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Gate-Keeper instructions

Table of contents


Installing your gate-keeper.

ET Gate motor connections

Centurion gate motor connections

Hansa gate motor connections

Positioning the antenna

How do I check the signal strength ?

Registering the gate-keeper.

Fault Finding

Signal strength

GPRS connectivity

Diagnosing faults with the flow chart

Special Commands

Controlling your gate-keeper by SMS

 Installing your gate-keeper.

The reverse side of your gate-keeper has this detail.

Connect the red and black wires to the 12V output available on most gate motor control cards.

A sample list of gate motors and their control cards is in included at the back of this guide.

Connect the yellow wires to control the gate. One yellow wire should be connected to common, sometimes referred to as “negative” or “COM”  the other yellow wire should be connected to trigger the main gate operation.  This is sometimes labeled “TRG” or “GTE” .

Connect the pink wires to control the pedestrian mode of the gate. One pink wire should be connected to “COM” and the other pink wire to “PED”.

Gate Status (optional) Connect the Green wire in series with a dry contact (not supplied) to positive 12 V.

See diagram . This input will allow the gate-keeper to notify you if the gate is forced open or left open for a time specified by yourself.

ET Gate motor connections

Centurion gate motor connections

Hansa gate motor connections

Positioning the antenna

Place the antenna in a location where it can best receive signal.

How do I check the signal strength ?

Testing signal strength can be done by sending your gate-keeper and SMS with the content STATUS=?

This will result in the gate-keeper sending you a message back with its present signal strenth.

Note Signal strength indicator circled below.

What should happen now ?    The Signal LED will light solid for a few seconds where after it will start flashing as it connects to the cell phone network. It  will flash with a 1 second interval in standby mode. It will flash in a half second interval whilst receiving a call or transmitting data.

IMPORTANT.   If the signal indicator light burns solidly then flashes momentarily and goes off for a while and then burns solidly and repeats this cycle every two minutes, the unit is NOT connected to GPRS (general packet radio service) . Gate-keeper requires connectivity to the GPRS service provided by Vodacom and other service providers. Infrequently the GPRS service does have downtime and this will prevent the Gate-Keeper from fetching a schedule and reporting its activity. If this happens you can try calling Vodacom and asking if there is an issue in your area.

The other possible reason for this problem is that your service was suspended due to non-payment of the account.

Before you can start using your gate-keeper, you need to register it with us in order for you to be able to add cell phone numbers to your schedule.

Registering the gate-keeper.

Go to and select  “register new unit”

You need to read and accept the terms and conditions.  Enter the information on the web page as required.

IMPORTANT. The email address requested on this page is the email address that we will use to send you your login details. It is also the email address used to send your annual invoice and reminders.

IMPORTANT.  If you are not the person who is going to be responsible for paying the account, please enter the email address of the person who needs to pay the account.

A few minutes after registering your gate-keeper, you will receive an email containing your login password.

Go to and select “maintain my schedule”. Using your gate-keeper number as user name, and the password contained in the email you have just received, log in and you will see :

Click on the green + sign (circled in red), then you will see :

Black arrow   .         Enter the persons name who you are granting access too.

Orange arrow.         Enter the persons email address who wants notification of access.

Green arrow  .         Enter the persons cell number who you are granting access too.

Blue arrow     .          Specify the “From” and “To “date that access may be granted.

Pink arrow     .         Specify the times that access may be granted.

Red arrow     .         Specify if this person may enter through pedestrian or main gate.

Yellow arrow .                Indicate if you wish to receive an email when this person dials gate.

Brown arrow .                 Specify if this schedule is active.

Important : Grey Arrow... Save this record !

Now, continue adding more people.  

Helpful hint !  If you have many people to add, use the  “My schedule FAST” option under the “Special” Tab.

Important : When you have completed adding your schedules,  Click on “Update my gate now”.

What happens next ?

In a few seconds, we will transfer the schedule to your gate-keeper and you can start using it.

Important: We give a 30 day period from date of registration for you to pay the invoice sent to you on registration.  Payments are automatically receipted to your account if you use the correct reference, namely your gate-keeper cell number.

TO TEST, Dial the gate-keeper from your phone. (assuming you have added yourself as a user). The line will ring twice and then cut you off. (free call).

You will see  one of the the three conditions on the “Ring” led on the side of the gate-keeper. See label above.  If the light flashes once and the gate does not open, there are a few possible reasons for this.

If the Ring light flashes twice, the gate should open to it’s full position. (Yellow caller)

If the Ring light flashes three times, the gate should open in pedestrian mode. (Pink Caller)

Fault Finding

Signal strength

Please send your gate-keeper the following diagnostic SMS in red below.


What you will get back in a few seconds is a message that looks like this.

Check the signal strength. Is it less than 15 ? If it is, this may result in “subscriber unavailable messages”  when you dial the unit. rectify this by repositioning your antenna or fitting a yagi antenna.

Check the voltage. Is it less that 12 v ? If so, please rectify.

GPRS connectivity

Send your gate-keeper an SMS with the content STATUS=?

You will get an SMS back in a few seconds.  

Check GPRS status.  GPRS=1 means it is connected to the GPRS service. GPRS=0 means there is no GPRS service available. This will prevent gate-keeper from fetching a schedule and reporting its activity.   This is usually related to the signal strength. You may need to fit a higher gain antenna.

If the signal strength is above 15 AND GPRS=0 then there is a problem with Vodacom in this area. Patience usually solves this !

Does none of this help ?...... Please follow this flow chart below. for quick diagnosis.

Diagnosing faults with the flow chart

Special Commands

Special commands are not a requirement for installation and are provided to help with faultfinding or for non standard use applications.

To use the special commands, simply send an SMS containing the command to your gate-keeper.

REBOOT                 Reboots the device.

OTAP                        Downloads the latest firmware to your gate-keeper from our server.

FW-OTAP                Downloads the latest operating system firmware.

PULSE-WIDTH=n  -         Where n (1-50) is the pulse width in tenths of a second. Default = 10 tenths (1 Second).  Some gate-controllers need a shorter pulse width than this.

SERVER-DELAY=n  Where n (0-3600) is the delay to log events on the server in seconds. Default=300 seconds (5 minutes)

STATUS=? -                 Returns model number, version, signal strenght,supply voltage, GPRS connected / not connected, gate pulse width and delay to log events on the server.

INPUT-ACTIVATION=n Where n is 1 or 0

Controlling your gate-keeper by SMS

You can control the electronic relay on the board by SMS as well.  This is useful if you want to LATCH a relay.

IMPORTANT the calling number must be on the schedule.

O1 - open relay 1 (yellow pair)

C1 - close relay 1 (yellow pair)

O2 - open relay 2 (pink pair)

C2 - close relay 2 (pink pair)