva’s. The additional bodies that Zirix produces make him a better offensive Vetruvian General, but he lacks the removal pool that Sajj has. This makes Zirix more reliant on drafting cards such as Entropic Decay while Sajj doesn’t need to. Vetruvian has a huge weakness in that they have poor ranged answers so often they lose most of their Songhai matches. Losing Siphon Energy as an anti-ranged tool also doesn’t help, and worsens many of Vetruvian’s match-ups including versus Vetruvian. Having a highly unfavored match-up in Reva and ranged minions is not what you want in a triple elimination mode. Can play different styles.

#12 Kara Winterblade - As of Patch 1.74, Kara has been changed drastically and her BBS is quite terrible. Her main strength is to overcome thresholds such as 2 attack into 3 attack and 4 health into 5 health. Other than that often you are spending 1 mana to turn your drop into a worse version of the minion that costs 1 more mana. Dropping two minions that cross thresholds at the same turn might be strong, but it also empties out your hand much faster. Vanar cards are good utility but don’t posses the best bodies in the world so you’ll mainly look for neutral minions which is another inconsistency. Tied for last place because no one should choose either of these generals. Plays a more minion focused style but doesn’t go well.

#12 Starhorn the Seeker - I don’t have a clear idea of how Starhorn will perform in the Gauntlet. Giving your opponent cards seems AWFUL, and Magmar cards are fitted for mid-rangey play which doesn’t often need card draw. Magmar can become very aggressive with card such as Flash Reincarnation and Diretide Frenzy with a multitude of buffs, but it would seem that Vaath would be great in that aspect as well. Vaath is the correct pick 99% of the time. Tied for last place because no one should choose either of these generals. Often plays an aggressive style.

Card Ratings and Other Info

Card Rankings (Idea taken from zoochz)

  1. S ( 80+) – High priority cards
  2. Diamond (60-75) – Solid cards
  3. Gold (40-55) – Pickable
  4. Silver (20-35) - Bad/ Situationally okay or good
  5. Bronze (<20) – Pick this in limited scenarios
  6. New type of rating - VARIABLE - based on type of draft and/or general due to being either unpickable or pickable/great, etc.

Note: The sections will be geared toward the original general (Zirix/Lilithe/Argeon/Faie/Vaath/Kaleos). There is a separate rating for the new general if the cards rating is affected in any way. If there is no comments given for which general a card would be better for, it is assumed that it is more or less equal for both generals. Sometimes comments in the main general will mention that the card is a bit better/worse in the other general.

Note: There is an ideal number of X mana minions that you want and rankings are less important than a solid curve. See above for that information.

Note: These values don’t account for synergy, but do account for some potential synergy down the road. It is accurate for about the first 5 picks on average I’d say. Afterwards  around pick 10-15, synergies and curve begin to influence the ratings of cards much more.

Note: Neutral card ratings are changed depending on the general and should be added or subtracted. (eg. Hailstone Golem is a solid 4 drop, and Faie would rate it an 85 (75+10 rating bonus)) Make sure to account for these extra tidbits for a more accurate rating.

Note: A “solid” 4 drop is a 4 drop like Hailstone Golem in terms of stats or something that you would happily play on 4 mana on an empty field such as Young Flamewing. Cards like Thorn Needler have undesired stats but is also OK but I wouldn’t consider it to be a “solid” 4 drop. Cards with added tility + OK stats may also be considered “solid” such as Silhouette Tracer. This can be subjective.

Note: For cards that are 6 mana and higher you can disregard their rating if you think your deck does not find the need for it. For example if you have 8 late game cards, adding a 9th one wouldn’t help much even if it’s a super strong card. This can also be applied to excessive categories of cards such as 2 drops, 4 drops, anti-ranged and whatnot. Find your own preferences and apply this tip.

Zirix Starstrider / Scioness Sajj / Ciphyron Ascendant

Faction cards


Burden of Knowledge (Bronze 15) - Only pick if the other cards offered have no use for your deck. (eg. picking a 5th 7 drop or battle pets).

Rae (Bronze 10) - Zero mana cards in general can accelerate you to 4/5/6 etc. drops, but other than that this card is rather useless. It’s dispel ability is also useless because it will suicide into whatever minion/general and dispel whatever your opponent wants it to. This card is basically a 1 card gain one mana if mana tiles are accessible. Battle Pets Suck.

Arid Unmaking (Diamond 60) - This card is neat with Dervishes summoned for free from Obelysks. Can create infinite value in a sense but it does require some set up. Mainly good in early game for that value each turn. This card can be played around by your opponent walking on top of the tile so try to do that if you face this card. Do not pick this card if you have like 1 Obelysk and a few cards left as it’s expensive without free fodder. Maybe worse than this.

Siphon Energy (Silver 30) – Only useful versus minions nearby general and those tend to be melee minions that are buffed like Shadow Watcher, Crimson Oculus, the Magmar Grow Minions, and Provokes. Useless versus ranged and blast which is one of Vetruvian’s weaknesses and now is more prominent. Also useless versus the solid minions (eg. vanilla Golems). Much worse than before. I’m starting to like it a bit more since it is a lot of tempo, so you may rate this card a bit higher if you feel the same way.

Blindscorch (Silver 35) – Usually a bad Dampening Wave. A reasonable pick if you do not have any or much removal. Requires some sort of board to get value.

Sajj: Blindscorch (Gold 50) – Usually a bad Dampening Wave, however more useful in Sajj due to her BBS only being usable on minions. Reducing the attack of a minion to zero allows Sajj to spend 2 mana to hit a minion for 4 damage or more with other minions which is reasonable. A better pick if you do not have any or much removal. Requires some sort of board to get value.

Scion’s First Wish – (Diamond 75) – Powerful effect for only 1 mana and cycles itself. Great with blast and Ranged minions.

Bone Swarm (Gold 50) – May be a choice for Aggro drafts. May rate higher if you want to deal with Reva/ ranged minions in the wrong spot.

Cosmic Flesh (Diamond 60) – Much more useful than it may seem. Provoke in general is very useful in manipulating positioning and the stat buffs are comparable to Second Wish. Nice to have one of, but more of it loses rating.

Dreamshaper (Silver 20) - Weak card on curve and you won’t pull off the bond effect often unless you have a healthy amount of golems in your deck. With enough of those like ~4-5 golem synergy up to 45 rating. Anything less is in between 20-45. I still don’t like this card. If you want value and you are offered a big minion next to this card, just pick the big dude.

Dunecaster (Gold 45) - Now this card becomes a Utility card that will often require you to have a premade Iron Dervish or a Obelysk to do anything with. Not terrible, but not amazing like it was before.

Sajj: Dunecaster (Silver 20) – Conditionally meh in Sajj. Obelysk and Dervish support is better in Zirix.

DuskWeaver (25) - This card replaces itself but at the cost of 2 mana and tempo which could be spent on other things. 1st wish is good, 2nd wish is okay, and 3rd wish can be dead based on what you have on board. A bit worse in Sajj I suppose due to third wish. I’d only pick if the only cards are terrible and you need more 2 drops.

Ethereal Obelysk (Diamond 75) – Very solid 2 drop, Usually heals you for at least 6 health and can get great trades. Very annoying card to deal with due to its high HP. Weak to dispel but draws dispel away from other important minions such as Scarabs. Still good as a annoying 2 drop for Sajj, just with less support due to the draft. Raised rating a bit since it’s hella annoying.

Equality Constraint (Diamond 70) - useful for killing stuff like Ironcliffe/brightmoss impervious giago. Can rate higher if lacking closeby removal.

        Ciphyron: Equality Constraint (S 90) - Can become a 3 mana combo with BBS to destroy any 2 att or less minion. On 4 attack or less it can become a 3 mana combo to kill a minion with your general attack/another minion. Probably wouldn’t mind having 3 of these in Ciphyron. Can rate higher or lower based on your needs for removal. This card is pretty bad versus high attack minions compared to Entropic Decay though so may choose that instead of you have enough copies of this or want variety.

Sajj: Equality Constraint (Diamond 75) - Allows Sajj a 3 mana combo to destroy any minion nearby her/with other minions with 4 or less attack using her life. May pick entropic instead but this has applications with your minions and not only dependant on your general which seesm more useful. Can rate higher if lacking removal.

Pyromancer  (Diamond 70) – Very annoying card to deal with. Can win early games easily if not dealt with. Even more powerful with buffs. However pretty vulnerable and weak in later game. More 1 damage sources are now available so decreased rating from 80 to 70.  Rate higher if lacking 2 drops.

Reassemble (Gold 40) - You often have obelysks in a vet draft and this can help get a dispelled or damage/far away obelysk become useful. May rate higher if you have like 3-4 or more. Rate a 0 if you have like 1 near the end of the draft.

Sand Trap (Gold 45) – Usually chosen if you do not have enough Entropic Decay/Dominate Wills. Not a terrible card, definitely usable.

Scion’s Second Wish (Diamond 60) – Much stronger than the old 2nd wish in gauntlet (used to simply draw two cards). Very aggressive and powerful with cards such as blast and Ranged minions as any buffs are. Being 2 mana makes it less flexible than 1st wish though. You may rate this a bit higher if you have those ranged and blast minions.

Staff of Y’kir (Gold 45) – Not terrible, utility card that can help finish off things. Surprisingly not as great even with WildFire Ankh.

Sajj: Staff of Y’kir (Diamond 70) – This card actually counts as hard removal as long as Sajj is willing to take the damage to deal 8 damage to a minion alongside her BBS. The attack bonus for 2 mana was always solid, but even better with Sajj. Watch your HP though. Rate more copies of these lower.

Whisper of the Sands (Silver 20) - Draws you a card at worst. The effect might be neat, but requires Obelysks. Usually if there’s minions around Obelysks they die, so your opponent will try to not have them around it, so I can’t see the effect being very good unless you played an Obelysk and then used this. It also works on dispelled Obelysks which can be neat I suppose. Rate higher with each additional Obelysk but don’t expect to get too much off this card.

Astral Flood (Silver 30) - Can use the Pets to replace acting as semi-draw, otherwise really meh.. Shines more late game than on curve. Battle Pets Suck. Would rather pick a 2 drop unless you have enough of those.

Astral Phasing (Diamond 75) – Much more useful than many give it credit for. Flying blast minions are very scary, and the health buff makes it survive most trades. Also allows for surprise lethals. Also gets rid of annoying things like Ranged, blast, and value generating minions that hide away (eg. White Widow, Mogwai). I like this better than Second Wish. One of the only anti-ranged tools Vetruvian has in the common/rare slot and still is situational. Raised a bit from 70 to 75 for more anti-ranged.

Divine Spark (Gold 45) - Draw cards aren’t really necessary so only pick if the other two cards are lackluster. A bit better in more lower curve decks. If you are offered a expensive card and this card and you want card draw, you may as well pick the big minion if the minion is decent.

Orb Weaver (Bronze 5) – This card sucks as it dies to general attack and most 2 drops. Still shitty even with FireBlaze Obelysk. Avoid picking.

Falcius (Diamond 70) - Gives Zirix 4 attack for a turn which is neat. Doesn’t do much if you cannot reach their minions though which is how people should play against Vet. Raised from 65 to 70 due to less chance of seeing it.

Sajj:  Falcius (S 80) - Counts as hard removal with BBS if Sajj can hit the minion. Pretty awesome.

Fate Watcher (Silver 35) - This is a poorly statted unit that relies on RNG to get lucky with to get ranged or blast or something useful. The good thing is that it will be a surprise since your opponent draws at the end of the turn but otherwise it’s really lackluster.

Skyppy (Diamond 75) - Could be higher or lower, but on average gets good stuff, especially versus some factions, and at worse draws a card. Most generals can give strong artifacts. Stats are weaker for a 3 drop but useful.

WindStorm Obelysk (Diamond 65) - Not as bad as one may think. Generating dervishes every turn can be really annoying. Just make sure that you keep in mind that the health is buffed so the dervishes won’t die when attacking generals usually. Slightly better now since it allows your Iron Dervishes to survive. Expensive compared to the 2 mana counterpart but annoying as many Obelysks are.

Sajj: WindStorm Obelysk (Diamond 60) - Still annoying in Sajj, just with less support.

Zephyr (Gold 40) - The problem with this card is the same problem as other Vetruvian spells like Entropic Decay and Siphon Energy in that they require your general to remain active and have contact with enemy minions. This can easily be played around if the opponent is also playing around the other cards which makes this card worse. Its effect could go off sometimes but I would think that it wouldn’t.

Sajj: Zephyr (Gold 45) - Same weaknesses but even more exaggerated since people should play around the BBS more. Could potentially deal 4 damage frenzy sometimes which earns it a few points for Sajj.        

Barren Shrike (Gold 55) - Can rate lower if you don’t believe or higher if you believe. 4 mana build (2) cards are risky but if this card lives you can quickly regain that lost tempo.

Entropic Decay (S 80) – Sadly this card is not the best removal because it requires positioning. Competent players can play around this easily when it’s worth it. Usually this is cast, and you skip out on 2-3 mana which FeelsBadMan. It is still removal though.Pretty much the only hard removal Zirix gets. I wouldn’t rate the 2nd one as high, maybe a 65 or something

Sajj:  Entropic Decay (Diamond 70) - She has built in removal with BBS and can also have access to removals with artifacts and such, so it’s not as urgent.

Wind Shrike (S 80) – I rate this card highly because Vetruvian as a faction does not have many other 4 mana minions that are offered often and are good on curve, and the possibility of other neutral 4 mana minions can be a toss up (usually want around five 4 mana minions). The flying is great for being aggressive and killing defensive minions. Draws you a card too which is cool. Can also kill ranged minions if you play this preemptively.

Blood of Air (S 95) - This card is amazing because it’s unconditional unlike Entropic decay. It also transforms so it prevents dying wish etc. The rush wind dervish is a bonus that can be very impactful as well (eg. kill a ranged minion with it). I wouldn't pick this over Scarab unless you have enough meat and are severely lacking removal. Probably should choose over Scarab if you have solid 5 drops and lack removal as well.

Starfire Scarab (S 100) – Would pick 2 of these easily and start thinking about choosing a third one. One of the defining and oppressive cards Vetruvian has. Also flying Scarabs are scary. Probably pick a Blood of Air before choosing a 2nd one.

Rare Faction cards

Stone to Spears (Bronze 10) - This card is way too situational. Could surprise someone but mainly with a dispelled obelysk and it still costs you a card which sucks.

Droplift (Silver 30) - This card has potential to be a huge swing, but highly conditional. Disregard this rating if you do not believe. Probably would choose a weak 2 drop over this card.

Kinetic Projection (Diamond 75) - Can rate higher if you really need anti-ranged. Could be higher than this but not sure. Can be strong and unexpected for a cheap card, but sort of negates your minion since it cannot move anymore which is weak versus some generals that can ignore and run away and win like Faie and Reva etc. Strong versus other generals that often need to engage to win like Vaath etc. Might be higher than this.

Fountain of Youth (Silver 20) – Utility that’s quite situational. Decent or good when ahead on board, but highly situational.

Pax (Gold 50) - Harder to bait because of Dying Wish. It often suicides into something, and one of the Iron Dervishes dies immediately, but did a decent amount of damage.

Lavastorm Obelysk (Diamond 70) - Being 4 HP makes this card much more vulnerable but it does give the upside of being really annoying in zoning out stuff. Probably best to play this card closer to the middle or back of the front lines. Doesn’t hit generals. Obelysks are annoying.

Wind Slicer (Gold 55) - Similar to Golem Metallurgist, add +5 per 2 Obelysks you have. I’d choose Wind Slicer more often due to faction cards being more likely to be offered. Rate less if near end of draft and not many Obelysks.

Fireblaze Obelysk (Diamond 75) – Worse due to Zirix’s BBS change, but still very good, and still has synergy with BBS. Becomes much better with additional Obelysks.

        Sajj: Fireblaze Obelysk (Diamond 70) – Still a good 3 mana minion, just doesn’t synergize at all with Sajj’s BBS and Dervish support. I’d argue Windstorm Obelysk has more synergy than Fireblaze with Zirix but the dervishes summoned are stronger with 3 attack.

Imperial Mechanyst (Silver 30) – Pretty bad even with artifacts. Solid body but doesn’t do much without buffs. Not much better in Sajj.

Inner Oasis (Gold 55) – Surprising good, but heavily relies on having a board. Very good when it goes off, but otherwise not too great and highly situational. A bit worse in Sajj due to less minions.

Iris Barrier (Silver 20) - Can heal your general for a bit maybe 4-8 HP, but bad tempo and health doesn’t matter early game as this is a late game tool to save health. Can rate lower and pick a 2 drop instead. Seems more useful in Sajj but probably not by much. Ciphyron can save a charge but that doesn’t really matter.

Psychic Conduit (Gold 45) - Conditionally decent. Mostly awful and dead since it affects perhaps 9 cards in your opponent’s deck at most and dealing 2 damage to two things for 3 mana is rather meh especially since it is situational. Might deal with a ranged minion from time to time, but still situational you can rate it higher if you have very few anti-ranged stuff. One of the only anti-ranged tools Vetruvian has and is much more situational than others, so it may just be picked over something around ~60 anyway but that is debatable.  Expensive if all you are doing is killing a Heartseeker with this card.

Ciphyron: Psychic Conduit (Diamond 60) - Can rate higher if lacking anti ranged. Allows a 4 mana combo with BBS to control 4 attack minions but the minion will only deal 2 or less attack. More applicable but might be hard to pull off something impressive. 4 mana still costs a decent amount.

Sand Howler (Gold 40) – Usually a vanilla 3/3. May be threatening when buffed due to its spell target immunity.

Thunderclap (Silver 30) - Not very good since it’s 4 mana, but it could be good at times. Requires health though to steal a big big minion. Might be worse than this.

        Sajj: Thunderclap (Gold 45) - BBS allows you to steal a bit more, but still not very good. Might be worse than this. Pick cards for curve before picking this.

Incinera (S 80) - Moving two additional spaces is very strong. This card does really well against ranged units especially against Reva which may make this card’s rating a bit higher than this TBH. The stats are below average but its effect is well worth it. A bit better in Sajj. Would pick over Dominate Will since it has anti-ranged properties which is more important.

Sandswirl Reader (S 95) - Very high tempo card and provides a decent body with it’s effect. Creates additional value and tempo with the sand tile.

Silica Weaver (Bronze 10) - Has a body but very bad for mana cost. Pick if you really need a meh body or value.

Dominate Will (S 80) – Really stupid when it steals even a 4 mana minion, but try to reserve it for something bigger. Swings control matchups. Try not picking more than 2 of these though. I’d pick Crossbones over this card. More people are playing around this so it’s not as reliable anymore. May rate this lower if you want since it’s either a dead card or absurd.

Epic Faction Cards

Azure Summoning (Bronze 0) - Not a gauntlet card. Got nerfed and still sucks.

Auroras Tears (Bronze 5) – Not for Zirix, and probably not for Sajj either.

Neurolink (VARIABLE) - Good with cheap blast/ranged/flying minions or with effects that apply these types of buffs (Astral Phasing) for anti-ranged tool for 2 damage and 4 damage with Sajj. otherwise not too great with other keywords. If they are met rate ~60. Hard to evaluate but this can be very strong or very dead. Perhaps rate ~60 if you have ~4 or more copies of cheap minions/buffs with keywords that are strong when given to general. Rate lower or higher as needed.

Rasha’s Curse (Diamond 65) – A more versatile bone swarm that can kill far away things. Not bad, not great. Most epics however are in this situation. Almost never get the artifact destruction effect. Rate not much higher if you have Dunecasters. Still acts as small removal for Sajj. One of the only anti-ranged tools Vetruvian has so you may want to pick this card over better things anyway.

Portal Guardian (Silver 30) – Have not ever picked this card before, but seems like it could be more useful with Zirix’ ability, I doubt it though. Worse in Sajj, but probably not much.

Wildfire Ankh (Diamond 75) – Not as useful as it might seem, and not even that awesome with artifacts. Can kill some Ranged minions though. Rate this higher if you don’t have any Ranged/blast minion hate. One of the only anti-ranged tools Vetruvian has.

        Sajj: Wildfire Ankh (S 85) – Turns your general into a Starfire Scarab with her BBS. It will most likely lose its charges pretty fast if you are anywhere close to your opponent though. Becomes really good during her BBS turns, and okay during her non-BBS turns.

Allomancer (Diamond 75) - A solid 4 drop due to it’s Dying Wish that gives you more board control. Often it may die, and the Obelysk is also dealt with on the same turn, but takes some work to do that.

Lost In The Desert (Gold 50) - Situational card that either is strong or useless. Pick cards that are rated lower if they help with curve over this card.

Mirage Master (Gold 40) – Situational as hell. It can be really neat and become something good.

Wind Striker (Gold 55) - Effect is not bad but mainly good if you can use that artifact well. A 4 drop that is somewhat solid is the only reason why it’s this high.

        Sajj:  Wind Striker (Diamond 65) - BBS utility.

Wasteland Wraith (S 85) - This is great as P1 and P2 especially if you can follow it up with a powerful 5 drop like Scarab. Awesome on curve and could work late game as well. Sadly doesn’t do much against ranged minions if they get buffed.

Corpse Combustion (Bronze 0) - Requires a lot of epics and legendaries to be even considered.

Gust (S 85) - Can deal 4 damage maybe even 6 with general attack. Can allow a lot of burst as well and if this guy lives it’s even better. Not the best body for mana cost but one that isn’t easily destroyed. A little bit better in Sajj perhaps. Be careful with Ciphyron in the event the dervishes cannot die due to BBS.

Superior Mirage (Silver 25) - Highly situational, mainly good on rush minions (eg. Elucidator). Could work on some other cards such as Shadow Dancer and whatnot. The mirages die without counter attacking when attacked which blows.

Stars’ Fury (S 90) – A lot of people don’t play around this in gauntlet which makes it better than it should be. It is strong though and can lethal out of nowhere or mass remove. Might be slightly stronger than this right now because of Reva and other Ranged stuff. Comes late to deal with stuff like Vale Hunter though. Rate higher if lacking anti-ranged which you probably are so you may as well pick this over any card except maybe Bonereaper or something.

Autarach’s Gift (Gold 55) - A lot of garbage artifacts were added so this card become mediocre on average. Still can be great but a lot more luck is involved than before. A bit higher is Sajj I suppose.

Pantheran (Gold 50) - 6 mana 6/6 is still value regardless of how understated it is. It’s effect is basically irrelevant. Pick mainly if you need a bit more value in your deck or the other cards suck.

Legendary Faction Cards

Oblivion Sickle (Gold 50) - This card is strong early game if you manage to have this in starting hand which leads to more value down the line. Pretty meh later on. Since your opponent can sit stuff on top of this tile it doesn’t seem too great anyway.

        Sajj: Oblivion Sickle (Gold 55) - Can use with BBS I suppose but doesn’t seem too relevant since it may be too late to get too much value from.

Scion’s Third Wish (Silver 30) – Requires you to have an Iron Dervish prepared to fly in, and it’s still 5/5. Very lackluster.

        Sajj: Scion’s Third Wish (Bronze 10) – Probably a dead card in your draft.

Simulacra Obelysk (40) -

Time Maelstorm (Bronze 10) – I’m sure there’s better legendaries out there.

