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Pt. 1 Lesson 17 – The Foolish – by Oleg Remez, translated by Irina Narivonchik

Today's lesson is called The Foolish,.... Don't worry :)

The Lesson is called the Foolish, but again, the subject is very peculiar, so before going into today's lesson, perhaps someone will ask “what do we need such a lesson for anyway?” let's hold all questions, and I will try to put in a good foundation for today's lesson. But, I will remind once again—that similar lessons, are never directed at identifying the Foolish person, (Ephesians 6:12) For our struggle is not against flesh and blood- First of all, we identify that—which, in its time, WE accepted from our invisible Master. Foolishness. Therefore, in today's lesson, we will see in the light of scripture: what is foolishness, how it manifests, and whom scriptures call foolish—with what purpose? So that if we identify this in our life, we apply effort to eliminate it. In other words, we work individually over ourselves. So, I will be putting in the foundation, be very attentive, because specifically this is a key moment in so that your thought pattern would be correct.

The first thing I would like to note: from the moment of Genesis chapter 3, and specifically the events of fall into Sin, on earth appeared another one, as called by James.. in the Book of James—Wisdom. Prior to this, there was only one wisdom. The wisdom of God—but here appeared another wisdom, and James calls this earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom. In other words, on earth appeared two sources of knowledge. Specifically TWO sources of knowledge. I note this—this is a very important moment, because, for today, there Are two sources of knowledge.

What is knowledge and how can we describe it? There are many different kinds and avenues of knowledge, but in our case, we can call it as the filler of the mind. This will help us to orient ourselves in what we will be talking about. But this is not Only a filler of the mind—knowledge, which fills the mind of man becomes the eyes of his soul. Because a man does not see with his eyes, he sees by the content of his mind. That's why people view all objects differently—not because they are different, but because the content of their minds are different. So this is directly tied to the study of scriptures—why scriptures are interpreted differently... everyone has the same bible! Not because the Bible, lets say, affects everyone differently—No, because the content of the mind is different. Therefore, that what you see, you always see in the light of whats Already Existing in your mind. This is very important to note.

Consequently, if there are two sources of knowledge, there will be, formulating, two viewpoints for everything. One true viewpoint, and the other viewpoint—false. For today, there are 2 existing viewpoints—true viewpoint, and false viewpoint. In light of what does this view formulate? In light of the wisdom of God—the true viewpoint, and in the light of earthly wisdom—the False viewpoint.

OK, I simply drew a line so that you would understand, that in speaking of people, we first of all-speak not of them, but of the content of their minds. This is simply, clear and understandable. We are not speaking of individuals. We are discussing the contents of the MIND. OK. Now we will go to the words of Jesus: and it will, in light of what I just told you, be a bit simpler to understand what Jesus is talking about—finishing up the sermon on the mount, in conclusion, Jesus says these words: (Matthew 7:24-29) “Therefore everyone or any person, who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man, in other words, the person who listens and puts them into practice, Jesus says he is like a wise man. The other person, Jesus says: 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man. Notice, he didn't say “this is a foolish man and this is a wise man” he said LIKE. You hear? A very important moment. Basically, Jesus says: that a person who listens and puts the words into practice is LIKE a wise man, and a person who listens and does not put them into practice is LIKE a foolish man.

Let's clarify the line even more between the wise and the foolish: Wisdom and Foolishness. As we already talked about, that wisdom of God is the True wisdom, and knowledge that Satan brought to earth—as noted, earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom—this we can call foolishness, or foolish knowledge, or simply foolishness. Now, lets bring in a corrective—tell me, a person consists of spirit, soul and body. Where is knowledge contained? In the Soul-the mind. Now, tell me—can the body of a person be foolish or wise? Of course not. Today you will receive a serious revelation! Now, if a body cannot be foolish, and we will punish the body—will a person become wise?.. see, you understand. And how many such theories exist today! We will talk a bit more on this later, I simply want you to understand these things a bit deeper! A bit deeper—so that if you are working with a child, and you won't be changing the content of his mind, then no matter how much you beat him, you can beat him to death and he will not become more wise. Because the body is the body—it's the wrapper, the cover! What are you investigating the flesh for when the problem is with the content? These are serious things, these are problems which, in christians circles, for today are, amazingly, but they don't get solved. Everyone deals with the body, and punishes and blames the body. But what does the body have anything to do with anything? That would be the same as if I would blame my jacket in that it got dirty. Probably the one who was in it—went somewhere where the jacket got dirty. I simply want you to understand these important directives.

So, on the basis of this, comparing that the body of a person is a body, the soul is the soul and the spirit is the spirit, and if I will compare—the body as the clothing of the spirit, and the clothing of the body a jacket, then could a jacket be foolish? Of course not. Can the body be foolish? Of course not. Consequently, the body always reflects that, what knowledge is contained in the soul. This is powerful. So, I cannot see knowledge, you hear? I cannot see knowledge, but through what happens with the body, I can understand what knowledge it contains. That's why Jesus said: who listens and puts the words into practice is like a wise man, and he built his house on what? On the rock. And who listens and does not put the words into practice, is like a foolish man... but notice, until the storm came, no one knew who the wise man and who the foolish man was. The events which occurred with their homes—they identified, who was directed by what. Events are always the indicator, but not of the person himself—but of the content of his mind. Therefore, I look at events, and I don't look at the person—but I already know the content of his mind. Consequently, what do I actually need to work with when a certain person has bad events in their life? With the person? no—with the content of his mind.

