Complete Listing of Antichamber Bugs and Glitches

Bugs marked with an asterisk (*) are the most noticeably annoying, especially so if occurring in a first playthrough.



Bugs/Glitches used in speedruns:




  "Cube Throw Glitch"

  Description: This occurs when hitting Esc while there are cubes traveling through the air that have just been shot out of the gun. The cubes remain loaded on the map and stay there until hitting Esc again. It can be used to shoot cubes down a long hallway or up a tall shaft without having to get cubes at the end of the hallway or at the top of the shaft.

  Usage in speedrunning: It is used in the "Any% Lagless" speedrun category directly after obtaining the Yellow Gun, as well as in the "Any%" category directly after the disappearing stairs room in The Chase. After obtaining the Yellow Matter Gun, go to A Jump Too Far and walk forward until around halfway down the staircase. Turn around and hold right mouse while strafing forward/backward until you are able to obtain the bottom-most red cube out from under the puzzle in front of The End door (maybe obtaining this cube is also a bug/unintended?). Finally, turn around and shoot the cube upward toward Leap of Faith. Hit Esc while the cube is still traveling. You can now go to Leap of Faith and find the cube to still be loaded on the map and placed somewhere near the "WALK" letters. This cube can now be used to elevator up toward The Highest Point.




  "Glitch Jump"

  Description: This occurs when initially jumping onto a jump-pad. This is a very minor bug that doesn't affect general gameplay. If landing in the correct spot, the jump-pad can be "tricked" into going further down in just one jump, although it only goes down about double the distance of a single regular jump. In order to perform this, you want to jump prior to walking onto the jump pad (the one in The Chase is the easiest one to test on). Try to land on the very edge of the jump-pad and "slide" onto it, this will simulate two jumps and make it go further down.

  Usage in speedrunning: A single jump can be used to get up onto the platform at The Chase instead of two jumps. It is a minor time-saver in the "Any% Lagless" category.




  "Lag glitch"

  Description: Basically lag causes the game to completely skip frames. This allows you to walk through the disintegrator fields without losing the cubes in your gun. So far this has only been proven to work with getting through the flat fields, and not the ones that occupy an entire space or room, although not much testing has been done with lag since it is dependent on the specs of the machine used to run the game.

  Usage in speedrunning: It allows speedrunners to skip obtaining both the Yellow and Red Guns and complete the game with just the Green Gun. The puzzle in front of The End door at A Jump Too Far can already be solved with the Green Gun, and, using any of the multiple methods to lag the game, be able to get cubes into The Chase and the early part of The Escape. As long as one cube is held onto throughout The Chase, then all of The Escape can be skipped.

  Methods found to lag the game: Alt-tabbing out of and back into the game while in fullscreen has proven to be the most efficient method to date to get into The Chase with cubes. Other methods include creating a large hollow wireframe cube and walking through the field while it generates, as well as creating a small hollow wireframe cube and trying to pick up cubes from it while it is generating (while walking through the field). The cube generating methods have a chance of crashing the game if too much lag is created. If there is a large cube present already, cutting it in half also creates a large amount of lag while the cubes disappear.




  "Clipping Glitch"

  This is only possible to do during the fade out into the Main Hub directly after hitting Esc. It allows you to clip out of bounds through the "All You Need To Know" wall in the Main Hub, as well as the glass wall on the opposite side. If the Black Ghost is present at the time, it is possible to get through the doors in that area. There is also a bugged version of this glitch wherein you will appear on the map instead of out of bounds, but it is impossible to pick up any guns and if you have a gun, it will now be invisible/not present. To recreate this, be in the main hub standing next to one of these two walls, click on any room on the map, then hit Esc and immediately hold A or D to walk left/right toward the wall that you were standing next to in the main hub; you will clip through it during the fade. If you clip through the glass wall, it is a softlock and the game has to be restarted. If you clip through the opposite wall, you obtain the timer sign and after waiting about 1 minute and 10 seconds, you will hit the bottom of the map and the falling sound will stop; once the sound stops, left clicking will put you back into the Main Hub.

  Usage in speedrunning: This is used in the "120 Signs" speedrun category in order to obtain sign #6 early, the sign that unlocks when the timer runs out. By clipping out of bounds through the "All You Need To Know" wall, you pass by the loading zone of the timer sign, and it appears right outside of this wall, as any currently selected sign does when looking toward the sign wall from out of bounds.