Sajj: Time Maelstorm (Gold 40) - Can be really cool if you can pull this off during one of your BBS turns, but you will still be taking a bucketload of damage, and it costs you a card. Still would not pick. Not much better even with Falcius around since it relies on a combo and your opponent to have two great minions lining up.

Trygon Obelysk (Diamond 70) - Very high value and practically unkillable through normal means due to high HP. However risky as well since it can be ruined by a single dispel and some other cards like Polarity and Nightsorrow Assassin. Can rate a bit higher if you need 4 drops. High risk high reward I suppose. This card is mainly summon 2 dervishes as the 3rd dervish will often be out of reach. Still strong.

Hexblade (Diamond 65) – Not bad especially if you have no removal or little removal.

Sajj: Hexblade (Diamond 75) – Becomes kill anything nearby your general with her BBS while also effectively healing you for most of what you would have taken. Great card in Sajj. Can easily be played around though which makes this card much worse against good players.

Sand Sister Saon (Gold 45) - Seems really bad with Zirix. Helps you kill off a 2/3, but at the cost of 3 stats compared to a Hailstone Golem. Perhaps pick this card if you do not have enough 4 drops.

        Sajj: Sand Sister Saon (Diamond 60) - A lot neater with Sajj because you can kill off 6 health stuff with your BBS. Still not the best for a legendary though, but has nice synergy.

Nimbus (S 90) - Might be a little better in Zirix, but not much better. Really annoying card to get rid of. A Soulburn Obelysk is a 0/4 Obelysk with Summon Dervish, and a bonus effect of destroy any minion that damages this minion.

Spinecleaver (Gold 40) - Hard to kill something with Zirix and 3 attack. The totem is an enemy controlled unit that deals one damage to the General every end phase. Very unique effect that may end the game but it costs a lot of tempo and mana. You need to find the right time to use a card like this for the best result.

Sajj: Spinecleaver (Diamond 60) - Easier to kill things with 6 attack due to BBS I suppose. Still need to find a good time to spend 5-6 mana on this, but much easier to do.

Sirocco (Bronze 10) - Rate higher by 10 if you have like 5+ golems or something. This card sucks.

Aymara Healer (S 90) – As good as it is in constructed, perhaps better in Gauntlet due to lack of healing options.

Cataclysmic Fault (Gold 55) - This card seems strong as you can get infinite value and stuff. However you will often be unable to play this card as spending 6 mana and passing is a huge tempo loss. This makes this card an 8 mana card I would think and that can be often too late. Also is lackluster if you are behind. Probably a better card in low curve aggressive decks.

Grapnel Paradigm (Diamond 85) - Even stealing one minion is good. Can act as antiranged as well as many ranged minions have low attack. Perhaps if lacking anti-ranged might be a reason to pick Paradigm over cards rated 90+.

        Ciphyron: Grapnel Paradigm (Diamond 90) - Can steal up to 4 attack minions with BBS at cost of 7 mana. I’d probably still choose Aymara or Nimbus but it is close. Perhaps if lacking anti-ranged might be a reason to pick Paradigm. Red Synja is most likely stronger but does require HP.

Oserix (Silver 30) – Worse than the 6 mana flying bug because it takes an extra turn to drop. Send me a video if you manage to use this card to lethal someone by pulling Hexblade, Wildfire Ankh, and Staff of Y’kir in gauntlet please. Still not much better in Sajj because dropping this near late game means your life is rather low and it would be scary to use your BBS to hit something with 8 health unless it has low attack.

Circle of Desiccation (Silver 20) - Mostly dead card, but I could see this card being used to some effectiveness. That scenario is very limited though which is your opponent has no more cards in hand.

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak (Gold 55) - Change from 7 to 8 mana is huge and this card is now super clunky even moreso than before. Still good value late game but probably won’t see much use.

Monolithic Vision (Gold 50) - Maybe even better than this. Random rating, cannot be too bad but you could get unlucky. You can ignore rating if don't want 9 mana card. I think it’s pretty good late game card though, just costs 9 mana which doesn’t happen everytime.

Changes in rankings of Neutral minions




Lilithe Blightchaser / Cassyva Soulreaper / Maevh Skinsolder

Note: Do not take much Cassyva ratings seriously because I didn’t put too much thought into it.

Faction cards


Abyssal Crawler (Bronze 15) – Not much changed about this card for Lilithe, may randomly deal one more damage to something it’s closeby now. Not much better in Cass because she has only a few ways to use the creep now.

        Cassyva: Abyssal Crawler (Gold 40) – Assuming you have a good Cass draft so far, you’re going to need multiple creep generation for your finisher.

        Maevh: Abyssal Crawler (Silver 35) - 1 mana minions are 2 mana 4/4s at the cost of BBS and 2 health which isn’t bad at all. Only comes out on turn 3 though so it isn’t that impressive as it would be on turn 1. I’d still pick a 2 drop over this provided it survives general attack.

Grasp of Agony (Gold 40) – I personally don’t like this card as it can be played around. It can be devastating at times, but most often not. More powerful in multiples though. A bit better in Cassyva for sure. ~45

Furiosa (Gold 40) - A 2 drop that sucks early game and is only better in late game. 2/2 wraithlings aren’t much better than 1/1s unless you have a ton of them. Probably a bit higher than this especially since there’s wraithling synergy but I don’t like this card too much. Raised rating from 30 to 40.

Cassyva: Furiosa (Bronze 10) - No wraithlings BBS means this card is usually vanilla.

Maevh: Furiosa (Silver 30) - 1 mana minions are 2 mana 4/4s at the cost of BBS and 2 health which isn’t bad at all. Only comes out on turn 3 though so it isn’t that impressive as it would be on turn 1. I’d still pick a 2 drop over this provided it survives general attack.

Horn of the Forsaken (Bronze 15) – Not great especially with Lilithe’s BBS making ritual banishing much easier.

        Cassyva: Horn of the Forsaken (Silver 20) – Better in Cassyva because she lacks wraithling generation, but not much better. This may allow for some cards like ritual banishing and other wraithling synergies to be better.

        Maevh: Horn of the Forsaken (35) - Sort of like a one mana minion but probably summons 2 wraithlings due to taking damage with BBS. Also requires your general to battle. 1 mana minions are 2 mana 4/4s at the cost of BBS and 2 health which isn’t bad at all. Only comes out on turn 3 though so it isn’t that impressive as it would be on turn 1. I’d still pick a 2 drop over this provided it survives general attack.

Inkling Surge (Silver 30) - Summons a 1/1 which may act as a weak 2 drop. Draws a card possibly but you may as well pick a bigger minion if you want value.

Cassyva: Inkling Surge (Bronze 10) - A 1 mana 1/1 most of the time.

Maevh: Inkling Surge (Silver 30) - Summons a wraithling which can be used for BBS. 1 mana minions are 2 mana 4/4s at the cost of BBS and 2 health which isn’t bad at all. Only comes out on turn 3 though so it isn’t that impressive as it would be on turn 1. I’d still pick a 2 drop over this provided it survives general attack.

Choking Tendrils (Bronze 10) - Most people don’t want their minions on creep tiles so this card is mainly a card that works well with Sphere of Darkness. Otherwise pretty much a dead card. Still probably needs Sphere of Darkness to work even in Cassyva.

Inkhorn Gaze (Diamond 70) - Another answer to ranged minions which is great for Abyssian. Often gets you a 1 mana Battle Pet which can be played as a 3 drop combo. Raised from 65 to 70, more card less anti-ranged cards on average.

Maevh: Inkhorn Gaze (Diamond 75) - Anti-ranged tool that often gives a 1-2 mana minion for you to use BBS on so it’s slightly better synergy with Maevh.

Sphere of Darkness (Diamond 65) - Better than Alchemist IMO because a card is often better than a 2/1 body. BTA is better in Maevh most likely due to BBS synergy.

Void Pulse (Silver 20) – Would pick any minion over this most of the time. May be decent in an aggro draft or control deck. Might be a bit more valuable in Maevh but still costs a card.

Aphotic Drain (Bronze 10) - Heal doesn’t matter much unless it’s against Faie and this still costs a card + a wraithling and mana which sucks. A bit worse in Cassyva but you can’t really get much worse. Might be a bit more valuable in Maevh but still costs a card and a minion.

Blood Siren (Silver 35) – Can do stuff, but often is un-impactful. Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Daemonic Lure (Diamond 75) – Solid removal/delay card. Often requires general or minions to follow up the kill. Has rare interactions with shadow creep as well (only 1 extra damage now). Raised from 70 to 75, more card less anti-ranged cards on average. Pick over Dark Transformation if you want a cheaper card or anti-ranged.

Gloomchaser (Gold 45) – Decent, but other two drops fall in this category. Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Maevh: Gloomchaser (Diamond 60) – A 3 mana 2/2 and 4/4 and deal 2 damage to your general with BBS so it has better synergy with BBS.

Gor (Bronze 5) - Slightly better in Cassyva (Bronze 10) because of extra creep generation, but still sucks. Overall this Battle Pet does nothing. Battle Pets suck.

Maevh: Gor (Silver 20) - Could be “infinite” value but often the minion is out of place and life is limited. Can rate this as low as you want TBH since battle pets suck.

Blood Echoes (Bronze 5) - Pick over a battle pet maybe and sometimes trigger a dying wish. Maybe a battle pet is better tbh.

Phantasm (Gold 45) - Still a 2 drop that dies to general attack but it can upgrade your minions which is neat. Got nerfed a little so not as good anymore but still not too bad. Probably would pick a 2/3 over this most of the time, and maybe 1/3s as well.

Soulshatter Pact (Diamond 65) – Raised rating because now Abyssian needs a finisher in gauntlet due to lack of old Shadow Nova as a finisher. Fits aggressive/midrangey decks. Rate much lower in a control-ish deck. Rate lower if 2nd one or more than one.

Cassyva: Soulshatter Pact (Gold 40) – Worse in Cassyva because she does not have wraithlings.

Maevh: Soulshatter Pact (Diamond 65) – Fits a aggressive style, probably don’t want to drag game on as Maevh. Rate lower if 2nd one or more than one.

Bound Tormentor (Diamond 75) - The best sentinel for Abyssian IMO. At worse a 3/3 which is serviceable but may also give you a 3 mana Ironciffe Guardian and makes your opponent play off curve which can be great. Even a 0 mana Skyrock Golem isn’t too bad and at worse can be replaced.

Horrific Visage (Gold 40) - Can be strong but requires a lot of setup and certain scenarios. Soulshatter Pact and Void Steal are probably better. Can be game winning though so can rate higher/lower based on your preference.

Nightsorrow Assassin (Diamond 60) – Utility pick. Great at dealing with Obelysks and build minions. Also really strong versus neutral  5 mana 1/10 Impervious Gigago. Raised rating of card. Would rate the 3rd copy a bit less.

Maevh: Nightsorrow Assassin (Diamond 70) – A bit more useful since it can kill something and then turn into a 4/4 which is much better than a 3/1.

Shadow Reflection (Diamond 60) – Cn help trade up or deal a lot of damage. Fits aggressive/midrangey decks. Rate much lower in a control-ish deck. Rate a bit higher with ranged minions.

Shadow Watcher (Diamond 60) – Got much better with Lilithe’s BBS. Can grow out of control. Hard to justify a second one because it’s situation at times.

        Cassyva: Shadow Watcher (Gold 40) – Worse in Cassyva because she her BBS doesn’t make Wraithlings.

Maevh: Shadow Watcher (Gold 40) – Not too much synergy.

Wraithling Swarm (Silver 30) – I don’t like this card, but it does deny mana tiles as P2. Pickable, but would often take a decent 2 drop instead. Doesn’t improve with Cassyva.

Maevh: Wraithling Swarm (Gold 45) – Can be a 4 mana 2 wraithlings and a 4/4 so not as bad, but isn’t super strong either.

Void Talon (Gold 50) - Hard to evaluate. Probably better a body block, or to hit face at end game. Better in control I think. Maybe worse. You want this to kill minions early game but your oponnent can play their minions out of range most of the time.

Abyssal Juggernaut (Silver 25) –  Much worse on average due to being a terrible on curve 4 drop. May rate higher if you have multiple Spheres of Darkness and Abyssal Crawlers. Better in Cassyva (40?) for sure by a bit but probably still not very good early on, and better in late game.

Breath of the Unborn (Gold 50) – Interesting card. Can be really good or really meh. Too expensive for my taste though. Good for getting rid of a bunch of small things including Ranged minions. Rate higher if lacking anti-ranged.

CacoPhynos (Gold 35) - not a 4 drop that's good on curve.

Maevh: CacoPhynos (S 80) - Better than dark transformation early game but worse in late game. I would probably pick over Dark transformation most likely. Very close. Great tempo compared to Dark Transformation though. Rate 3rd one less. Can raise rating if lacking hard removal, wil cost HP though.

Deepfire Devourer (Diamond 70) – Scary card with Lilithe. Sucks when your opponent uses a removal on it though. Try not making it too big or you may just get destroyed by removal. 6/6 with frenzy is good enough.

        Cassyva: Deepfire Devourer (Gold 50) – Unsustainable with Cassyva. Still pickable though because it could be a 6/6 frenzy at the cost of one of your low HP minions, and Abyssian has very little good 4 drops. A 4/4 Frenzy is also decent at worse.

Maevh: Deepfire Devourer (Gold 50) - See Cassyva.

NightShroud (Bronze 5) - Better than battle pets I suppose.

Shadow Nova (Bronze 10) - This card will now just deal 1 damage in a 2x2 square. Its synergies are very poor cards as well such as Night Fiend and the legendary picks.

Cassyva: Shadow Nova (Silver 20) - May be neat to deal 2 damage instead of 1 due to BBS, but probably still sucks.

Vellumscry (Silver 35) - Bad draw card but can pick if other cards don't add much to your deck. Pick curve cards over this.

Cassyva/Maevh: (Silver 20) - Even worse without free Wraithlings.

Dark Transformation (Diamond 75) – Expensive hard removal but still does fine. Try not to get 3 of these if you can as they can be clunky. Pick Demonic Lure over this if you need anti-ranged. A little more useful in Maehv ~80 due to 6 mana combo to summon a 4/4.

Night Fiend (Bronze 10) - Synergy is weak and often costs too much mana to be worth anyway.

Cassyva: Night Fiend (Gold 50) - Can be neat, but still requires a bit of setup for a 5 mana Frostbone Naga.


Rare Faction cards

Darkfire Sacrifice (Gold 50) – Can become really good in the right draft. Effectively becomes a gain one mana and one wraithling with Lilithe’s BBS or 2 mana if you have a spare wraithling beforehand. Dead late game though. You can ignore this card and rate it very low if you don’t think this is right for your deck.

        Cassyva/Maevh: Darkfire Sacrifice (Silver 20) – Bad. May be situationally good.

Darkspine Elemental (Gold 40) – Improved due to better stat-line. Effect is pretty irrelevant unless you have Sphere of Darkness.

Maevh: Darkspine Elemental (Gold 50) - 2 drops that cn survive general attack can be usd later to turn in 4/4s which is more useful than normal.

Deathmark (Diamond 70) - A bit weaker than punish but still good. Can rate higher if lacking hard removal. Not very great versus most ranged minions though.

Nightmare Operant (Silver 35) - Can rate higher or lower than this if you want. I think it's not too bad considering Abyssian has a lot of 2 health 2 drops. Can get a lucky 4 mana MECHAZ0R and do well sometimes.

Ooz (Gold 35) - A Battle Pet that can deal with 6 health minions with 3 attack +1 damage from creep (randomly) and 2 damage from general. May be slightly better in Cassyva if you got that creep finisher. I still don’t like Battle Pets, so you can choose something that’s worse rated than this. Can rate a bit higher in Maevh since she can turn them into 4/4s.

Punish (Diamond 75) - Still good in Lilithe due to general attack + wraithlings. Doesn’t kill far away targets without damaging them though which makes Ritual Banishing more preferred.

Cassyva: Punish (S 80) - Just like Ritual Banishing but for Cassyva.

ShadowStalk (Bronze 10) - This card sucks when behind (enemy freekills the wraithlings) and sucks when ahead (enemy has few minions you summon 2 of them which get free killed next turn). This card just sucks.

Maevh: ShadowStalk (Silver 20) - Can get a 4/4 out of this at least, still probably bad.

Blood Baronette (Gold 50) - Often a Songweaver for a wraithling. May be neat to combo with cards like Shadow Reflection.

        Cassyva/Maevh: Blood Baronette (Silver 30) - No inherent synergy.

Horror Burster (Silver 30) - This card hinders your board development because it makes you not want to play big minions, and that would make you largely vulnerable to AOE.

Cassyva: Horror Burster (Silver 25) - Often do not want to sacrifice a 3 drop + a 2 drop which means 2 cards + 5 mana for a 6/6. Easier to sac off though so it might be better than this slightly.

Maevh: Horror Burster (Diamond 70) - A 4 mana 6/6 isn’t bad at all if this works the way I think it works. Sometimes gets you a 6/6 and a 4/4 if you have another minion on board. Not good on some board states though.

Ritual Banishing (S 80) – Cost efficient and does its job well in Lilithe. Rank higher if lacking removals.

Cassyva/Maevh: Ritual Banishing (Gold 50) – Probably have to sacrifice a 2 mana minion for it to become a 2 card Dark Transformation that doesn’t give you a wraithling. Still pickable though.

The Releaser (Bronze 5) - Better than battle pet I suppose. Takes too long to trigger and when it does you might get a 2 drop.

Void Steal (Diamond 75) - Deals with many ranged minions, and can situationally act as a finisher. Otherwise it often free kills many minions which is neat. Combos with Nightsorrow if you have that too.

Cassyva/Maevh: Void Steal (Diamond 65) - No inherent synergy but can be strong regardless. Canr ate higher if you want.

Skull Prophet (Gold 55) - Easy to trigger with a decent effect but not really too strong of an effect. May mess up your opponent if they attack a 2 health minion with their general though.        I would rate this lower but being a sentinel makes this card tricky and may mess up opponent and make them play off curve (eg. enemy summons a 2 drop first on 5 mana because they do not want to give you a 3 mana Ironcliffe due to Bound Tormentor being a possibility [also a likely one as it’s common and I think it’s a good card]).

Xerroloth (Gold 55) - Spell based sentinels are the hardest to trigger IMO since they can be played around much easier. This card may just be really annoying and sit there gaining value but I don’t really like it too much. Also dies to general attack when triggered so don’t place this nearby opponent.

BloodTide Priestess (S 95) – Autopick, for the most part. Maybe not the 3rd one over a Shadowdancer or a Crossbones or something. Can also hide in the corner with this card. Synergizes well with overall drafts archetype and Lilithe’s BBS. Free fuel for Maevh as well.

Cassyva: BloodTide Priestess (S 80) - Still good in Cassyva because it’s still a huge annoyance and free Wraithlings.

Dark Seed (Silver 20) – Pick only in aggressive drafts, and even then the other two rares might be better.

Furor Chakram (Gold 50) - Can seem strong but is situational and requires board and costs a lot making you not develop much that turn. Has synergy with Lilithe BBS and Maevh’s 4/4s turning into 6/4s.

        Cassyva: Furor Chakram  (Gold 40) - No inherent synergy. Can still be strong if you have a board though. Can pick if the other cards don’t do much for you and you want a potentially strong card.

Shadowdancer (S 85) – Very powerful with BBS. Would pick this card over BloodTide Priestess if I already had 2 BloodTide Priestesses, unless I already have one Shadowdancer.

Cassyva: Shadowdancer (Diamond 65) – Still a consistent source of (expensive) healing, but not as absurd as with Lilithe’s BBS.

Maevh: Shadowdancer (Diamond 75) – Extra HP can damage to enemy general can help fuel BBS. Can disregard if you want solid minions though.

Epic Faction Cards

Consuming Rebirth (Bronze 10) – Only pickable with Sarlac, and even then still meh.

Nethermeld (Bronze 15) - Hard to get creep as Lilithe/Maevh.

Cassyva: Nethermeld (Silver 30) - Inherent synergy but still situational but can be neat.

Echoing Shriek (Gold 40) - Maybe another answer to a ranged minion and/or buffed 2 drops. On average only works on 7ish cards of the opponent’s deck and is situational, so probably a bad pick. Might be your situational answer to a buffed Heartseeker, so maybe this card can be better.

Lurking Fear (Bronze 0) - Requires a crazy synergy deck and even then you need to draw this most likely one of copy.

Nocturne (Silver 25) - Pick if you want 2 drop and if the other cards are not much better.

Spectral Blade (Diamond 60) – Great tool. Rated much higher than Staff of Y’kir in Vetruvian because Lilithe or Cassyva doesn’t have damage boosting cards and other low rarity artifacts. The 5 damage threshold with Cassyva isn’t important as 6 damage threshold for things like Hailstone Golem, so it’s not much better if at all in Cassyva. Remember that as Maevh the BBS oses one charge of artifacts.

Abhorrent Unbirth (Bronze 5) - Can make a big guy but at cost of other guys and still susceptible to a lot of cards. Costs a good amount too.

Wraithling Fury (Silver 35) – Can uptrade to some extent, but still not too great.

Cassyva/Maevh: Wraithling Fury (Bronze 0) – Pick only if you want to see the animation if you so happen to have a wraithling around. Definitely useless.

Nekomata (Bronze 10) - Add a bit more if you 3+ dying minions. Only pick if you have right deck and the other two cards suck a lot.

Black Solus (S 85) – Got nerfed, but still pretty good. At the cost of 2 HP compared to a Brightmoss Golem, you get a 8/7 with one BBS usage, which is basically like a Stormmetal Golem for 5 mana and 1 mana gets you two Wraithlings. Can actually be killed now without hard removal.

Cassyva/Maevh: Black Solus (Diamond 65) - A understated Brightmoss Golem that might grow if you have BloodTide Priestess/Gloomchaser etc. Still pretty solid minion.

Corporeal Cadence (Gold 20) - Only pick if cards next to it are bad and you have sizeable minions with 6+ attack or something. May disregard this rating since it’s situational but it could help you win the game sometimes.

Reaper of the Nine Moons (S 80) – Powerful card. Even if it gets you a 2 drop it killed something or dealt damage to the opposing general, still very good. Could be as high as S 90.

Betrayal (Diamond 60) - Only pick if the other cards aren't adding much to your deck much like avalanche etc.and you think this might give some surprise lethals. Could potentially be devastating.

Necrotic Sphere (S 80) - Hard to play around since not many people are used to playing around a card like this which could make this card very devastating. It’s rating is lowered due to the fact that it can be played around and should be played around. Raised rating from 70 to 80, maybe incorrect to do so since it’s not very good versus good players. Good versus aggressive Faies and such though. A little better in Maevh I suppose.

Rite of the Undervault (Diamond 60) – A little bit worse at 6 mana because you cannot drop a 4 drop at 9 mana, but in those scenarios you have refilled your hand from 1-2 to 6 so it serves the same purpose. Only pick this card if the other cards are not much better/bad and you need some sort of win condition like this. Also can pick a big minion instead of this if  you have the chance.

Moonrider (S 85) - Can get infinite value which is good. Two bodies is great but is a 7 mana play that can be set up the previous turn for 1 mana.

Maevh: Moonrider (Diamond 75) - Can’t use this as much in Maevh due to HP constraint but still good, can rate a bit lower for her I suppose since you still need a minion to sacrifice.