I am not talking of psychology or anything like that right now, no no no. I am first of all speaking of how to help a person. Some time ago I was speaking with some businessmen. And they were saying, “brother Oleg, what can you suggest to us, as beginning businessmen?” I tell them, I suggest you get an mp3 player, and sleep in headphones! “we don't understand,” and I explained to them, I told them, “I can't know all the nuances of that, what you will be doing—but I know who knows all the nuances of that, what you will be doing. And if you want to know all the nuances of that what you will be doing, then you need the eyes of the one who knows all the nuances of what you will be doing.” “we want such eyes!” great—we begin by filling you with His spirit. This of course is not only for businessmen—so that you can see everything with the eyes of God, in your spirit needs to be what is in him, and in your head what is in his-head. Then you will see everything with the eyes of God. That's why the renewing of the mind is not a suggestion, this is called in scripture as the saving of the soul, and believers are told: save your souls. Saved the spirit? Yes... now save the soul. “but brother Oleg, what about the body?” the body is already dead, why do you need to save the dead?

I am putting in some things into the foundation, so that you would understand--How important is the renewing of the mind. With some people, I don't begin any work unless they spend serious time with the book of Proverbs, because you can work with a person on the level of the body, identify their problems, but if you peek into their mind, then it's amazing that he's still alive. These are serious things. So, always begin with the renewing of the mind. If you don't begin with the mind, then you will never see the problem... he put's on the helmet of salvation, and keeps on stepping on the same old rake. You need to fix everything. Change what's up here, (point to head) first of all.

I am preparing you, so that to the word 'foolish' you wouldn't approach it in such an accusatory way. Because the word 'foolish' in itself, it identifies the content of the mind—not the person, what does the person have to do with anything here. The question is the content of the mind. Therefore, I am leading you to that, so that you would begin to work over yourselves... over yourselves, first of all! Not over those in whom you will see foolishness and its manifestation in either events or words—but first of all, over yourselves.

Consequently, based on what we said, we can make the following conclusion: no one is born foolish, and no one is born wise, right? You have a mind. A mind is not to blame what gets poured into it. Does a mind choose knowledge? No. what you will pour into it, that's what you will have. You know, what you wrote down is what you will read. (Luke 6:45) A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. Tell me, who brought it in? Who stored up? The man himself. Who will we blame? Ourselves. That's the thing—the guilty party was always in the mirror. I just want this to be understood in regards to people, because sometimes we step out very critical of people, passing certain judgment, and then we don't understand why we have such problems. I will note once again: no one is born foolish, and no one is born wise. Wisdom comes from above, and is from scripture—foolishness is ignorance of God's ways, and today we will be talking about this. If we see, that a person acts foolishly, then he is called foolish, even though, in actuality, he is not to blame. In actuality, if a person acts foolishly, or in his life are events that speak of foolishness, then in actuality, this is the manifestation of foolishness through the flesh of man. This is a manifestation. Same with wisdom—if we call a person wise, he is not to blame for this. This is simply a person who allows the wisdom of God to manifest through himself. He is obedient to the wisdom of God, and wisdom does what? It manifests. So, to whom you are obedient to—is always seen through the consequent events. If you Listen to the Lord your God, then..... blessings will come. And if you will not listen to the Lord your God, you will still listen to somebody... and who you will be listening to, we will find out when the events happen—curses. You are always obedient—this brings joy, doesn't it? You are always obedient. You cannot be not obedient, we are not independent creation, and we are ALWAYS obedient to someone—and who we are obedient to, can always be seen in the events which fill up our lives. So, if you see a bad event in your life, do not get upset—re-evaluate that what goes into you. So, renew your minds, first of all.

I am putting in a foundation—now we will transition to whom scriptures call foolish. Again, we are not talking of individuals, we are talking of the content of the mind. Psalm 14:1 The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” in other words, there's NO God. Consequently, from scriptures we see, that scriptures call a foolish person, as one who doesn't believe in God. In actuality, there are no unbelievers. Disbelief is belief in something opposite. Everyone is a believer. So, if you say, “oh, he's not a believer, this speaks that he believes in something else. “but I don't believe in Anything” well, you believe in yourself. You're still a believer-on the other hand, is there any use to you from your belief—of course not.

We'll take another scripture: Proverbs 14:18 The simple (ignorant) inherit folly, The Ignorant. ignorance—what is ignorance? Ignorance is not an absence of knowledge—it's the absence of necessary knowledge. In actuality, only one group of knowledge is important for you, the wisdom of God... and scripture says, (Proverbs 21:30) There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD. You are created for one group of knowledge—you hear? Just one—not 2! to 'widen your viewpoint' is to lie to yourselves. “brother Oleg, I will study this religious direction, I will look into this and also this” ---and we won't find you anywhere. You will get lost somewhere, or you will found a new theory. (Proverbs 21:30) There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD. There exists only one wisdom that is useful to Man—this is the Wisdom of God. So don't attempt to study other wisdoms—don't waste time on this! I know many people that call themselves wise, but their wisdom doesn't have anything to do with the wisdom of God, and scriptures say: (Romans 1:22) Professing to be wise, they became fools, so be wise and prudent in this question. Please understand, that in the bible is enough wisdom for eternity. So, let's not get puffed up—glory be to God—perhaps their thoughts are deserving of attention, but not the attention that will bring you to wisdom. Perhaps this attention will bring you to foolishness--

So, ignorance is not a absence of all knowledge—ignorance is the absence of necessary knowledge for Man. Hosea 4:6—we continue to put in the foundation— My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge- satan has authority—or influence over a person, specifically because the person is ignorant in certain areas. In other words, satan uses ignorance to plant stuff in your life—so ignorance, about which we are talking about—it is still filled with something. You know, in the world there's a saying—a holy place is never empty—if in there is not good knowledge, there is still some sort of knowledge in there. Of course, they may not be good. Scripture says that a good mind brings pleasure.