  "Tower Clip(s)"

  Description: Cubes can be used to push yourself through walls in the numbered tower rooms. There are a lot of various things that can be done because of this such as obtaining a ghost or second Red Gun. In order to perform this, place a vertical line of cubes on the edge of the black circle on the floor of any numbered tower room, stand between the line of cubes and the wall, then place cubes horizontally against the line of cubes to push yourself through the wall into the next numbered tower room.

  Usage in speedrunning: This is used in the "120 Signs" speedrun category. It is used to skip tower 1 warp and tower 5 warp since the signs obtained between tower 1 and 2 as well as the signs obtained between 5 and 6 are obtained at a different portion of the route.




  "Jump-pad Clip"

  Description: It is possible to clip through a jump-pad if it is moving at high speed. This bug can cause a cube to get stuck underneath a jump-pad, although it can also be used to clip yourself through a jump-pad. It is unknown exactly how cubes are clipped through, although to clip yourself though get the jump-pad to push you up into a placed cube.

  Usage in speedrunning: This is used in the "Any% Lagless" category. It is only used to clip through the jump-pad in The Escape, which is a minor time save when combined with "Glitch Jump" in order to get underneath a placed cube using one jump. Otherwise, it would be required to take two or more jumps to get to the bottom of this jump-pad.


  Horizontal to vertical momentum convert

  Description: It’s hard to explain with text, basically if you’re using the red gun to grow cubes vertically on top of a jump-pad, and then jump toward the wall of cubes, it will shoot you down the jump-pad although you do not clip through it. We have absolutely no idea what causes this or even why it’s possible.


  “Mid-air jump”

  Description: It’s possible to jump while in mid-air once, as long as you didn’t leave the ground by jumping. Walking/running off a ledge, removing a cube beneath you, etc, all allow you to jump in the air.



  "Portal/Teleport Glitch"

  Description: You can negate a portal/teleport by placing cubes on one side of it, walking through the portal, then walking back through the portal where the cubes are placed. This essentially allows you to get into the areas created to just be able to be seen through portals. This is most commonly found by first playthroughs in Hidden Secrets, while placing cubes inside the glass enclosure, although because it is a first playthrough, they do not fully understand why the cubes disappear when they walk through the portal, and they can continue on with the game normally under the assumption that it's just a quirk of that room. However, with knowledge of how this bug works, it is possible to get into what we call the "Glitch Gallery" which has a second pink cube in it, completely separate from the pink cube in the regular Gallery/Museum room. In order to get here, find cubes and go to the Gallery. Place cubes on (yes on not in front of, it seems to have a hitbox) the portal that goes into Stuck In A Rut. Then walk into Stuck In A Rut and the placed cubes will disappear. Walk back through the portal in the location of the cubes. This will negate the teleport and allow you to stay in the gallery room that was created for just being able to view it from Stuck In A Rut.

  Usage in speedrunning: It is used in the Any% category to bypass the yellow/orange room containing the eye wall and bounce pads.


  “Cube Chambering”

  Description: If you have at least one cube in the gun, you can hold right mouse, hold left mouse, walk through a field of any size, release right mouse (while still holding left mouse), and then release left mouse. This will “chamber” a single cube through any field of any size as long as you have green gun or higher.

  Usage in speedrunning: It is used in all of the “lagless” routes to clip cubes through fields in place of the lag glitch. It is also used in the 120 signs route using lag because in some areas it is faster to only bring one cube with you rather than causing lag to bring more than one.

Bugs/glitches not used in speedruns:



* "Startup Crash"

  Description: This is probably the most common bug occurring to various people who have bought the game. There are some "fixes" given on the pinned Steam Discussion thread, although these seem to not work very well for quite a few people. The crash can occur either before the Unreal logo or during/directly after the logo. The "fixes" seem to work better for the people who crash before the logo instead of the crashes during or after the logo. There are also a few other fixes we have found that are not included on the discussion thread, although we aren't completely sure whether they actually work yet. (




  "Graphical Window Bug"

  Description: All the teleporter windows appear as though the camera is further to the left than it actually is, causing the area shown through the window to appear at the bottom right of the window until walking up close to it. This seems to be a resolution bug. If the game is started up in a widescreen (16:9 or 16:10) resolution, and is switched to a standard (4:3) resolution, and then the SavedGame is deleted, it will cause this bug in both windowed and fullscreen modes. This could also be machine-dependent, but we have been able to test and reproduce this on at least 4 different machines with the same results. There could be other causes, but this has been the easiest way of reproducing the bug.