Arcane Devourer (Silver 20) - Requires a lot of heavy cards, and adding another heavy card to your deck is not the solution you want. Decent if you hit a 4 mana, above average if you hit a 5+ mana minion.



Legendary Faction Cards

Deathfire Crescendo (Diamond 75) – Raised rating because now Abyssian needs a finisher in gauntlet due to lack of old Shadow Nova as a finisher.

Cassyva: Deathfire Crescendo (Gold 40) – Often worse than Soulshatter Pact.

Mindlathe (Gold 50) - Allows you to deal 4 damage to something that your general can attack since you can make the minion attack the enemy general who is usually nearby. Can also prevent your opponent from attack you with their healthy minions but maybe not. I think it’s decent, but may be lower than this.

Maevh: Mindlathe (Diamond 60) - Can steal and sacrifice minion which can be neat. Probably still not OP though. Uses a lot of HP this way.

Infest (Bronze 15) - Pretty bad and situational card.

Soul Grimwar (Diamond 65) – Raised rating because now Abyssian needs a finisher in gauntlet due to lack of old Shadow Nova as a finisher.

Cassyva: Soul Grimwar (Gold 40) – Often worse than Soulshatter Pact.

Desolator (Gold 50) - Steals 2 HP from enemy general and gives you 2 HP. Good against Faie I suppose. Expensive card that is more lategame than one curve. Pick as a late game card and you can rate this card higher if so.

Maevh: Desolator (Diamond 70) -Can fuel BBS. Maybe a bit higher than this if you want this as a late game card.

Gate to the Undervault (Gold 40) - Probably a 4 mana body block. Late in the game when removals are used up this card could win you the game but probably not against generals like Faie/Reva/Ragnora. 4 mana build 3 cards are hard to pull off. Can rate as low as a 20 if you don’t like this idea.

Ghost Azelea (Bronze 0) - Useless in Lilithe/Maevh.

Cassyva: Ghost Azalea (VARIABLE) - One of the only reasons why you would pick Cassy. Still need the right Cass deck for it though and if you don’t have enough creep generation, may as well rate this card a 50 or something.

Shadow Sister Kelaino (Gold 45) - Hard to justify any higher due to lack of a win condition in stalling. May be neat if you have a high value deck though. Change from 2/5 to 3/3 hurts a lot since this can now be killed by cards like Phoenix Fire and Lasting Judgment. Still can be a clutch heal but definitely not very good on curve which previously was okay. Can disregard this rating if you have a super late game deck that could use healing and rate this card higher or if you have a aggro deck and then this card is rated even lower.

Maevh: Shadow Sister Kelaino (Diamond) - Maevh could use some healing. Can rate this lower if you think you don’t need it.

Nether Summoning (Gold 40) – Often a worse Zurael, and really tough to pull off.

Klaxon (Diamond 70) - 6 attack is what sets this card so far from a card like Fireblazer which is similar for the stat purposes. This attack threshold is huge and required to one shot mana 4 drops which fireblazer does not do.

Vorpal Reaver (S 95) – Scary dude. Run away from him if you can. Synergizes well with the whole faction archetype. Slightly worse in Cass because Deathwatch synergy isn’t that important, but it is still a huge threat regardless of synergy. Because it comes out one turn earlier than most of the other 7 drops, Vorpal is a huge threat on curve. May decide to choose others if you already have threats on 6 but there is no threat on 6 as scary as Vorpal.

Stygian Observer (Diamond 60) - Can pick if want big minion otherwise rate this card as low as you want if you don’t need a 7 drop.

Grandmaster Variax (S 80) - Similar to Pandora and Meltdown as well as Silithar Elder - engines that make your late game infinite. Now that it’s 8 mana it’s even tougher to bring it out and Variax will most likely be even more rare to see in play. The problem with cards like Variax is that they are not good versus some generals like Faie and Reva since they can finish you off with ranged/damaging your general too much. Still quite powerful versus the other generals as it is an infinite value engine on a large scale but I’d generally choose Pandora, Meltdown etc. over Variax because they can come out sooner. May disregard this rating if you don’t want a 8 costed minion and choose something else since 8 mana is very tough to play especially since this does nothing the turn it is played. I still like it but Variax will generally be bad versus some generals.

Cassyva: Grandmaster Variax (S 80) - Probably good since you will most likely have creep tiles. Rate a 40 or something if you happen to not have much creep generation.

Maevh: Grandmaster Variax (S 80) - Can get a lot of infinite value, but still clunky as usual.

Spectral Revenant (S 80) – May be better than Vorpal Reaver in more control based drafts, or if you are lacking removal. Can ignore this rating if you don’t want a 8 mana big dude that removes stuff. Still really strong just more expensive.

Death Knell (Bronze 10) - 8 mana 6/6 for the most part and nothing else.

Obilterate (Bronze 0) - Not for Lilithe/Maevh.

Cassyva: Obliterate (VARIABLE) - One of the only reasons why you would pick Cassy. Rate a 40 or something if you don’t have much creep generation and increase if you have more

Doom (Silver 20) - Too expensive and a big minion can win you the game faster than this can. Can win you the game in stalemate situations except against Reva/Faie/Ragnora most likely.


Changes in rankings of Neutral minions




Argeon Highmayne / Zir’an Sunforge / Brome Warcrest

NOTE: Don’t take Zir’an’s ratings too seriously, I didn’t think too much about it.

Faction cards


Beam Shock (Bronze 15) – Utility card that oftentimes doesn’t put much work in.

Steadfast Formation (Gold 40) - Can be very impactful but costs a lot of cards. Can pick if the other cards add not much value to your draft. May act as somewhat of an anti-ranged tool in certain situations but hopeful.

Draining Wave (S 80) - 1 mana deal 4 damage is a lot of tempo. It also can kill 4 drops with general attack and can cleanly kill some good ones such as Young Flamewing. Late game this card is dangerous to use for sure but you can replace it and hope for something better. In multiples this card might be too dangerous, and after the first one, the 2nd one might be a dead card especially in late game. Rate first one and 2nd one 80 and 3rd one less. Still great for that tempo that can often win games.

Sunrise Cleric (Diamond 65) -1 mana 1/3 with good effect is strong and great with roar  especially after taking a mana tile. May be a bit better than this ~70 in Argeon. A 60 in Zir’an or something. A bit less in Brome.

Sunstone Bracers (Gold 40) – Utility card, that can be powerful early on to kill 2 drops, but often not. Tempo card if you want a more aggressive role. Perhaps a little bit better in Zir’an who really needs that tempo. Not a very good value card as it can uses up cards in your hand fast.

Auryn Nexus (Silver 30) – Utility. Not bad as it might seem, but I rather pick a 2 drop. May help you free kill a minion though which is nice.

        Zir’an: Auryn Nexus (Gold 50) – Utility that synergizes well with BBS that can be strong tempo if you can kill something and heal back up. Probably would pick a 2 drop instead or curve picks instead of this though.

Brome: Auryn Nexus (Gold 40) – Utility that synergizes with BBS. Can make a 1/5 for 2 mana which has to count for something. Probably would pick a 2 drop instead or curve picks instead of this though.

Sanctify (Gold 55) - Cheap buff that could be impactful.

Zir’an/Brome: Sanctify (Diamond 60) - Has BBS synergy and that extra attack and health is nice to make units pass thresholds. For Brome it can make a 2/3 provoke which can be really annoying  at times. Can pick a 2 drop or curve pick instead though since this card is mainly utility.

Silverguard Squire (Gold 50) – Not that bad as it may seem. 3/4 with BBS and because it’s a 1 mana card it can be played on after taking a mana tile allowing for more bodies to roar.

Zir’an/Brome: Silverguard Squire (Silver 30) – A better Komodo Charger in Zir’an/Brome.

Slo (Bronze 10) - Got nerfed so it’s like any other battle pet that sucks. Has provoke utility at the cost of 1 mana so it’s better than some battle pets.

Sundrop Elixir (Silver 35) – May be an option for more control drafts, but I rather pick a 2 drop. Pick if you need heal and other cards don’t add much to draft.

True Strike (Diamond 60) – Cheap costed removal that can give a lot of tempo. Value higher if you have few answers to Ranged minions/Pyromancer and the other picks aren’t much better.

Azurite Lion (Diamond 75) – Powerful and overall useful 2 drop. Can become scary with Roar. Better than Windblade Adept late game due to 8 burst damage with roar.

Zir’an/Brome: Azurite Lion (Diamond 60) – Becomes an above average 2 drop as Ziran/Brome. Not as scary though without roar.

Channeled Breath (Silver 20) - A worse Sundrop Elixir a vast majority of the time. Tech against Faie?

Dauntless Advance (Gold 50) - Can be strong but has same Lyonar weaknesses as when your minions are alive and your opponent engages their minions into your minions, you often do very well.. Very strong with provoke. Remember that it affects your general and minions nearby your general.

Lightchaser (Silver 20) – Has potential to grow, but otherwise it’s a Skyrock Golem. You could rate this card higher if you have Suntide Maiden/Martydom, etc. but not by much.

Zir’an: Lightchaser (Gold 40) – Becomes a 2 drop that sucks early game, and becomes better late game as a trade off. I would still pick a 2/3 over this easily.

Lucent Beam (Gold 50) - Often an overcosted True Strike, about a 60 in Zir’an. Rate higher if you are desperate for that anti-ranged.

Zir’an: Lucent Beam (Diamond 60) - Has BBS synergy, probably still prefer True Strike over this for the efficient one mana.

Pureblade Enforcer (Gold 45) - Survives general attack and often needs 2 buffs to be much different from a Rust Crawler. Probably would prefer the random artifact destruction of Rust Crawler. Maybe a 50 for Zir’an?

Sun Bloom (Diamond 65) – Nice card to have one of. More of it decreases in rating. Can rate higher if lacking anti-ranged.

Sun Wisp (Diamond 60) - Gives Lyonar a good 2 drop that can also be good late game due to effect of instantly drawing a card. I like this card a lot, maybe moreso than Healing Mystic due to it being amazing late game and acceptable early game compared to Mystic which is meh late game but good early game. It’s a trade-off, and you should decide based on preference.  Note that if you have 8 2 drops and 2 of them are Sun Wisps, those 2 Sun Wisps are great late game, so don’t worry about having too many Sun Wisps, whereas having 8 regular 2 drops hinders much of your late-game capabilities. Slightly worse in Zir’an I suppose since she wants healthy minions but this isn’t too shabby either.

Tempest (Diamond 70) – Nice card but finds itself to be either very useful or useless though. Try to have at least one of these if you can since it is great versus Lilithe and Reva. I do not mind 2 of these right now due to Ranged minions.

War Surge (Silver 25) – Can be nice at times, but often situational and useless. Roar is better. Slightly better in Ziran/Brome, but not by much. Would rather pick a 2 drop or curve since this is a weak utility card.

Warblade (Gold 40) - A 2 drop that’s meh but at least can live general attack. Its effect mainly affects Hailstone Golem and Diamond Golem etc. in a positive way and nothing much else since you won’t be picking Skyrock Golems. Pick only if you need a 2 drop and the others are not much better.

Windblade Adept (Diamond 60) – The nerf from 4 attack with zeal to 3 attack is a huge hit as now it cannot trade with a 4 drop like Hailstone Golem and die from general attack or become 6 attack with Roar. Still an above average 2 drop but you may opt to choose something that is better utility like Maw and Primus Fist. May be a little lower than this.

Afterblaze (Diamond 65) - Slightly better in Zir’an (~70). Most useful on zeal minions due to committing less cards into one minion. Has the problem in Lyonar that Lyonar cannot do anything when it has no board, and this card doesn’t help that scenario. Buffing up/pre-buffing minions an engaging with them is also risky.

Brome: Afterblaze (S 80) - A free Primus Shieldmaster with BBS. The disadvantage of this compared to Primus Shieldmaster is that you cannot place it anywhere you can reach so it might be harder to make the provoke impactful. Can pick solid minions rated a bit less like Hailstone Golem to fit out your curve over this if you’d like since this will only be useable during turns 3 and up and can be awkward to use sometimes.

Decorated Enlistee (Gold 50) - A 4/5 that becomes a 1/3 after dealing 4 damage to the enemy general doesn’t seem very great so play this card defensively. I’d mainly pick if you want some curve 3 drops. Slightly worse in Brome due to no synergy/usage after losing some health. Might be better or worse than this but I’m not huge fan.

Divine Bond (VARIABLE) –  Steals games, and ends games really quick. Lyonar often cannot out-value other classes and Lyonar needs a game finisher. Argeon can circumvent this by having ranged minions, but Zir’an often cannot so this card may be more necessary in Zir’an. I mainly pick this card if you have a lot of big HP dudes and you are okay with not having the other cards. Second one rate less. Base rating ~50. Range of ~30-60? Rate higher if needing a tool to finish off your opponent and your deck has big minions.

Life Coil (Silver 30) - Utility that mainly works on big minions. I like Auryn Nexus better because of its flexible 1 mana compared to 3. Neat on 6 + health stuff etc. but has the same weakness of many Lyonar cards that require board and also investing too many things into a single minion. Try to get immediate value this with card on a free trade or else your minion could die to a single removal tool.

Martyrdom (S 80) – You will often find yourself using this card and doing nothing else the turn you play it, which is why I don’t like this card as much. It is one of the only hard removals though. Rate higher if lacking removal. Slightly better with Ziran if you pick up healing synergies as well as no Roar to help trading for Zir’an. May ignore other cards rating if you don’t have this in your deck if you need the hard removal. Rate 2nd one a bit less especially if using an aggro deck ~60?.

Scintilla (Diamond 75) - A great tool against Faie and aggro decks with a decent body. 3/4 stats are generally worse than 4/3 stats due to being unable to kill 6 health minions, but can help your general survive and prevent some lethals. Nice to have one of for sure. The 2nd copy or more decreases in rating.

Silverguard Knight (S 85) – I rate this card the same as Primus Shieldmaster because 4 drops are often more important than 3 drops. Still really good, but has a weak body after being dispelled and also needs to be nearby your general. Pick this or Primus based on how many two drops, and 4 drops you have. If you are unsure, go for Silverguard.

Vigilator (Diamond 70) - This is a better 3/4 because it basically cannot die in early game and becomes a 3/4 Rush the following turn. The bonus effect is very strong and free. Late game this can be a 3 mana body block that can also give additional stats on board, so it’s not too bad either in late game. Might be slightly worse or better than this. Rate a little higher in Zir’an/Brome but probably not by much.

Lysian Brawler (Diamond 60) - Very scary with Roar, but needs to be babysitted.

        Zir’an: Lysian Brawler (Gold 50) - Turns into something that kills little minions and can be healed up which is worse than a solid minion. Still can do 8 face damage which is a lot for a 4 drop.

Suntide Maiden (S 90) – This card is really annoying, and even more so with Roar. Should have 5 health IMO, but with 6 health it’s crazy good. Perhaps better than Dancing Blades especially if you don’t have many 4 drops.

         Zir’an: Suntide Maiden (S 80) – Still annoying and better than Hailstone Golem, but healing this lady up isn’t as good as giving it 2 attack with Roar.

Rare Faction cards

Fortified Assault (Silver 35) - Will 90% of the time only deal 1 damage. Good for cheap 1 damage ping I suppose. Can rate higher if you really want to kill Heartseeker or if the other cards don’t add much to your deck.

Lionheart Blessing (Silver 30) – Utility in form of draw. Has some interesting stuff with celerity and frenzy like abilities but often meh. Would rather pick a minion over this. Better in aggressive drafts. Can pick over other cards if you are looking for value and the other cards offered are low value.

Magnetize (Diamond 60) – Utility card that is very cheap. Gets rid of Ranged and defensive minions for one mana. Requires board to do stuff with it most of the time though but not required to kill squishy minions like many ranged minions. Can deal unexpected damage as well.

Fiz (Silver 20) - Battle Pets suck. The opening gambit isn’t useful enough to pick this card. I’d rather have a Skyrock Golem in the early game, but Fiz has the advantage of being better late game due to its heal, but not by much.

Fealty (Bronze 15) -Expensive draw card that requires you to have a board and for them to be nearby your general. A bit better in Brome but probably doesn’t matter too much. Can pick if you are looking for value and the other cards offered aren’t great and don't offer value.

Gold Vitriol (Bronze 0) - Garbage, a battle pet is probably better unless you have many healing synergies.

        Zir’an: Gold Vitriol (Bronze 15) - Can be activated more often but probably isn’t worth your time.

Lasting Judgment (S 80) – Sometimes better than Martyrdom. Better in an aggro Argeon draft than Martyrdom as it can deal 3 damage sometimes, and still acts as removal in Ziran. Rate higher if lacking ranged removal etc.

Prism Barrier (Diamond 65) - Has the same flaws like Afterblaze but is generally strong if you can free kill another minion. Most of the time good players won’t allow that which makes this card something that can be played around while playing around other cards like Afterblaze and roar. Great with provokes. Slightly worse in Zir’an. Has some uses in Brome as well but perhaps not a good as Roar.

Sunbound Pavise (Bronze 15) - Defensive card that requires precise positioning. The effect for the mana cost isn't very great either unless you use it on a celerity or frenzy minion. Not a huge fan.

Arclyte Sentinel (Diamond 65) – A maw with a decent body. Can use to buff attack as a bonus. Slightly worse in Zir’an/Brome due to no roar.

Radiant Dragoon (Gold 50) -  Decent stats for 3 drop with a positive effect. Pretty meh though but better than most meh 3 drops. Slightly better in Zir’an.

Sky Burial (Gold 50) - Situational removal that people should play around. Often it will kill ranged minions or defensive minions such as BloodTide Priestess etc.which is pretty neat. Raised rating because people don’t play around it. I really don’t like Sky Burial though and I like Magnetize more than this card. Can rate higher if lacking anti-ranged but don’t expect to pull it off all the time.

Solpiercer (Diamond 65) - A 4 drop that can act as ranged which is annoying. I don’t like that this card is more vulnerable to dispel and such because it needs to be near general so I would pick Cannon of Mechazor over this card for Argeon. A bit worse in Zir’an/Brome I suppose ~60?

Sunbreaker (Diamond 60) - As a 4 mana card this card isn’t bad for its body, but it’s effect can be negative or positive based on your general and the situation much lie Tempest. While it may seem good against Reva it does nothing against Widowmaker, buffed Heartseekers and only comes out on 6 mana where you may already have suffered huge losses from ranged minions. Once you do get this card out you BBS cannot Roar/etc. it since your BBS is tempest so there isn’t much synergy going on like in other forcefield minions and Argeon’s roar. Can be a continuous source of AOE at the cost of a generally better BBS for Argeon. For Brome and Zir’an it may be more useful but is either useful or useless like Tempest, but even worse than Tempest as you cannot control it as your BBS is replaced as long as the Sunbreaker is alive. See Tempest for information about Tempest. Can rate higher if desperate for mid-late game anti-ranged/AOE.

Ironcliffe Guardian (S 100) – Can’t have too many of these. Roar makes this card even more stupid. A 140 or something if I could go above 100. Acts as a solid minion/anti-ranged/defense/offense (with Roar) and more.

Zir’an: Ironcliffe Guardian (S 100) – Slightly worse in Ziran because a 5/10 is scarier than a 3/10, but I would still autopick this card most of the time.

War Judicator (S 80) - A slightly less health Hailstone Golem with an upside most of the time. Can be really annoying with ranged minions and whatnot. Can be devastating and at worse a 4 drop with good stats.

OakenHeart (Silver 30) - Its effect is useless most of the time. Could combo well with Cannon of Mechaz0r but probably unreliable. The body is weak for a 5 drop but still can be used as a 5 mana minion with a body of a 4 drop.

Second Sun (Diamond 75) – Scary card even when dispelled due to Divine Bond and Roar. Worse when dispelled in Ziran, but acts as a sustainable killing machine with Zir’an’s BBS as a trade-off. Maybe a bit worse in Brome as it is high risk, high reward.



Epic Faction Cards

Aerial Rift (Silver 20) – There’s better cards than this. Maybe pick to draw another card if the other cards being offered aren’t very good.

Fighting Spirit (Silver 25) - Utility with a cantrip but still sucks because Battle Pets suck.

Sunstone Templar (Gold 40) – Meh, it’s a 2 drop. Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. There’s a lot of 2 drops in Lyonar though. Slightly worse in Zir’an/Brome due to no roar but still a 2 drop.

Vale Ascension (Bronze 10) - This card sucks as it’s only decent late game but requires you to have a tile and you may still get a 2 drop for all your trouble.

Auroara (Gold 55) - 3 mana for these stats is fine for Argeon and can grow a bit higher if playing off curve. A bit worse in Zir’an I would think as most minions are. Good in Brome too with BBS synergy.

Empyreal Congregation (Gold 40) - A bit better than Skywind Glaives and War Surge I guess. A bit better in Zir’an due to HP buff. Pretty meh on 1 unit but good on 2 units. Expensive and has the same weaknesses as many other Lyonar buffs, but this one isn’t as soul-crushing.

Skywind Glaives (Gold 40) – Can become really good, but often situational. Hard to use well and it doesn’t help that you need a decent board to do anything with this.

Sol Pontiff (Silver 35) - Raise by 5 or 10 if you 2-3+ golems. Pretty much a vanilla 3/4 that must stick nearby your general which isn’t very good.

Sunforge Lancer (Diamond 75) - Can raise the rating of this card a bit if you have cards that heal (eg. Suntide Maiden is the most notable). Really powerful when it goes off once, so it might be worth the risk of taking this card over something that is better on average. Hallow Ground cards make this card much easier to trigger, may be higher than this. At end of draft if no/few heals rate a 50 or something.

Ziran: Sunforge Lancer (S 80) - Zir’an can heal so this card can boost her attack to 3 or more attack which is really good. Might be better than SunRiser.

Holy Immolation (S 90) – Not as powerful as it may seem if your opponent positions correctly but people don’t so it’s really good. Devastating with Provokes. Quite overrated IMO. I like Sworn Avenger over this most of the time unless I have very little spells or way too many good 3 drops. Bonereaper and Holy Immo are also quite close and do similar things. I think the provoke utility is a bit too strong though and would pick Bonereaper especially with Roar unless I have too much big minions. I’d pick Dioltas in Argeon most of the time and in Zir’an/Brome if it’s around pick 20-25 and I have very few four drops. If your deck doesn’t have many 2 drops etc., it might be hard to pull this card off as a 6 mana AOE with no board.

Trinity Oath (Gold 50) - Draw cards are really meh  in Gauntlet unless there is a body attached to it. You may pick a lower rated card over this card if your curve is high since you won’t need card draw. Better in aggressive low curve decks for sure. Heals which is neat against Faie. Can pick over other cards if you are looking for value or the other cards don’t add much to your deck.

Invincible (Gold 45) - Has the same weaknesses as many Lyonar cards in requiring a board and your opponent engaging into your minions. Also has the requirement of full HP. Probably pick if the other cards offered don’t add much to your deck and you would rather have some surprise burst or something.

IronCliffe Heart (Gold 55) - Try to use this on an injured minion that already got value. A bit expensive on a fresh minion. Shares similar weakness of many Lyonar buff cards and your probably don’t want to transform a big minion of yours either. Better in decks with a lot of cheap minions.