What can we note out of everything that we said? That ignorance doesn't exist without knowledge—therefore, if a person manifests foolishness, it speaks that the content of his mind—is foolish. Foolishness in the life of a person is the result or the manifestation of certain knowledge. Whom does wisdom call foolish? We read: Proverbs 1:22 “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? It doesn't speak here of All knowledge, here it speaks of God's knowledge. In other words, the simple hate Godly knowledge. And here it's written—here is given an answer—How long? In this it speaks that problems will come to them. You know, I never treated problems as instruments of Godly education. I know that God can use them—when I allow problems into my life, to teach me never again to allow these problems. But problems are Not instruments of Godly instruction, as they don't exist in Genesis chapters 1 & 2—the perfect will of God. If they were instruments of Godly instruction, then they would be fixed in Genesis chapters 1 & 2, as instruments of the perfect will of God. They don't exist in Genesis 1 & 2, therefore, they should not be. This is the picture—i am simply describing certain moments to you.

What is foolishness? Taking into account that satan, as an angelic creation, cannot bring anything of his own to earth—then we can call foolishness as warped by him wisdom. In other words, satan took the wisdom of God, warped it, it's application, and at the exit it acquired the title of 'foolishness' that's it. I already spoke of this, but I will demonstrate again, because this needs to cement in you—i will recall once again. Satan, as an angel creation, cannot bring anything of his own. He is not a creative individual. He doesn't have anything of his own. All that he can do—is warp the attitude to the already existing. I will once again bring up this example, it will help you, in describing to people how this happens. For example, there is the law of electricity—I most frequently use this example—the law of electricity no one can warp, no one can change. On the other hand, what you Can do, is change the attitude to the knowledge of applying this law. The knowledge of the law itself—for example, a wire is sticking out of the wall. In the mind appears this thought-this knowledge—touch the end, and find out, is there voltage there or not? A person tries, and gets electrocuted. Tell me, did the electricity itself change? No. the incorrect attitude to the law of electricity. Simply the incorrect behavior—but there is a correct behavior--”what is the correct, brother Oleg?” go, and first of all make sure the breaker is off! Is the light turned off? The correct behavior is to first make the source safe. But, some thought still nudges--”try with your fingers!” I know one brother that decided to try something similar right in front of my eyes—he took a knife and striked it.... where are these thoughts coming from? God doesn't send such thoughts. Who sent them? Is the question-- and you are already understanding yourselves...

I want for you to get accustomed to one rule—on earth there are 2 sources of thought. A third doesn't exist! Two. Consequently, if these thoughts aren't Godly, then—who's? Mine... No. there are two sources. There are God's thoughts, and there are not Godly thoughts. Or, you could say—there are thoughts which are formulated by the Godly group of knowledge, and there are thoughts that are formulated NOT by the Godly group of knowledge. We are created in such a way, that we choose—I will not emphasize this point overly, as we will still have the lesson, “renewing of the mind”.

So, foolishness is warped by satan Godly wisdom. And the next warping that he tries to insinuate—is, if we take the law of electricity again—warping of it's use... such as the electric chair, stun gun, and so on is a warping of the law of electricity. The law itself remains unchangeable. Same with the law of gravity—he can't change the law itself, but he can change behavior or attitude towards it—remember what he said to Jesus, when he was standing on the roof of the temple? “Jump! For it's written, ‘He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. Jump! You know, in the answer of Jesus there is a hidden phrase—You don't need to check God's Love. “do not put your lord God to the test” in other words, God didn't affirm the law of gravity so that we could check—with his help, his love. The law of gravity has a goal—first of all, so that man could, in any position, in any location, could firmly stand on the knowledge that he will not float or fly away anywhere. But to check—does God love me or not—from the 9th floor... there is no need in this, even though satan says specifically this. “if God loves you, grab the exposed wire... you won't get electrocuted! I am simply putting in certain understanding in this direction, and now let's transition to foolishness.

I will emphasize once again—we are not identifying the fool, we are looking at foolishness manifesting itself through the flesh of Man... or manifesting itself through events or actions.

Proverbs 28:26 a very interesting verse... Those who trust in themselves—let's pause here. Once again, I will recall—Man is NOT an INDEPENDENT creation. He has nothing of his own, you hear? If the wisdom of God teaches to trust in the Lord, then earthly wisdom teaches what? To trust in yourself. in yourself! “I understand, I think, I am so and so..” and scripture says: Those who trust in themselves are fools, in other words, if a person frequently uses these word combinations that we just mentioned, then I understand that the approach to this person needs to be very careful and intelligent—intelligent in the sense that this person needs help in orienting themselves... not to nail into him, or to put a label on his back, no no no.. I simply understand that I am dealing with an infant—if he is a believer. Let me immediately bring in a corrective—believers are NOT foolish. They are born again, they are NOT foolish. On the other hand, they may still act like the foolish, but scripture calls foolish believers-or believers that act like the foolish by a different term... Immature or fleshly. In other words, he is born again, but behaves not wisely... even though he is wise, he behaves like he is not. So scriptures, softly, forgivingly, and with love simply calls them infants, or immature. And you could do the same thing. If you see an obvious manifestation of foolishness in a believer, you could say “its OK, infant, he's learning... we're all learning!” bring in balance. But do NOT use the word foolish in Any Form in association with a believer. Do NOT use the word foolish, because in him now lives the spirit of God—this is an important moment! If he makes a mistake, he is simply allowing someone to direct him, but, in association with believers, use the word infant—or immature... this is a more soft, indulgent word.

Those who trust in themselves are fools, or, if we connect this word with what is written in Jeremiah 17:5 then he is cursed. 5 This is what the LORD says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh in other words, it's understandable what foolishness will bring a man to—to only one thing. To curses. I said it a bit harshly, but, in this situation, this applies.