  "Black Window Glitch"

  Description: As far as we know, this only occurs with one teleporter window. It causes the teleporter window to turn black, not allowing you to walk through it, and it has only occurred on the window that leads to the Blue Gun. The area shown through the window turns completely black and it doesn't teleport you. Walking to the other side of the window so that the back side isn't shown anymore fixes this. Unknown cause, and unknown how to reproduce.




* "Laser Glitch"

  Description: Most noticeable in A Game of Leap Frog. All lasers in the game are cut to only display the ends and none of the middle section of any lasers. This is an extremely annoying during speedruns, and impossible to try to explain to people when it occurs on their first playthrough. It is unknown what causes it, and it is unknown how to reproduce it. We do know that it is fixed by closing and reopening the game, and the "restartlevel" console command might also fix it, although it has not happened to any of us since we started using the console. It seems to occur less often the more that the game is played; those of us with hundreds of hours of playtime have it happen maybe once a month while new speedrunners seem to have it happen a lot more often. From what I know, it has only happened 3 or 4 times out of all the livestreams that have played it. It seems to be a very uncommon bug, although it is extremely annoying when it does occur.



* "Disappearing Yellow Cube"

  Description: It can happen with any cubes, but we've named it with yellow since it uses the Yellow Gun's snake ability. Occasionally, for unknown reasons, when moving a chain of cubes onto a specific spot, the cube in that spot will disappear (even if it is a regenerating cube). Typically occurs at The Highest Point at the top left corner of the puzzle, although I've seen it happen in various other places, and even outside of puzzles when just dragging cubes around the map. Once it happens, whenever you drag a chain onto the spot that made a cube disappear, it will always delete cubes from that spot. Closing and reopening the game fixes this bug.



  Sign Textures Not Appearing

  Description: It seems as though, for some people, the textures for the large signs do not load. It is unknown whether this occurs for the signs in-game as well, or just the enlarged ones in the main hub.



  “Incomplete Map”/“Map Breaks”

  Description: If a puzzle is solved with the gun previous to the intended gun for that specific puzzle, the path between this puzzle and the next room on the map is broken. An easy way to do this is to complete A Loop That Won’t Close with the yellow gun, or use the “unlockmap” console command without picking up any guns. These breaks fix themselves once the intended gun is obtained, but the map breaks cause extra unnecessary confusion for casual first playthroughs.



*  "Glitch Doors"

  Description: This appears to only happen on three specific doors in the game, the two doors at the top of The Escape as well as the door that leads to the blank white room. Occationally, the laser will not trigger the door to open when walking through the laser. This is just a minor annoyance, although it does cost some significant time in speedruns when it does occur. First playthroughs are completely confused as to why the laser doesn't trigger the door every time they walk through it, it makes getting into the blank white room difficult sometimes.




  No given community name, possibly "Green Gun Disintegrator Room Skip"

  Description: It is possible to place a cube chain behind the glass walls in the rooms with the disintegrator fields, allowing you to keep cubes through these fields with only the green gun. To my knowledge, this doesn't break any puzzles although it does remove any reason to learn how to grow cubes. I've only seen one livestream playthrough which did this, and it was done to get more cubes into Managing Resources as well as to solve I Only Need One. Aside from this playthrough not knowing how to grow cubes until after obtaining the Yellow Gun, it did not seem to cause any problems. To perform this bug, place a short vertical chain of cubes to the right side of one of these rooms that will be behind the first wall and in front of the second wall, but not touching any walls. Next start dragging the chain down slightly and rightward. Typically it will stop moving to the right if the chain touches either wall, although it can sometimes continue for unknown reasons.




  "Green Gun Cube Dupe"

  Description: It is possible to duplicate cubes with only two with the Green Gun. It is difficult to perform but essentially to do it you want to place the first cube against a wall, then jump and place the second cube on the first one and look down while falling. This will create a third cube if performed with the correct timing. First playthroughs often never find this because of how specific the timing is, and it's not very useful because often there are already 8 or more cubes which would allow you to grow more cubes anyway.




  "4DE Yellow Cube Dupe"

  Description: In Four Different Exits (4DE), it is possible to duplicate the single yellow cube, although the duplicate cannot be moved, picked up, or manipulated in any way although it's hitbox does exist. To perform this, use the Yellow Gun to start the cube moving and hit Esc with precise timing while the cube is between tiles. When returning to 4DE after this Esc, there will be a cube in place of where it was moving, as well as the regular cube in it's default location. This is a very difficult trick to do and it's completely useless to perform it because the duplicate cube is removed once Esc is pressed again (at least it was removed when I was testing this bug, but I have seen someone else get 2 or 3 of these dupe cubes at one time somehow).