Brome: IronCliffe Heart (Diamond 75) - Can act as a 5 mana Ironcliffe Guardian with BBS but it may be out of place or unable to be summoned (if something is in front of you) and cannot as reliably act as anti-ranged or have better positioning. Still a 5 mana 3/10 Provoke so can’t really complain too much. Maybe a bit higher than this but with these restrictions probably not much much if at all/

Sunriser (Gold 40) – Could be useful due to Suntide Maiden, but often than not, she is an understated 4 drop with Argeon/Brome.

        Zir’an: SunRiser (Diamond 70) – Your mini Holy Immolation. Does need something to heal up though to trigger it with your BBS which you or your opponent may not have which is situational.

Sunstrike (Diamond 60) - Rate higher if desperate for anti ranged but it is expensive. Might be strong in the beginning because people don’t play around it but playing around Holy Immolation pays around this card more often than not. I’m not a huge fan of this card though.

Circle of Life (Diamond 70) – This is probably better than Martyrdom sometimes because both do something and often pass the turn. This has the advantage of healing you though, but cannot be used in early turn as a trade-off.

Prominence (S 85) - 6 mana minion that has meh stats but for one mana you get a 3/5 Provoke which is really strong and can be used more and more. Very strong late game card and could be better than this. Pick this or other strong epics based on what your deck is looking for. This fits in the category of value/defense/bodies while cards like Dioltas and Sworn Avenger fit in annoying/ powerful minions on curve and Bone Reaper fits in defensive/AOE etc. Unsure if Brome’s BBS and this card can overwrite each other like Obelysks and Zirix/Reva at times with random spawns.



Legendary Faction Cards

Aegis Barrier (Silver 20) – There’s better cards. Maybe in a draft with 5 Ironcliffe Guardians and 4 Divine Bonds.

SurgeForger (Diamond 60) - Strong card if not killed, but has less HP than some other similar cards like Mirkblood Devourer which the body itself isn’t a threat but has the extra survivability that this card doesn’t have in the early game where many of these snowball cards shine. A bit better in Brome in suppose.

Arclyte Regalia (Diamond 75) – Powerful, but a solid minion may be better. Really tough to get rid of especially if played on an empty board and can reduce damage by a lot.

Decimate (Diamond 60) – More people should play around Sky Burial, so this card can also be played around indirectly, making this card a bit worse. Still can catch your opponent with their pants down.

IronCliffe Monument (Gold 40) - Can potentially turn your weak minions into annoying threats but takes time and is very slow. Ignore the rating if you don’t believe. Huge risk and decent reward (since it’s so slow).

Sun Sister Sterope (Gold 45) - Has decent stats, but conditional effect for Argeon/Brome. Rate this card slightly higher by 5 points if you have a lot of Suntide Maidens/ minions/spells with healing effects.

        Zir’an: Sun Sister Sterope (Gold 55) - Still requires you to have your BBS be used effectively to be any good. Not much better in Zir’an, pick if you really need 4 drops.

Halo Bulwark (Gold 50) - Shares same weakness as many Lyonar buffs in requiring a board, etc. Expensive and requires probably 2 minions to be any good. Can be good in the right situation I suppose. Can disregard this rating because I really don’t like this card. ~40?

Elyx Stormblade (S 85) – As good as Ironcliffe Guardian, but in a more competitive rarity slot. Slightly better in Zir’an because 7 health is a lot, but not by much.

Solarius (Diamond 70) - Nice draw that Lyonar lacks. Poor stats but it can still fight especially with Roar. A bit worse in Zir’an.

Dawn’s Eye (Gold 55) - Huge hitting artifact that repairs itself. Quite costly in both HP and mana, but on an empty board this card is great much like Arclyte Regalia. Better if you have healing cards like Golden Scintilla. Decreased rating because it’s expensive and can be conditionally meh based on board.

Alabaster Titan (VARIABLE) - 100 if you want to meme otherwise a 15 or something. Gets you Arclyte Regalia, Halo Bulwark and Skywind Glaives in the right condition.

Aperion’s Claim (S 80) - Expensive but very strong card. Might be higher than this. Can rate higher if lacking AOE/removal in control orientated decks.

Call to Arms (Bronze 5) - 7 mana do nothing and can be dispelled. Hard to pull off but if you mange to survive the tempo loss could be good.

Brome: Call to Arms (Silver 30) - Potentially infinite late game bodies with BBS but huge tempo loss. Maybe better than this but there’s a lot of good legendaries. Pick if the other cards don’t add much I suppose.

Grandmaster Z’ir (Diamond 75) – Very solid minion that can act as a unexpected heal. Quite strong versus Faie and aggressive decks. Would prefer Elyx though.

Peacekeeper (S 95) - Very strong card both aggressively and defensively. May choose Red Synja over this but most likely not since this card may be used without health. It is 7 mana though, so you may disregard this rating and choose something cheaper.

Excelsious (Silver 30) - Cards at 8 mana are really hard to summon and this guys stats aren’t he best either since most of the time the only healing going on on your side is Zir’an’s BBS or Suntide Maidens. Rate a 40 in Zir’an but don’t expect it to be OPOP.

Sky Phalanx (S 80) - Similar to Grandmaster Z’ir in that it helps you survive, but more powerful board presence. I’d pick this over the Grandmaster in most cases. It is 8 mana though.


Changes in rankings of Neutral minions




Faie Bloodwing / Kara Winterblade / Ilena Cyrobyte

NOTE: Don’t take Kara/Ilena’s ratings too seriously because I didn’t try too much.

Faction cards


Flash Freeze (Gold 50) – Utility. Not a bad card, can kill Heartseekers,Pyromancers, Regnora Eggs etc. for 0 mana, acting as a makeshift Blood Tear Alchemist. Can also freeze a big minion so you can go SMOrc instead of trading.

Polarity (Diamond 60) – Utility. Can be used offensively or defensively. Can add a few points of damage, or turn an Ironcliffe into a 10/3 and kill it with something small. Situational  but applicable and for 0 mana this is a strong effect. Kills Buildings, Obelysks, Ragnora eggs for good tempo. Maybe a bit higher than this, but generally a lot more useful now.

Mana Deathgrip (VARIABLE) - Better in more value orientated heavy decks and worse than Flash Freeze in aggro decks.  At worse a 1 mana deal 1 damage which can kill Heartseeker. ~40 in aggro, ~60 or more in value. The mana ramp is strong early game. Maybe as high as a 70 or so.

Aspect of the Bear (Diamond 75) - Similar to ravager pick whatever you think is worse for your opponent. Depends on faction your facing against too. Probably a bit worse against ranged minions, but better against front line minions especially if you have some sort of board. I think Bear is slightly better but Bear is definitely worse against ranged/defensive minions. Rate higher if lacking removal.

Aspect of the Ravager (Diamond 75) – Good against big minions and decent against ranged minions. Overall useful tool despite the annoyance a 3/3 can be. Pick Bear or Ravager depending on what you think is worse for your opponent. I think Ravager is slightly worse but Ravager is definitely better against ranged/defensive minions. Rate higher if lacking removal.

Bonechill Barrier (Silver 20) – Great with Glacial Elemental, but otherwise for blocking stuff which isn’t that great. Wouldn’t rate it much higher even with Glacial Elemental because you still need to draw both cards.

Aspect of Shim’zar (S 80) - A very iffy removal compared to Aspect of the Ravager and Hailstone Prison because it may give your opponent something really value (eg. Yun, Pax and Xho, Z0r, some of the token Battle Pets as well like Rok, Dex can be painful to deal with, Fog gives an extra draw. It cannot give Rawr for whatever reason). Also can give your opponent Z0r which might give them Mechaz0r. Still quite good though since it USUALLY turns them into something bad which does nothing making it more appealing than Ravager or Bear. Probably slightly worse than Hailstone Prison in aggressive drafts and definitely better in more value orientated drafts but I would still pick Shim’zar unless you know your draf will be all out aggression. Still sucks that it may give them something really good ~20% of the time or something around that but on average probably better than Bear/Ravager/Hailstone. Can rate higher if lacking removals.

Borean Bear (Silver 35) – Not much better even with Vespyrs. Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Chromatic Cold (Diamond 75) – Powerful utility card and dispel that can also deal 1 damage to face! Got nerfed a little but the use for anti-ranged is still there. Better against ranged minions than all the Aspects except maybe Shim’zar which functions as a slightly worse anti-ranged but much better big minion removal. Compared to Lyonar’s Sun Bloom I would consider Chromatic Cold to be better as often the AOE dispel targets only one minion. The 1 damage is also useful to kill off units like Sunsteel Defender and any other 1 HP minion.

Crystal Arbiter (Gold 55) - Maybe a bit worse than this since it can be played around. Great for surviving and body blocking as generally your opponent doesn’t want to attack this. Trades well with 2-4 drops of all kinds on enemy turns which is great. I like this card personally. The Vespyr tag is strong as well with cards like Frostfire.

Cryoblade (Gold 45) - A worse Rust Crawler most of the time. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Ilena: (Gold 50) - Can deal 4 damage with BBS or more with buffs, but not much different I would think since your opponent can play around it. I would probably still pick Rust Crawler.

Crystal Cloaker (Diamond 70) – One of the better two drops and has Vespyr synergy with spells like Cryogenesis and Frostfire.

Crystal Wisp (Gold 30) – I used to rate this card much higher before the BBS, but now it’s just a 2 drop that doesn’t do much. Decent early game. Crap late game. Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. May like this card a lot better if you have a heavy curve ~60.

Icy (Silver 20) - Battle Pets suck, and the utility of this card does not make it much better. I’d probably take Skyrock Golem over this card TBH, that’s how much I hate them. If you have enough 2 drops you can pick a utility 2 drop Battle Pet instead of a Skyrock though.

Frigid Corona (Gold 45) - Utility with cantrip which could be good. Can allow for some aggressive strategies, but I would generally not pick this card unless the other cards do not add much to your deck. I think Flash Freeze is slightly better because it may kill things too.

Frostfire (Diamond 60) – A nice buff especially onto Vespyrs. Goes face (with a minion) and is strong with Ranged minions.  Nice in aggressive strategies as well.If not many good Vespyrs or Ranged to buff, you can rate this card slightly less during the latter portion of the draft.

Hailstone Prison (Diamond 70) – I rate this card high despite it being 0 value most of the time because Faie plays a different game than other generals. Bouncing a 4 or higher mana minion is devastating when you also drop another minion along with it. Would not pick more than 2 ideally though. The 3rd and 4th ones can be good for really aggressive decks, but can be very fragile. Rate lower if not an aggressive draft and a bit higher if so.

        Kara/Ilena: Hailstone Prison (Diamond 60) – Simply a tempo card. Rate more copies less.

Hearth-Sister (Diamond 75) – Acts as a utility and a (bad turn 1[as player 1]) 2 drop. Can do some nice combos with Faie’s BBS. Gets rid of pesky blast and Ranged minions with Faie’s BBS or with your other minions. Rate higher if lacking anti-ranged.

Kara: Hearth-Sister (S 80) – 2 mana buffed 3/2’s with good effects are preferred over 2 mana 2/3’s after one BBS tick, and this card allows Kara to use minions to deal with threats such as Ranged minions as well as using a minion to reposition minions (can act as a Chromatic Cold, Aspect of the Wyrm, Repulsor Beast, and more) INSTEAD of using a spell. Very high utility. 4/3 is great stats.

Ilena:  Hearth-Sister (Diamond 70) – No real BBS synergy but still useful and versatile.

Protosensor (Diamond 60) - Can steal mana tiles and is protected for a turn for the most part as a 0/10 is hard to deal with early game. Late game this can be a 0/10 bodyblock and also deal face damage. This card also really can wreck ranged minions played in the corner which is what people should not do unless they control that diagonal tile. Doesn’t kill the ranged minion that turn though. Pretty neat 2 drop that will most likely get you that mana tile as player 1 or player 2

Shatter (Bronze 5) - Does nothing in Kara and Faie unless you draft other cards with it. Rate a 0 if no cards that stun towards late in draft.

Ilena: Shatter (Diamond 70) - This effect is more like 3 maan destroy a minion nearby your general at the cost of your BBS and this card. Generally worse than the Aspects since this can’t be used on far away minions. Slightly better versus closeby minions though.

Myriad (Silver 35) - The walls that you can get often suck except Blazing Spines and that may also suck because a wall placed randomly is at least half the time worthless. Might be okay for stalling so it could be a 30 or something. Generally not very good though.

Cryogenesis (Diamond 70) – Good for killing stuff like Ranged minions and 4 health minions with general attack while giving you Snowchasers and whatnot. Rate lower if you have no Vespyrs and are around pick 25. Works with one Vespyr in deck due to replace. Kind of expensive though.

Fenrir Warmaster (Gold 50) – May not be as good as it was before (it was nerfed from 3 to 2 health), but if you think about its body, it incentivizes the opposing general to hit it, and you can use the Ghost Wolf from Fenrir to deal another 3 damage. Six damage for 3 mana and 1 card? SeemsGood. Probably not very great in Kara or Ilena though but sticks around and is annoying. The loss in tempo is why this card can be meh.

Freeblade (Diamond 65) - Can mess up people’s positioning especially early game being a sentinel. Great stats early game. Also tricks opponent into not attacking with their general etc. due to being a unknown card.

Kindred Hunter (Silver 25) - Arcanyst synergy is hard to come by so this is basically a vanilla 3 mana 3/3 which isn’t good.

Snow Rippler (Gold 55) - Good stats for a 3 drop, as well as a bonus ability that is still free even though Battle Pets suck.

Kara: Snow Rippler (Diamond 70) - Kara likes card draw, and one buff makes this a 4/5 which is comparable to a make shift 4 drop Hailstone Golem.

Snowpiercer (Diamond 70) – Powerful artifact in an excellent mana slot unlike Magmar’s Adamantite Claws which allows you to 2 or 3 drop on a mana tile + use Snowpiercer. This can be used to go face or more importantly kill high HP minions so your minions don’t have to die in the process and they can SMOrc and live. Worse in multiples unless it’s going face of course.

Wolfraven (Gold 50) – Not bad at all, but pales in comparison to Wings of Paradise. Rated higher than Jellyfish because it can deal 4 damage sometimes instead of 2 and kills basically all the relevant ranged minions.

Kara: Wolfraven (Gold 45) – Not much better because 2/5 is not a great statline with BBS. Becomes 5/5 if it infiltrates which does not break any key stats except the HP. Worse than Jellyfish in Kara because 3/5 (always) is better than 5/5 and 2/5 (sometimes).

Avalanche (Diamond 60) – I like this card. Plays real well with the strategy of using infiltrate minions and leading the opposing general to go on your side and BOOM surprise! Can be utterly useless though and would not pick more than 1 ideally due to its inconsistency. Your opponent eventually has to get out of infiltrate especially with Snowchasers. If you don’t like this card at all then don’t pick it.

Blinding Snowstorm (Silver 25) - Can be neat late game with BBS and stalling, otherwise really expensive for what it does. Worse in Kara by a little.

Wailing Overdrive (Gold 45) - Can potentially be good utility that can deal a bunch of damage. Situational though. Not bad as P1, but often useless as P2 since it’s so much more easy to infiltrate as Player 1. Can just win you some games for no reason though (assuming your opponent has no answer to it, which isn’t saying much).

Arctic Displacer (Gold 40) – Not a bad card as one might think but not too great either. Very aggressive stat line, just make sure it goes face instead of into minions. Nice with Hearth-Sister. Rate lower if not an aggressive draft or no Heart-Sisters.

Vespryian Might (Bronze 15) - Needs to buff by 4/4 or 6/6 to be worth it and to do so requires a lot of minions on board that are Vespyrs which probably won’t happen.


Rare Faction cards

Iceshatter Gauntlet (Bronze 0) - Worse than Battle Pets unless you have a stun deck which won’t happen.

Mesmerize (Silver 30) – Have never picked this card, but it could theoretically be used as a removal with Faie’s BBS. I’m sure there’s better rares though. Picked this card because the other cards were Battle Pets and this card can be useful, just very situational.

Kara/Ilena: Mesmerize (Bronze 10) – No real good synergy with BBS. Pure Utility that is often weak.

Snow Chaser (S 85) – I value this card highly because it is really annoying when it comes back every turn. Also great with Cryogenesis since it is a 1 mana card. With proper board control this card is a nightmare. Also invites your opponent to try to get to your side making Avalanche much better. Make sure you play a good positioning game to maximize the use of your Snowchasers.

Bur (Bronze 15) - Battle Pets suck. This card is an anti-Battle Pet card, which tells you how much they suck.

Concealing Shroud (Silver 25) - May allow you to survive one more turn and allow you to BBS again which could be nice. That’s not needed early game though so this cards something you choose if the other cards suck or are not much better. A bit worse in Kara I suppose.

Essence Sculpt (Bronze 0) - Not BBS synergy with Kara and Faie.

Ilena: Essence Sculpt (Gold 40) - Can allow Ilena to get a copy of a good minion to her hand for 2 mana while stunning it for a turn. This makes this card a card you choose if you have a good enough curve and the other cards don’t add much to your deck. The issue is that you spent 2 mana for it and the minion has to be valuable enough for you to invest into as well as the minion has to be nearby your general. Is expensive but could be better than some average or below average card rated around the same.

Mark of Solitude (Diamond 70) –  This card is absurd with Ranged minions. I would only pick this card early in the draft or if I have cheap Ranged minions late in the draft. At worse it’s a card that can be used to turn your low HP 2 drops into huge threats to opposing minions so you can go face with your other stuff. Don’t pick more than 2 though (2nd should be rated lower).

Blazing Spines (Gold 40) – Note these are not Vespyrs for Glacial Elemental, and also should be called Freezing Spikes or something (name doesn’t match up with what it looks like). This card can trap opponent’s and make them position weirdly. Also allows P2 to steal mana crystal into Snowchaser (ideally) and prevent 4 mana ramp from P1. When it deals damage it’s nice too. Combos with Hearth-Sister. Would more often than not pick a moveable minion though. Has more applications with Ilena potentially dealing 6 damage to the minion for 4 mana but is situational and also could not work so it is probably not worth increasing rating.

Drake Downager (S 80) - I believe in the power of this card. Even if your opponent never attacks with their general, they are losing out on tempo on the board which you may have lost by playing this card. Only really weak to spells that deal 3 or more damage and minions like tigers and whatnot, but it’s often an even trade. If it goes off it’s immense value. Maybe higher or lower than this.

Glacial Elemental (Gold 55) – I rate this card poorly because to make this card be decent (Bonechill Barrier) you need to pick a bad card in order to do something DECENT. I would only pick this is if had a shit load of Vespyrs and Snowchasers or if there other cards suck a lot (eg. Battle Pets). Also does not throw snowballs at face which is FeelsBadMan. You may also opt to choose this card in the early picks if the other picks are not much better and hope for Vespyrs, which there is a decent chance of getting, which you’ll probably get 2-3 of (hopefully). Rate higher with more Snow Chasers and cheap Vespyrs.

Moonlit Basilysk (Gold 55) - Spell triggers are easiest to play around, but this effect can be strong as a 3 mana 5/5. Still loses to dispel spell effects and minion effects which makes this very vulnerable. Maybe a bit better than this.

Razorback (Diamond 75) - This card is really great at finishing games but has a below average body. Can be used to trade if necessary or to push in a lot of damage. Also a 4 drop that Vanar lacks, but not the best on curve especially as P1. May rate lower if your draft is not aggressive, but this card is fine in all types of Faie drafts since it can allow you to trade better. Most drafts tend to be more aggressive though. Rate the 2nd one less.

Kara/Ilena: Razorback (Diamond 65) - Still useful, but its stats are poor for a 4 drop even when buffed. Often not as aggressive as Faie either.

Sleet Dasher (S 85) - I would pick this over Snow Chaser. Excellent 4 drop with synergy with cards like Heartsister. I would pick Sunsteel Defender over this card. Has additional applications in Ilena but still can be positioned around after the fact.

Animus plate (Silver 20) - Can rate higher if you have a bunch of Vespyrs especially Snowchaser. Very expensive though. Can get a lot of value but requires too much to set up so avoid unless you do have a Vespyr like deck.

Frostburn (S 85) - Much like tempest, this card is either useless or very neato but at least this card you can use while having a board. Great when your opponent overextends with a lot of little dudes and gets AOE’ed, but awful versus one regular big minion. Great versus Lilithe and Reva in general. Still costs a bunch of mana regardless. Rate higher if lacking ranged hate (not too great at early threats though) during the latter stages of the draft. The second frostburn is lower ~ 70. I’d pick Frostburn over the first Sleet Dasher. Probably don’t want too many copies of frostburn with 6 mana nerf.

Huldra (Silver 20) - Requires a lot of Vespyrs to do stuff with. Add +5 per Vespyr, but don’t expect to combo it off often.

Luminous Charge (Gold 40) - Summons 5 0/1s that can explode. A shame it doesn’t have provoke. Can use to body block at the very least and probably can deal at least 2 damage so it isn’t useless. Not sure on this rating. Can do well in Faie by stalling and using BBS but probably not a pick unless your curve is good enough. Probably worse in Kara/Ilena.

Echo Deliverant (Bronze 10) - 6 mana 6/4 is pretty bad but probably better than a Battle Pet.


Epic Faction Cards

Vespyric Call (Diamond 75) - The only bad card to get off this is Glacial Elemental, and perhaps Iceblade Dryad (useable) even then it isn’t the worst because a 3 mana 3/4 or 4/4 isn’t that bad and they are useable with Vespyrs. The others are either great, or amazing (eg. Draguar Lord, Ancient Grove). Addition of cards like Myriad (2 mana 4/4 with upside = decent), Shivers (1 mana 3/2 flying = below average), and Crystal Arbiter (1 mana 2/5, 5/5 on opponent’s turn = decent). Immortal Vanguard brought HYdroGarm (which turns into a 4/4 for 4 mana and a bonus effect which could be useful). The best thing about this card is storing that 1 mana in advance which can lead to good tempo plays.

Boundless Courage (Diamond 60) – Can kill a big minion for free instead of throwing a bunch of things into it. Great with Ranged minions, as any attack buffs are.

Circulus (Gold 40) - Decent effect that can be triggered by BBS but otherwise weak, pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. Allows for psuedo draw later on. Weak stats though.

Lightning Blitz (Bronze 10) - Situationally good, but that’s very rare.

Shivers (Gold 50) - Great early game as both P1 or P2 due to potential ramp. Otherwise meh late game. Can possibly deal 2 face damage late game though. Has 1 HP which makes it weak to a lot of things though. Slightly worse in Kara/Ilena I suppose.

Crystalline Reinforcement (Bronze 5) - Faie and Ilena don’t have natural boosting abilities so this card is usually dead.

Kara: Crystalline Reinforcement (Bronze 15) - Kara has some buffing ability but is expensive to pull off.

Iceblade Dryad (Gold 45) -  Add +10 to this card per 2 Vespyrs you have. Can rate higher initially in hopes of getting Vespyrs later on but probably not higher than 60. Situational, but can be pretty neat. Late in draft with 0-1 Vespyrs rate this card a 35 or something.

Aspect of the Wyrm (S 90) – I think this card can be rated higher than this. When your opponent runs away or it is a stalemate this card turns all your nearby minions into damage. Absolute crushing card that can win you games for no reason.

Kara:  Aspect of the Wyrm (Diamond 60) – Can still win games for no reason, but probably want to pick a decent minion over this.

Hydrogarm (Gold 40) - Pick mainly if the other cards offered are not much better and you think the effect can be useful (eg. expensive killing a heartseeker or something, probably best for stalling with Faie).