Proverbs 1:7 fools despise wisdom and instruction. Tell me, do they despise all wisdom? No. no! They only despise that knowledge that contradicts what they already know. The foolish don't despise ALL knowledge, they only despise that knowledge that contradicts already existing for them knowledge. This is a natural process. It's like working with a child—I am simply explaining certain moments—working with a child, you are always working with what he already has in his mind. If what you are telling him contradicts whats already in his mind, the reaction will always be the same... either tears, or he will get offended. Adults are the same! So, if you will approach teaching or instructing wisely, every process will be built on this. On the other hand, there are things you don't know yet, and there is methodology to this material. So, before talking about knowledge that has to do with the target knowledge, of your calling, there is a full year, of inputting into your mind-that, which will later help you to understand the target knowledge. If we do everything backwards, it will destroy you. Therefore, the wisdom in the methodology of presenting the material speaks the following: all fragmented or partial knowledge is ineffective, and therefore void... you hear? If knowledge is presented in fragmented form, it doesn't bring any benefit. Fragmented knowledge is knowledge that is presented without a solidly laid foundation. You are simply given a fragment—Here! And, shoved it into you. You could get stirred up for maybe a week, and then, in a month, you may not even remember what was talked about. This is.... there are simply rules to presentation of material. This is a science in itself, and it doesn't act this way.... that you can say or do whatever you want. no. there are rules. Let's continue...

Proverbs 1:22 fools hate knowledge. Do they hate all knowledge? No. they don't despise All knowledge, they don't hate All knowledge—they only hate and despise that knowledge, which don't line up with already EXISTING knowledge. Tell me, if you want to help them, what needs to be done? Help to change the knowledge—perhaps with a stick, or some other punishment? No, nothing will help. Nothing will help. ONLY renewing of the mind. But he doesn't want to renew his mind! And that's why here we need to be wise... how to create a micro-climate of Hearing, so that, step by step, grain by grain, influence the content of the mind. See, the wisdom of God teaches everything. Teaches, so that changes occur only by the will of Man. God is good. Of course, God could have burst into the Garden of Eden, knocked down Adam—and while Adam was still in shock, grabbed the snake, tore off his head, and that's it.... “truly brother Oleg, why didn't he do that?” because God is Love and he created Man in his own Image and Likeness. That's why he doesn't do this with you. You know, God, if he wanted to... if he could, that's if he could—he would have made each one of us a head door, took out the brains, gave it a holy wash... with some sand or other scrubbing material, then put everything back... and, ta-da! that's it. A new creation. And we don't remember how to sin, we don't remember how to do that, how to do this, and we don't remember anything or anyone. And we are offered to do something, some sin, and … I don't remember. Oh, glory be to God. If God didn't do this, then he is giving you the right of choice. With What to renew, How to renew, how Much to renew, in which direction to renew.... you are an individual, after all.

Proverbs 15:5 A fool spurns instruction, they spurn instruction not because, they don't like you, or the instruction itself they don't like—they spurn instruction because they are wise in their own eyes. They count that what you say, well, hmm, they simply don't need it. They simply don't have a need of it.

Let me give you a test you could do—but I'm telling you, if you use it, use it carefully! This test is clearly seen in the relationship between a child and his mother. Picture this: for example, a woman has a child. The child is, let's say a month old. Let's say the mom is 18 years old—a young mom. So, the child is a month old. The relationship between the mother and the child is joyful. The mother is happy with the child. The child is 'agu, agu' and the conversation builds on a certain purity. The child grows. He's now 6 months. Joy. They find a common tongue, a common understanding, without any problems. The child is 1 year old. Joy, understanding, the child is investigating, trying things out, falling, getting up... the process is going. The mom is happy with everything. The child is now 4. the child now starts to ask questions—there is still happiness there, everything is OK. Suddenly, the child is 6. suddenly. And the child begins to ask questions, to which the mother doesn't have answers. In actuality, what did we find out? We found out the age of the mother. 6Years. 6 years by the content of the mind, and 18 years old physically. That's it. 6Years old. I simply want you to understand, that a person matures not in the body, he matures in the mind! So, it doesn't matter how old the body is, the body could be 90 years old—but in the mind, sandbox questions. I am telling you serious things because many of you will be setting up families, and you need to understand that it's possible to become a mother without having children. These are serious things. And I can tell you for sure—if you will want to become a wife he will be demanding a mother. Let's go on. I will explain what I just said--

Now, let's picture this: let's get back to the example—why do you think the mother, began to react so aggressively to her child when her child asks her questions she can't answer? Is this the fault of the mother, or the content of her mind? The content of her mind.

Now, another picture: a woman and a man are starting a family. When they start, each of them has a goal—for example, the man likes how the woman cooks, or some maternal manifestation... the woman likes some qualities in the man, and, some time later, the woman decided to become a woman.... a wife. In other words, she got tired of being the mother in the kitchen. She got tired of running circles around him. And suddenly, the husband starts to swear at the wife. Offend her, upset her.... what do you think? What did we actually find out? The age of the husband. He is still a child.

This applies to both men & women. Applies to both! Absolutely to both! I simply want you to understand the moment of maturity. Maturity is not determined by the amount of years of the body. Maturity is determined by the content of the mind. Therefore, in their time, certain groups of people—they understood, that to create a family, they need to test people. Today, families are created by another mechanism—while it is warm outside, families are created—why? Because everyone got a revelation, suddenly, for some reason.

Let's return to our lesson. So, A fool spurns discipline. Let's continue. Proverbs 10:8 a foolish mouth will stumble. Wait a moment... why is he foolish in the mouth? … from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.... this is his image—in thinking and in content. So words, in fact, speak of the content of a person. This is also an important moment. If this person is a believer, then instantly subscribe this to immaturity. If this is a non-believer, there is nothing surprising in this. Therefore, the foolish mouth will stumble. You know what stumble means? He will be stopped. Therefore, the foolish frequently express themselves in such words as “I never have that” will stumble, will stop... whatever you bind on earth, will be bound in heaven. “this never works out for me” “no, I won't have that” “I never have such things” and, and and... will stumble.

Proverbs 10:14 the mouth of a fool invites ruin. In other words, they finish themselves off. And in the most various ways.