  "Moving Yellow Cube Clip"

  Description: When the game has low fps or it is lagging, it seems to be possible to clip through a cube elevator. I have not personally been able to recreate this bug, although I have seen it twice while a first playthrough tried to elevator up toward The Highest Point.




  Various Cube Growing Bugs

  Description 1: Occasionally when growing cubes (typically a 3x3), the center won't actually grow although the sound will play.

  Description 2: We believe picking up cubes from the center while it is still generating causes this, but sometimes cubes will grow outside of the rectangle.

  Description 3: Trying to grow cubes and then picking up one cube will sometimes make the whole thing disappear. (Typically after #2 occurs)

  Description 4: Probably also another extension of #2, sometimes when growing cubes with the left or right edge of the rectangle against a wall (in a corner), it will grow a cube into the wall. Sometimes this cube can be picked up but usually it is stuck in the wall.




*  "Trigger Skip"

  Description: Typically occurring at Many Paths To Nowhere, the game will skip a trigger randomly and never load the second sign (The choice doesn't matter if the outcome is the same.). This makes it impossible to walk backward and get to the Green area with the final two signs in this room. We believe the second sign is still loaded/saved as obtained, although it never shows up on the wall (via an external save watcher, created by user Crehl in the speedrunning community [please tell us if something is not being correctly tracked with this, we like to be as accurate as possible]).  We believe this occurs because of lag making the game skip frames (specifically the frame where you touch the trigger), although it has still occurred on machines which run the game at a steady 60 fps. Closing and reopening the game fixes this, as well as the "restartlevel" console command.




  "Death Crash"

  Description: Enclosing yourself in a large enough wireframe cube will crash the game. It is believed to crash because the game doesn't know what to do when you die, although it could still be due to just the sheer amount of lag (lag crashes explained in "Lag Glitch").




  "Unmovable Pushable Cubes"

  Description: This makes the large white cubes not possible to be pushed around. This only occurs to the more advanced users who remove the 60 fps cap by changing the following in the UDKEngine.ini config file:





It seems to only occur at higher than 120 fps, although at anything higher than 60 it seems to make the cubes move much slower when pushed.


  “Diagonal Cube Placement”

  Description: When trying to place individual cubes, it is possible to place the cubes diagonally from one another. This makes A Game Of Leap Frog difficult to perform quickly.


  “Teleport Clip”

  Description: If you hit Esc at the exact same time as going through a teleport/port (this includes windows), then you will fall through the Main Hub. Graphically, it looks like the camera is still in the Main Hub although you can hear falling sounds, and after about 1 minute, the same thing occurs as in “Clipping Glitch” where you hit the bottom of the map and left clicking will reload and place you in the Main Hub again. The easiest way to recreate this is to go to Over the Edge and fall down; while falling hit Esc at different locations on the way down. Repeat this process until you hit Esc with the correct timing. We believe this is the same bug as, or closely related to, “Clipping Glitch” which is used in speedruns.


  “Stuck and Momentum Returned”

  Description: This one is tough to recreate although it is possible to get stuck in the edge of an object. This most commonly occurs in The End, getting stuck in the walls after falling, as well as in Four Different Exits, getting stuck in the edge of a pushable cube. After getting stuck, you can hear the falling sound, and after a few seconds, the momentum gained from the fake fall is returned to the player character which launches you away from the object you got stuck in.


  “Stuck in Window”

  Description: Probably the same bug as the one above, although when you get stuck while going through a window, it doesn’t launch you away.


* “Pink Cubes”

  Description: Two of the 15 pink cubes in the game aren’t obtainable through normal methods. One of these two requires the usage of the “Portal/Teleport Clip” (Glitch Gallery Pink Cube) and the other one isn’t possible to get to at all unless the ghost console command is used (Below the floor between WTF and HMM at Impossible Paths). Of the 13 left that are obtainable using regular/normal methods, one of these is able to be missed once you walk past a certain trigger. This pink cube is located in There’s No Way In, and the trigger that shuts it off seems to be tied to obtaining the sign “How we perceive a problem can change every time we see it.” located in Three Paths In Sight. We like the idea of miss-able or really difficult to find pink cubes, as it makes a second playthrough even more enticing for casual players, although the trigger for cutting off this particular pink cube seems like it’s in a weird location.