Google Chrome: Basic

Demonstration of Learning

Google Chrome is a web browser that works on any device. Chrome OS is an operating system that the Chromebooks run on - which is basically just the same as the Chrome browser. Mastering the basics of Chrome will help you be more efficient every time you use your computer.


  • Step 1 - Bookmarks!
  • Open Google Drive in a tab
  • Bookmark Google Drive, save it to the Bookmarks Bar
  • If Bookmark Bar is not showing, turn on “Show Bookmark Bar”
  • Create a new folder in your bookmarks

  • Step 2 - Downloads!
  • Download a PDF (if you don’t have one, use this PDF) to your Chromebook (or device)
  • Find the PDF on your Chromebook (or device) in your DOWNLOADS folder
  • You can use the files app        


  • You can type chrome://downloads into your omnibox
  • Take a screenshot of your “Downloads” folder
  • Make sure the screenshot includes the downloads folder so I can see that you know where your downloads folder is!
  • Find your screenshot on your device
  • You will attach this screenshot in your evidence when you submit


  1. Go to the Chrome Basic badge (on renewownyourlearning.com)
  2. Attach your screenshot* and simply click “Submit” at the bottom.

****Your screenshot should include a view of your downloads folder, so I can see that you know where your downloads go!

To see your downloads, you can either:

1 - find the files app icon:


2 - type chrome://downloads into your omnibox