Proverbs 15:2 the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness. In other words, for them this is natural—to pour out every foolishness... even though some people hope they will change—they won't change! “oh, when they have a family, they will change” no... they will pour out even more foolishness. They won't change! Foolishness is not removed by the forming of a family... or into the family comes a child, and a person becomes more wise—No! Throw out such thoughts. Foolishness is only removed by wisdom. Nothing else.

Proverbs 12:16 I'm attempting to deliver, in various forms, this understanding to you. How to bring forth the processes of reformation with people. You need to understand how to do this... and not with a stick or frying pan or whatever else is underhand. Proverbs 12:16 A fool’s wrath is known at once,in other words, he has absolutely no self-restraint. Some foolish people say “but what could I have done?” “this is the person that I am, you have to accept me as I am!” any little provocation... and boom, instantaneous foolish comment pops out. Instant! Of course, you can cover this with mercy, but still, … these types of people don't change. They don't change by themselves. Especially if this is a co-worker, or a family member... this won't go away. “brother Oleg, I will pray for him, and it will go away” perhaps in the horizontal position—but even then, most often, when these people get better, they return to their old ways.

Proverbs 29:11 A fool vents all his rage how much does he vent? ALL his rage. You know what the world calls these people? Spiritual vampires “until he sucks everything out of me, he won't stop” what spiritual vampire? This is a fool, in actuality. This is a person who vents all his foolishness, vents, vents... “until he sucks me dry” no, nothing like that. A fool vents all his rage. Earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom, it's directed to steal, kill and destroy. Therefore, earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom will always bring a person to cause another pain. In families this is frequently noticed—goes and goes until he causes pain. As soon as the pain is caused, he comes and “oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it” Well if you didn't mean it, Why did you do it?! “well, I just don't know what happened...” foolishness is visiting, and I want to tell you that he will do this tomorrow, the next day, and the next... and if they don't start to seriously do something, this will never change. Never change. Because this is what the wisdom of God teaches—of how foolishness manifests.

Proverbs 18:6 The lips of fools oh, this is a powerful proverb-- bring them strifeand their mouths invite a beating. In other words, His words always cause conflict, which Always turns against him. These people cause conflict. In fact, they create conflict out of nothing. In other words, something dropped—and usually, it wouldn't be noticed—but the foolish don't let it pass without comment. They fixiate on every mistake to start an argument—then they get offended, then they apologize. This is the process.

Proverbs 26:11 this is a powerful proverb-- A Fool repeats his folly I will underscore once again—the knowledge we are receiving right now, it's not directed to... get rid of some people, lock them up somewhere, or whatever else. You simply need to formulate the correct understanding in regards to the fact that if you don't begin to change the content of the mind, this whole process will keep repeating, repeating, and repeating... the record won't change. A fool repeats his folly. “brother Oleg, what do we do so he doesn't repeat?” you need to pour in wisdom. That's it. “and if he doesn't want to pour in?” there are different ways and methods—i will touch on this at the end. So, A fool repeats his folly. “brother Oleg, I thought he would change...” No. a fool repeats his folly.

Proverbs 14:9 this is a very widespread one-you will see this clearly-- Fools laugh at sin. This is an amazing manifestation of foolishness. A person watches as another person is harmed, or is caused pain... and thinks its funny. A person watches another person cheat—and thinks it's funny. There are shows on TV, which are filled with adultery and violence, and people find this halarious! In actuality, it's not them laughing, but what is in their head—foolishness. So if a person is laughing at the problems of another person, it is clear what is in their mind. This is an important moment for you. I simply want you to orient yourselves. If you are planning to do something serious with a specific person, and their behavior fully reflects what we are talking about, then after you do your thing, don't get upset and offended with anyone—this was your deliberate choice, and therefore, you're fully responsible. Of course, God is not responsible... “oh, why didn't he tell me anything?” what, didn't you see? Of course you saw. Well, when you saw, that's when God was telling you.

Proverbs 15:21 Folly is joy to him who is destitute of discernment, in other words, a person who allows foolishness to direct him, he is happy because in regards to his mind—he doesn't have wisdom. This is a harsh statement, but very important. Once again, when you consult people or talk to people, this wisdom really helps—helps to first of all, balance things out—It's like a Doctor... you are sitting, talking with a person, and can see right away what kind of medicine he needs. Here, it's the same thing—talking to a person, you see right away... except things are not going from bottom to top—but from top to bottom. Of course, you don't tell him this, and don't point it out but naturally, work with God on strategies to help this person to mature, at least a bit, in the mind. These are serious things.

Proverbs 14:15 A fool believes anything, this is a very widespread proverb, it is very powerful, because scripture says “do not believe every word” but check everything. In other words, whatever a person may say—always put it through scripture. Glory be to God, we have the word of God. If you believe every word, Literally—this says that you are directed, in a large part, by foolishness. I mean the word of people literally, not the word of God literally. The word of God you need to believe Literally, and the word of people.. no matter how much he tries to affirm his words with the word of God, Always put them through scriptures... 1, 2 and 3 times... therefore, a fool believes everything. Plus, he widens his viewpoint with various other, we'll say wisdoms.