Wintertide (Silver 35) - Opponent will be able to kill a 2/2 so this is not really 6/6 in stats. Can rate higher if you have Vespyr synergy especially Glacial Elemental. Can also use to body block and trap opponent.

Kara: Wintertide (Diamond 65) - 5 mana 3 3/3s isn’t too bad.

Enfeeble (Gold 45) - Being 5 mana now effectively makes this card a sort of reset button where you are still behind since you cannot do much else on that turn. Can be useful but not being able to do things while using this card hurts a lot and you will continue to be behind. Similar to Tempest wither being useless or useful, but with much less mana to redevelop.

Glacial Fissure (Gold 45) - Can end games but much more situational than Avalanche since it covers less area and Avalanche can be used to win the following turn etc. Also in a more competitive rarity slot. Might catch some players off guard though.

Spirit of the Wild (Silver 20) – This card is a great finisher sucks, and only is OK if you played a great keeping-your-opponent-on-their-side game. In those scenarios you will most likely win anyway. It’s pretty situational.

Winterblade (Silver 30) – A shitty overpriced Snowpiercer. Don’t pick this and Coldbiter for the combo.

Frosthorn Rhyno (Diamond 75) – Very scary dude, 6/5 stats with bonus effect is amazing for a 5 drop. At worse a big minion with good attack for 5 mana. At best a 5 mana Vorpal Reaver level of scariness.

Draugar Lord (S 85) – Very sticky card that never dies. Wish it had more attack but that would be too good. Combos with Cryogenesis for immense value. Also stalls the game so you can use your BBS more.

Icebreaker Ambush (Gold 40) - Summons 2 Snowchasers, 1 Crystal Cloaker and 1 Wolf Raven on opponent’s side of field in random spots. This is awful when the action is taking place on your side of the board or in the middle. Mainly good if you can play a good keep enemy on their side of the board game which can be challenging since most opponents want to avoid infiltrate.


Legendary Faction Cards

Coldbiter (Gold 50) – Not bad, acts as a mini-aoe removal so your minions can kill stuff. I would still go face with your general if I had this equipped though. I would rather pick a solid minion though

Gravity Well (Gold 50) – Have never drafted this card, but it seems decent in an aggro playstyle because your opponent needs to deal with all these walls before attacking your minions with their minions. Would rather pick a solid minion though.

The Dredger (Bronze 10) - Not going to be useful.

Denadoro (Diamond 70) - A solid 4 drop in a faction that lacks many solid four drops. Rate lower if you have enough 4 drops. Positive effect but probably not too impactful.

Voice of the Wind (Diamond 75) – This card is really strong because it constantly makes dudes that can be used as more sources of damage as well as being a 4 drop which Vanar doesn’t have. Your opponent will most likely be willing to take 8 damage from this guy too, so SeemsGood. Reduced its rating a bit since it’s not too strong on curve. May increase its rating a bit if you have Snowchasers.

White Asp (Diamond 70) - A better Snowpiercer IMO, but in a more competitive rarity slot. If your opponent is unwilling to take care of the Blazing Spines, then eventually you will win due to BBS by running away.

Wind Sister Maia (Diamond 70) - 1 less HP than Hailstone Golem for an ability that will probably never go off/ be un-impactful (eg. 3/2 Snowchaser still dies to General attack). Pick if you really need a 4 drop or the other legendaries suck. You can choose this over Voice of the Wind if you want more sturdy 4 drops versus the more value orientated VotW.

Auroraboros (Gold 55) - Can be really strong but very situational and sort of “win-more”. Also good in stale-mate situations but Faie does well with that so the other two generals probably benefit from this point. Can rate as low as you want if you don’t think it will add much to your draft.

Frostiva (Diamond 70) - I think this card is pretty good. Very rough to deal with, and will most likely die to hard removal because it’s that threatening. Weaker to dispel compared to other things though and some other cards like Lasting Judgment etc. Maybe a bit better in Kara due to buff but costs 6 mana for it.

Aspect of the Mountains (S 80) – This card can be really crushing and clearing out any minions. Does require you to have a low drop or something surviving though ideally, but worst case you can transform one of your opponent’s minions.. Also don’t forget to attack the general with your snow dude if you can.

Draugar Eyolith (Silver 35) - Very risky to play. The minion probably won’t be summoned, so it’s immediate effect is for the 1 movement which can be useful in Faie and stalling with BBS. I find this card kinda meh because if your opponent doesn’t have an answer to regular 6 drop, then they are still in a rough spot same as if they didn’t have an answer to this card. If they have an answer both Stormmetal Golem and this card are meh. This minion however is weaker to other cards like Polarity, Equality Constraint, Natural Selection etc. (maybe even dispel? Not entirely sure) while Stormmetal Golem is only weak versus Sunset Paragon and Magmar’s AOE Sunset Paragon Spell card which both are epics compared to commons (Stormmetal Golem is also weak to minions as well I suppose, but the 0/10 building isn’t doing much unless it’s preventing the minions from reaching you). Not a huge fan, but if the other cards offered don’t seem to add much you can choose this card and hope it does well. Maybe higher than this.

        Kara/Ilena: Draugar Eyolith (Silver 25) - Very risky with an effect that’s not as abusable with Kara/Ilena compared to Faie.

Ancient Grove (Diamond 70) – Provokes are real good in Faie because your opponent’s general can’t move! However this card does require a great deal of mana for it to be super impactful, but it’ll buy you a turn or two to get those BBS’ in. Slightly worse in Kara/Ilena but still a big provoke. Can disregard rating if you don’t want a 7 mana card.

Flawless Reflection (Silver 20) - Very expensive for a spell that requires some sort of condition to be met. May allow for some surprise lethals and such but doesn’t seem very great. A worse more conditional Fractal Replication. Might be neat with some walls or something but probably not. Unsure of accurate rating.

Ghost Seraphim (Diamond 75) - This can be a vanilla 7 mana 8/9 which isn’t terrible or it could be a 7 mana 8/9 with a good tempo play using a removal spell which can be strong. If your deck has little to no good tempo spells rate this lower like a 60 or something. Neerf doesn’t really matter since the only card affected with FrostBurn since expensive spells often don’t find their way in Gauntlet for Vanar.

Winter’s Wake (Bronze 0) - Walls suck, this card therefore sucks too.

Matron Elveiti (Bronze 15) - Expensive and weak stats. Opponent can kill this off with minions/Spells and then attack you with minions. Could be good if your opponent has nothing but minions that don’t have opening gambits. 8 mana is a lot of mana.

Grandmaster Embla (Gold 55) - 8 mana is a lot of mana, and it could also mean you skip out on 2 damage through BBS which is meaningful late-game. On average it should get you 6 walls 2 of each one which is OK at stalling. This card is terrible when behind and decent when equal. Might be nice to combo with Razorback assuming your walls live. Only really good when you are ahead. Might be slightly worse or better than this so you can decide.

Changes in rankings of Neutral minions




Vaath The Immortal / Starhorn The Seeker / Ragnora The Relentless

Note: Don’t take Starhorn’s ratings too seriously.

Faction cards


Dampening Wave (Gold 50) – Nice utility card. Great if you don’t have no removal but requires a board usually. Would often pick a 2 drop over this. Heals Vaath a bit. It’s nice with Ragnora’s Celerity as well, maybe rate a little higher for him?

        Starhorn: Dampening Wave (Diamond 60) – Better in Starhorn because zero mana cards that can cause a tempo swing with inherent card draw every other turn for 3 turns and every turn after that is amazing. Will require you to have a board though.

Amplification (Gold 40) – Crazy when it goes off, but often very situational. Would often pick a 2 drop over this.

Dance of Dreams (Silver 20) – Maybe in your dreams. Similar rating with Starhorn because it may be better in an aggro Starhorn with many low drops, still sucks though.

Greater Fortitude (Diamond 65) – Great card because it’s dirt cheap and helps a lot with trades. Very good with Ranged minions.

Ragnora: Greater Fortitude (Diamond 75) – Can be very scary with BBS and the card itself is useful even without BBS.

Lava Lance (Diamond 65) - Comparable to True Strike in Lyonar but Magmar needs cards like that due to lacking answers to ranged minions. Bonus effect is a bonus and doesn’t increase rating because it’s too situational.

        Ragonora: Lava Lance (S 80) - Synergy is great and you can deal 4 damage for 2 mana and get your BBS online. Good tempo and anti-ranged. Natural Selection is probably better depending on your deck and how many small minions (especially 1 attack minions). That you have.

Razor Skin (Gold 45) - Pernament attack that can help trade. May act as a 2 drop since it often gives you a 1 mana Battle Pet. Not reliable to get 4 mana ramp as P1 though. At worst you can replace the Battle pet.

Rex (Bronze 5) - Worse than Koi because it will suicide itself and stay an Egg for you opponent to kill. Battle Pets suck.

Biomimetic Hulk (Silver 30) - Can rate higher or lower if you want/don’t want a 2 maan 0/10 body block. Ragnora might appreciate a body block for his eggs.

Diretide Frenzy (Diamond 65) – Highly situational at times without a rush minion. Counts as removal with a decently sized minion, and can DESTROY your opponent’s field while still being able to develop minions. Try not to have more than 1 of this.

Embryotic Insight (Bronze 5) - No synergy and draw cards aren’t really needed. Unreliable even with a bunch of Rebirth minions.

Ragnora: Embryotic Insight (Diamond 60) - Has synergy with BBS and is cheap--sh for draw card. Mainly pick if the other cards are really weak or do not add much to your deck much like other draw cards without a body attached to it.

Entropic Gaze (VARIABLE) - The nerf from 4 damage to 2 damage hurts a good amount, and this card is now solely reserved for really aggressive low curve drafts. I would not choose this card unless the other cards suck or are not much better though. Base rating is ~20 and you may increase it if you find yourself with an aggressive draft or if the other cards aren’t much better. May also choose it if you are satisfied with not having the other cards (eg. enough 2 drops and 3 drops).

Natural Selection (S 80) – No longer interrupted by Eggs anymore except in rare cases (eg. Rex and Ragnora). Great card that can kill anything on an empty board for 2 mana. Rate higher if lacking anti-ranged. May be useless if you have weak dudes or opponent has weak dudes. Has some negative synergy with Ragnora’s BBS but if your 3/1 gets to hatch then you are probably doing fine. It’s just something your opponent doesn’t need to play around as much if they let your egg hatch (which is pretty scary anyway).

Phalanxar (Gold 40) – Not a bad card, but risky to play since it can die much easier than a lot of 2 drops. Fits in the two drop slot which Magmar has very few of, trades into anything early game and many minions late game.

Cascading Rebirth (Gold 50) - I don’t think this card is too bad. It’s best if you deal damage with a minion and it survives to evolve into something else. Most results are decent/good. Has more potential I think. Requires some sort of board and a decent trade though so can be situational. Unsure about accurate rating.

Tremor (Gold 40) – Utility card that can come in handy, but often just stalls and does nothing unless you are trying to hit face while the minions are stunned.

Vaath’s Brutality (Diamond 60)  - I think this card is good. First effect is useful and the attack buff can benefit all generals. 2nd copy is ~50. Seems good in aggressive strategies.

Young Silithar (S 80) – One of the best 2 drops in the game. Rebirth rework also helps. If you have enough 2 drops for your liking can rate this card lower. It’s main drawback is that it’s often bad synergy with Natural Selection.

Catalyst Quillbeast (Diamond 75) - Another nice tool against ranged minions especially Heartseekers. A mini Spirit Harvester. Can rate higher if the other cards are not much better and you want something for anti-Reva. Perhaps worse in Starhorn since Vaath can deal 4 damage to something with BBS.

        Ragnora: Catalyst Quillbeast (Diamond 65) - Still a 3 drop that can deal AOE, but kills your Egg. Think of it as a sort of spammable Blistering Scorn, but one where you can never get a Egg with. Can rate higher if you need AOE versus 1 health minions.

Earth Walker (Gold 50) – Not worth babysitting this guy, just treat it as a 4/4 or 5/5 at times and go in with it after it grows once or twice.

Effulgent Infusion (Silver 25) - 3 mana give your minion 2-3 attack isn’t worth it early game. You really need to give a minion +5 or something which is late game and then it might not be very useful anymore. Has artifact synergy.

Starhorn/Ragnora: Effulgent Infusion (Bronze 15) - 3 mana give 2 attack is not very great.

Erratic Raptyr (Silver 25) - Can rate lower because this card isn't very good. Mainly used defensively to attack minions.

Primordial Gazer (Gold 45) – Not bad, but has a worse body in return for a better buff than Songweaver. Great with Ranged minions, but a bit costly for 3 mana IMO.

Ragnora: Primordial Gazer (Diamond 65) – Deal 10 damage to enemy general if BBS lives is very scary. Maybe higher or lower than this.

Ragebinder (Diamond 70) - Very solid 3 drop with rebirth. Not the best on 4 mana but not too terrible either since you can BBS. 3 attack means it allows you to finish off with Vaath BBS. Slightly worse in Starhorn/Ragnora.

Terradon (Diamond 65) - Very healthy 3 drop. May rate higher if you have cards like Greater Fortitude and Primal Flourish cards.

Thraex (Diamond 60) - Good stats for a 3 drop with bonus effect that can keep on doing its thing and get multiple buffs. Nice with ranged.

Starhorn: Thraex (Gold 50) - Worse in Starhorn because BBS sucks.

Adamantite Claws (Diamond 70) – This card counts as close-ranged removal just because 6 damage is a threshold to kill a lot of middle sized to big things when you general has health. Picking more than 1 or 2 is not the best idea though. Gets really cloggy. More urgent in Starhorn because lack of attack buff, but not by much.

Blood Rage (Gold 50) - Buffs but very expensive and requires board. Can easily get +2/+2 but not worth for 4 mana, so really need +4/+4 or higher. Can create lethals on complex boards and with AOE cards like Quillbeast. Can rate higher with Quillbeasts or with ranged minions. I think it’s a bit expensive and can require a bit of set up to be really really good though, but does have that potential of giving huge buffs. Can rate as low as you want if you don’t think it’s feasible.

Earth Sphere (Diamond 65) – Clutch Healing can be very strong but still feels bad to use this card and practically pass your turn due to high mana cost. Good versus Faie. 2nd copy might be a bit too much.

        Starhorn: Earth Sphere (Gold 45) – Worse in Starhorn because his BBS doesn’t utilize health as much like Vaath’s.

Ragnora: Earth Sphere (Gold 55) – Has a good late game BBS where Healing can be useful. Maybe higher?

Grimrock (S 80) – Great card that becomes a strong Hailstone Golem after one turn. Needs babysitting but well worth it.

Veteran Silithar (Gold 50) – Less health means it can die to 3 damage sources + General attack, and in many other scenarios. Can no longer attack with this minion aggressively due to less health. Still somewhat sticky.

Wild Inceptor (Silver 20) - Can be really aggressive, but situational. Combos with stuff like Egg Morph, and rebirth minions. You can rate this card a bit higher if you have some rebirth minions. Often garbage though.

Ragnora: Wild Inceptor (Gold 55) - A 5 mana BBS into this card is a 3/3 and a 3/1 Rush with Rebirth and Celerity. This seems acceptable but on the weaker side and more of a removal tool that is expensive.  Unsure of accurate rating but should be at least average I think.

Kolossus (Diamond 75) – Really scary card that grows real fast. Needs to be babysitted for one turn and it’s a monster. Closes games out if opponent cannot remove or dispel.

Plasma Storm (S 80) – Still quite nice to have one of, maybe two is good as well. Can rate this higher if you want because it’s that good versus some generals. Try not to have 3 of these though, and can rate lower based on what your minions look like.


Rare Faction cards

Flash Reincarnation (Gold 50) – Can cheat mana at the cost of one card. Acts as a two drop due to being able to summon a 4 mana minion turn 1, but costs 2 cards. Pretty dead late game though unless you have a huge hand. Rate higher or lower based on your draft and needing to ramp to X mana minion. Change in text to not being able to double Flash and do something doesn’t matter since you won’t have 2 of this in your deck most likely. Would rather pick something on curve most of the time, and the most compelling reason to pick this is due to lack of 2 drops or if you have strong cards to ramp into.

Starhorn: Flash Reincarnation (Diamond 60) – Better in Starhorn due to the ability to refuel the hand. Starhorn still sucks though.

Godhammer (Silver 20) - Really slow and a 1/1 buff might not do much. Potentially strong in stalemate situations against generals that are not Faie and Reva. It might be stronger than this but I don’t think it’s very useful.

Gro (Gold 45) - Survives against many 4 drops once it Gros once. Still a Battle Pet and I would not blame you picking something else.

Primal Ballast (Gold 55)  - Expensive for an anti-ranged as it often turns your opponent’s ranged minions into a 3 or 4 drop. Still a choice you can make though if you lack the anti-ranged. May also ue aggressively I suppose.

Rancour (Diamond 75) - A 2 drop that Magmar lacks and can become a 3/3 easily or more which is great for a 2 drop. Problem with giving this card any higher of a rating is that it’s a 2 drop which rarely gets super high value unless it’s ranged or blast.

Warpup (Diamond 60) - Another 2 drop in Magmar that is solid which is neat since Magmar lacks solid 2 drops. Can be great with buffs, otherwise not very threatening. Great with primal Flourish. Gets in the way of Natural Selection though.

Kinetic Equilibrium (Gold 55) – Utility card that can act as anti-ranged/AOE. Kinda expensive but can get rid of a lot of weakened minions or Ranged minions. Sometimes can act as a Razorback for lethal.

Rage Reactor (Gold 50) - Efficient ping of sorts and can be annoying, but often the egg will just die for free. Also need to kill something with your general with it.

Ragnora: Rage Reactor (Diamond 60) - 2 eggs might be more annoying to get rid of.

Seismoid (Bronze 10) - Only pick if you really need 2 drops and the other cards are not much better.

Tectonic Spikes (VARIABLE) - Maybe for Aggro draft and surprise your opponent with damage. Mainly pick if the other cards suck or if you have a super aggressive draft, in that case you can rate this card higher to around ~50 or something. Base rating is ~20 and increase as needed if you find yourself with an aggressive draft or if the other cards aren’t much better. May also choose it if you are satisfied with not having the other cards (eg. enough 2 drops and 3 drops) and want some sort of trickery.

Upper hand (Diamond 65) - Anti-ranged in early game, but somewhat expensive. Late game this card is probably not very good. Rate higher if need anti-ranged. I’d probably take Lava Lance over this unless you really want something to deal with a card like Widowmaker.

Egg Morph (S 90) – One of the best removal cards in gauntlet due to inactivating dying wish. Has extra use in Ragnora for 3 damage with BBS but probably not worth it unless they die.

Thumping Wave (S 90) - Acts like an Egg Morph that deals 3 damage to Vaath a turn later. Worse than Egg Morph against Provokes. Better than Egg Morph as an aggressive tool, and against ranged minions. Much worse in Starhorn but still very good. Choose this or Egg Morph depending on preference (I’d probably prefer Thumping for additional utility, but Egg Morph is more reliable). The change from 3 mana to 4 mana hurts and this card is much more like Egg Morph now in that sense. I’d still prefer Thumping since you can use it on ranged units etc. Ragnora/Starhorn might appreciate Egg Morph more due t not having 3 attack and Ragnora can use Egg Morph with BBS if really needed..

Elucidator (Diamond 75) – Aggressive card that has enough health to get rid of many Ranged minions and some blast minions. Scary with Diretide Frenzy. May be killing yourself as Vaath though since he uses his life so often. Pick no more than 2 of these or they can be dead. Counts as removal at the cost of your health. Worse in control-ish drafts.

Omniseer (S 85) - This card is a Hailstone Golem at worst but often can turn your 2 drops into Hailstone Golems which is great. Very snowbally card.

Spirit Harvester (S 85) – Nice card with solid body. Its ratings goes up or down depending on type of draft. Great in control, decent in aggro. Great vs Abyssian and some other generals like Ragnora and Reva. May even choose this card over Thumping or Egg Morph because of how much this card wrecks Reva and Lilithe. Has some negative synergy with Ragnora so watch out. Still does it’s job though but may be a detriment.

Unstable Leviathan (Gold 40) – A worse Drybone Golem that likes to hit random things. Sometimes this can really screw you so you can opt to not pick it over something rated lower.

Mandrake (Diamond 75) - Often very cheap in 5 turns. Often free on 5 or 6 turns. Reduced rating to 75, still good but would prefer more things than this. Not a necessary pick.


Epic Faction Cards

Iridium Scale (Diamond 60) – Can turn Vaath into a Makantor Warbeast. Can be tough to use and only really useful after 4-5 turns. Requires a lot of positioning to work. Only works once if your opponent is smart. Gets slightly better with Adamantite Claws but not much better due to high mana combo cost.

Starhorn/Ragnora: Iridium Scale (Gold 40) – Meh in Starhorn/Ragnora due to no BBS synergy.

Kujata (Diamond 60) – Good card early game due to Magmar having so many great 4 and 5 drops. Dead late game.

        Starhorn: Kujata (Diamond 75) – Even better in Starhorn due to cheating mana and dropping mid sized minions for a nice cost while refueling. Still dead late game.

Endure the Beastlands (Gold 40) - Expensive and delayed. Maybe it’s better than this as you could definitely snowball with this. I’m not a fan of this card though. Maybe ~50?

Moloki Huntresses (Diamond 70) - Add 5+ per 2 grow minions, otherwise it’s a solid card by itself. Still needs babysitting. Makes Kolosus and Grimrock monsters.

Homeostatic Rebuke (S 85) - Can lower this rating if don’t want a card like this. Can pick sunset paragon for more tempo focused decks. Probably better for value/control though. Can be dead sometimes like Tempest. Probably a bit worse in Starhorn/Ragnora since a empty board if often better for Vaath than the other two in some cases. Nerf to 4 mana makes it less easy to use and develop something but still serves a similar purpose.

Mind Steal (Bronze 15) – Might have been better in patch before BBS due to greedier drafts, but now worse on average. Bag of RNG, so how about no.

Pupabomb (Bronze 0) - No real synergy. Unreliable even with Rebirth minions.

Ragnora: Pupabomb (Diamond 60) - Can be an expensive AOE tool at the cost of your BBS for 5 mana. Not a huge fan of this card, but the AOE can be clutch. I think this card is a bit worse than this.

Rizen (Gold 50) - Can multiply a lot but I would hate if your 4 drop dies to a 1 mana card. High risk, good reward I suppose. Great versus Obelysks. Not a fan.

Valknu’s Seal (Gold 40) - The egg may die easily to anything so it relies on your opponent not having a ranged answer or BTA etc. which is a huge flaw. If you do pull it off you may get around a 6 manas worth in stats.

Starhorn/Ragnora: Valknu’s Seal (Silver 30) - Cannot gain attack buff like Vaath does.

Verdant Fulmination (Silver 35) - A worse endure the Beastlands I think or similar to it due to being more expensive. See Endure the Beastlands for more information.

Lavaslasher (S 85) - Amazing card with solid stats that can act as anti ranged etc. Only a few cards are better than this. The nerf from 9 health to 7 health is big, but this card is still very strong. Decreased rating by 5 points, maybe can go down 10 but this card is still a anti-ranged tool etc.