Proverbs 13:19 this is a very powerful proverb, we will work on this one a bit. fools detest turning from evil. Let me explain this proverb a bit. Why do fools detest turning from evil? Tell me, to turn from evil, what needs to be in the mind? Wisdom. We will take parallel scriptures—the prudent see danger... wait, does he see danger with his eyes? No—by the content of his mind. In other words, it's not HIM that sees danger, but the wisdom in him says something—this is danger! Even though people standing right beside him can't see it. They look at the same object—one says, this is danger! And the other, “oh, please. What, are you not a christian? What, don't you believe that everything will be OK?” and he says, “no, no no.. I believe God, but this is danger! We can't go here!” the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the foolish keep going and pay the penalty. Therefore, fools detest turning from evil—not because they don't Want to—they like problems—but there isn't anything within them that would cause them to turn away... he would Like to turn from evil, because, after all, who likes to suffer? But he CAN'T. I experimented in this regard—not to simply experiment, but to affirm scripture for myself—because some scriptures are very harsh... such as this one-fools detest turning from evil.--and I thought, how is this possible? And a person comes to me, and it's obvious that in his mind is such a mess. And I know, that behind a certain door is a certain problem. There's 3 doors and I say “tell me, which of these doors would you go into?” and you know, this is serious “please choose” and he chooses the problem. Tell me, who told him? The content of the mind. There's a certain spirit that influences the mind. Why didn't he go into the other 2? they don't have problems. No, had to go to the one with the problem. So there are certain people who find problems themselves. And I think you know such people.

Once again, I am in no way trying to undermine anyone. I simply want you to understand that you don't need to deal with the problem, but with the Content of the mind.

Ecclesiastes 10:14 fools multiply words. Even though No one knows what is coming— a fool is always led by FACTS. Facts. Facts are very important to a fool, so a fool always works with facts, investigates facts, to bring forth new facts. “brother Oleg, what are you trying to say? I am from the institute of statistics” I don't have anything against them. Institutes of statistics—they live by facts, analyze facts out of existing facts—that's why, for today, they haven't predicted a single fact that they could change. That's it. This is like those people who see horrible dreams, and say that these are prophetic dreams. Well, what did this dream tell you? A problem. So you could deal with it? No, this will happen, that's all. What are these dreams for? If you still can't do anything about it? So fools multiply words even though no one knows what is coming.

Ecclesiastes 10:15 The labor of fools or the labor of a person who allows earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom to direct him-- wearies him, in other words, no matter what work he does—he just starts it, and right away gets a revelation that it's time to stop. Have you ever met anyone like this? These are amazing people. “oh, brother Oleg—I received a revelation that I should be doing this!” he begins to do this, and, not even a full day passes when he, “oh, God told me that I need to leave this” but you didn't finish! “yes, it's upsetting to me too, but I need to stop this” and off he goes—by revelation, somewhere else. Amazing. Of course these are children. So, The labor of fools wearies them. Any labor. “brother Oleg, don't touch my husband!” I'm not touching any husband or wife right now! In no way! So if you see something, somewhere—we are not touching—we are not touching on anyone by the flesh. We are talking right now about the content of the mind. Perhaps you've recognized, but the content of the mind. Therefore, later we will be talking about how to remove this.

I like this proverb especially—because it is sooo frequently seen in certain circles. Proverbs 17:24 the eyes of a fool are on the ends of the earth.Everyone immediately understands! You know, there are people that lead global plans. Global. At one point a brother approached me, when I was just starting my christian life... he approached me, maybe I looked trustworthy or something—and he says “you know, I want to offer you something I haven't offered to Anyone—only to you I want to offer this” I say, “what?” “let's pray the prayer of agreement so that satan would repent.” for me, this was.... I didn't understand, you know, and I say, “so, you think this will work?” he says “well, of course—if two agree, then they will have whatever... just imagine what kind of problem we will solve!” and this person, he said, later on... that you can only get baptized in the Jordan. At the ends of the earth. And I say, “and if we don't live in Jerusalem? “Only in the Jordan!” and he didn't get baptized for some time—he didn't get baptized in water because he thought, Only in the Jordan! I think that these types of people pray about the whole earth. They have these 'global' approaches—no, I'm not against global works, in themselves—but if you have a family, start with your family! At least help your wife—at least once, go shopping with her—I understand that you are praying for the entire country so that that there wouldn't be any famine, but help your wife... wash the dishes at least, you know—The eyes of a fool are on the ends of the earth. Therefore, don't get offended! Children are children. God loves children.

Proverbs 21:20 a foolish man squanders The foolish squander. In other words, he doesn't have an order of values. If something doesn't work out for him, he doesn't learn from the problem. He did something—there were some resources wasted, it wasn't successful. He doesn't draw any wisdom from it. Actually, the foolish always learn on aonothers dime. So he searches on whom he can learn. Therefore, be very wise in—how much a man learns, because... i'll read once again—the foolish man squanders. Squanders. So, no matter how many resources you would pour into him so that he might learn something—this is useless. Just be observant—does a man draw wisdom out of what he come up against? If he does not, then everything else is on your dime.

There is another similar proverb, and it sounds like this: Proverbs 18:9 One who is slack in his work is brother to one who squanders. How do you understand the word 'slack'? There's an interesting moment here—the word 'slack' in this context, means not ripe. Slack. He hasn't hasn't ripened sufficiently. So, slack, or negligent in his word is brother to one who squanders. (ecclesiastes 10:16) woe to the land who's king is a child. In other words, immaturity always leads one to squander. Squander.

Proverbs 19:3 The foolishness of man oh, this is a powerful proverb- perverts his way, What does 'perverts' mean? In other words, the foolishness of a man directs him onto a way that is opposite to where he needs to go. Notice, that its the FOOLISHNESS, not HIMSELF, but foolishness—and scripture says further on—but his heart rages against the Lord in other words, his foolishness perverts his ways, but he blames everything on God. Oh, this is so popular these days. Everything gets put on God, but scripture says: that the foolishness of Man perverts his way. Apostle Paul, seeing these problems, in Galatians writes: (Galatians 6:7) Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows this is a very widespread problem, That God is blamed for everything. “oh, why did satan do that? Because God allowed it” “and why did he do that... because God allowed it” because, because, because, and as a result, it turns out that satan always works With God—and the impression is that they have an agreement—for the purpose of instructing his children. This is how it looks! In actuality, the Foolishness of man perverts his way, and his heart rages against the Lord.

Ecclesiastes 2:14 the fool walks in the darkness; now you understand why he stumbles! “wait a moment brother Oleg—how does he walk in the dark?” in Deuteronomy 28, the blindness of the mind sounds like this: And you shall grope at noonday, as a blind man gropes in darkness; and another scripture, in the new testament says: (2 Corinthians 4:4) The god of this age has blinded the minds you hear? Or, the eyes are open, but what he sees—like the kid's cartoon says, 'smile and wave, boys, smile and wave' and that's it. This is the position.... like this. “but wait! He's an adult!” well, he smiles and waves in an adult way. I simply want you to see that this is a serious problem for today in christian circles. They don't talk about this. They try, in various ways to reanimate, resuscitate, resurrect, and other ways—but until the content of the mind doesn't change, however you may reanimate or try to resuscitate, it will keep going on the old tracks. For today, this is a widespread problem. Soul blindness, in christian circles—is a VERY widespread problem for today. Of course, this needs to be taken care of. And this can only be solved in one way—foolishness is removed by wisdom. It's not removed in any other way... that's why it says, that before Jesus began his earthly service, as the Lord of Glory—he grew in wisdom. This is the way of the Lord. And if this is the way of the Lord, then why do we start from other things? Scriptures says 'Get Wisdom.' the main thing, for a born-again believer is wisdom. You may say, “brother Oleg, what for?” so that the soul wouldn't be blind. If the soul will not be blind, then you will get understanding. Understanding doesn't come in other ways. And sensibility-and I like the russian word for this—благоразумие--which means 'a mind beneficial to it's owner'-- doesn't come any other way. And if you don't have a beneficial mind or understanding, then the born-again believer will be acting as the fool, and will not be able to escape it... they will be stepping on the same rake over and over, wearing his helmet of salvation, and will not stop. This is removed, I will once again underscore—ONLY by the wisdom of God. Of course the holy spirit will be stopping. Of course, of course, of course. But we need to begin to renew our minds.

Let's go over a few moments, because there are a lot of theories—that for a person to change, he needs to be punished. I will show you by scripture, that to punish a person's body is Useless. Useless for change. You know, if a person could be changed by physical punishment, then a christian would need to, first of all after repentance—be put through a strict physical teaching process, the more physically torturous, the better. And, of course, at the end of it would turn out a serious new creation. But, here is what scripture says: Proverbs 27:22 Though you grind a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, Yet his foolishness will not depart from him. However much you may do this. I am telling you this, so that you could apply this to adults in the body and children—these are serious things, because parents frequently apply hands or a rod or whatever else—not understanding, that if you apply the rod or whatever else without prior inputting something in the mind, then what you sow—you will reap, except 100-fold, when he grows up. That's it. This is ground! Small, for now—but still ground. And whatever you will sow—will grow, 100-fold. Think of how much some parents sow. And then, some time later, they are left without a home, without anything, and without children. Because, the harvest came. I want you to balance these things, because into children you can sow the good as well as the bad. Also, into adult children could be sown good as well as bad. And scripture says, Though you grind a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, Yet his foolishness will not depart from him. In other words, this type of strictness doesn't bring anything. “brother Oleg, what does such strictness do then?” if you will study—and I study aspects of the old testament... why the law, why the punishment—in itself, any judgment stops the offense, you hear? So the punishment stops the offense, but it doesn't give wisdom—so any Punishment is a halt to the offense... but if you don't change the content of the mind, then this offense will be done again. This is called a relapse. One who's had a relapse is a person who keeps on repeating one and the same crime. I would like you to understand these moments. A relapse is a repeat. If I see that a person repeats the same mistakes, of foolishness, then I call that a relapse. But a relapse in the sense that the mind is not renewed, or remains the same. And if a person does not renew their mind, then nothing will change. Frequently, when I talk to certain people, I ask certain provocative questions—because I need to know what's up here (point to head), and, seeing what is contained up here, I always assign the book of Proverbs as the first pill. “listen to this day and night, and come back in a week” a week later they come, again a few questions—I assess “come back in two weeks, and continue to listen” if a person truly approaches this seriously, that step after step, step after step... and now He will be working with me. Because in his mind will be that, what will be answering his questions. Please understand, that the wisdom of God will make you So SEEING in this world, that you will be receiving answers IMMEDIATELY, without even thinking about it. Scripture says: that the strong do everything freely. In other words, it get's done. You will know, because you Already know this. So, treat Seriously—the renewing of the mind, the saving of the soul.

There's another proverb that says that physical punishment never made anyone wiser--Proverbs 17:10 a hundred blows is ineffective on a fool.Ineffective. Tell me, if 100 blows is ineffective on a fool, will sickness change anyone or make anyone wiser? no. curses Never stopped foolishness, you hear? So if into the life of a person come curses, he doesn't become wise. In no way! That's why in scripture it says: that the Law reveals SIN, the Problem, the Offense. But it hasn't yet made anyone wiser, that's why scripture says that (Romans 8:3) God condemned Sin in the Flesh, because the Law couldn't fix the flesh. The goal of the Law never was to correct the person. Christians themselves didn't look into this question deeply enough, and began to say that God this, God this, God that... but please understand, this is unwise. If God knows that the body of a person is just a functioning cover, which, no matter how much you may punish it, would never change—God perfectly knew that true change happens from the inside out—from the inside out, not the other way around! Therefore, what's the point of killing, killing killing... and with all this, no one would change. You know, some people say: if there's a person, there's a problem. No person, no problem! But this, is not a solution of the problem! This is the same as... Noah, a hero of faith, right? Oh, did such a massive work of faith—but tell me, what was the first thing that he did right after this act of faith? The first thing, right away after Oh! Such an act of saving—he got drunk. Tell me, did the flood remove sin from earth? No. because the flood was not the solution of the problem. Here is the whole situation—if the flood was the solution to the problem, then afterward, there wouldn't have been any sin—but sin is a spiritual part, so we need to deal with sin in the spiritual dimension—we could beat whomever, and nothing would be solved, because spirit is spirit, and foolishness is foolishness, and no matter how much you may attempt to solve it on the level of the flesh, you are wasting your time. With spiritual problems you need to deal with spiritual powers, and you need wisdom to deal with foolishness—you will not be able to change things in any other way. This is what scripture teaches.