Visionar (Diamond 60) - Similar to a grow minion. Better in Starhorn (65 ish). A 7/4 at the end of your turn, and 8/5 at start of your next turn is quite neat, and can grow even bigger. I wish it had more health though.

Nature’s Confluence (Diamond 75) - Worse thing this can summon is Rok, the 4/4 Can’t move Pet, and that isn’t too bad. Fog is also another bad one (on curve) because your hand is probably too full to fit 4 Battle Pets. Otherwise it creates so much pressure despite them being Battle Pets. On average a 1 card 4 3/3 minions is quite problematic. Might be worse or better than this.

Armada (S 90) - Prefer Makantor over this card and some cards like Bonereaper/Sworn Avenger/Dioltas/Lavaslasher etc. depending on what you think your deck needs. All of the cards are strong.

Fractal Replication (Diamond 60) – This card is value city. Amazing with grow minions, and great with decently sized minions (4 mana or higher). Can win games, but requires a good/decent minon to replicate.

Makantor Warbeast (S 100) – Always Makantor, always Makantor.

Bounded Lifeforce (Diamond 70) – Great card as a finisher. A lot of people don’t expect this card so it’s better than it should be. Worthless to have 2 of though. Try to use this card to win you the game on the turn you use it or you will die right after. Reminder that Vaath carries on any attack gain from his BBS and artifacts while using this card.


Legendary Faction Cards

Eternal Heart (Silver 25) - Only good super late game against Faie or something. Dead early and mid-game means you have to replace it and hope to draw it when you need it which may be never.

Twin Fang (Diamond 60) – Would rather not pick this even though it’s often a better Adamantite Claws. It does rely on have a board which is why I rate it lower. There’s a lot better legendaries out there too.

Vindicator (Diamond 60) - This nerfed card is like a better Earth Walker that’s somewhat worth babysitting. It becomes a 3/5 the next turn at least because your opponent draws at least one card unless they mill it (in that case they did nothing with their turn which is still good for you). Then it grows like a Grimrock, but is worse when it is dispelled (Vindicator is 1 mana stats compared to Grimrock’s 3 mana stats). It could potentially grow bigger because of your opponent drawing by you killing something like Void Hunter/Wind Shrike. Not bad at all, but still needs babysitting.

Starhorn: Vindicator (S 80) - Grows slightly faster with Starhorn due to his BBS, making it like a better Grimrock. I wouldn’t pick Starhorn just because you got a Vindicator though because Vaath is generally better, and Vindicator is good/decent in Vaath as well.

Drogon (S 85) - This card can effectively allow Vaath to kill a 4 drop in a single hit due to BBS + effect making Vaath’s attack at least 6. It also allows for surprise burst damage which is quite deadly. Below average stats for 4 mana but still well worth the effect.

Starhorn: Drogon (Diamond 60) - Dealing 4 damage for 1 mana is not bad, but BBS still sucks.

Ragonara: Drogon (Diamond 70) - Dealing 4 damage for 1 mana is not bad and BBS is better than Starhorn’s.

Gigaloth (Gold 50) - Can rate this card as low as you want if you don’t think it will be built. High risk high reward.

Earth Sister Taygete (Diamond 65) - 4 health hurts,but this card is still a decent 4 drop.

Progenitor (S 90) - Very strong, can rate 100 if you want especially in tempo focused decks. Or you can pick a good value late game card instead which this card can provide (assuming you have a board).

Morin-Khur (Silver 30) - Often a overpriced and worse Adamintite Claws. May be able to pull off some neat combo, but highly situational.

Ragonara: Morin-Khur (Diamond 70) - 6 mana combo to deal 8 damage with your general and the Egg is nothing to laugh about. Can separate the 5 and 3 damage as well and can act as some removal to some extent. Maybe worse or better than this. Can rate higher if you would like a later game removal tool.

Chrysalis Burst (Silver 30) – Due to rebirth mechanic rework this card is better and much faster. The pool of Magmar minions have also slightly improved. Change from 4 mana to 6 mana makes this card pretty bad, but may still do something but probably not.

Dreadnought (Gold 50) - A bit weak for its mana cost. It’s Egg effect is largely irrelevant. Ragnora Eggs live more easily but still cost you this mana, but definitely a bit better in Ragnora.

Metamorphosis (S 80) – Often a worse Egg Morph due to being more expensive, but can bring back the game if you have multiple sources of damage or attack and your opponent has multiple threats. Rate higher without big target removal.

Evolutionary Apex (Silver 20) - Probably not even good in super high curve decks.

Silithar Elder (S 95) – Picking this card can warp your entire draft strategy into a “survive and drop this card somewhere safe game” because of this card’s ability to get infinite value at an exponential rate compared to Pandora who gets value in a linear rate. Can draft differently but don’t go too overboard. Requires more expertise to draft the best of a Silithar Elder draft, but just adding this card to your draft as a backup strategy might be fine too. Can rate this card lower and ignore rating if don’t need a 7 drop.

Flaming Stampede (Gold 50) - This card is tough to evaluate. It could be a good finisher that Magmar lacks, as well as an AOE clear + general attack for on average 9 to 10 damage which is neat.

Juggernaut (Diamond 60) - 8 mana is a lot so you may just ignore this card if you don’t want a big dude. Wins the game if not dealt with, but if it is then that’s a lot of mana wasted.    

Sauran Finiality (Gold 55) - Can turn things around but really relies on having a lot of mana and getting a good trade on board/being ahead on board. Could be surprise heal against Faie etc. 8 mana is a lot so you can rate this card as low as you want. Should be slightly worse in Starhorn/Ragnora maybe 45~ but unsure. Hard card to evaluate.

Grandmaster Kraigon (Gold 50) - Too expensive, given an arbitrary rating. Better with Flash Reincanation. Ignore rating if you don’t want a 9 mana card. Can definitely win games though.

Changes in rankings of Neutral minions




Kaleos Xaan / Reva Eventide/ Shidai Stormblossom

NOTE: Don’t take Shidai’s ratings seriously.

Faction cards


Ace (Bronze 0) - Battle Pets suck. Ranged ones suck even more.

Assassination Protocol (Diamond 75) - Maybe a little better in Reva, rate higher if need anti ranged and removal for bigger guys to some extent. Good synergy with Celestial Phantom, Sorboro, Ranged minions etc. Rate 2nd lower by a bit. Rate 3rd much lower or if you have very little big-ish minions. Can lose card value very fast with this card. Can rate higher if needing removal.

Bloodrage Mask (Bronze 5) – Don’t pick this even with 10+ spells because it will do nothing and clog up your hand.

Shidai: Bloodrage Mask (Bronze 15) – Can deal extra damage with this but who cares.

Ghost Lightning (Gold 45) – Neat 1 mana card that can finish off things. Gets rid of Pyromancer more importantly. Would often pick a 2 drop though. Great vs Lilithe and Reva.

Heartseeker (Diamond 65) – I like Vale Hunter more because the one health makes it susceptible to things like Blood Tear Alchemist etc. It however has the upside of getting double 1 drop as P1 and more importantly being able to be more flexible and can be summoned after getting a mana tile which is often wasted. Note that this is still great in Reva because Reva’s BBS is only allowed turn 3, and Ranged minions are most deadly when buffed turn 2.

Gotatsu (Diamond 60) - Can be good tempo but 1 damage is a lot less than 2 missing out on some kills like Vale Hunter and whatnot. Can pick this card over other cards if the other cards lack value and you need value.

Inner Focus (Gold 50) – Utility card. Spends your hand really fast so I don’t like it too much. Counts as small removal with Kaido Assassin and mid-sized to large removal with Gore Horn and Scarlet Viper. Slightly better in Reva because of IF Heartseekers which is even more deadly with buffs. Can act as a zero mana deal X damage with a ranged minion which is pretty neat. Still costs a card though. Raised rating again because Songhai has weak comeback tools, and this is one of them. Still not bad, but allows for weaker on curve plays. Can rate higher and pick this card anyway if the other cards aren’t much better for your draft. Probably don’t pick more than 1.

        Reva: Inner Focus (Diamond 65) - Comeback tools are needed and this is great with combos with Heartseeker. High probability of increase in rating due to many synergies. Got nerfed but still good. Doesn't change anything if you are going to BBS/IF Killing edge on 5 mana.

Joseki (Bronze 5) - Pick over battle pets.

Katara (Diamond 65) - I like this better than Kaido In Kaleos. 1 mana is neat especially since it’s often wasted. Rate higher with Mist Dragon Seal by 5 per MDS I suppose.

Reva/Shidai: Katara (Gold 50) - Reva/Shidai has no blink. Worse than Kaido in Reva/Shidai because no blink, but is more flexible. Rate higher with Mist Dragon Seal by 5 per MDS I suppose.

Mist Dragon Seal (S 80) – Buff with positional cheating. Allows for some surprising lethals, and doesn’t care about Repulsor Beast. Nuts with backstab, so you can choose to rate backstab minions higher with this card especially Katara and Kaido Assassin. Good for teleporting and cheaply buffing Reva’s Ranged minions too. Overall still useful with Shidai regardless of synergy. You can rate this card a 90 if you want.

Shadow Waltz (Bronze 0) - Maybe if you have 20 backstab minions.

Spiral Counter (Diamond 65) - Gives Songhai a big minion removal that is reactive which is neat for 1 mana. However you or something needs to take a beating for that to happen. Might be better than this? I’m not too optimistic though. Can rate higher if lacking anti-ranged, but kinda is meh for that purpose since something is going to take a beating.

Artifact Defiler (Bronze 0) – Pick this card if you want to lose.

Chakri Avatar (Gold 40) – Decent 2 drop that can grow. Often requires you to spend a lot of cards to make it grow into a 4 drop so don’t count on it. A 2 drop that still is decent late game though which is nice. Pretty pathetic early game though. Rate lower with less spells towards end of draft. Shidai has multiple BBS usages, but no teleportation. Would still rather pick a early game minion that doesn’t need spell support in most cases.

        Reva: Chakri Avatar (Silver 30) – Worse in Reva because of the lack of Blink synergy with this card. Can’t hide it somewhere safe and blink it in when buffed with Reva requiring her to use Mist Dragon Seal to do this. Still a 2 drop and can grow somewhat though.

Ethereal Blades (Gold 40) - A better more flexible Saberspine Seal most of the time.

Crimson Coil (Diamond 60) - Another possible ranged answer. Rate higher if lacking. The Battle Pet effect is irrelevant.

Kaido Assassin (Diamond 65) – Can make your opponent position weirdly, and can sometimes get a free kill as well as synergizing well with Blink. Good 2 drop. Rate higher with Mist Dragon Seal by 5 per MDS I suppose.

        Reva/Shidai: Kaido Assassin (Diamond 60) – Still makes your opponent wary of this card and Mist Dragon Seal is still potent. Just worse with Reva due to no Blink. Rate higher with Mist Dragon Seal by 5 per MDS I suppose.

Phoenix Fire (S 85) – Good card to have a few of. Midsized removal with general attack, and can go face. Songhai often can’t deal with minions and buffed Ranged/blast minions are auto-lose if you don’t have an answer.

Saberspine Seal (Silver 30) – Counts as mid-sized removal. Does only 5 with general, so that kinda sucks. Still very good way to kill something decent and drop something on curve that’s comparably strong. More than one decreases in rating. Slightly better in Reva because of BBS Heartseekers +5-10.

Suzumebachi (Gold 45) - Often worse than Rust Crawler but has potential to be a bit better especially in Shidai, but it costs mana to do such a job so Rust Cralwer is probably better.

Hundred-Handed Rakushi (Gold 55) - Good summoning condition, but I am not afraid of playing a minion into a Sentinel unless it’s a Vale Hunter or something like that. Deals damage to Hailstone Golem and whatnot which is fine. A bit better in Reva I suppose maybe a 65?

Jade Monk (Diamond 60) – Solid 3 drop that can finish off weak minions. Would pick a solid 4 drop over this though unless you have a lot of 4 drops. Slightly better in Reva because of inherent boost in rating because of the neutral bonus shown later. Reduced rating because 3 drops are meh, this is one of the better ones I suppose.

Killing Edge (S 85) – Stupid card with any minion with decent health. Broken with any Ranged minion. Try not to get too many; 2 is fine. Three or more have diminishing returns. Nice with backstab in Kaleos since it draws you cards and Songhai still gets offered ranged minions. Allows for lethals with Blink.

Reva: Killing Edge (S 95) – BBS allows for Heartseekers to be threats.

Sparrowhawk (Bronze 5) - Pick over battle pets.

Thunderbomb (Diamond 70) - I like Twin Strike more because of value, and you can play around this 1 damage AOE a lot easier, but this can go face. Can choose between the two but I give Twin Strike an edge. Better in aggressive decks I suppose. Can decide based on what you want (eg. kill Widowmaker more of the time). If lacking 3 damage sources probably better than Twin Strike. Very close.

Twin Strike (Diamond 70) – Nice utility with cantrip. Costs a decent amount of mana though. Good for finishing off weak things and ranged minions like Vale Hunter.

Widowmaker (S 80) – A better Cannon of Mechaz0r. Great as P2, and just as good on 4 mana assuming your BBS does something decent.

        Reva: Widowmaker (S 85) – Reva BBS into Widowmaker as P1 making 3 mana minions slightly better, acting as a makeshift 4 drop.

Whiplash (Gold 45) - A Bloodshard Golem with better use late game. So many good 3 drops in Songhai and this isn’t one of them.

Ancestral Divination (Silver 20) – Pick if you have a very low curve draft, otherwise bad.

Flamewreath (Diamond 65) - Sorta a delayed Frostbone Naga or a Frostbone Naga for 5 mana with Kaleos. Can be better than Naga by being a more proactive one, but I’d like to think it’s more valuable to have a immediate 4 mana Naga than a 5 mana one. 60 in Reva due to no BBS synergy but can definitely make enemy disengage a bit.

Keshrai Fanblade (Gold 40) – Its ability may not be impactful at all, but it’s still one of Songhai’s only 4 drops. Might as well take a 3 drop in Reva if the 3 drop is decent.

Manakite Drifter (Silver 30) -. Basically a body block that could give you mana maybe. Not a 4 drop. Reva might appreciate the body block a bit more. Pick if you think it's useful and other cards aren’t very.

Scarlet Viper (Diamond 60) – Can kill things for free, but can often be played around. Much better with Inner Focus/Assassination Protocol for a surprise. Rate higher with cards like those If you have enough of those, pick this.


Rare Faction cards

Mana Vortex (Bronze 5) – Allows you to cast a spell for one less mana which is not good anymore because it doesn’t draw you a card. It’s a situational tempo card that is very low value and may be worthless. Pick only over Sol and Ion.

Mist Walking (Silver 30) – Maybe if you have Mask of Shadows, and even so probably not. Nice to run away and potential to kill ranged minions maybe.Better in Reva playstyle because she has good BBS. can ignore if want value.

Obscuring Blow (Diamond 60) - This card is hard to evaluate since it could be ridiculously good or worthless. It being 1 mana is great tempo if you pull it off. It may be higher than this at first but as time goes on people will learn to play around this card making this card probably around this rating or something. It could be higher than this though TBH.

Reva/Shidai: Obscuring Blow (Gold 50) - No blink = less chances to use this. Still could be higher than this.

Deathstrike Seal (S 80) – Necessary due to lack of Songhai removals. Amazing with Ranged minions. Note this card works on cards that deal damage by card effect such as White Widow.

        Reva: Deathstrike Seal (S 90) – Even better in Reva because she summons Heartseekers making planning with this card much easier, while Kaleos already needs a Ranged minion to be ready or uses it with a 2 drop or something.

Mass Flight (Diamond 70) - Treat as anti-ranged if you have a minion. Late game it is strong in stalemates. Probably do not want more than 1 of this card. Has backstab synergy. Can rate lower than this.

Mirror Meld (Bronze 10) - Pretty situational since it’s mainly good with a buffed minion.

Reva: Mirror Meld (Silver 20) - A 2 mana Heartseeker, so not as situational.

Xho - (Silver 35) - About a third of Songhai spells suck. The others are decent or good though. Battle Pets suck. Songhai also wants to snowball, and playing Battle Pets does not help you do that.

Bangle of Blinding Strike (Gold 55) - Neat card that can act as anti ranged or a tool to run away. Expensive 3 mana though. Good synergy with Reva BBS and cyclone mask.

Celestial Phantom (Diamond 65) – A card that will often kill a card or make opponent’s minions run away. Blink is not bad on this minion.

Reva: Celestial Phantom (Diamond 70) – Better in Reva because it’s good for making enemy disengage thus making your ranged dudes safer and harder to get to without engaging.

Dusk Rigger (Gold 40) - Has Blink synergy for Kaleos, but is pretty weak and overcosted. Also not the best 3 drop which Songhai has a lot of.

        Reva/Shidai: Dusk Rigger (Silver 30) - No blink synergy.

Gore Horn (Diamond 70) – Great card with Kaleos’ BBS. Protect it and it can kill something for free, and also get buffed requiring your opponent to use removal or trade their general’s life or another minion to get rid of it. Makes you opponent position weirdly too or get punished.

        Reva: Gore Horn (Gold 45) – Worse in Reva because no Blink, but still a minion that can be used with Inner Focus or positioning. Rate higher with MDS etc..

Ki Beholder (S 85) - A cheaper Firespitter that has a bonus effect. I like Deathstrike Seal better for Reva.

Mind-Cage Oni (Gold 55) - Easiest to play around due to spell condition in Gauntlet. Songhai has a lot of 3 drops too.

Mizuchi (Diamond 60) - Powerful transformation and condition to achieve this isn’t too bad. A 65 in reva since most people attack her with their general.

Four Winds Magi (Diamond 70) – Good mainly because of the lack of 4 drops Songhai has. Can heal you and deal damage which is nice. Not very good on curve though.

Geomancer (S 80) - Kaleos’ BBS is much worse than Phoenix Fire so it’s a great trade off. This is only for the first one, I would probably avoid a 2nd one if possible since a 5/4 body for 5 mana is not good tempo. Reduced rating because why not. For Shidai the BBS exchange is probably worth it as her BBS isn’t the best and is RNG dependant.

Reva: Geomancer (Gold 50) - Reva’s BBS is much better than Kaleos’ so it’s a harder trade-off in comparison. You may rate this higher since this card is controversial, but I don’t think it’s worth it most of the time. Maybe in a deck that has limited synergy or if the other cards are garbage. Consider the points below



Bombard (Bronze 0) - Battle pet level.

Ornate Hiogi (Bronze 5) - This could draw you a lot of cards, but only one at a time with BBS and costs 6 mana which is not worth it. For Shidai it could draw you 2 cards, but still costs a lot of mana. Can rate higher in Shidai but who cares.

Epic Faction Cards

Juxtaposition (60) – Utility. Counts as removal with backstab but costs a card. Would rather pick something else. Rate higher if lacking anti-ranged and if you have backstab minions by up to ~20 or so.

Scroll Bandit (Gold 55) - Solid 2 drop that may be blinked for value so it can’t be too bad. Rate a bit higher with MDS. A 45 Reva with no blink.

Bamboozle (S 80) - Only works on nearby minions but is one of the only big removal tools Songhai has so it’s hard to find something similar. 2nd effect is irrelevant in gauntlet for most purposes.

Battle Panddo (Diamond 60) - Not bad, decent stats with bonus effect. 65 for Reva. Kinda annoying which is good. A lot of good epics out there in Songhai though.

Cyclone Mask (Diamond 75) – Nice mini-removal. Kills most Ranged minions and Pyromancers. Rate higher if lacking anti-ranged tools.

Flicker (Silver 20) - Maybe you can run away with this card or inflict lethal. Otherwise situational and meh.

Lantern Fox (S 100) – Amazing card that often gives you 2 phoenix fires which are removal, and damage. The nerf from 4 health to 3 health makes it so that you cannot place it in front of 3 attack sources anymore, but generally this card will get you 2 PFs still so I don’t think it’s rating changed. If I could rate the previous Fox over 100, it would be 130-140 or something and now it’s like 110, so Lantern Fox still gets that 100 rating.

Onyx Bear Seal (S 90) – Transforms an enemy minion into a Panddo. Amazing because Songhai doesn’t have any removal. Cost efficient and overall a good pick. Panddo can be annoying to deal with though.

Substitution (Silver 30) - Has applications versus Demonic Lure and Repulsor Beast,  rate a little higher in Reva if you want because she has good BBS late game and may want to run away. Otherwise not too great and situational.

Cobra Strike (Gold 45) - Only this rating because Songhai doesn’t have the best anti-ranged tools. May rate higher if lacking in those. Expensive anti-ranged tool, also an option for more aggressive decks.

Kindling (Diamond 65) - A little bit worse in Kaleos because his BBS isn’t the best but overall a solid 4 drop that Songhai lacks. There are many good Songhai epics though so you can choose to ignore this if you like something else.

Pandamonium (Bronze 5) - Situationally meh. It heals your minions and your opponent’s minions is usually what it’ll do at the cost of 4 mana. Rarely will you ever be able to clear with this card.

Wildfire Tenketsu (Diamond 60) - Rate higher if you have cards like Twin strike/Ghost lightning or other spell damage. A solid 4 drop with okay stats and bonus effect at worse.

Hamon Bladeseeker (S 90) – Stormmetal Golem for 5 mana which means it is one turn earlier which means you dealt 8 damage to something in exchange for 2 damage to yourself. Great with Blink to get close to the enemy general.

Reva/Shidai: Hamon Bladeseeker (Diamond 65) - I’m very unimpressed by this card in Reva since it deals damage to your own general which is often a poor strategy for many Reva drafts. It can surely seal the game with it’s high attack and defense but I’d rather have a Brightmoss Golem over Hamon most of the time and since epics are so good in Songhai I have to rate this card strictly lower on two points. I’d choose Cyclone Mask over Hamon. Shidai doesn’t have much synergy either.

Onyx Jaguar (Diamond 60) - Slightly better in Kaleos due to blink, but Reva also has Heartseekers that could use a buff. Only good if you have a board, otherwise bad so pick based on your draft. May be slightly better than this.

Firestorm Mantra (Bronze 5) - Probably a late game deal 2 damage for a lot of mana.

Spiral Technique (S 90) – Wins games you don’t deserve to win. Pick one of these great epics based on the type of draft you have. Would most likely pick lantern fox over any epic as it gives you Phoenix Fires which can deal with minions much like OBS in a smaller aspect. Would pick OBS if you do not have any Killing Edge + Ranged minion/Deathstrike Seal late during the draft. Hamon’s also a solid pick and often does what Spiral Technique does in Kaleos. Spiral doesn’t require any preparation though which is its strength. It’s impact on the game also makes your opponent play around it even if you don’t have it in your deck which is saying a lot about the power of this card.


Legendary Faction Cards

Crescent Spear (Silver 25) - Probably only going to be used for the +1 attack.

Eight Gates (Bronze 5) – Cool with Ghost lightning, but still shitty. Don’t pick.

Mask of Shadows (Gold 40) – Can kill some stuff for free or deal 6 to general. Unexpected, but often only lasts one turn. Perhaps better if lacking removal, but probably not much better. Silhouette Tracer does not increase this card’s rating as it is too unreliable.

Twilight Fox (Silver 30) - Can rate higher with backstab, but otherwise this card’s effect may backfire due to RNG. Better in Kaleos than Reva for sure.

Tusk Boar (Diamond 60) – Only good because it’s a two drop slot and can trade into ranged minions. Otherwise another solid big legendary is better.

Penumbraxx (Silver 30) - Mainly used for body block, don’t expect backstab to go through. Can rate higher if you value surviving till late game as this is going to be used as a body block. More synergy with Kaleos but takes too long.

Unbounded Energy Amulet (Gold 50) - Can run away or reach ranged minions with this card so it’s utility that is kinda expensive but can be useful at times. Probably a bit better in Reva.

Storm Sister Alkyone (Gold 55) - Only this high because it’s a 4 drop, but has slightly better stats than a 3 drop. Effect is probably not going to be very useful. Does make cards like Ghost Lightning slightly cooler. Pick mainly if you don’t have enough 4 drops and the others aren’t much better.

Heaven’s Eclipse (VARIABLE) – Would probably only pick if I had Spiral Technique and a bunch of other good spells and even then the other picks have to be awful. ~ 30 rating but draft dependent. Could be worse than this easily ~10.

Twilight Reiki (Gold 40) - Draw cards are expensive and there are some really bad ones. May fit a low curve deck better.

Seeker Squad (Diamond 65) - Risky but can be good lke Jaxi Trusight. Jax Trusight is more spread apart and not as weak to localized AOE though. Expect 2 of them to die most likely. Much better with buffs.

Eternity Painter (S 85) - Panddos can be annoying but Songhai lacks removal or big minions on demand other than OBS.

Grandmaster Zendo (Diamond 75) - Better in aggressive decks since this card is great in an empty board or when you are ahead. Can really mess up your opponent and create lethals out of nowhere. Good at stalemate situations. Can rate higher if you need a card to seal games sort of like Spiral Technique.

Calligrapher (S 80) - Apparently creates 3 random Songhai spells into your hand which can be quite strong since you are getting a rush minion on top of value.

Second-Sword Sarugi (Gold 50) - Rate higher if a lot of cheap 2 mana or less spells that do good stuff. Rate lower if no such spells. Not the best stats. Can ignore if don’t want a 7 mana minion, etc.

Storm Kage (VARIABLE) – “Whenever one of your spells deals damage, put a Kage Lightning in your action bar.” Only ~70 rating if you have 3 or more cards that can get you something that deals spell damage. Requires you to save up at least one of them which makes it unreliable, but when it does go off it deletes all minions your opponent has for free. Rate this a ~60 if you have 1-2 of those cards, still a late game 5/10 with possibility of getting infinite value. Rate a ~40 if no spell damaging cards. Can ignore if don’t want a 7 mana minion, etc.

Koan of Horns (Diamond 65) - On average you will summon 4 Gore Horns when you use this card which is pretty good. Hard to evaluate, so don’t pick it if you don’t believe in the memes. I personally think this card is good.

Changes in rankings of Neutral minions




Neutral Minions

Common/Basic Cards

Bloodtear Alchemist (Diamond 65) – Very nice board Utility. Useful 1 mana ping with a body isn’t terrible either. Good versus Reva.

Dragonlark (Gold 40) – Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. Can be surprisingly good against Ranged units.

Helm of Mechaz0r (Bronze 15) – Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Komodo Charger (Silver 25) - Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. At least this bugger lives general attack and you can choose this card over other lower rated cards that do not (eg. Lightchaser).

Koi (Bronze 5) - Doesn’t die to general attack which is neat. That makes it better than most Battle Pets. Battle Pets suck.

Planar Scout (Silver 20) – One of the better <2 mana minions because it can steal P1’s mana crystal starting as P2 which prevents the ramp to 4 mana. May not be worth doing so though, but definitely a pickable card. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Swamp Entangler (Silver 30) - Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. Its provoke may be useful sometimes.

Amu (Bronze 5) - I would gladly take 6 damage to kill a 2 drop in the early game, which makes Koi seem better than Amu IMO. Battle Pets suck.

Azure Herald (Gold 50) - 1/4 is worse stats than 2/3, and this cannot heal minions. This has late game utility so it’s okay. Better than Rust Crawler. Could be a 45.

Bluetip Scorpion (Silver 25) – Not bad sometimes. One of the 2 drops that actually is better late game than most 2 drops. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Carcynus (Gold 50) - A lot of HP for a 2 drop so it does it’s job.

Cryptographer (VARIABLE) - Better for some generals and worse for others. Understatted minion, so it’s effect is what’s the selling point. YOU CAN summon this and get your BBS EARLY. For starhorn this card is worse than Skyrock Golem, but for Faie this card can be another BBS which can be neat damage. Reva benefits the most from this because playing Cryptographer allows you to summon Heartseeker for 1 mana (great as P2, and good as P1). I’d probably rate it around a 60-70 for her. The other generals I wouldn’t rate it more than ~50. Starhorn and Kaleos probably should rate this card around a poorly like 10-20 or something. Can rate higher for Starhorn if you are super aggressive I suppose. Shidai/Ilena/Brome seem bad with this. Maevh is okay. Ragnora isn’t too shabby. Ciphyron is meh with this.

Ephemeral Shroud (Diamond 60) – Not bad since there are not much dispels in the game, also functions as a 2 drop to ramp up to 4 mana as P1. Rate this card higher by up to +15 if you do not have dispel. I personally think this card is much better than Healing Mystic.

Ghost Lynx (Silver 30) –  May be rated higher if you do not have ANY removal at all. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Healing Mystic (Gold 55) – One of the useful two drops, still not a priority over something solid though unless not enough 2 drops.

Jaxi (Diamond 70) – Very good 2 drop. Even better in generals/factions that can buff.

Maw (Diamond 65) - One of the useful two drops, still not a priority over something solid though unless not enough 2 drops. I personally like this over Healing Mystic. Can rate higher if you want the utility.

MetalTooth (VARIABLE) - Base ~20, early in draft can rate a little higher ~40?, late in draft with no mech synergies rate like a 10. Can act as a anti-ranged tool provided you have another mech on board which is unreliable. At least this has potential and a playable 2 drop but often a 2/2 for 2 mana.

Piercing Mantis (Silver 20) - Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Primus Fist (Diamond 65) - One of the useful two drops, still not a priority over something solid though unless not enough 2 drops. Better in certain generals.

Replicant (Bronze 10) -  Effect is useless. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Recombobulus (Gold 55) - Can randomly do something sometimes. Otherwise effect is on average better than Rust Crawler in terms of application. Can use this as P2 on their 2 drop and have 25-50% chance of not making them get mana tile which can be nice. Maybe a bit higher than this?

Rescue -RX (VARIABLE) - Otherwise pick if you do not need the other cards and picks are not much better or want body block. Don’t pass curve for this. Probably better for control drafts that want a body block. Maybe rate a 50 for that, but only once you’ve got a good curve and the other cards aren’t much better.

Rock Pulverizer (Diamond 60) - One of the more useful two drops, still not a priority over something solid though unless not enough 2 drops.

Rust Crawler (Gold 45) – Acceptable, almost never gets effect off. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Shiro Puppydragon (Diamond 70) - I think this card is better than Primus Fist. While Primus Fist has immediate impact, Shiro is better as a turn 1 play, and gives permanent buffs. Settled on 70 because I don’t value this card over something like a Hailstone Golem in most cases.

Skyrock Golem (Bronze 15) – This card’s rating is NOT affected by Golem Metallurgist. Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Vale Hunter (Diamond 70) – Surprising very good. Even better in buff general/factions.

Wings Of Mechaz0r (Gold 45) – A better Planar Scout. Rush Crawler is probably better, but this can steal mana tiles.

Wood-Wen (Gold 40) - Not the best stats, but has utility that is potentially very scary. Very good with the highly picked Golems. At worst a 2 drop much like Shroud is as P1 turn 1. Pick Rust Crawler or this based on what you value more; a minion that survives general attack or a card that has utility late-game.

Blaze Hound (VARIABLE) – I don’t like giving people free cards, but it’s acceptable or good if your draft is an aggro or low curve draft. For those types of drafts this card could be  50-60 or more. For value/control decks this card is UNPICKABLE with rating of ~10.

Bloodshard Golem (Silver 35) – This card’s rating is NOT affected by Golem Metallurgist. Usually a curve pick.

Day Watcher (Gold 40) - Can provide you some heals which is neat but requires you to have some board presence. Better than Sun Seer because of 3/3 stats generally being better than 2/4 due to one shotting 2/3s IMO. If you don’t think the heal is relevant you can choose Bloodshard Golem over this for your draft. May rate higher if control-ish draft/general with a lot of value.

Ghoulie (Gold 45) -  From every tribe so if you have synergies with it that are impactful increase this card’s rating. If no synergy it’s about a 30 towards the latter part of the draft.

Golden Mantella (Gold 40) - This card often can act as a very weak 4 drop due to ALL of the Battle Pets it can give you are 1 mana cards. Make sure this card is protected though, otherwise everything just dies to the general.

Komodo Hunter (Gold 50) - This card is awful in early game one turns 1 and 2 since it gives opponent access to more minions to get mana tiles with. Good if you can kill one of the Komodo Chargers in the mid-game. Not a fan of this card. Could be lower than this. Maybe a 60-65 in Vaath?

Putrid Dreadflyer (Gold 50) – The Jellyfish. Not a bad card as one might think. Great for getting rid of defensive stuff.

Repulsor Beast (Diamond 65) – Utility in the form of delaying removal. Rate higher if lacking removals, or you have an aggro draft.

Redsteel Minos (Diamond 70) - Can act as a 4 drop as player 1 which is pretty neat. Not horribly sad about playing this on 5 mana as P2 either. Don't think it’s much better than this because of weaknesses, but it’s best part is that it is very flexible. Strong and solid card. I prefer Wings of Paradise of this card which gates a lot of 3 drops from being rated higher.

Rokadoptera (Diamond 60) - Gives you a 0 mana Deal one damage spell which is neat. Better in Vet. I like Blood tear more.

Sand Burrower (Bronze 0) – Don’t pick this.

Sapphire Seer (Gold 45) – Not bad, but you better be paid for babysitting it. Better in buff generals/factions.

Songweaver (Gold 55) – Solid minion with good effect.

Sun Seer (Silver 35) – Only decent because lack of heals in gauntlet, still not very good though. I like Bloodshard better because 4/3 stats is better than 2/4 stats unless you want Sun Seer for the heal effect.

Void Hunter (Gold 45) – Dies to general attack and is not worth the 3 mana or card draw. Maybe in aggro or if you like card draw. If you do play this, put it somewhere where it won’t die to general attack.

Wind Stopper (Bronze 10) – Maybe in Lyonar draft with 5 divine bonds.

Wings of Paradise (Diamond 75) – Very good 3 drop that can trade up while being able to kill Ranged/blast minions. As powerful as a 4 drop in Young Flamewing that costs 3 mana. I am not super upset about spending 4 mana on a Wings of Paradise especially if I can use my BBS that turn.

Wild Tahr (Gold 55) - Can be scary when played defensively, has 5 attack at least when attacked on opponent’s turn. Might be slightly better than this but it’s a 3 drop so nah.

Yun (Silver 25) - Having high stats is neat since it is harder to bait and kill these types of Battle pets with 3 or  4 mana minions. Still a Battle Pet which sucks.

Arrow Whistler (Diamond 70) – Raised rating of this card to 70. Very good on curve and annoying to deal with. Even better with ranged minions like many Songhai decks and in Reva.

Blistering Skorn (VARIABLE) - This card seems much like tempest. Either entirely useless or very useful based on how ahead you or behind you are on board. Good for drafts that want to survive and win in late game, but much worse for proactive aggro drafts. It's useful versus Abyssian but not versus BloodTidePriestess. Highly variable rating that changes based on what your draft is trying to do. This card seems bad for Lilithe/Reva, but you do get the choice of when to summon it. Rating could be as low as 30ish or high as 70 as a low mana utility. Really good versus Reva right now, so it might just be a solid 70+ with potential for bonus rating regardless of draft. Change from 3 to 4 mana (in 4/4 effective stats) made this card a bit worse and much less flexible. 4 mana 4/4 is not good stats, but it’s effect to wreck Reva and whatnot may be enough to rate this card ~60-65, so not much changed. More of a utility tech card instead of a solid 4 drop. More comparable to Frostbone Naga but the 1 versus 2 damage is worse and more uncontrolled, so Naga is better despite the 3/3 stats.

Fire Spitter (Gold 50) – Expensive and dies easily so needs to be babysitted. Ranged is still really annoying though, so it is not too bad even in late game.

Frostbone Naga (Diamond 75) – Solid AOE with decent body. Better if you don’t have removal/AOE.

Gnasher (Gold 40) - Interesting card similar to Earth Sister Tagyete but with a set amount of damage and less health. Rather lackluster on curve TBH.

Hailstone Golem (Diamond 75) – Solid as can be. A measurement that all other 4 drop minions must stand up to.

Primus Shieldmaster (S 85) – Provoke with such a solid body. Eats 2 drops for breakfast.

Razorcrag Golem (Gold 50) - Risky but I think this card isn’t bad at all. Better in aggressive decks and in factions with access to teleportation like effects.

Saberspine Tiger (Gold 45) – Got nerfed but still pickable and can kill stuff at a expensive mana cost. Can rate higher if lacking and desperate for anti-ranged.

Silhouette Tracer (Diamond 75) -  Raised rating to 75. Good for running away and getting close to Ranged/blast minions. Better with Vaath and Sajj and perhaps Faie. Counts as an anti-ranged tool for the most part.

Sun Elemental (Silver 25) – Useful… sometimes. Isn’t very impactful in most cases.

Thorn Needler (Gold 45) – Weak on HP but still okay. Becomes equal to or better than hailstone golem late game. Much weaker early game though.

TimeKeeper (Bronze 5) - If you have build minions it could be nice and unexpected but you played a 4 mana 2/2 so probably need to reconsider your life choices.

Young Flamewing (Diamond 65) – Solid 4 drop and can kill defensive minions. Better in aggressive decks, and better in the late game than Hailstone Golem. Seeing worse performance because of cards like Draining Wave.

Ash Mephyt (Silver 25) – Decent in Kara, bad in everything else.

Brightmoss Golem (S 80) - Solid as can be. A measurement that all other 5 drop minions must stand up to.

Dagger Kiri (Gold 45) – Scary card especially with buffs. Otherwise not too useful.

Dancing Blades (S 95) – Made rule #1 of Gauntlet.

Fireblazer (Gold 55) – Useful provoke, just needed a little more health or more attack.

Necroseer (Gold 50) – Not bad, not great. Nicer in low curve drafts. Very good value.

Rogue Warden (Gold 50) – Kills stuff real quick, but squishy.

The High Hand (Gold 30) – I don’t like this card. Only good if dropped on 5 mana (due to same/decrease in number of cards in hand as time goes by) and requires opponent to not have dispel.

Facestriker (Bronze 10) – Bad card, pick only if the other cards suck a lot. Better with Kaleos.

Deathblighter (Diamond 75) – Nice AOE. Rate higher if lacking on AOE/removal. Good comeback card if your opponent doesn’t play around this.

Diamond Golem (Diamond 60) - 1 more mana for a Brightmoss Golem with +2 HP isn’t worth it (now has +1 attack but that doesn’t make much of a difference). But it is still a solid minion that can survive basically everything. I would pick Storm Aratha over this card in aggro drafts, and this card in other drafts. This card is better than Drybone Golem IMO because that 1 mana difference is huge.

First Sword of Akrane (Diamond 70) – Solid body, high value. Nice bonus effect in swarm drafts. Better than Stormmetal Golem in most cases even with Golem Metallurgist unless you have like 3 of them.

Serpenti (Gold 30) – Not that bad as one might think. Very threatening if it lives. Better with Kaleos and Astral Phasing, etc.

Storm Aratha (Gold 55) – Not bad as one might think. Hits hard. Great late game.

Silverbeak (Diamond 65) - A better statted Diamond Golem. Still a bit worse than Stormmetal Golem, but better with buffs I suppose.

Stormmetal Golem (Diamond 70) – Solid body, high value. Very scary.

Drybone Golem (Diamond 60) – Very scary and high value, but it’s harder to summon this in 3 turns as compared to 6 mana cards which could be summoned faster using mana tiles.

EmberWyrm (Diamond 75) - Very scary late game.

War Talon (Diamond 70) – Very useful and scary as a clutch provoke.

Whistling Blade (Gold 45) –Can be clutch as a last ditch taunt. Better in Argeon, and with buffs.

Rare Neutral Cards

Prophet of the White Palm (Bronze 15) - Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Zyx (Silver 35) - Essentially a 2 drop that may be able to get you multiple mana tiles much like Gloomchaser. The multiple bodies is nice, and while it dies to a 2 drop, 1 damage is enough to deal with 2/3s with your general. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. Rate a bit higher in Lilithe and much higher in Kara due to her BBS 45?).

Azure Horn Shaman (Diamond 65) - One of the most useful neutral two drops, still not a priority over something solid though unless not enough 2 drops. Scary when it buffs 2+ minions.

Celebrant (Diamond 65) - Allows P1 to ramp into a 5 drop which is very cool.

FortuneShaper (VARIABLE) - Gauntlet only card. Best of them IMO since many epics are great. Songhai has a good amount of great epics. Abyssian has a good amount of bad epics. The rest are in the middle. Rate probably a 65-70 in Songhai, 55-60 in the rest and 45 in Abyssian or something.

Flameblood Warlock (VARIABLE) – For aggressive drafts this card is about a 60 in rating at least. This card is pickable ~40 in midrangey/your average draft due to it being a 2 drop that could also help seal a game. This card is UNPICKABLE with a rating of ~ 0 in control/value drafts due to winning off your opponent running out of cards/value being your main win condition. In control drafts I would only pick this card if I have absolutely very few 2 drops late in the draft and I would not be happy about it either.

Golem Metallurgist (Gold 55) – Add 5+ or more rating to this card if you have 4 mana or higher golems. Really scary with Brightmoss as P1. Without Golems and you are around pick 25 or so (less chance to get Golems), this card becomes about a 45 (Rust Crawler level).

Lost Artificer (Gold 45) - Solid 2 drop that you can rate a bit higher if you have some artifacts. Otherwise pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Manaforger (Silver 35) - Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. Effect is sometimes useful, might help you some expensive spell earlier. Rate higher if you have 1 mana tempo spells or cheaper spells but no more than 55 probably.

Sinister Silhouette (VARIABLE) - Better in factions with buffs. Can at least body block which is good enough and gets you a mana tile. Base rating of ~45-50 or something.

Sol (Bronze 0) - Battle Pets suck. This one has no stats too.

Abjudicator (Bronze 10) - Interesting effect but not in Gauntlet where about 8 spell on average are present. It can be buffed by Owlbeast Sage but don’t count on it getting much value.

Cannon of Mechaz0r (Diamond 65) – Very annoying card. Can run away with the game if unanswered like many Ranged minions. Much better as P2 since it can be played T1.

Crimson Oculus (Diamond 65) – Great card, can get out of control and can make opponents misplay by playing things out of order. Great versus Lilithe. Reduced rating by 15 points because Lilithe is no longer the queen of Gauntlet.

Crossbones (S 90) – I rate this card higher because Ranged minions are obnoxious, and a removal while summoning a body is ridiculous. At worse a 3 mana 3/3. Raised rating from 80 to 90. Can be very soul-crushing.

ElkOwl (Gold 50) - Can get you ranged, celerity, blast, rebirth, frenzy, provoke, flying, rush I believe. Ranged and blast are neat. Flying is decent. Rebirth, provoke and celerity(without ranged or blast) are bad. High RNG. Don’t pick this card if you like having reliable results though. Chance to get ranged or blast is 46% as done by 2/8 + 6/8x2/7 if my math is correct in statistics.

FutureShaker (VARIABLE) - Below average stats and many Legendary neutral cards are heavy cards. There are a good amount of bad and good ones, but I would rate this card ~60 if you need more late game or a powerful card in your deck because you think your deck sucks, or a ~30 otherwise if you don’t need more late game.

Ion (Bronze 0) - Basically a 2/3 for 3 mana melee minion that you cannot control since it moves toward your opponent. Battle Pets suck.

Prismatic Illusionist (Gold 50) – Not bad since the inclusion of BBS. Worse in generals with conditional/non-tempo BBS(eg. Kaleos, Starhorn), better in generals with non-conditional BBS (Reva, Lilithe).

Silvertongue Corsair (Gold 50) – Solid early game card, but not much value. Better with buffs.

Skywing (Gold 55) – Add +5 rating to this card per other two flying minions that costs >2. Better than Jellyfish.

Sojourner (Gold 55) – OK card. Bad in heavy curve drafts, good in low curve drafts. Great with Argeon and buffs. If you need value and the other cards don’t give that (eg. 2 drops) you can just pick this.

Sword of Mechaz0r (Gold 40) – Makes your opponent play funny, but usually is a vanilla 3/3. Better with Kaleos and Astral Phasing.

Wind Runner (Diamond 60) – Slow utility card that can get carried away.

Emerald Rejuvenator (VARIABLE) – Usually healing is not required in Gauntlet. Better in non-aggressive Vaath/Sajj and more value/control-ish drafts with a rating of ~60 or slightly higher depending on how your deck is like. Absolutely UNPLAYABLE in Faie SMOrc, and other aggressive drafts with a rating of ~0. Remember that you opponent gets healed too. Stats are not bad, but not great either.

FateSealer (VARIABLE) - Understatted. Many factions have great legendaries as well as bad ones. Overall I think Lyonar has good legendaries but are generally expensive, maybe ~60 if you need the expensive stuff. Vanar and Magmar seem to have the most mediocre/meh ones so maybe ~40?. The rest a 50 or something. Can generally choose this card if you think your deck sucks and need some strong card for you to do well.

Feralu (Silver 25) - Basically a 4 mana 4/3 with usually a irrelevant effect. May go higher if you have a bunch of tribal but probably won’t do much. Better in Vetruvian with Obelysks by maybe +20 or something as it acts as a +1 attack buff.

Lightbender (Diamond 75) – AOE dispel is pretty good, and has an acceptable body to boot. Rate higher if lacking dispels.

Loreweaver (Gold 55) - Arcanyst synergy if applicable. Probably better off sitting around and hoping to draw on average one of your 6-8 spells which is about 20-25% chance a turn. Decently solid on curve is the main reason why it’s okay. Raised from 45 to 55 just because it’s solid or something.

Matter Shaper (Silver 35) - Bad stats for 4 drop and effect is probably irrelevant.

Mindwarper (Gold 50) – Not bad at all, can get something really good. Also fills in 4 mana slot which some factions don’t have. Kinda meh on curve though.

Owlbeast Sage (S 80) – Really nice with BBS. Even better late game and also has Arcanyst synergy. Worse in generals who have non-impactful/situational BBS. (eg. Owlbeast Sage + Lilithe’s BBS > Owlbeast Sage + Kaleos’ BBS teleporting Owlbeast Sage somewhere it could have been placed [still a good pick in Kaleos though because Songhai has very few 4 drops])

Sanguinar (VARIABLE) - Better in generals with better BBS’ that can summon minions or use abilities to contest the board such as Reva. At most the rating should be no more than 55 since the stats are a worse Thorn Needler with a slight bonus. Terrible in generals with mediocre or bad BBS’s. If you think you would like to drop this card + BBS for 4 mana then go ahead and pick it up for ~ rating of 55. Otherwise it’s a ~45 or so.

Sunsteel Defender (S 85) – Raised to 85 from 75. Very solid and annoying to deal with.

Tethermancer (Gold 45) – Poor stats but can be a clutch provoke. Not very good on curve.

White Widow (Diamond 65) – You’ll lose several hairs while playing this card. Good card, but can lose you games based on RNG.

Beastbound Sage (Gold 45) - Better in factions with buffs like Songhai.

Blue Conjurer (S 80) - Infinite value potentially due to BBS. Some arcanysts are meh but some of them are nice and provide more arcanyst synergy on top of it. 5 mana 4/6 isn’t the worse either. Rate higher if needing value/low curve deck.

Boulder Breacher (Gold 45) - Plus 5-10 for 3+ golems but the synergy probably won’t happen too often.

Capricious Marauder (VARIABLE) - Based on general. Minion summoning BBS generals probably like a 35 or something. Better in Kaleos (70-80?), better in Faie (60?). Potential with Dispel. Hard to play this card at times so hard to evaluate it. I don’t mind it though as you can plan around this card especially in aggressive decks. A card that does really well if played right and terrible if played wrong. Better in decks with a lot of removal tools, spend mana on removing minions and going face instead of developing your own minions. Rate based on your experience I suppose.

Chakkram (VARIABLE) - Has the stats of a 4 drop, that cannot be dropped on 3 mana on curve most of the time unless your opponent Bloodtear Alchemists your general and you are P2 or something. This card is significantly powerful for 3 mana, but you will often have to follow it up with a 2 drop on a mana tile and then dropping this card for 3 mana IF your opponent fulfills its effect. I can see this card being better in controlish drafts (around 50), and poor in aggressive drafts (around 30). I don’t think this card is that great but not awful either.

Firestarter (Silver 25) – Haven’t ever drafted this card, but I suppose it could be more useful. One damage from a summoned Spellspark isn’t that much late game though.

Grincher (Diamond 65) - Slightly worse now with new situational artifacts added, but still not bad. Better in Sajj.

Impervious Giago (S 80) - Sort of a neutral Ironcliffe Guardian which is strong. Doesn’t act as good since it doesn’t have positional cheat. Weak to certain cards like Polarity and Equality Constraint, but overall very strong and annoying.

QuaHog (VARIABLE) - Better in Aggro decks in theory, but not a big fan of it. Maybe ~60 in aggro? And like 30~ in control? Better in Kaleos.

Dust Wailer (Diamond 70) - This card is like a Dancing Blades that shoots a laser like blast in front of it. It can go face which can be neat for aggressive drafts. The issue is that 6 mana 3/4 body isn’t the greatest, so it’s more like a Deathblighter in that sense that can hit face, but may or may not hit a minion as well. Deathblighter is generally much easier to use than this card though, so this card isn’t that great in the front lines. I think this card is better in Vetruvian because (smart) opponents try to play around Star’s Fury, maybe by like 5-10+ more points. Might choose this card for some extra end game damage and utility. Comes too late to deal with most ranged minions etc as well. It can now Fly which is pretty neat, so it can deal 6 potential face damage in an aggressive deck which is much better than 3. Got better with Flying for sure, but still not the best pick in the world. Still a late game utility pick.

Grimes (S 80) - I think this card is bonkers even though it is RNG. This has two chances to get you something nice and it’s 3 bodies regardless which is very annoying to deal with. May rate this from 60-80 based on your experience or something.

EMP (S 80) - It’s a 7 drop so it’s clunky but it does something the turn it’s played. Better in some generals than other (eg. not good in Vaath or Reva or Argeon as much as the others). Can disregard rating if you don’t need clunky cards.

Epic Neutral Cards

Dreamgazer (Gold 50) – Not bad, acts as card draw, and fulfills 2 mana slot early game. Awful late game though. Would not pick in control drafts or control-ish generals due to needing HP unless very low on 2 drops. (eg. worse in Sajj)

Aethermaster (Gold 45) – Decent effect but otherwise weak, pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better. Better with White Widow and Kron.

Araki Headhunter (Gold 55) – Can be buffed to 3/3 or higher which is great with opening gambits so I’d set its rating to 55 at least if you have about 2-4 especially if they are lower mana ones. It’s very possible for your draft to have at least 3 at end of the draft, so a rating of a solid 55 in the beginning is already good enough IMO. At end of draft when you have none or just 1 (which is quite rare), you can rate this card a 30 or so. Still low value and needs babysitting for that value. Pick if you need the ideal number of low drops and other picks are not much better.

Z0r (Gold 40) - Can give you Mechaz0r. The only other decent mech unit is Cannon of mechaz0r and Chassis which is not bad. Still gives you value, but it’s still a Battle Pet.

Alcuin Loremaster (VARIABLE) – Utility. Better in factions with good BBS. Acts as 2 more damage in Faie, and various other options depending on the general. Has its own mention in every general section. Can rate this card a bit higher if you have some cool cheap spells. Base rating for this card is about 40-50 depending on how good your other spells are and then add the general bonus on top of this rating.

Architect -T2K5 (Silver 35) - Maybe a bit worse but has applications as a body block that doesn’t cost you value (just tempo). Probably fits a control oriented deck or a deck that wants a body block.

Bastion (Silver 20) - It buffs HP at the end of the turn which sucks. Only good if you have a super good board, and by that time you probably won. Can help give your minions one more health to prevent general killing it but quite slow. Not better in swarm drafts like Lilithe or Vanar’s Snowchasers because 1 HP usually is similar to 2 HP.

BloodBound Mentor (VARIABLE) - 50 base and add +10 or more if BBS is good (Reva/Faie/Argeon/ Ragnora, etc.). If not then base 50. (Starhorn etc.) Otherwise a decent 3 drop with a positive effect.

Chaos Elemental (Gold 50) – Solid minion, but is usually a curve pick.

Mogwai (Gold 50) – Pick only if need card draw, and even then it's not that great at that.

Soboro (Gold 45) - Can kill neutral minions well, but will often die afterward. There are many good faction minions too, so this may often be a 3 mana vanilla 2/4.

Sworn Avenger (S 90) – Self buffing Ranged minion? Yes please. Can rate up to 100 if you want.

Syvrel the Exile (Diamond 65) – Better than Cannon of Mechaz0r with factions decent buffs and in Argeon because it doesn’t die to Dancing Blades/Phoenix Fire or Frostbone Naga/Maw. Can allow for some tricky plays that get rid of blast minions/ other defensive minions.

Venom Toth (Gold 50) – Usually deals 2+ damage or more if babysitted. Great in Faie or aggro drafts.

Artifact Hunter (Silver 20) – Would not pick even if I had artifacts unless other picks suck.

Bloodsworn Gambler (Diamond 60) - I think this card is worse than Hank Hart since if your ranged minion sticks you are often doing well. The upside of this card is a 25% chance (and ~50% thereafter) to deal more than 2 damage to a minion. Triggers with 50% and usually a 50% chance to hit the enemy general which is rather useless early game. Definitely better with buffs but so are the other ranged minions and you will often win by buffing it and free-killing a minion. The downside is dying to more cards such as Phoenix Fire, Lasting Judgement, Saberspine Tiger (especially) and other cards such as Dust Wailer and Deathblighter when summoned off curve. Also may die to combination of cards (eg. Truestrike and Rokadoptera/Bloodtear). The main priority of a ranged minion is to survive and be annoying getting value which Hank Hart does better.

Captain Hank Hart (Diamond 65) – Very underrated. Can summon nearby enemy general/minions with less than 3 attack. DANK.

Chassis of Mechaz0r (Diamond 65) – night watcher is better in most generals/factions except maybe magmar, definitely vetruvian.

Dioltas (S 90) – This card could possibly be a 100, but it is weak to Chromatic Cold and other dispels which is popular in Gauntlet. Great with Divine Bond and buffs. Overall powerful card and solid annoying 4 drop. A bit stronger in Argeon, but does its job being annoying for everyone.

Moebius (Silver 35) – Sucks. Pick only if you have little 4 drops and only a few picks left and the other cards are not much better or needed for your deck.

Night Watcher (Diamond 65) - Anti-Rush effect is largely irrelevant. Basically a more defensively stat-ed SunSteel Defender. Much more poorly stat-ed because it’s not much of an offensive pressure with 2 attack. Much better in Argeon (~75 in total)

Purgatos, the Realmkeeper (Gold 45) – Overrated IMO. Can heal which is scarce, but can also not heal.

ThunderHorn (S 85) - Very annoying to deal with sometimes and devastating with teleports. Makes Battle Pets suck. Can rate higher but I like Dioltas and the other OP epics more.

Calculator (Bronze 0) - Battle Pets suck.

Deceptib0t (Gold 50) - Got nerfed to 5 mana 5/5 so it’s below average for a 5 drop. Still has a body and potentially could give you another Mech from your deck so you can rate a bit higher depending on the mech. Good synergy with Abyssian Nightmare Operant assuming that is the only other mech in your deck and Nightmare Operant died. Pick mainly for the curve and if the other cards are not much better.

IronClad (Silver 35) - This card is quite expensive for 5 mana with a 3 mana body coming with it. The main issue is it’s mana cost and the other is it’s health. If your opponent wants it to not die, they often can body block with their general making Ironclad something that will dispel in 2 turns. Can AOE dispel versus Reva and versus Darkfire Scarab, but quite expensive to do so. Not very good.

Golden Justicar (Diamond 60) – A better stated Fireblazer with a bonus effect.

Lux Ignis (Gold 50) – Not as bad as it may seem. High HP makes it formidable. Also has a funny attack animation.

Sunset Paragon (S 85) – Great card that not many people play around. More useful if lacking removals. Can rate lower if need bodies versus removal.

Sworn Defender (S 80) – Very solid just like Suntide Maiden. High value and absurd when buffed. Watch your HP though and don’t get carried away with this card and “needing” to heal it.

Twilight Sorcerer (Gold 55) – Utility, decent body with nice effect. Only pick if you have good spells and have around 8 spells. Spell pool gets diluted with your BBS though.

Bonereaper (S 95) – Crazy card in Gauntlet. Fits in both control and aggro styles. May rate this card a S 100 if you want because that’s how good this card can be. I’d generally pick this over Dioltas and over some other good epics.

Grove Lion (S 80) - Giving your general forcefield is great. Better in Sajj and Vaath by up to +10.

Spriggin (Gold 45) - Hard to evaluate but making the board complicated is not very useful when ahead and giving your opponent minions while behind is also very iffy. Maybe higher or lower than this.

The Scientist (Gold 55) - Has better stats than a 5 drop, and can kill 4/6’s really well but its effect is rather situational in The Gauntlet. I would say that this card is not much better with spells that target friendly minions because relying on it isn’t that good. Storm Aratha is probably better than this card. This card is much better in Generals with BBS that can target minions such as Argeon, Zir’an, Kaleos, and even Cassyva. In those general it could be as high as 70ish or more.

Grailmaster (Diamond 65) – Can bring back games. I would only pick if you are lacking late game though. Better in Reva/Zirix/Lilithe/Swarm drafts.

Blood Taura (VARIABLE) - Another card with highly variable rating. This card is either unpickable for aggressive/midrangey drafts, but somewhat pickable for more control based drafts. It’s unlikely to summon this card as aggro or midrange because both rely on good tempo to push out damage. Waiting till your general is at <10 HP in either types of those draft is asking to have a dead card, that will only be useful when you so happen to topdeck Blood Taura since you would be summoning it when you have very little cards in hand and it’s late game. My rating for either those types of drafts or generals is a Bronze 10ish. Control drafts on the other hand make this card seem interesting. This guy's stats are similar to a Drybone Golem with provoke, so it’s safe to say that this card is worth at least 8 mana, however it is quite situational, and not always summonable on 8 or 9 mana. You could also summon this guy on 6 or 7 mana or less if you are feeling the heat from your opponent, but that is much less likely to happen. In these scenarios you would have to either keep this card in your hand as a control player, meaning you have a dead card until said turn you can summon it or you can replace it in hopes for a card you can play this turn or next turn. So it’s still rather situational in control drafts but it’s quite powerful when you do drop it for 6-9 mana. Regardless I would see this card being worse than Whistling Blade in control because Whistling blade is not situational, and is still vulnerable to any type of dispel or removal, AND you don’t need to have such low HP either. Sure you might be able to drop this guy for 5 mana and drop a 4 drop with it, but in those situations you are already close to being dead, using your BBS or a 2 drop with Whistling Blades is still quite similar since your battle plan to to win off card advantage and NOT to hit your opponent in the face for 12 damage, so it could have been a 2/15 provoke and that would still stall and win you the long game WITHOUT needing to be situational. My rating for controlish drafts/generals is about a 30-40. I don’t see this card being quite good, but it may steal you a couple of  games if your opponent doesn’t have an answer just like Whistling Blades would do.

TL;DR (why are you reading this guide?) : UNPICKABLE for aggro drafts, 30-40 for controlish drafts.

Legendary Neutral Cards

Golem Vanquisher (Silver 35) – Rather not pick this card even if I had 5+ golems.

Hydrax (Silver 25) - Basically a vanilla 3/3 for 3 mana. Battle Pets suck.

Lady Locke (Gold 35) – Maybe in Lilithe. There’s better cards though. You may pick another 3 drop that is more solid than this in stats if you don’t think your deck can benefit from the effect often.

Mirkblood Devourer (Diamond 70) – Strong card if unopposed. Not a very “legendary” feeling though. Maybe a bit less than this but it can snowball hard.

Sarlac the Eternal (Silver 30) – Decent, but slow. Probably better picks than this even for Abyssian. Slightly better in Cassyva and Argeon due to BBS but not much of a consideration unless ties closely with other picks.

Spelljammer (VARIABLE) – Probably only in low curve and aggro drafts. I would rate this card around a ~70-80 in those types of drafts. In control/value this card is still pickable if the other cards are terrible, because you will be getting the benefit as well as a decent body for 4 mana. I would rate it about a ~50 in that case, which isn’t very high considering the quality of legendaries.

Zukong (Silver 30) - Basically a vanilla 3/4 for 3 mana in a highly competitive rarity slot. Battle Pets suck.

Black Locust (Gold 40) – Maybe for memes.You may opt to choose a solid 3 drop instead, but this card can potentially gain you a lot of value.

Decimus (Gold 55) - Has the stats of a good 3 drop with a positive effect. Not fit for the front lines but can still fight. Meh in a lot of generals except for the aggressive drafts/Faie. This is at least 2 damage per turn without doing anything but sitting there which is still not bad. It’s also a 4 drop which a lot of factions don’t mind having. Just not the best one in the front lines. Rate +10 higher in aggressive drafts. Sphynx is better for non-aggro drafts, but Decimus might be better in those drafts anyway because this does put a clock on your opponent much like Dark Nemesis so scratch that. Sphynx is definitely better for more value drafts though, since denying 2 mana here and there is great against non-value drafts. It’s rating could be a bit better than this maybe ~60. Better in Starhorn if anyone cares.

Sphynx (Gold 50) - Riddle is a 2 mana spell that does not allow the player to replace, it can be played for 2 mana and then the other person gets the Riddle. Mostly positive since you can play around this effect by replacing smartly. Also a 4 drop with OK stats.

Sworn Sister L’Kian (Diamond 65) - I think this card is pretty good in card advantage, and it can add ridiculous cards such as Silithar Elder, or give you a meh card like Tremor. RNGy but it has the stats of a 3 drop so for 1 mana you draw 2 random cards, so it’s not bad at all. Better in lower curve decks that lack draw. Faction cards are very powerful, but you could just get the terrible ones. Not very good on curve unless you have no other better play. Rate higher if you have very little 5+ mana cards or want card draw in your deck.

Unseven (Gold 25) – Usually requires you to have other high rarity cards, rate higher if you do have a few of those.

Alter Rexx (Bronze 10) - Maybe if you have like 15 mechs in your draft. Note you will need to draw 6 cards to get a Mechaz0r in your hand, 5 mechs and this card, so it might still not happen even with 15 mechs in your draft.

Envybaer (Gold 40) - Has the stats of a good 4 drop, with a rather situational effect. This card can be a huge savior or help your opponent escape. I think Paddo might be better than this card because of the surprise factor, but this card comes out at 5 mana which is significant.

Hollow Grovekeeper (Diamond 65) – Can be swingy. More conditional. Really good versus Lyonar. In aggro drafts this card is amazing.

Inquistor Kron (S 80) - Comes out earlier than Pandora, with added Provoke utility. Weaker stats and it is now more like a rear line minion that gets value over a few turns. Weak against Cryogenesis though. If you want an earlier value generation engine than Pandora, etc. then feel free to choose this card.

Keeper of the Vale (Diamond 60) – Not bad. Usually gets you something decent.

Letigress (S 80) - Summons a 2/1 Rush minion whenever your general attacks nearby this minion. I think this card is great. Great on curve since it’s annoying and can generate extra stats on board. Only triggers on your general’s attacks and not counter attack.

Rawr (Gold 55) - A lot of health means it won’t suicide into minions too often. Swarms the field with Battle Pets even though Battle Pets suck.

TheoBule (Silver 35) - OK stats for 5 drop but this messes up your entire play on curve strategy by replacing your hand. If you are playing well you would have planned turns and this on curve would mess you up. Avoid picking.

Trinity Wing (Gold 40) - 5 mana 4/4 flying is understatted but still useable. If you have a lot of arcanysts this card can get you a good amount of value but it’s unlikely. Rate a bit higher with such synergy. Spells are all 1 mana. (1. Give your general +1 attack pernamently. 2. Deal 2 damage to an enemy minion 3. Heal something for 3 health.)

Archon Spellbinder (Diamond 60) – Basically picking a Sword of the Akrane most of the time.Only advantage over Stormmetal Golem and Sword of the Akrane is that it’s better on turns when your opponent has 7 mana stalling Dominate Will making it 8 mana. Also in a more competitive rarity slot.

Eclipse (Diamond 60) – Can win games surprisingly. Great late-game. I personally like Eclipse over Archon Spellbinder.

Jax Truesight (S 85) – Great and annoying legendary. Rate higher if you have Razorback or Arrow Whistler.

Magesworn (VARIABLE) - 40-70? Or something. Not very good in Faie since you need that BBS. Worse in generals that have good BBS or factions with cheap tempo spells. Better in generals with generally bad BBS. Can pick to mess up Faie or other generals. Maybe better than this?

Project OMEGA (Bronze 0) - mechdecknotoperational.exe

Q’ORRHLMA’A (Gold 55) - Rate higher if you want a bigger body. Stats are weaker than normal but still a big body. Effect is positive or negative depending on your deck and your opponent’s.

Quartermaster Gauj (Gold 45) - This card dies to pretty much any spell that does damage, neutral Dispels and a few minion interactions (eg. Hearthsister + Faie BBS, Arclyte Sentinel). The strength of this card lies in the super late game where your opponent has used most of their removals already, which is very situational. Sometimes your opponent might not be able to answer this card, but that is rare in the mid game and when they do answer it you often lose, so it’s not a very good card overall.

Ruby Rifter (Diamond 75) - Great 6 mana card that gives you insane value. If your opponent cannot deal with this or kill your general soon, this card will just win you through sheer value. It also grows quite big so your opponent’s general has to be wary about getting too close.

S.I.L.V.E.R (Silver 25) - Should be ranked silver because of the name. Understatted.

Zen’rui, the Blightspawned (Diamond 60) – Swingy. Harder to achieve this card’s effect because it is played on 6 mana now where you would be seeing 5 drops or 6 drops, most of which don’t have 2 attack, and the 2 drops are often dead by then. Also harder to ramp up to 6 mana as opposed to 5 mana with mana tiles. Can swing the board a bit or do nothing. Increased rating to 60 because Impervious Gigago and build minions are an easy steal.

Astral Crusader (Silver 25) – Pick only if you need a big minion.

Dark Nemesis (Diamond 70) – Can win games by sitting there. Great finisher. Good for drafts that want to chill or are allowed to chill.

E’xun (Diamond 65) – Great in drafts that need card draw. High value, but slow otherwise.

Paddo (Gold 45) – Can get you out of sticky situations… and sometimes not. Pick only if you need a big minion. One of the best attacking animations.

Pandora (S 90) – Best late game neutral legendary minion. Gives you pets that are not stupid like Battle Pets. Better in control-ish drafts than Red Synja which often is better in more tempo decks. Has an effect similar to Silithar Elder. Running away and playing this card is powerful.

Red Synja (S 90) – Very swingy. Requires you to have HP though, so it might be hard to pick this in a more control-ish deck where your life matters a lot.


Reliquarian (VARIABLE ) - https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Reliquarian See this for information on effect.

Generally you will only have your own faction minions or neutral minions. This card can deal a lot of damage if you attack with your minion then sacrifice it off and deal more than double damage, other than that is is risky and you only get a 3/3 as your board. Most generals are running away towards end game so it might be tough to reach someone with a 6+ attack minions and your general. Definitely can end games.

Lyonar: Your general gains +X ATK and if your general takes damage, restore X health where X is the ATK of the sacrificed minion.

Songhai: Your general gains +X ATK and whenever your general attacks or counterattacks, deal x damage to a random enemy where X is the ATK of the sacrificed minion.

Vetruvian: Your general gains +X ATK and when your general attacks, summon X of your minions destroyed this game on random spaces where X is the ATK of the sacrificed minion.

Abyssian: Your general gains +X ATK and if your general attacks a minion, steal X health from the enemy general where X is the ATK of the sacrificed minion.

Magmar: Your general gains +X ATK and when your general deals damage, give each friendly minion +X/X where X is the ATK of the sacrificed minion.

Vanar: Your general gains +X ATK and whenever your general attacks, summon X Vespyr Nighthowlers (3/3) around your General, where X is the ATK of the sacrificed minion.

Neutral: Gain +X attack which is generally meh.


Rook (Gold 45) – Pick only if you need a big minion or just want to meme. Not that bad as a late-game card, just not great.

From http://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Rook

Can gain the following faction abilities:

Infiltrate: +5 attack

Backstab: 5 damage

Zeal: Heal Rook and your General for 5 at the end of each turn.


Deathwatch: Draw until you have 5 cards

Grow: +5/+5

Meltdown (Diamond 65) - Change from 7 to 8 mana effectively means this is a 9 mana combo card with BBS and now deals less damage and has less HP. 6 is still a lot of damage so that part doesn’t matter too much, but the increase from 7 to 8 mana is a huge matter. Not totally sure what t rate this now but this card can still be great late game. You can ignore this card’s rating if you don’t want a clunky late game card in your draft.

Zurael, the Lifegiver (Diamond 60) – Can win you the game, but hard to set up.

Dagona (Gold 50) - Very good tempo since it summons a strong minion while removing another. The issues with this card is that it’s expensive, so it won’t stop a Stormmetal Golem on curve from hitting you in the face etc. Also if using on a far away minion, Dagona won’t be in the action. If your opponent removes this card you would have essentially summoned a 8 mana 8/8 that died to a 3-5 mana removal and they got their minion back (except certain removals such as ASpect of the Ravager, Dark Transformation etc.). Can fail miserably because of that. The high risk and expensive nature of this card makes me not like it. Can rate higher if you like this card though or if the other cards don’t add much to your deck.

Khymera  (Diamond 60) – Not as bad as many think. Would only pick if I needed a big minion or the others suck. Against Abyssian if they have a single creep tile hanging around, you can place him on there if you don’t want to place it nearby your opponent’s general/minions