Proverbs 3:35 Fools inherit shame. What does shame mean? It means that they live only by the abilities and opportunities of the flesh. For them it is more understandable, more natural—their order of values is based on the abilities and opportunities of the flesh of man.

Ecclesiastes 8:14 There is something else meaningless that occurs on earth: the righteous who get what the wicked deserve, and the wicked who get what the righteous deserve. In the light of what Jesus said on his sermon on the mount, this becomes understandable. In other words, the wicked could do something wise.. in his behavior, and he will receive the fruit—and a wise—by the content of his spirit—because Jesus became for us a source of wisdom—he could do something foolish, and receive the fruit. But of course, christians would say that this is from God—and the wicked would say, well, glory be to God! But will still not turn to God. I simply want us to bring in a certain order—that if we are dealing with stuff, we are first of all, dealing with ourselves. If we are removing, we are removing up here (point to head). We are not looking for someone to blame. The guilty party has always been in our mirror. Therefore, (James 1:5) If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. I consider that the renewing of the mind is the first thing a person needs to do after being born again. If the mind is not renewed, then the person keeps stepping on the same rake, living by the same methods, by the same rules, by the same principles, the same order of values, and Nothing changes. And if nothing changes, he will get tired of such a christian life—or into his life will be applied certain theories, which will justify the manifested curses. One of the 2. no other way is possible. So for today exists many theories which justify curses in the lives of christians. Simply justify—because christians themselves, realistically, they keep on stepping on that same rake... and some sort of theory needs to be applied to this rake, after all. You can't call this any other way. That scripture says that: (Galatians 3:13) Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, this scripture is now viewed differently, Not from all curses. “oh, and not from which ones? Make a list” …. I am not going to go into this now, but I just want you to see this—that people are not to blame. If the mind is not renewed, then what can you expect from him? At home, nothing. “well, brother Oleg, who do I deal with?” start with yourself. Start with yourself. So begin to renew your mind, by the book of proverbs... load it onto your mp3 player or ipod, and SLEEP with it until wisdom pours out of every pore of your body. This same way help others-perhaps your child doesn't really want to listen to your suggestions, but just put it in their room, while they are still young. Put in a audio player wherever he plays, and let the proverbs play in the background. “brother Oleg, but he doesn't understand anything” as if you understand everything! There are children, and there are small children. Let the proverbs of solomon play in their room every day. And for the big child as well. This is a process, don't worry... step by step... step by step... “do you want dinner? Yes... listen to a proverb!” or, you know under plates and cups people put mats or coasters....and you put scriptures... some proverb... put it under the plate. He finishes, removes the plate.. and heres a scripture. By the wisdom of the wife a house is built brother Oleg... right, right. You understand.

Begin, in the wisdom of God, receiving wisdom as to how to help this child. That you will always be blaming them that they don't go to church, or in other things—that will not change anything. Absolutely nothing. So your way, is to first of all, plant that what you can later work with. This is how I work with businessmen... especially non-christian businessmen. If I get invited somewhere for a seminar, first thing I do, always, is talk about the wisdom of God—because, talking of the wisdom of God in religious circles is an inarguable question. In other words, if you talk of the holy spirit, gifts of the spirit, or whatever... you will instantly get covered in stones. But if you come, and say, 'the wisdom of God!' everyone will say, “wisdom of God!” :) and, tell them something of the wisdom of God, you will even get a hug. So, first I come and sow the proverbs of solomon, and on the next seminar, I already know that in their heads.. not everyone, but some—have something that I can work with. Understand how the bridge is built? Step by step.. if you don't input into the mind of the person that, what you need for talking with him, then you will be talking to yourself. This is how it looks in some christian circles.

Children defend themselves this way: they simply cry or walk away. Adults defend themselves by turning on you. As scripture says: (Proverbs 9:7) Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults; whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse.

Instruct the wise, and they will be wiser still. Of course, it's important to evangelize, of course... but don't bring out all the wisdom that you know. Simply tell them of Jesus, of repentance. And that's it! Don't make it complicated. Don't tell them all the revelations you've received in your entire life—as sometimes happens. That if a person stopped to listen to you, then you need to tell them the whole bible school. No. if a person is not born again—ONLY of repentance. Period. Be wise. What has to do with yourself, renew your minds! Directly... the ratio of wisdom and foolishness ….... will DIRECTLY affect how much your life will transform. That's why scripture says: (Proverbs 4:8) Cherish her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you.“brother Oleg, how much will she exalt me?” however much you will value her. The ratio is equal. 50/50. so, how much you will value wisdom, that's how much your life will be transformed.

Foolishness always lets itself be known. Wisdom also, let's itself be known in the midst of fools. So, work over the renewing of your mind, don't wait until you get a Desire.... don't wait. While your mind is.... you will not get such a desire, because what is in the mind, does not produce a desire in such a direction. What is in the mind always wants to sleep, eat, clothes... but I am simply talking about a different order of values.

Let's thank God for his wisdom, that is already within us. If you have and Ipod, but don't know where to get proverbs on it, please see me. Don't look for reasons not to, or excuses. Apply effort, listen to them every day, day and night. “brother Oleg, how long do I listen?” I am telling you, a day will come and you will understand yourselves how much to listen... when through you will flow the wisdom of God—but don't offend anyone! Because, when christians become wise, we need the next revelation.... of the Love of God! Because they sooo want to change everyone. (Ecclesiastes 1:18) For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.

OK, let's thank God for his wisdom: